single shot shotgun


It came from outer space — Ljutic Space Gun

Manufactured by Ljutic Gun Company, The Ljutic Space Gun is a single shot 12 gauge shotgun specifically designed for trap shooting. Al Ljutic was a creative engineer in designer.  When a friend invited him to go trap shooting one day in 1955 he accepted.  Not having a trap gun at his disposal, Ljutic designed and built his own in less than a day. What he created was truly unique.

 It is loaded by opening the bolt under the receiver, which he believed would allow for faster loading.  Its completely straight design channeled all recoil into the shoulder reducing muzzle jump, and some models featured a spring in the buttstock to reduce force on the shoulder.  Instead of a trigger the shotgun features a button and the firing pin is installed with a speed lock to reduce firing delay.  The raised rib allows a shooter to maintain a heads up stance. Unlike most other shotguns of the day, the Ljutic utilized a pistol grip.  

The Ljutic gun was bizarre and weird, and also expensive with a price tag ranging from $2,500 - $3,000.  In 1981 Ljutic produced a rifle version chambered in .22-250, 30.30 Win, 308 Win, and 30.06.  Altogether around 20,000 Ljutic space guns have been produced.