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Skrillex & Poo Bear - Would You Ever [Official Video]

This bearded skateboarder guy is more fabulous than we will ever be.

Since ‘I Got Love’ is coming out soon, here are a few things to enlighten those who haven’t understood the release thoroughly:

• This is NOT her comeback song, nor is it a pre-release single (like Party before Lion Heart). It is supposed to be taken as a gift for the fans before the official album release.

• IGL is not going to be promoted on music shows as of now (it might be promoted as a side-track once she makes her actual comeback, but that’s uncertain).

• Only the music video is going to be released tonight (12a.m. KST). There won’t be any physical or digital copies of the song (which, I am 99,9% sure, means it won’t be on the charts—and it shouldn’t, considering it isn’t her official comeback song). The full, official audio will be available when the album comes out.

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[TRANS] 150630 SNSD will have the their pre-release single “PARTY” on sale on 7th July at 10PM!

[TRANS] 150630 SNSD will then follow with album double title tracks “Lion Heart” and “You Think”. They’re scheduled to promote all 3 tracks. (x)

Single title song ‘PARTY’ is a dance song that is well-suited for summer. MV was filmed in Koh Samui in Thailand. Concept is ‘summer SoShi’. (x)

Track list & composers/writers for Girls’ Generation - Party single

 01. PARTY

02. Check 

03. PARTY (Inst.)

Wouldn’t Want To Jinx It (Michael Clifford)

This picture is so blurry it’s giving me headaches. I’m sorry, but it was the only one small enough to not be obnoxious that still had her in it. 

Anyway, if you didn’t guess. Request that you were T-Swift’s sister.

My Masterlist

You scurried across the room towards the exit, wishing for nothing more than the floor to swallow you whole.

You hated these events. You hated having to put on a smile for the cameras. You hated having to pretend you were proud and supportive. You hated having to pretend that the weight of the expectations wasn’t crushing you into the ground, suffocating your voice, burying you under gossip and tabloids and legacies. You hated acting like you were anything other than annoyed.

She wasn’t what was wrong. You loved your sister more than life itself. You appreciated her encouragement. You were grateful for her defense. You were relieved that she wasn’t part of the problem.

It wasn’t her. It was the pressure that followed her. Being a popstar’s little sister was a hard enough job on its own. Being little sister to one of the biggest popstars in the world took it a step further. But being the little sister of one of the biggest popstars in the world trying to break into the same industry was a social suicide.

Taylor had invited you along to this single release party with the express purpose of introducing you to some of the big whigs in the recording industry. You’d been quite excited at the opportunity. You thought that maybe if you could side step the media and the fans and go straight to the people who had the power to help you you would get a different reaction. You didn’t.

They were instantly disappointed in so many aspects of you. They were disappointed to find out that you weren’t looking to be a singer, just write the music. They were disappointed to see that your image wasn’t as clean-cut as your sister’s would have led them to believe. But most of all they were disappointed to hear your songs. They weren’t the upbeat country Taylor started out with, and they weren’t the meaningful pop she was heading towards. They were way out in left field with a style all their own, some mix between alternative and pop-rock.

You’d seen straight through the false smiles. You’d heard the lies when they told you they’d give you a call. You saw the disbelieving looks they shot each other as you walked away. You’d been around the business long enough to know that you’d never see or hear from any of them ever again.

You’d been quick to leave the group, making up all sorts of excuses to leave the party all together.  You were so sick of the countless rejections that you didn’t think you could take it anymore. You had to get out of there before you ran into your sister. You didn’t know if you’d be able to hold back your tears much longer, and you didn’t want to ruin her night by falling into a sobbing mess.

“(Y/n)!” Too late. “(Y/n), where are you going? I need to introduce you to some of my friends.” Taylor’s voice called out to you.

She was too close by and yelled too loud. You couldn’t pretend you didn’t hear her, so you sucked in a breath and bit back the tears, not wanting to make a seen. You turned and walked back in her direction, stuffing your hands anxiously in the pockets of your pants. “I was just headed for some air!” You called as you approached. “What’s up?”

“Well,” Taylor looped an arm through one of yours and pulled you along to one of the tables pushed into the back corner of the crowded room. “I have some friends who are working on a new album, and I think they might be the perfect guys to take on some of your music.”

“Taylor, I really don’t think…”

Before you could express your discomfort with the idea, Taylor had stopped you front and center at the corner table. All eyes instantly went to you, or… well Taylor at least. “Guys, this is sister (Y/n). (Y/n), this is Michael, Ashton, Calum, and Luke from 5 Seconds of Summer and one of their producer/writers John Feldmann.”

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you guys.” You gave a polite smile, reaching out to shake John’s hand since he was closest to you.

“Nice to meet you too,” Michael acknowledged as you went around the table to greet everyone. “Taylor tells us you’re a singer too.”

You adamantly shook your head at that. “Definitely not, I just write the music. I don’t actually perform it.”

“Hey,” Taylor interrupted. “I think I see Karlie coming through the door. I’ll leave you guys to talk.” She smiled and ran off, abandoning you at the table.

Your eyes narrowed at her retreating back. “Karlie’s in London for the weekend.” You told them, “She’s just trying to pawn me off on you guys so I don’t leave.”

“Not really your scene?” Michael gestured to the chair beside him which was empty.

You accepted and sat down with the group. “Not really. I prefer to stay behind the scenes.”

“That’s why you write music, I take it?” Luke questioned, leaning back in his chair to watch you curiously.

“Pretty much,” you nodded.

Calum spoke up next. “Have you written anything we’d have heard of?”

You shook your head. “I doubt it… unless you avidly follow the garage band music scene in New York or L.A.”

“You’ve never written anything for Taylor?” John looked very confused by this revelation.

You bit back a sigh and scooted your chair out from the table an inch or two, already prepping your excuse to leave. Clearly this was going to be just like the record companies earlier. “Taylor and I have drastically different styles. My music doesn’t quite fall in the same genre as hers.”

“What kind of music do you write, if you don’t mind me asking?” Ashton asked curiously.

“It’s more…” You tried to think of a word to define it. “It’s alternative/pop-rock, depending on the song.”

“Is it any good?” Luke asked, the table letting out a round of chuckles.

You smiled to yourself and shrugged, leaning back in your chair. “Depends who you’re asking, I guess. Me, Taylor, or the record companies.”  

“Let’s pretend we asked all three,” John crossed his arms and raised a questioning eyebrow. He gave off a very fatherly vibe to you, like he was functioning as a shield between you and the boys, being their friend while also keeping them from whatever trouble.

You rolled your eyes. You couldn’t help it. “Taylor is the ever-supportive big sister, thinks anything that comes off my pen must be gold. Record companies don’t give a shit what I write unless I’m writing something for Taylor or I’m ready to become the next Taylor… I, on the other hand, would rather stay exactly where I am right now than become some pop princess just to get famous.”

“What do the fans think of you?” Michael asked, leaning on the arm of his chair out of curiosity.

You shrugged. “Couldn’t tell you. As far as they know I’m just Taylor’s little sister tagging along on tours, and management would be happy to keep it that way.”

You spent the rest of the night swapping stories with the boys. Most about the horrors of touring and tabloids. Some about the song-writing process. And even a few about the pressures of living in musical shadows. They seemed to really get what you were saying. Their tours opening for One Direction had earned them a lot of fans but lost them some of respect from a substantial portion of the music industry.

It was weird, finding people who understood you in a place like this. You talked all through the evening, and you actually found yourself glad that Taylor had dropped you off with them. They were funny and a lot nicer than the other people you’d met in this industry, especially Michael.

As the party wound down, your conversation with Michael picked up. He was very clearly flirting with you, and you had to silence the voice in the back of your head that reminded you how many boys came before him doing the exact same to get to your sister. You kept having to remind yourself that you were useless to him in that regard. He was already friends with her, and he seemed like he wanted to at least be your friend as well.

You thought everything was going fine until you saw him shoot a pleading look to Ashton. Your heart fell into your stomach when Ashton gave him a nod and got to his feet. “Well, boys, we have an early morning tomorrow,” he gestured between the three other people at the table. “So, we should probably get going…”

Luke, Calum, and John agreed with him and all began shuffling to their feet. “It was nice to meet you.” John smiled and shook your hand. “If your music style matches your personality than you and me are gonna have to chat sometime about putting your songs on some albums.”

“Really?” You smiled widely and got to your feet, “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me yet.” He laughed and patted your shoulder, waiting on you to shake hands with the other three boys before they all left, Calum shooting a quick wink to Michael on the way.

You turned back to find Michael getting slowly to his feet behind you, scratching at the back of his neck. “I uh,” he tried to form the right words. “I don’t have any writing sessions tomorrow, so I think I’ll stick around for a bit… if you don’t mind.”

You smiled nervously and anxiously looked around the room for your sister. “I don’t mind at all, but… well, I think I should probably be going soon too. It’s quite a few blocks to my hotel. I just got to town this morning, and I’m a bit jet lagged…”

“I’ll walk you!” Michael butted in a little too enthusiastically.

Your smile softened a bit. Maybe you hadn’t misread his flirting; maybe you’d misread the look he shot Ashton. After all, they’d all left the two of you alone together… “Are you sure you don’t mind? I mean, you really don’t have to…” You gave him one last out.

“No, no, It’d be my pleasure.” Michael spoke with a confidence that you certainly did not possess.

“All right.” You waved across the room to Taylor as Michael led you out the door. She saw your wave before noticing Michael’s arm around yours. You saw her squeal more than you heard it and rolled your eyes when she gave you her biggest smile and two thumbs up.

“So,” Michael chuckled, spotting Taylor on your way out. “Does that mean I have your sister’s approval?”

“That entirely depends on what you’re looking for approval for…” you hedged as his earlier flirting continued.

He smiled down at you and held open the front door of the event space for you. “Oh I think we both know what I mean.”

You stepped outside into the cool night air and shivered, not so much because of the air but the immediate flashes of light that assaulted your eyes. You think you’d be used to paparazzi by now, having dealt with them everywhere around your sister for years, but you weren’t.

“Hey! Over here! Michael! Over here you two!” They yelled at the pair of you, getting a little too close for comfort with their blinding cameras shoved in your face. You were temporarily stunned by the white light flashing in your vision.

Michael ducked his head down and put an arm over your shoulder, pulling you along the street and pushing a path through the crowd for the two of you.

You bit back every fiber of your being that wanted to yell at them as they shouted questions after you two. They were really starting to piss you off. It was late; you were tired. You were just trying to get back to your hotel with a guy who, despite quite a lot of flirting on both your parts, was walking you home with nothing but honest intentions.

“Michael! Are you dating Taylor’s sister?!” One of them yelled at the pair of you.

That one didn’t set well with you, but it seemed to set worse with Michael. “She’s got a name of her own, you know!” He shouted back angrily over his shoulder, pulling you closer into him and speeding up his walk. He didn’t ask you for a hotel name or a direction to head; he just dashed quickly up the street, putting as much space and as many turns between you and the paparazzi as possible.

When you finally broke off from the last one, Michael slowed to a stop on the street corner and let out a sigh. “Sorry about that.”

“It’s all right,” You smiled a little sadly. A quiet few minutes passed between the two of you before a thought came to you, and you barked out a laugh. “You know we’re gonna be front page tomorrow, right?”

“What?” Michael raised an eyebrow, looking down at you, confused.

“Well, you defended me; you didn’t deny that we were dating…” You pointed out.

He let out a quiet chuckle of his own. “Well I haven’t gotten to ask yet; have I?” Your face turned beat red as you realized what he was implying. He turned his head to smirk down at you. “Wouldn’t want to jinx anything…”

“I don’t think you need to worry about that…” You murmured, more to yourself than him.

He replied anyway, “That’s good to hear… Now,” Michael clapped his hands together and looked cluelessly up at the street signs. “Where are we, and how do we get you back?”

You glanced up at the signs yourself and sighed. “We’re four blocks south of my hotel, actually.”

“That sucks,” Michael looped his arm through yours. “That means I only get four blocks to convince you to let me hear your music.”

You raised an eyebrow at him and nervously fumbled around in your pocket for your phone. “You really want to hear it?”


“All right, but it’s a little rough. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” You searched through your phone and played one of the songs you wrote for one of your garage band’s first E.P.’s. It was a little crude, just you with a guitar. You’d frequently stop the music on the track to talk through some notes you’d written about harmonies and things like that, but when you looked up at Michael he seemed to enjoy it well enough.

He was chuckling along with your notes and smiled when you actually got around to singing. It was very different from the music of your sister, but he’d sort of expected that from you by now. It was one of the things he really liked about you, actually. You didn’t fit the mold… He didn’t either.

The song ran longer than the walk back to your hotel, thanks to all the notes, and you paused it as you approached the front door. “Thanks for walking me back, Michael.”

“Any time,” He smiled following you up the steps and catching the door for you. “Especially if you’re supplying the music. I really like your song.”

You paused, blushing, in the doorway.  You weren’t entirely comfortable inviting him up to your room, seeing as you had only met him that night, and you weren’t entirely sure the etiquette for leaving someone in a hotel lobby. “Thanks, but this,” you waved your phone around, “is just some stuff I threw together for a garage band.”

“If that,” Michael pointed at your phone, “is thrown together than I’m dying to see what you can do when you’re actually trying.” He paused to think for a second, leaning in the doorway. “You know, the boys and I are piecing together our second album right now. We’re not quite done yet, and it’d be awesome if you tagged along to one of our writing sessions.”

“Uh,” you hesitated, “sure, but I’m really not going to be in town that long, just till the end of the week. I only really came for the party…”

“Are you free tomorrow?”

“I thought you said you weren’t going to the writing session tomorrow.” You pointed out.

“I lied,” He shrugged. Your mouth fell open an inch or two at how readily he admitted to that. “What?” He raised a hand defensively. “You were funny, and talented, and awesome. Can’t blame a guy for trying, right?”

“I suppose,” you laughed and leaned against the jam of the door he was still holding open. “But you haven’t exactly tried anything yet,” you pointed out.

Michael raised an eyebrow and leaned in slowly towards you. “That’s true…” His hands left the door, leaving it to fall closed against his back, and moved to either side of you as he leaned over.

You rose up on your toes as he leaned down, meeting somewhere in the middle with a hair’s width between your lips. You could feel his breath puffing out against your lips and yours puffing out against his. Your mouth opened a fraction of an inch to speak, and your bottom lip brushed along his. He leaned his head slowly to one side and went in for the kiss, but before he could you ducked out under his arm, leaving him alone in the door as you backed away with a smirk on your lips.

“Sorry,” you shrugged as you backed away, eyes on his very confused expression. “Wouldn’t want to jinx it.” You waved and turned for the elevators, calling back, “See you tomorrow, Michael!”

Michael barked out a laugh and watched you go. You definitely weren’t your sister, and he couldn’t be happier.