single plates

History won’t have had much record of Diana’s existence because she hung around the war for like 2 days but

there IS precisely One grainy-ass photo of a motley band of generic soldiers and also… a single woman in antiquity plate armor brandishing a sword??


what the FUCK is a historian supposed to make of this?

Wonder Woman is a WW1 cryptid


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Sooo, in case you didn’t see, there are 500 plus people following me which is nuts. Thank you to everyone who does. It means a bunch to me, and I’m hoping to do a lot more of these in the future for you all :) 

Today, I wanted to give you a few gifts from Wonder’s party that I think you might like. I decided to just go ahead and release them, since I had like absolutely no other use for any of it. I put arrows to everything that will be up for grabs, so you can take a look at that if you’d like.

There’s a note with more info on known issues and such in the zip. Not many issues and also up to you if you read. Please, remember basic TOU. Nothing is perfect, but all meshes are 100% mine. I worked very hard on them.

Now with all the boring stuff out the way…

What you’ll get:

-Welcome Forest Friends Sign

-Single Fox Plate

-Single Fox Cup {With a green drink inside.. aka the pond punch!}

-Tic Tac Toe

-Stack of Fox Plates {Couldn’t find the cups for some reason :( If I do, I’ll put them up for download as well.}

-A big jug of yummy “Pond Punch”!

-Log Treat Stand

-Donuts {Because who doesn’t love donuts?! And they are all one big mesh since I wasn’t going to OMSP myself to death lol}

-Marshmallow Treats

-Stack of Candy Bars {They are not singular. The mesh contains like twelve bars or something like that. Don’t hold me to it, though.}

-Squirrel Balloon

-Fox Balloon

-Big Two Balloon

-Andd I threw in these fairy dust thingies I thought were cute. They don’t necessarily have to be used for a party, so grab a bottle and let your little loves sparkle any time!

Once again, THANK YOU to everyone who is following me and all of my awkwardness! This is for you, and pleaseeee make sure to tag “lifewithryann” if you want me to see what beautiful things you’ve done with my things! Love you guys, and I hope you  

E    N    J    O    Y!

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so my university has LOTS of cultural societies. on societies day i went round their stalls & i stopped at nearly every one because they were all friendly & offering food (the Indian Society gave me samosas i will never forget). as i was at the Italian Society eating tiny biscuits, i glanced over at the next stall. the Japanese Culture Society. my friend... there wasn't a single Japanese person on that council. not one. and we have hundreds of Japanese students. it was literally all just weebs.

oh…..oh no


Summary: The Gallaghers have some insight on how close Ian and Mickey really are. It’s surprising, but they like the idea of them being together.

Word Count: 1047

Notes: This request was in my messages for so long, and I completely forgot about it. Sorry! Here it is :) Also, this is my AU for day 1 of Gallavich Week!

“Is Mickey your boyfriend?” Carl asked Ian, who was on the pull up bar, after finding the Milkovich boy curled up in his brother’s bed.

Ian’s cheeks flushed at the question, but he knew if Mickey woke up he’d probably say something stupid so the redhead responded with a simple, “We hang out.”

The younger Gallagher lightly punched his brother between every pull up. “He’s in your bed,” Carl said and then took a moment to think. The pause was short though. “You love Mickey?”

Ian stopped his movement. Yeah, I do, he thought. “I like how he smells,” he responded to make it seem much more simpler. He wanted to tell Mickey how he felt, but doing it through Carl was not the way.

Raising an eyebrow, Carl was about to speak, but Mickey cut him off. “Whatchu asking stupid fucking questions for?” The older boy shot at him.

“You’re nicer when you’re asleep,” Carl rolled his eyes and walked down the stairs.

Ian let his mind consume his for a little bit. Carl just pretty much told him that he knew of their relationship, and Mickey heard it, and he didn’t care. Mickey didn’t run out. He’s still here.

* * *

Ian and Mickey woke up earlier than the other people in the house. Though Mickey wanted the sleep some more, when the redhead promised to make him some banana pancakes, he couldn’t turn that down.

While the Gallagher boy was a the burner, making the pancakes, Mickey was sitting at the kitchen table, just watching. He couldn’t figure out why he was so scared all these years— this is all he ever wanted, and here it finally is.

After Ian was done making a single plate of food, he went over to where Mickey was sitting. He leaned on the counter so that their faces were in the same direction. “I’m wondering something,” he said so quietly and nervously that it was nearly incoherent.

“What’s that, mumbles?” Mickey stood up, and got so close to his lover that he could feel his breath.

They didn’t realize the whole entire Gallagher clan in the living room. The family was at an angle where they could be nosy and watch the interaction, but Ian and Mickey couldn’t see them.

“Just wondering if we’re a couple or not,” Ian said more assertively as he placed his hands on Mickey’s hips and turned him so that he was pushed up against the counter.

Now Mickey to matters into his own hands. He pushed Ian into the wall that stood next to them, and inches their faces so close together. “Of course we are.”

Ian smiled and kissed him hard. “What would you do if I said something you might not want to hear?” His voice was a bit shaky. Mickey gave him a look that said, go on, tell me. “Please don’t freak out, okay? I just gotta say it. I love you. I really, really love you.” He felt like his heart was in his throat as he spoke, he just didn’t want to hold it in anymore.

Surprising himself and Ian, Mickey grabbed Ian’s cheeks and kissed him even harder than the last time. When their lips separated, they rested their heads together. “I love you too, Gallagher,” the shorter boy responded. Though he’d probably never admit it, he’s always loved that crazy ginger, and it felt fucking nice to admit it.

Ian laughed giddily. Everything was finally falling in place.

“Now, go make me some more fucking pancakes,” Mickey said, and stepped back, giving Ian room to move.

“Yeah, yeah. You got it,” Ian chuckled.

The Gallaghers couldn’t believe what they just saw and heard. Obviously they could tell that something was going on between Ian and Mickey. For fuck’s sake, Carl found Mickey in Ian’s bed, and Lip actually knew they were together. No one expected it to be so serious though. Love is fucking deep.

As Ian was waiting to flip the pancakes, Mickey came up behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist. Ian leaned back into it. “Y’know my family doesn’t care, right?”

Mickey’s head was resting on his boyfriend’s shoulder. He nodded. “I know. Makes it a whole lot fucking easier.”

Ian smiled. Everything was so good right now. He then went back to cooking, making sure Mickey

stayed with his arms engulfing him like that.

The Gallaghers were still watching from their hiding spot. It was completely mind boggling to see Mickey look so soft and loving. They wanted to see what would happen in front of people though. Giving each other the same look, they all set foot for the kitchen.

As they walked in, Fiona stepped louder than usual to get their attention. “Morning, guys,” she said enthusiastically.

Ian felt Mickey tense up around his waist. He expected him to unlatch him, but he didn’t— he stayed right there. “Morning. I’m making pancakes,” he said.

Instead of Mickey saying anything, he shoved his face into the back of Ian’s neck. It was only fair to Ian to let the Gallaghers know about their relationship, and though it may be scary right now, it was nothing Mickey couldn’t handle.

“So,” Debbie started. “Are you guys together or something?”

Ian didn’t respond, he didn’t know how, and thankfully Mickey did. “We been together for years,” he scoffed.

“Wait, years?” Fiona raised an eyebrow. Now she was even more amused.

“Three,” Mickey said as he unlatched himself. He then went to stand next to Ian instead. “Fucking going on four though, I think.” He turned his head to Ian.

The redhead nodded. “Yeah, almost four.” He looked at his boyfriend with so much love in his eyes, which was making all the tension Mickey felt go away.

“Holy shit,” Carl and Fiona said simultaneously.

Ian then finished up the food without answering his siblings. He made a plate for himself and Mickey, and then went to the table, giving his brothers and sisters room to get themselves a plate. As the couple sat down, Ian kissed Mickey’s cheek to thank him for being so outward with their relationship.

“Ah,” Lip said. “Young love.” Mickey chucked the finger, but it was in an innocent way. It was love, and now they’re free.

I am sick to death of roommates (mine, and all roommates generally) and so I’ve been lowkey looking for 1 bedroom apartments—not actively looking, because my current lease isn’t up until August 1, but just occasionally browsing craigslist.

but today I went and saw the perfect 1 bd/1ba. It’s a little small, but the location is absolutely ideal, and there’s a gym in the basement, and it’s gorgeous. I’ve already asked the current tenant for the application.

HOWEVER. All the communal stuff (pots, pans, kitchen table, furnishings) in my current apartment? mine. I manage all the bills. I talk to the super. So somehow I have to tell my current roommates that in early June I’m out of here and I’m going to leave them with a single skillet and some plates.

living together is messy.

all isak wants is to brush his teeth and crawl into bed, but the sink is full of strands of even’s fucking hair from when he spent thirty goddamn minuted styling it this morning.



“can you please come here?”

even appears in the doorway, leaning against the frame in a way that makes his shirt bunch up right above his left hip, and isak is trying very hard not be distracted -

“why the fuck were you shedding in the sink?”

even moves to look. the tiny bathroom suddenly seems a hell of a lot smaller.

“pain is the price of beauty,” even says, smirking, but his face falls a bit when he sees that isak isn’t giving in that easily.

even looks at him apologetically. “i’ll clean it up, yeah?”

“fine,” isak says before stalking out of the bathroom, because, let’s face it, he’s always been a bit dramatic.

he’s sulking in bed on his phone, trying to understand some meme about capitalism that jonas sent him when even flops into bed next to him, all long limbs and a toothy grin, making isak bounce on the mattress.

isak shoots him a look.

“come on, are you really that mad about the hair?” even says, and isak immediately narrows his eyes.

“yeah? i am? because, like, this is our place and it’s really important to me that we take care of it.”

even is looking at him so softly and fondly that it pisses isak off more than he thought was possible, and he opens his mouth to tell even to listen to what he’s saying, dammit, when even speaks first.

“i get it. i want to be perfect, too, but at the same time i kind of like that it’s lived in. we’re making it our own. leaving our mark.”

isak hadn’t thought of it like that. he grumbles a bit, saying something about how even’s actual dna being all over his toothbrush isn’t as much of a mark as, like, painting the walls a different color like a normal person.

but he still snuggles into even and breathes in his scent. his scent, which is so distinctly even, and is slowly permeating through the entire apartment.

leaving a mark.

all even wants is to cook a nice breakfast for his boyfriend, but of course isak didn’t do the dishes last night like he said he would, and they’re piled up on the counter with the forgotten food literally crusted on them.

“babe?” he asks, as calmly as he can. “i thought you were going to do the dishes last night?”

isak glances up from his textbook where he’s doing last minute cramming for class and makes a noise of slight disgust. “fuck, i’m sorry. i totally forgot.”

“it’s fine, we can just use other plates,” even says, opening the cabinet before realizing that literally every single plate they own is dirty, because they only have five in total. “or paper towels, i guess?”

when he turns to grab some, he’s met with a bare cardboard roll, and he tries, he swears, he tries to keep his tone completely neutral.

“you forgot those too.”

isak doesnt bother to look, finger tapping under a line of text as he mouths something to himself before answering. “yeah, i was totally going to, but i ran into eva and we ended up talking and going to kb instead of the store, so i didn’t get a chance.”

“isak, we need something to eat off of,” even breathes, and he knows his voice is a little too harsh when isak’s head snaps up in a way that tugs at his heart, so he tacks a “sorry” at the end.

“no, you’re right,” isak says, standing to wrap his arms around even and press his lips right beneath even’s ear. “i’ll do them now.”

even shakes his head. “you have to study.” he knows how important isak’s classes are to him.

“you can read the passage to me while i clean real quick,” isak suggests. “i like your voice when you read.”

they grin at each other for a second, the annoyance at isak’s carelessness fading to a dull murmur, and even sits down at the table and begins to recite something he doesn’t understand in time with the cyclical rhythm of the sponge on the plates.

isak hums occasionally in response to something even says. soon, he places two plates of scrambled eggs in front of the both of them and swings backwards into a chair.

the cleaning job is a little iffy; even resits the urge to scrape off a dark flake with his thumbnail, solely because isak is looking at him with a mouth full of food and the corners of his eyes scrunching up ever so slightly.

even kisses the tip of his nose just to see him blush and roll his eyes before he starts eating his breakfast.

isak’s trying - they both are - and that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?

he thinks it is.

so your heart can beat like crazy

Summary: Dan misses Phil. Phil can’t take it. They exchange feelings through texts.

Set in 2014 w/ some fluff and light angst.


[4:40 pm]

dan: hi
phil: why the hell are you texting me
dan: idk i just wanna talk
phil: i’m literally one room away from you
dan: i just
phil: you just what

seen ✔️ 4:41 pm

“How do I talk to Dan if he’s acting all awkward and ignoring me, except with texts?” Phil says, sitting with Martin and Cornelia at a nearby fast food restaurant. The sun is baring down on the three of them pretty hard. Their food is laid out in front of them, and Phil slurps his shake to thaw his staggering heart, which has bothered him for days on end.

It doesn’t work.

“What do you mean?” The redhead and her boyfriend exchange glances. “Why is he acting like that? All you guys ever did was separate for a bit. You guys didn’t break up or anything, right?” Cornelia takes a single fry from her plate and pops in her mouth, chewing thoughtfully. “I sure hope you didn’t.”

“We hadn’t! It’s just-” Phil sighs and takes another sip of his shake, letting the sugary drink flow through him. “He’s being strange. We talk sometimes if necessary, like for a video or that panel we had a week ago, but there’s something off about him. I know it’s been awkward since we had that bad year, but it’s been a couple years now. Surely he’s over it. I know I am.”

A flood of memories came rushing into his brain of that year, and he winces. The thought of that one night on the Manchester eye also swarmed his brain and filled his heart with roses. A thousand different feelings in a thousand different places.

Martyn and Cornelia frowned in unison, and Phil wondered what it was like for them to be in love that long and have such a romance that they did everything together, even outlandish facial expressions. He suddenly wished he and Dan were a lot closer now so that they could have something like his brother and his partner. They weren’t apart, but they weren’t together. The magic disappeared, and phil was more than willing to get it back.

Cornelia sighed. “Just talk to him with how he’s letting himself talk. I know it’s weird, I certainly think it is, but just text him like he’s texting you. Just keep the digital conversation going, and he’ll eventually grow tired of it and want to talk to you face to face.” She ate yet another fry and gestured to Martin, who agreed instantly.

Sure, a digital conversation. Phil thought to himself, tapping his chin with a pale finger. I could do that.

His phone suddenly lit up with a notification that he had received one new message, and his heart leaped. With every millisecond he spent waiting for his phone to unlock, and go to the home screen to click on messages, it felt as if time had stopped.

It was a quick few seconds to any onlooker, but to him- all he could hear was his heart beating in his ears.

Faster, faster, faster.

[6:23 pm]

dan: how long are you going to be at the restaurant
phil: a few more minutes
dan: good cause your mom keeps talking about funny stories from when you were a kid and if I laugh any more my spleen will burst
phil: gross
phil: i don’t wanna hear about that
dan: she’s telling me the story about how you fell down the stairs at school and the entire year group laughed
phil: oh my god
dan: i shouldn’t be surprised though
phil: wait why
dan: you’re already quite the klutz
phil: shut the hell up
dan: hey phil
phil: what
dan: oh uh nm

seen ✔️ 6:25 pm

Phil came to the realization that talking to Dan was going to be a challenge.

It wasn’t as if they hated each other or something. They never have and given the amount of love distilled between the two boys, they probably never will. Late night with a dim light of a lamp and bodies crashing together doesn’t necessarily count as a product for hate. It was all about the fact that there was just something above them, a little tension cloud.

And it felt like they couldn’t talk much because they were both a little scared and recovering over being outed to the entire world when they weren’t even ready. It was about taking a single leap from one side of the bridge to the other, the last step into the other side that with it came zero worries and diminished troubles.

A better future for the both of them where they can do anything without the claws of their adoring fan base at their every move. He just didn’t understand why tapping on a phone screen is the way to go.

Yet, he still goes with it. Phil felt as if he could detect Dan’s nervous aura, and did pretty well putting on a show of letting the world know that they were okay when they weren’t okay and could only communicate in the palaces of the World Wide Web. Which is the exact same way the met, a time of pure love and exploration, an unlikely situation that came true because of a friend’s recommendation and one interesting website.

It felt like the scene in a movie where the two characters were silent until one of them said something rude and incredulous letting the other launch at them, leading to either more anger or a later on resolved situation, always sealed with a little kiss.

Except this wasn’t a movie, this was real life and with every minute of every passing day, his heart beat out a single message of i need you. And it hurt.

With a sigh, he opens up his phone and sends Dan a quick little text before tapping the power button on his phone. Hopefully things will get better soon for the two of them. And hopefully everything returns to normal including his heartbeat’s rhythm.

His phone lit up 5 minutes later, and he nearly dives to see the message, a anxious expression painted on his face.

[10:30 am]

phil: hey
dan: hi
phil: please tell me what you were about to say
dan: um
phil: ?
dan: i just miss you is all
phil: if you miss me than actually come talk to me
dan: but i feel terrible
phil: about?
dan: the way I treated you two years ago
phil: that was two years ago dan
dan: still, it wasn’t your fault we were outed to the whole world
dan: i screamed at you for everything
dan: i even yelled at our fans, and i’m supposed to be a role model for some of them
dan: i know they invaded our privacy and all
dan: but some of them were respectful enough not to do that, even if they shipped us
dan: yet i still yelled
dan: i’m a terrible human being
dan: this is all my fault
dan: you must hate me
phil: you’re joking right
dan: what?
phil: you had a valid reaction
dan: i know but
phil: listen to me okay
dan: fine
phil: this wasn’t your fault
phil: people stalked us, they stalked your brother
phil: they did a lot of things
phil: and yes some of them did the right thing by leaving us alone
phil: but some forced a lot of things upon us
phil: which is not okay
phil: you also faced a lot of stress
phil: you had to deal with so much
phil: don’t apologize for anything
dan: okay
phil: we’re good?
dan: yeah
phil: also hey dan?
dan: yes?
phil: i hope you know that i love you and that you deserve happiness
dan: oh wow
phil: don’t i get anything nice back
dan: yeah sure i guess i love you too
phil: better

It happens a second later.

A thunderous thumping noise grew louder and louder as he finally saw himself being tackled onto the floor yuri on ice style. It startled him, making him immediately drop his phone and stare up at the person who created the chaos, starting to giggle. It was ridiculous and laughable but for the two of them, the dorky antics felt normal.

“Finally.” Phil speaks.

Dan rolls his eyes affectionately. “Don’t ruin this moment for us.”

Phil took Dan’s hand in his, rubbing his knuckles. Starting from the top and down to the bottom, just like always. “Sure.”

“I wonder how many gifsets would be cranked out if we recorded this whole thing?” Dan wondered, smiling at the undying effort of his fans.

“Probably a lot, with some quotes and a black and white filter. They’d probably throw in that one moment when I looked at your lips.” Phil mimicked the scene, leaning into Dan’s face and dramatically looked at his lips before quickly kissing them.

“Wasn’t that during Gamingmas?” Dan asks soon after.

“Yeah.” A mischievous look grows on his face, and he smirks. “More like gaymingmas. Ha! Get it? ‘Cause we’re gay.”

Dan narrows his eyes. Goof. He grabs the pillow nearest to him and starts pummeling him with it. “You’re an idiot, you know that right?”

He half means it and half doesn’t.

“Wait, nope- I’m bi. And aren’t I your idiot?” Phil batted his eyelashes before blocking his next hit, shoulders shaking from laughter. “Aren’t I the same idiot you drooled over for two years?”

“I highly regret loving you at all.”

“Liar!” Phil declares.

“Eh, it’s true. All you’ve ever done for me is steal my cereal and clutter the flat with house plants while I slowly fall even more in love with you, and it’s not fair.”

“I-I-can’t believe I’m meeting the amazingphil! I-I am so excited, I’ve watched all your videos, I even-.”

Dan kisses him to shut him up.

They’re recording a gaming video when they finally decide to let them know everything without letting them know everything.

“Hello, danandphilgames controllers!” Phil cheerily says into the camera with a wave. Dan looks at him strangely.

“Controllers?” He questions.

“Well, since we’re using controllers for this game, I just thought-”

“You’re terrible.” Dan puts his head in his hands, shaking his head.

“You’re a lot worse.” Phil interjects.

“I can’t believe I have to deal with you everyday. You’re a literal pain in the neck.”

“Well, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Eyes meet. Time stops. A flurry of comments and analyzation come soon after, so many people @ing them on twitter and making little edits on YouTube. Reaction videos fill up their feed. Just like every other video.

It’s nice.

[4:40 am]

dan: hey ugly
phil: hey stupid
phil: go away
dan: i thought you loved me
phil: well you don’t love me
dan: eh true
phil: go to sleep
dan: give me five more minutes mom
phil: you’re insufferable
dan: you’re a brat
phil: now dan
dan: *le sigh* fine
phil: “le sigh” the fuck is that
dan: shut
phil: now you can’t even finish sentences
dan: i said shut
dan: glad to see things are back to normal

Dan turns his phone off and closes his eyes.

“I thought we agreed to stop texting each other.” Phil rolls over to Dan’s side of the bed, poking a single dimple.

But he’s fast asleep.

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*clears throat* because I ship Klance but I'm also a sucker for single dad Shiro... HC about how Shiro would be on Keith and Lance's first date??

Well nonny I actually don’t have any set pairings for this AU at all. But I’m happy to indulge any ships and talk about them, because they’re all so cute except anything I don’t feel comfortable with. Lance and Keith are fecking adorable, so please enjoy (pls ignore mistakes, it’s late where I am):


              “Hey Shiro!”




              “Mr. Shirogane, sir?”

              “Oh, hello Lance. What can I do for you?” Lance almost wanted to smash his face into the front to the Shirogane household, however he’d didn’t particularly like the headache that was sure to follow. Besides, that probably wasn’t the best first impression for tonight’s date. Yeah, how awkward would it be to try to explain to your date that you couldn’t go out with them because you gave yourself a concussion because their dad is being annoying.

              Instead, Lance plastered on the biggest and brightest smile aimed at Shiro and stood taller. He puffed out his chest and pushed the flowers in between himself and Lance.

              “I’m here to pick up Keith. Remember, we have a date?” Lance said softly while Shiro leaned against the doorframe to his house. There wasn’t any anger or malice on Shiro, but rather a big smile on his face. However, after 17 years Lance knew there was more hidden behind that smile than anyone could imagine. Lance knew that was a smile that meant Shiro was plotting.

              And a plotting Shiro was never good.

              “Oh? Did Keith forget to mention to you that he was busy?” Shiro continued to smile without budging an inch from the doorway. Now, Lance was a pretty tall guy. But Shiro was taller and muscular. Basically be was built like a freaking way and blocked all of Lance’s view into the house.

              Lance had heard this before when others had tried to date Keith.

              Of course Keith had only actually been interested in a teeny handful, but the ones he was interested in got the same treatment as Lance now. Intimidating dad. Lance had actually been a part of the intimidating team before he suddenly decided that he appreciated Keith as more than just a friend. Now, being on the receiving end of such treatment, Lance couldn’t help but admire their tactics.

              It was a wonder any boys or girls asked Keith out with Shiro.

              “You know Keith isn’t a flower person, right?”

              “Dude, can’t you let me be romantic for once in my life? I know you’re the Big Bad Dad, but I am one smooth senior.

              “Dad, move out of the way.” Lance almost sighed with relief when Shiro was suddenly shoved aside. Out came Keith. The beautiful, wonderful and smoking hot Keith with his mullet (even if the boy was beautiful, Lance still thought the mullet was a mistake) and crop top shirt and jacket. If Shiro wasn’t standing within a foot of Lance’s most previous jewels he probably would have been drooling by now. Keith was even wearing his hair up. In a ponytail.

              “So, where are you taking my little Star?” Shiro couldn’t help but ask as he gave Keith a gentle pat and his smile softened. Lance beamed at Keith who smiled softly before eyeing the bouquet of flowers with distaste.

              “Did you actually get flowers? That’s cheesy and gross. Bees are attracted to flowers.” Keith bluntly said and Lance couldn’t help but wince. You’d think after 13 years he would be used to this. He didn’t miss the snicker and smirk sent from Shiro and he immediately sent a glare his way. Shiro held his hands up in amusement, only to be surprised when Lance suddenly thrust the bouquet in his face.

              “They were actually for Shiro, so proves how much you know!” Lance said while Shiro took the flowers, still confused and shocked. “I happen to know how much you hate flowers. So, are you ready to go?” He smiled brightly at Keith who blinked.

              “That was weird. Okay.” Keith shrugged, still confused but then again there was a lot that Lance did which confused him.

              “Ah, forget something?” Shiro called over their shoulders when Keith and Lance began to walk away. Lance groaned while Keith frowned.

              “Um, no? I got my phone, keys, wallet and money.” Keith admitted while Shiro grinned. He then tapped the side of his cheek and instantly both Keith and Lance knew what he wanted. Keith rolled his eyes.

              “Dad, that’s embarrassing. Stop it.” He groaned and shoved his face in his hands. Quickly he began to walk away while Lance attempted to hide his laughter (he was actually failing). Keith snatched Lance’s arm and practically dragged him away from where Shiro was still standing, now pouting.

              “Nine o’clock!”

              “Ten!” Keith shouted back to his father, earning a laugh from Lance. However, Lance quickly shut up when one of Keith’s pointy elbows jammed into his side.

              This date better be fan-fucking-tastic if he was going to hurt this much.


              Lance couldn’t even believe his eyes. He was pretty sure that he was either hallucinating or something was very wrong here. He had actually been enjoying his date to the pier carnival so far. Keith wasn’t entirely awkward and even let him hold his hand for a while, without pulling away. He’d gotten to hear that cute little snort that Keith made when he laughed a little too hard at some stupid joke Lance told (he couldn’t even remember what the joke was because all he could remember was Keith’s tiny snort). He’d even gotten an ice cream cone with Keith.

              However, it felt as if his entire night was ruined.

              All because of one Takashi Shirogane.

              Who was standing right in front of him (just when he was about to make a move on Keith, mind you) with a big, big smile and a bag of groceries in his hand.

              “Oh Keith, Lance? What a coincidence to see you both here.” Lance growled at the oblivious expression on Keith’s face while Shiro continued to smile. Deep down he knew that Shiro was just trying to look out for his only child, his little boy, but right now he was in some serious bad blood with Lance. Shiro was ruining Lance’s plan to woo Keith.

              “Dad? Didn’t you know? Lance was taking me to the pier tonight?” Of course Keith didn’t realize Shiro’s devious little plan. His father was a cunning man and knew Keith’s most adorable fault. Lance cursed at the other man’s genius.

              “It must have slipped my mind.” Shiro’s smile widened and somehow he managed to direct his attention directly at Lance, who shivered while glaring at the same time.

              “Well now you know. Okay, great to see Mr. Dad-Man but Keith and I were just about to get something to eat. I hear there’s some great funnel cakes.” Lance said while simultaneously wrapping an arm around Keith’s shoulder and dragging him away from Shiro. Shiro frowned at the sly interaction and narrowed his eyes at Lance when he turned Keith away from Shiro. Lance couldn’t help but shiver at the look, knowing what the nice man was capable of.

              “Don’t forget, no shellfish!”

              “Yes sir!” Lance merely waved Shiro off and Keith didn’t even bother to turn around once causing Shiro to scowl. Damn this kid was good. I should know.


              Lance didn’t even bother trying to hide his dissatisfaction by this point. Unlike most parents, Shiro hadn’t given up after his first “encounter” with Lance and Keith. While Shiro never actually spoke to or came face to face with either of the teens, there were several coincidentally instances that caused Lance to just know it was Shiro’s fault.

              Someone had accidentally bumped Lance from behind, right as he was about to sling an arm over Keith’s shoulder to make a move when they were eating. Causing Lance to face plant into his dinner.

              Keith laughed, for like, an hour.

              Another time, someone happened to be hogging up shooting station, where Lance wanted to impress Keith with his skills and win him a toy. Said person was so good and winning so much, that the poor worker ran out of prizes to give away.

              Shiro was a pretty good sharpshooter.

              Another time, someone had rammed into Lance’s bumper car at full speed and nearly knocked him over the side of a wall.

              Keith told him he should have been wearing his seatbelt.

              Honestly, he was at his wits end and Keith seemed oblivious to it all. All he wanted was for the perfect date tonight where he and Keith could get to know each other on a more personal level. And maybe he and Keith could hold hands under the stars and maybe Keith would give him a small kiss on the lips, telling him how romantic this night was. Then maybe he could ask Keith out on a second date and soon they would be boyfriends with stupid matching shirts and terrible pick-up lines.

              It had taken so much to get Keith to even agree to this date.

              “Hey, Keith, uh would you wanna, uh, go out with me sometime?”

              Keith had blinked at Lance like he was crazy, causing Lance to sweat. “But Lance, it’s raining outside. I’m not sure you really want to go out today?”

              “Ah, no I – I mean go out with me.” Lance tried to emphasize but the owlish expression on Keith’s face was enough to let him know that he didn’t understand.

              “But I am with you right now. I guess if you really want to go outside, we can?”

              “NO! I mean, god dammit Keith. Would you like to go out, on a romantic date, with me, on Saturday? To get to know each other on a personal level and determine if we could possibly be capable of being boyfriends?” Lance finally yelled causing Keith’s eyes to widen.

              “You want to be romantic? With me?”


              “With me?”


              “And go on a date?”


              “On Saturday?”

              “Holy Quiznak, yes Keith! I like you! I want to date you!” Lance groaned, cheeks pink with embarrassment. He squeaked at the light blush on Keith’s own face and could only smile when Keith avoided his gaze in order to answer.

              With one last ounce of determination, Lance snatched up Keith’s hand, ignoring his protest and bolted away from the last spot he saw Shiro. He kept sprinting with the wind in his hair and Keith’s nervous laughter at his side until he was sure that Shiro couldn’t find them.


              Shiro was disappointed.

              Or he was impressed.

              He wasn’t too sure yet.

              Lance was by far the best choices out of all the candidates of potential partners for Keith. At least he knew Lance’s background and grudgingly, he had to admit that Lance was an excellent kid. Maybe easily distracted and hyper but after 13 years, Shiro knew that Lance would never actually try to hurt Keith.

              And that’s what worried Shiro the most.

              Keith and Lance could work out.

              It wasn’t the most terrifying combinations and Shiro had 17 years of preparing himself for this moment. It wasn’t like he was sending his son off to war and never going to see him again. He was just letting Keith go on a date! Why was this so difficult?

              Shiro wondered if this was how all parents felt about potential partners for their kids.

              Lance and Keith could actually make it in the long run and Shiro could see that. Even if Keith and Lance didn’t know it yet. Those two thick-headed boy probably wouldn’t figure it out for at least another five years or so. At least that meant Shiro had a little more time to prepare. He wasn’t sure what he was preparing for right now though.

              Shiro knew it was a bit childish to have followed Keith and Lance on their…date and he knew for a fact that Keith was aware that he was there the whole time, and he knew that Lance knew (and he was wrong if he didn’t admit that he had enjoyed that). But to be fair, he couldn’t help himself. Shiro had been paranoid even before entering the military and afterwards, then adopting Keith had only made it worse.

              Shiro’s thoughts were interrupted at the sound of soft voices coming from the front yard. Shiro would never admit that it took all of his self-control, not to jump and wrench the door open.  Instead he calmly sat at the table, drinking his hot chocolate (with mini marshmallows, mind you) when Keith and Lance came in. Though, he practically spat the drink out when Lance came in soaking wet.

              “What happened?” For a moment, all of Shiro’s protectiveness was gone and he was fussing over the teen he had watched grow up alongside his son. Lance shivered with a deep frown on his face but was grateful for Shiro’s kindness. While Shiro helped Lance out his jacket, Keith was already returning with several towels.

              “Lance decided to show me one of his infamous dance moves and he accidentally fell off the pier.” Keith sighed as he rubbed a towel over Lance’s head. He ignored Lance’s mumbled protests until there was a loud burst of laughter next to them. Keith and Lance both jumped to see Shiro hunched over, hands on his knees and laughing as hard as he could.

              “Hey, don’t laugh.” Lance whined pathetically and pressed his face into the towel. He was horrified when even Keith laughed quietly, but at least he was rubbing his back.

              “I’m sorry, really. Let’s warm you up.” Shiro managed after laughing non-stop for at least five minutes. He had to pause every now and again when a new round of laughter stopped him. “But I just realized, you’re perfect Lance.”

              “F-For what?” Lance shivered, only to snuggle against Keith’s side when he wrapped him in another towel. Shiro watched with softer eyes and a gentle smile as Keith and Lance shared a shy look with one another. He could already see the warmth and the love in both of them for one another even if neither of them realized it yet.

              It would take some time.

              “For Keith.” Shiro smiled and immediately both Keith and Lance blushed heavily. He grinned at their expressions and turned away to put Lance’s clothes in the wash, pretending that he didn’t notice when Lance and Keith reached out to hold hands.

  • Taiyang, talking to himself as he washes a single plate: I know you two are older...and you're both off on your own paths, with your own adventures, and your own hardships.
  • Taiyang, with a slight laugh: I mean, hell, I did that too....and I had a hell of a lot of fun doing it.
  • Taiyang, turning to sadly look at two plates on the dining table, filled with food that's slowly turning cold, trying his best to not let his voice choke up: I only wish you two didn't have to leave so soon....

Disclaimer:  Gordon Ramsay as represented in this fic is a representation of the exaggerated character he portrays on reality television, and is by no means meant to be Gordon Ramsay himself.

Gif source:  Gordon

Imagine being a server in Hell’s Kitchen and Gordon finds out that it’s your dream to become a chef but you’ve never had formal training because you can’t afford it, so he gives you private lessons.

——— Request for anon ———

“We set the egg beautifully on top of the scallop, giving a more sophisticated presentation,” Gordon finishes his dish, slipping the egg into place using a single finger. Spinning the plate towards you, he glances up, “See?”

“It’s beautiful,” you agree, mouth already watering at simply the vision of the dish. You still couldn’t believe you were standing in Gordon Ramsay’s own kitchen, getting a private lesson in cooking from him. You’d watched for so long as a server for Hell’s Kitchen, holding onto your dream of becoming a chef, but the reality was that formal training was far too pricey for you at the moment. You could never express how grateful you were that, upon finding out about your situation, Gordon had decided to help you out.

Gordon straightens up, throwing his towel over his shoulder and crossing his arms, “Alright, now, it’s your turn. Just as I showed you.”

Fools II Jaspar fanfiction

The tale of how Caspar Lee fell in love with Joe Sugg, told by Joshua Pieters.

Disclaimer: Nothing here belongs to me and obviously none of this is true. All events depicted here are purely fictional.

A/N: Yo this bitch got inspired and started yet another story… this doesn’t mean my other stories will be abandoned

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As it turns out matching your foot taller older brother plate for plate every single meal may not of been the most thought out plan. Especially when your pants aren’t fitting and you’re really starting to get a bit thick around the middle.

can’t pretend anymore

grace left mississippi for a reason. she just wants to be left alone. niall is spending the summer traveling through spain searching for the perfect wave and, instead, finds grace. liam has chosen this moment to pop back up in grace’s life. she doesn’t want any of it.

a surfer niall / expat grace / tech billionaire ex liam nsfw one shot

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anonymous asked:

could you post/write a quick fluffy imagine in the rest of the boys POV where y/n and Harry are doing something cute, like everyone is sitting on the tour bus together and Harry is being a gentleman or something and one of the boys notice it (:

You know that they’re going to tease him about it, but it’s all out of love. The boys love seeing Harry so happy and it’s been a while since they’re really been able to see him with someone that he truly seems to be smitten with.

It’s the moments they see when you’re hanging out on the bus and Harry - though he could choose any of the other free seats in the bus - chooses to sit next to you. Not just next to you, but as close to you as he possibly can.

It’s when you’re walking from the bus to the stadium and Harry reaches out to take your hand out of habit because he doesn’t want you to get separated from him, even though they have security at every entrance.

It’s when they see Harry bolt from the stage as soon as the show is over and they know he’s going straight to you; it’s confirmed moments later when the they see the two of you in the dressing room hallway and Harry can barely keep his hands off of you.

It’s when you’re all out to dinner and Harry insists that you try a little bit of every single thing on his plate, and laughs when he tries to steal some of yours and you pout.

It’s when they accidentally walk in on the end of his Skype call with you while he’s away and it’s a back-and-forth of “Love you more.” “No, I love you more.” “Okay, but I love you the most.”

So yeah, they’ll tease him about it because they’re his mates and it’s their job to tease, but really, they’re thrilled that Harry has found someone like you.

Pairings: Dean x Reader & (kind of) Chuck Bass
Words: 1,897
Part: 2/?
Warnings: Some swearing but I think that’s it.
Summary: It’s Deans second day in the Upper East Side and needs a friendly face to show him around town and maybe even escort him to dinner.
A/N: This is such a late update to this series, I’ve been super busy lately and had a bunch of writers block so I apologize to anyone who has been waiting for the second part, but here it is! This one is mostly dialogue, I’ve already started the 3rd part and I’m super excited for you to read that one as well. Feedback is always much appreciated. Enjoy!
Tags: @nachoaveragejoe

Part 1   Part 3   Part 4

You sat beside Dean in his father’s Impala watching the twinkling stars above. Dean’s hand was wrapped around yours, his thumb stroked circles on your delicate knuckles. He had something on his mind, you knew by his inability to look at you. “Y/N?” is voice creaks in a meek whisper.

“Dean?” you lock eyes with his own. Dean was never a boy to get nervous, not ever. His hand shook as he pulled away from your touch and reached for his pocket.

“I’d like to give you something,” he pulled out a tiny, silver band; the ring glistens in the moonlight. “I know it’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but that ring will come later,” he paused trying to gather his thoughts, “Y/N, I love you. You’re my first love and I want you to be my last, my forever and always.” it was a rare occasion that Dean would open up to you, usually he never spoke about his feelings. Of course, you always knew how he felt towards you, he didn’t need to say them aloud for you to know that he was madly in love with you. “Y/N, I promise that one day, I’ll give you the life you deserve. We’ll get out of this crap town and never look back. You’ll finish college and all of your dreams will come true,” He paused while slipping the ring onto your middle finger. “Any dream of mine will always be true as long as you’re by my side. I love you, I promise that I always will.” His shaking hands bring your fingers to his lips, he presses a single kiss to your ring finger and you knew that it was his promise to marry you someday.

It’s been five years since that night in John’s car, you’ve never had the heart to throw it out. You stand peering into your sock drawer at the box, you tried to gather your things for the flight and for your vacation but procrastination was getting the best of you. You pluck random garments off hangers and fold them neatly into your suitcase. You don’t want to take much, living on the Upper East Side has spoiled you with expensive clothes you didn’t need. You forgot long ago what it felt like to dress in simple jeans and a hoodie.

From across the room your phone buzzes. Dean’s name flashes on the screen in bright letters, unconsciously your lips curl into a smile at just the thought of him. “Hello?” your body sinks into your shared bed to listen to the man on the phone.

“Hey, change in plans,” New York streets come alive behind Dean’s voice, you can tell by the shortness in his breath he’s walking through the city. “I have to stay in New York a little longer to finish my case, it doesn’t look like we’ll make it to Lawrence after all.” a knot drops in your stomach, you slowly rise and peer into the city around your apartment.

“Oh, that’s okay,” you force a chuckle, “Guess it was pretty crazy to plan a vacation with someone I haven’t seen in years anyway.” Dean laughs at your comment.

“Yeah, probably. It’s only for the next three days, I’m sure New York is more exciting than Kansas ever will be,” laughter fills the silence between you, “I’ll need a tour guide to show me where the hell I am, interested?”

“Sure,” you catch yourself smiling.

When you reach the lobby, Dean is already waiting for your arrival.“I see you haven’t grown out of your plaid.” You eye the handsome man dressed in an old flannel.

“What can I say?” you flash him a smile before leading him out of your apartment building and into the city. The two of you roam through the streets, deep in conversation. You pass snobby strangers, businessmen in freshly ironed suits, and flirty teenagers during your stroll.

The wide diversity of people is what drawn you into New York in the first place. You weren’t one to need extravagant clothing or a luxury home– somehow that managed to fall into your lap. All you needed was inspiration. You studied the people you came across, homes, locations, all in the efforts to enhance your writing. New York gave you just that, it’s no wonder why you climbed to the top of your career so quickly.


“Care to join me for dinner?” you propose stopping in front of a restaurant, your feet aching for a rest from all the walking they’ve endured throughout the day.

“I couldn’t turn down that offer” his arm extends towards you to take just before you make your way into the dimly lit building. A young waitress seats the two of you to a secluded table in the back.

“I’ll be right with you,” she purrs at Dean completely ignoring your presence. Dean pays her no attention, he pulls your seat out for you and gently pushes you towards the table.

“You’ve kept your mannerisms. Brownie points for you,” you giggle as he takes his seat across from you.

“Only for you, you’re the only woman worth impressing.” Dean grins opening his menu, “I have an idea.”

“Oh? What might this idea be?” you cock your eyebrow to the man across from you.

“We’ll order for each other, I’ll find something I think you’ll like and you’ll do the same for me. Deal?” Dean smirks towards you.

“I’m intrigued, you’re on Mr. Winchester.” moments after the waitress returns, ready to take your order.

“What can I get for you, handsome?” she bites her lip looking over Dean as he reads her the order.

“I’d like to have the pasta special of the day, with white sauce, and a water to drink. Thanks.” he closes and hands the menu to the blonde beside without a glance in her direction. Her eyes flair at the lack of attention she receives from him.

“And you?” her eyes don’t leave Dean as you hand her the menu.

“I’d like the House Burger, cooked medium, side of seasoned fries, and a beer in a frosted mug.” you don’t even thank her, the way she eyes Dean causes jealousy to flourish inside you. She scribbles down your orders and hurries away. “Looks like you have an admirer.” You grumble, eyeing the woman as she walks to tend another table.

“I knew you’ve been flirting with me all day,” you playfully roll your eyes at his comment, “You got my order perfect, how’d you remember after all these years?” Dean asks, his fingers intertwine together on the table.

“You’re pretty hard to forget.” your voice is soft, anyone in the room could tell that there was still something between Dean and yourself, even if you’re not quite sure what that ‘something’ is anymore.

“So are you,” he admits, his eyes fall from yours unaware of where to look. Dean quickly clears his throat and tries to change the subject.

“Alrighty, here’s your water, sugar.” you didn’t know it was even possible for someone to set down a glass of water sexually, but right before your eyes, this woman proves you wrong. You scuff at her efforts to gain his attention. “And your beer.” She slides the mug toward you, “Anything else I could get you, dear?”

“No,” Dean says sternly, picking up on her purposeful acts, she lingers around your table a little longer before turning away in defeat. He offers a warm smile avoiding the topic of the amorous server. When she returns again, it’s to deliver steaming plates of food. You twirl your fork in the pasta and shovel a mouthful into your mouth, instantly you’re overwhelmed by impeccable flavors.

“I must say, you did an amazing job choosing my order.” you meet eyes with Dean who already has his mouth full of fries, “I’m guessing I did a pretty good job myself.” you smile as he gives you an enthusiastic nod.

Throughout the meal, the waitress checks on your table way more than necessary, whether it was to refill Dean’s beer, clear a single plate, or just to ask how the food is. You try your hardest to ignore her and to just focus on your night with Dean, you weren’t sure how many nights with him you have left.

“How is everything?” her question is directed towards Dean.

“Delicious,” he says through a mouthful of his burger.

“May I get you anything else?” she smiles.

“Some privacy would be lovely, thanks for asking.” you snap. Her eyes travel to you for the first time all night.

“Excuse me? Who do you think you are?” her face is appalled at your request.

“I know exactly who I am. I’m Y/N Y/L/N, a well-respected author that’s been mentioned in The New York Times Book Review more than once,” her face falls as you continue your speech, “Not to mention I’m Chuck Bass’ fiance.” all color drains from her face as she takes in the words you just spat.

“The Chuck Bass?” her mouth gapes at her sudden realization.

“The Chuck Bass, now if you excuse us,” you gesture towards Dean, “Privacy would be much appreciated until we ask for the bill.” you seethe through a clenched jaw, she scurries away without another word.

“Your fiance is Charles Bass? As in Bart Bass’ son?” he asks, his face full of concern.

“Yes, why?” You ask taking a sip of your water to cool down.

“My dad did some business with him this past year…” he trails off looking over you, “Small world.” he mumbles, “I didn’t know you became such a badass.” he chuckles completely changing the subject.

“What can I say?” you shrug with a smile.

You stroll the busy streets side by side yet again after your eventful dinner. The two of you walk closer than before, your hands brushing against each other’s every now and then, it took all of your power to resist the urge to hold his hand. “I wanted to say something back at the restaurant, it just didn’t seem like a good time for you,” Dean admits as you near your apartment building.

“I’m all ears.”

“Chuck Bass doesn’t define who you are,” he sighs, you look at him in confusion not following his statement. “At dinner– when you were talking to the waitress, you added that he is your fiance. I get that he’s powerful and well respected, but so are you. You’ve been mentioned in The New York Times Book Review multiple times and that’s pretty damn impressive. You don’t need him to let people know you have power or to demand their respect. You’re Y/N Y/L/N, you can demand respect with or without Chuck.” you’re taken back by his speech at first, tears threaten to form but you hold them back, not wanting to cry in front of Dean.

“I-” you search his face unsure of what to say, “Thank you, I needed that reminder,” you admit. You look ahead at your apartment, “Um,” you clear the knot in your throat away, “This is me” you sigh not wanting the night to end just yet. “Thanks again, Dean. Goodnight.” you lean up to kiss his cheek softly, before returning back to your home, repeating Dean’s words until you believed them.


Pairing: Park Jinyoung x Reader
Rating: PG-13
Synopsis: Disgustingly doting girlfriend thinks about her precise, strictly regimented boyfriend.
Author’s note: Hey there! I was in my Jinyoung feelings the other day and really needed to vomit this thing out. Hopefully you guys like it! Also, here’s the credit for the gif I used.

A boyfriend as predictable as this should’ve been boring…

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Impulsive Gluttony

(Bacon_inferno Mod here!  The following is based on a little Free! tidbit I wrote on my own page here:

Thought I’d share here since it applies.  Hope you guys like it.  :)

Rin Matsuoka wasn’t an unintelligent person.   He liked to fancy himself someone capable of using his head when the situation called for it.  But he was only human.  Humans have their moments of weakness, where impulse supersedes logic.  And when he stopped by his boyfriend; Makoto Tachibana’s house after a long hard day of practice, only to find Makoto had managed to whip up a proverbial BANQUET worth of food?

Logic proceeded to swiftly and un-apologetically take a back seat, as the hungry, shark toothed boy had then proceeded to ravage just about everything Makoto had set for the two on the table.  This was a feat that most certainly was not lost on Makoto, as he watched his boyfriend rip into his meal with savage gusto.  All the while, his eyes wandered between Rin’s throat as his Adams Apple bobbed repeatedly with each rapid mouthful gulped down, to Rin’s slim, firm, athletic stomach, which progressively expanded little by little with every plate consumed.

Makoto knew his boyfriend could eat, especially when he was hungry…

…But this?  This was a whole new level of shameless gluttony.

The minutes ticked away.  Makoto had long since finished his meal, and sat perfectly content and sated.  And after several MORE minutes, Rin had polished off every single spare plate that the table had laid out.  It was in this moment that Makoto could see the true impact that the meal was having on Rin’s midsection.  Rin’s normally chiseled stomach had rounded out to the point where Rin’s black short sleeved collared shirt rose up and, rather noticeably, exposed a sliver of flesh at the bottom where the shirt normally covered up.  Rin’s belly was pressing out to the point where it was straining the button on Rin’s jeans.  

Sufficed to say, it’s a good thing there wasn’t any room in Makoto’s fridge for leftovers anyway.

Helping Rin up from his chair, given his current state, the two boys eventually made their way to Makoto’s couch, as they so often did after a hefty meal.  Or rather, as they so often did after one of them had overdone it.  A feat even Makoto was quite guilty of here or there.  But not this time…

“W-Wow, Rin,” Makoto finally muttered, now that the ‘feast’ had finally been depleted, “you were, umm…pretty hungry, weren’t you?”

Rin groaned loudly from a mixture of uncomfortable fullness, and utter satisfaction from a hearty meal.  Which one Rin was feeling more of right about now was anyone’s guess.

“Ohhh, holy crap, Makoto, since when could you cook like THAT?” Rin remarked, easing back into his seat and rubbing his left palm all across his bloated stomach beneath his shirt, causing it to hike up even higher, exposing more of his rounded belly all the while.

Makoto, still fixed on Rin’s rounded abdomen, rubbed the back of his head and chuckled tentatively.  

“Oh, it was nothing, just a few tricks my mom taught me.  I just thought I’d share them with you, to see if I got her recipes right, y’know?  S-So, erm, does this mean you liked it?”

Rin responded by clutching the center of his distended midsection, and letting out a forcefully deep belch.  

When it rumbled to an end, Makoto chuckled a bit sheepishly and said, “…I’ll…take that as a yes?”

But before Rin could make his typical smartass reply, a look of immediate discomfort overtook him as his bloated gut let out an audibly deep, gaseous gurgling, making him squirm a bit uncomfortably in his side of the couch.

Makoto being Makoto, immediately scooted closer, resting his palm on Rin’s shoulder with a look of moderate concern for his boyfriends’ wellbeing.  

“Are you okay?” Makoto asked.

Even in his current state, Rin couldn’t help but be a smartass…

“…Rgh, I ate an entire tables worth of food in under half an hour flat.  If I were anything resembling okay, I’d literally be a fucking alien…”

“…Not okay then,” Makoto conceded, before scooting besides Rin and glancing down at his gurgling belly.   “…Jeez, you really DID eat a lot…”

“…Ya THINK…?”

Rin wasn’t angry at Makoto.  He was just naturally snarky and currently in pain brought about from his overindulgence.  Makoto knew that.  A lesser person might draw attention to that, and how Rin was reaping what he sewed.  But Makoto wasn’t that kind of guy.

Instead, he rested his large hand gently down atop Rin’s rounded belly, feeling it gurgle audibly beneath his palm.

“Well, the first thing we need to do is free up some space.  I don’t think you realize just how much you actually ate, Rin,” Makoto said.  But before Rin could come up with yet another snide remark, Makoto reached down and unbuttoned Rin’s jeans for him. 

Almost immediately, Rin’s belly surged outward considerably, hiking up his shirt even more as the bottom of his shirt now rested directly atop his belly button.  And in the process of the surge, Rin’s stomach forced the zipper of his jeans to come down.  As soon as that liberation transpired, Rin felt an immense constriction just ease off of his stomach, allowing him to relax a bit more as the tension in his body unwound somewhat.

When Rin finally looked down, however, even he was taken back by just how jam packed his stomach actually was.

“…Jesus fuck, I look like I literally just swallowed an entire Watermelon…and then swallowed a bunch of Melons on top of that out of spite…” Rin muttered, comically wide eyed for a moment.

Makoto hated to admit it, but seeing Rin get this flustered was always pretty amusing.  Try as he might to avoid or deny it, Rin was a pretty animated character.

“It isn’t THAT bad,” Makoto insisted, pulling Rin’s shirt up, exposing his full stomach; emphasis on the word ‘full.’  Mere moments later, Makoto began gingerly rubbing all across Rin’s aching belly, gently kneading and massaging the tensest portions of Rin’s expanded middle.  All the while, Makoto could feel just how full and rock hard it actually was, all the while, gurgling beneath Makoto’s palm.

Rin was no stranger to this treatment.  He had a very special relationship with Makoto’s cooking, and as much as Rin hated to admit it, Makoto’s rough palm tending to his aching tummy was one of the best feelings in the world for Rin.  So much so, it almost made the stomach ache worth it, just to be tended to by the larger teen.

Then, after a few uninterrupted moments of absolute bliss, Makoto kneaded against an especially tense portion of Rin’s belly, causing it to gurgle deeply in response.  A mere moment later, Rin’s brow furrowed with discomfort for a moment, until…


Rin expelled another deep, rumbling burp.  Makoto just chuckled a good-natured chuckle and shook his head.

“Excuse you,” he said teasingly, earning a roll of the eyes from Rin.

“Whatever, that was your fault anyway,” Rin insisted, “you pushed too hard.”

But then, after a moment, Rin cocked a brow and glanced down at his bloated gut for a moment, causing Makoto to tilt his head in confusion.

“Something wrong?  I can stop if-”

“-Actually, I…think that actually helped a bit.  My stomach isn’t hurting as much after that one.  Keep it comin’, Mako.”

Blinking with surprise, Makoto nonetheless nodded, kneading a bit more firmly into Rin’s belly, and working up another throaty burp moments later.   Rin coughed after it ended, then gripped his throat, likely indicating it stung a bit, which, Makoto felt a bit guilty about.  But after Rin insisted, Makoto nodded and pressed again, working up a much DEEPER burp, which had some added bass to it.

This went on for a few more moments, of Makoto kneading into Rin’s belly and Rin throwing his head back and burping loudly and shamelessly into the air.

Finally, after a strained sounding hiccup erupted from Rin’s throat, another look of discomfort overtook the red haired boy, as his belly groaned DEEPLY.  Concerned, Makoto rubbed firmly against Rin’s bare, bloated stomach, hoping to ease the last bit of pressure up, but only working up a few more hiccups.

That is, until Rin sat up straight, holding his finger up at Makoto, as if nonverbally telling him to wait…

Then, Rin smacked his chest firmly with his palm…




Out expelled a monster belch, rumbling with enough force that Makoto would swear he felt the couch quake slightly, and for a good five seconds straight.  Followed by a loud, but slightly shorter burp, and then a shorter one after that.

When it ended, Rin groaned with utter relief as he flopped back into the cushion, with a look of absolute bliss plastered across his mug as he patted his belly a few times with utter satisfaction, which, for the record, was no longer gurgling or causing any more discomfort of any kind.

“Ahhhh, holy shit did I need that…” Rin remarked in a strained and hoarse voice.

Still bewildered, Makoto laughed and said, “I can tell!”

Then, after a few moments of silence, and no more gurgling from an upset tummy, Rin smacked his lips and turned his attention back to Makoto.

“Oi, Mako…did your mom teach you any dessert recipes?”

A few moments of silence passed when Rin posed his question.  Then, a smile formed over Makoto’s face, as he got up and rose from the couch.

“Well, I thought maybe we’d hold off on dessert after you ate as much as you did, buuuuut I had a feeling you wouldn’t let fullness keep you from your sweets,” Makoto remarked teasingly before opening the oven and revealing a rich looking chocolate cake.

Rin’s eyes almost bugged out of his head for a moment, but then, after a few moments, his lips spread into a toothy grin.

“Mako…you know me too well…”

Indeed, Makoto did.  If anyone could count on Rin to overeat it beyond any point of reason, and STILL want dessert…it was Makoto.

But then again, when one is in a relationship with another person, one has to know these things, especially when their partner is a stubborn, shark toothed, secretly self-proclaimed bottomless pit like Rin Matsuoka

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“Hey Simmons, there’s only one more piece of your cake left in the fridge …” Skye says, suggesting her desires with her eyes.

Simmons rolls her eyes. “You can have it.”

Laughing triumphantly, Daisy takes the single plate out of the fridge and sets it on the Playground’s kitchen counter. Then she turns toward the silverware drawer and takes out a fork. But when she turns back around, the cake is gone.

“What the hell?” she mutters. Looking around the room, she spots you leaning casually in the doorway, fork in hand as you eat the last piece of cake. “What the hell?” Daisy yells. 

You wink at her before speeding out and down the hall, grinning at the sound of Simmons laughing and Daisy cursing after you. “(y/n)! I’m gonna kill you!”

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Can you do one where Murdock is with his s/o at a restaurant and they are having a good time but like can there be a plot twist where at the end Murdock is an ACTUAL pickle

(Prepare for the ultimate shitpost imagine you’ve ever seen.)

~ You stared at the love of your life, he was sitting in the seat across from you. You held your head in your hands and sighed. You were so in love, it was borderline ridiculous. You two were at your favorite restaurant, enjoyed some dessert before going out to paint the town red. The waiter brought back a single plate of cake, you two were sharing. He picked up a fork a fed you a bite of cake. The sweet taste mixed with his sour scent made you close your eyes in pleasure.

~ After there was nothing but crumbs left on the plate, you two decided to start the night off with a few drinks. You each had a shot and started giggling. You each had another shot and started to slow dance at the restaurant’s bar. This was going downhill quickly, but you didn’t care and neither did he. You were his whole world and he was going to have fun with you how ever he damn well pleased. He kissed your cheek, leaving a strong pickle-like scent behind. You loved it, you got high on it.

~ You went to the bar and grabbed another round of shots. You guys drank them immediately and started another giggle fit before Murdoc tried to play “Murdoc is God” on the speakers. You laughed as he fought with the manager about it. “THAT’S IT! GET OUT OF HERE YA DAMN PICKLE!” You heard the manager yell. You walked over to Murdoc and pulled him out of the restaurant after paying for the shots. “I know I’m a pickle, but why’d he take ta point it out?” Murdoc slumped up against the brick wall. You placed a hand on his cool, crunchy outside. “He’s just jealous because you taste so delicious.” You said as you licked the side of the pickle man. That’s right. He’s a pickle. An actual pickle. I’m not fucking with you. This is what you wanted.