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I have a question about russia too and i don't know if this is the correct place to ask but i am having a hard time understanding google- how come russia is comsidered european when so much is in asia? Isn't it in eurasia like turkey, armenia, georgia etc?

I mean it’s not really that relevant to the blog, but I know and am happy to answer! 

Firstly, while Asia and Europe are considered two different continents, they are actually one, only separated due to the vastly different cultures, political reasons, and so Europeans could separate themselves from the “dirty savages” to the east. “Eurasia” is the word for the continent or single tectonic plate they are both on. So any country in Europe, Asia or both would be considered to be in Eurasia.

On to whether Russia is in Europe or Asia. It is considered to be in both because it is.

However, due to societal reasons, such as Russians being considered white, political and historical reasons, such as their ties with Europe, people often associate them with Europe

Turkey and Georgia are slightly different stories

Turkey, like Russia, is in both Europe and Asia.

Unlike Russia, Turkey is generally thought of as being part of the Middle East because they are considered brown/not white, and they have more ties and history in the Middle East.

Georgia is a more complicated situation

Like Turkey and Russia, Georgia is in both Europe and Asia

However, there is a dispute over whether Georgia should be considered more part of The Middle East or Europe. There is also a dispute over whether Georgians are white or not. I’m not Georgian so that’s all I feel comfortable saying about the topic.

Then there’s Armenia which is a whole different story.

Armenia is actually not at all in Europe and is entirely in Asia.

However, many people (very annoyingly) think and insist Armenia is in Eastern Europe and that Armenians are white. As an Armenian, I can say these people are clearly very wrong. People think this for a whole slew of terrible, even kinda racist reasons. I won’t get into all of that now because this post is already pretty long as it is, but if anyone is curious, I’d love to make a separate post and explain in excruciating detail (please ask I need a reason to go on a rant about this)

tldr; Russia is in both Europe and Asia but is associated more with Europe due to political, social, and historical reasons

- Araxi

History won’t have had much record of Diana’s existence because she hung around the war for like 2 days but

there IS precisely One grainy-ass photo of a motley band of generic soldiers and also… a single woman in antiquity plate armor brandishing a sword??


what the FUCK is a historian supposed to make of this?

Wonder Woman is a WW1 cryptid

say you won’t let go | 01

 part 01 | part 02 [final] 

Summary: You’ve been eighteen years old for ten years when Jungkook first moves in.
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst; Roommate/Soulmate AU (In which you stop aging when you turn 18 until you meet your soulmate)
Word Count: 12,038
Author’s Note: I was going to wait and upload the whole thing in one giant oneshot but for the stake of everyone’s sanity, it’ll be split into two parts. props to @minsvga for always being down to beta! 


The morning comes like clockwork, obviously, but sometimes you wish it didn’t. Sometimes, the morning is like an unexpected gust of wind, blowing away the present and the comfort and leaving you alone with nothing but your thoughts and the disappointing feeling akin to the sensation of something missing from your life. Which, considering everything the world and the fates and the bonds that connect individuals together and all the shit like that, is not too far off from a relevant problem in your life.

The days seem to blend together, time slipping between your fingers but leaving you with no opportunity or way to stop it or prolong it. You certainly feel different, older somehow and probably wiser, and you’re sure it shows in your eyes, in the curl of your lips, in the longing touch of your smile.

But you crawl out of bed in the morning, feet landing like a gentle sigh on the carpet, following the hall down to your bathroom until you’re situated in front of the sink and taking a long glance at your reflection. You don’t know why you insist to yourself to always look at the mirror, because it’s not like anything would have changed overnight, nothing ever really does. You take in your expression, the skin of your face and the darkness of your eyes, a harsh contrast to the youth of your face, the curve of your nose and the sharpness of your jawline—you: fresh, and young and not a day over eighteen-years-old, just as you have been for ten years.

This has been the way of human life since its creation, a science with no explanation and a connection that cannot be seen or heard or even felt. It’s a different kind of connection, moreso the type of link that brings two people together, two people whoever has a hand in predetermination believe would be the best fit for each other. A soulmate, an individual meant to compliment you in every aspect, someone gifted to you from unidentifiable figures; figures you would not even believe existed if not for the world they created and built, a world you now inhabited.

In theory, the unspoken rules of the whole soulmate business seemed easy: a case in which the aging process stops at the eighteen until one’s soulmate came along, done so in order for the pair of them to gain the ability to grow old together, experience life together, be there for each other during the true ups and downs of college and jobs and family. Every single person you’ve ever stumbled upon each has their own story, their own tales of their relationship. You’ve met people in a relationship that never grew, friends who realized they were each other’s everything, individuals who went through years upon years upon years of life with a soulmate fresh out of the gate—always a variety, never a wrong answer or a right one. Yet, they all seem happy, no matter where the path of life seems to take them.

But now that you’ve been eighteen for a solid ten years, you’re ready to call major bullshit on every single individual who dared to look you in the eye and tell you that they don’t care about the unwinding of fate.

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Kirby Café menu item translations

Kirby’s Fluffy Pancakes

Gently soft pancakes with a blend of fresh cream and custard cream mixed with raspberry puree to make Kirby’s pink expression.

Popstar Curry with Seafood Bits

A squid ink seafood curry that’s just right for the summer. Uses turmeric rice and rice flower to recreate Popstar and its two “rings.”

King Dedede’s Ultra Satisfying Plate

Tomato BBQ spare ribs, a teriyaki chicken thigh on the bone, and even a fluffy pancake with an egg sunny side up make for this ultra filling plate.

Whispy Woods’ Green Green’s Plate

A single plate that includes all rice flour bread, block olives, and sausage. With the addition of our house hamburer and fried white fish, it’s a very balanced meal.

Chef Kawasaki’s Cold Fruit Pasta with Carelessly Tossed-in Mango

A fruit pasta served cold, luxuriously made with fresh Italian ham and mango, along with basil sauce.

Maxim Tomato Health Restoring Pasta

A tomato sauce pasta served warm, made centrally of the freshest tomatoes plus heaps of other veggies.

Metaknight’s Secret Late Night Parfait

A parfait made from a base of chocolate soft cream and banana. The patissier’s craftsmanship shines with the Metaknight’s sword and cape decorations.  

Fountain of Dreams Sparkling Cocktail (non-alcoholic)

Watermelon syrup and blue curacao are used to display the Fountain of Dreams coloring. Sweet and chill, its flavor will leave with with memories.

Orange Ocean Juice with Yogurt Mousse

Passion fruit syrup mixed in with orange juice, topped with a freshly made yogurt mousse. This brisk drink is both sweet and sour.

Maxim Tomato Soup Cup

A chilled tomato and celery soup to cool you off this balmy summer. The M is made from both plain and chocolate choux pastry.

Kirby’s Macaroon Cookie Choux

This luscious cream puff is made from choux pastry filled with our original custard cream, along with two layers of pink fresh cream with raspberry puree.

Maxim Tomato Cupcake

Our original cream with raspberry puree tops this cocoa cupcake. With just a touch of pistachio.

Invincible Candy Cupcake

A cocoa cupcake topped with both tropical fruit cream and raspberry cream.

Star Rod Cupcake

A chocolate chip cupcake topped with our original, fresh tropical cream.

the days upended

deancas reunion. hugs. 1300 wc [on AO3]

When his phone powers up with a missed call from Jack, Dean delegates his voicemail duties by tossing the cell at Sam. They’re forty miles out from the bunker yet, aching and too damn old hauling back from this type of bruiser case. Whatever the kid is burning to tell them can wait for another half hour, Dean figures, at least until Sam plays the voicemail and then plays it again, and again, sitting up a little straighter each time.

Sam stares at the phone, pounds a key and lifts it to his ear, listening with a dead-eye stare. Dean elbows him for an explanation but Sam hesitates to pass it along, mumbling something about waiting until Dean’s not driving.

Dean flexes his split knuckles on the wheel. “Spit it out, Sammy.”

Face ashen, Sam answers, “He says Cas is there,” and damn if that doesn’t make Dean rage.

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Girlfriend dressing up as a school girl

Genre: Slight fluff ( ft. some sexual tension/ situations).

Requested: Yes.

Admin Sara

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Seokjin: You stared at yourself though the mirror, nervously worrying your lip between your teeth as you played with the hem of your skirt, stalling as much as you could and hoping enough time would pass for Seokjin to grow bored and leave you be.

The bad thing was, Seokjin was patient. Very patient. He could wait for hours upon hours and still he would be gentle. While it was a valuable virtue, your particular situation had you wanting to curse at him for being so persistent.

As yet another chorus passed of him pleading for you to come out, you frowned, already feeling your face heat up before your hand so much as touched the door knob.

He quickly straightened himself up, eyes painfully slow as they traveled up your knee-high stockings, thighs barely covered from view by your skirt, over the small bow resting on your chest before finally meeting your eyes. He said nothing, jaw slack as his eyes continuously traveled over your body, seeming as if he were trying to assure himself that you were there, that you were actually wearing a uniform.

The only thing that kept you from running into hiding once more, was the gentle hand he moved to your shoulder, his grip tightening as he managed to compose himself. “What are you doing dressed like that?” His voice was rough, on the brink of faint.

“I- I was going to meet a friend. He asked me to help film something for a class.” You said, feeling vulnerable under his stare.

“That’s going to have to wait.” He mumbled, walking forward and as a result, backing you up against the wall.

“Seokjin, I can’t just bail on him. He could fail the cla-”

The softness of his lips cut you off, pressing against your own and parting to let his tongue swipe over your lips. As you were about to grant him entrance, he abruptly pulled away, smirking as he rubbed his thumb across his lower lip. “That’s sir to you. Your little friend can wait an extra hour or so.”

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Dating Bucky Barnes Would Include

Originally posted by strictly-bucky

- Waiting nearly half a year for him to show you his metal arm

- He would watch your reaction as he rolled up his sleeve

- You would just reach out and gently stroke every single one of the plates, before finally curling your fingers around his wrist and placing his palm against your cheek

- Calling him ‘old man’ all the time

- Running your fingers through his hair

- You and Sam teaming up to constantly tear him a new one

- Sparring with him and ending up winning easily because he’s afraid he’ll break you

- He’d use really old pick- up lines on you 

- Comforting him after a nightmare by being the big spoon for a while

- Making him herbal tea and doing yoga with him so he can learn to relax

- He’d make jokes like “When I was your age”, or “Respect your elders”

- Taking him shopping for new clothes and essentially playing dress up

- Butt grabs

- Steve dragging you to one side when he finds out you two are dating to give you The Best Friend Talk

- Getting sick of his music because he always plays stuff from his era

- Making him listen to Tony’s records instead

- Now he’s obsessed with classic rock

- He has mental breakdowns every other day that usually result in a trashed room and an inconsolable Bucky 

- Nat teaching you Russian so you can surprise him one night

- His mama raised him right so he is a perfect gentleman towards you sometimes

- Dates are old-fashioned, normally consisting of dancing, a movie and dinner

- He gets super possessive if another guy hits on you

- Once you called him ‘Leather Daddy’ when he was in his combat suit

- You’ve persuaded everyone to call him that now

- Convincing the world he’s not the monster everyone thought him to be

- Hair pulling

- Training with him almost always leads to a steamy make out session

- Everyone finds your PDA super gross

- T’Challa is starting to regret not killing Bucky when he had the chance

living together is messy.

all isak wants is to brush his teeth and crawl into bed, but the sink is full of strands of even’s fucking hair from when he spent thirty goddamn minutes styling it this morning.



“can you please come here?”

even appears in the doorway, leaning against the frame in a way that makes his shirt bunch up right above his left hip, and isak is trying very hard not be distracted -

“why the fuck were you shedding in the sink?”

even moves to look. the tiny bathroom suddenly seems a hell of a lot smaller.

“pain is the price of beauty,” even says, smirking, but his face falls a bit when he sees that isak isn’t giving in that easily.

even looks at him apologetically. “i’ll clean it up, yeah?”

“fine,” isak says before stalking out of the bathroom, because, let’s face it, he’s always been a bit dramatic.

he’s sulking in bed on his phone, trying to understand some meme about capitalism that jonas sent him when even flops into bed next to him, all long limbs and a toothy grin, making isak bounce on the mattress.

isak shoots him a look.

“come on, are you really that mad about the hair?” even says, and isak immediately narrows his eyes.

“yeah? i am? because, like, this is our place and it’s really important to me that we take care of it.”

even is looking at him so softly and fondly that it pisses isak off more than he thought was possible, and he opens his mouth to tell even to listen to what he’s saying, dammit, when even speaks first.

“i get it. i want to be perfect, too, but at the same time i kind of like that it’s lived in. we’re making it our own. leaving our mark.”

isak hadn’t thought of it like that. he grumbles a bit, saying something about how even’s actual dna being all over his toothbrush isn’t as much of a mark as, like, painting the walls a different color like a normal person.

but he still snuggles into even and breathes in his scent. his scent, which is so distinctly even, and is slowly permeating through the entire apartment.

leaving a mark.

all even wants is to cook a nice breakfast for his boyfriend, but of course isak didn’t do the dishes last night like he said he would, and they’re piled up on the counter with the forgotten food literally crusted on them.

“babe?” he asks, as calmly as he can. “i thought you were going to do the dishes last night?”

isak glances up from his textbook where he’s doing last minute cramming for class and makes a noise of slight disgust. “fuck, i’m sorry. i totally forgot.”

“it’s fine, we can just use other plates,” even says, opening the cabinet before realizing that literally every single plate they own is dirty, because they only have five in total. “or paper towels, i guess?”

when he turns to grab some, he’s met with a bare cardboard roll, and he tries, he swears, he tries to keep his tone completely neutral.

“you forgot those too.”

isak doesnt bother to look, finger tapping under a line of text as he mouths something to himself before answering. “yeah, i was totally going to, but i ran into eva and we ended up talking and going to kb instead of the store, so i didn’t get a chance.”

“isak, we need something to eat off of,” even breathes, and he knows his voice is a little too harsh when isak’s head snaps up in a way that tugs at his heart, so he tacks a “sorry” at the end.

“no, you’re right,” isak says, standing to wrap his arms around even and press his lips right beneath even’s ear. “i’ll do them now.”

even shakes his head. “you have to study.” he knows how important isak’s classes are to him.

“you can read the passage to me while i clean real quick,” isak suggests. “i like your voice when you read.”

they grin at each other for a second, the annoyance at isak’s carelessness fading to a dull murmur, and even sits down at the table and begins to recite something he doesn’t understand in time with the cyclical rhythm of the sponge on the plates.

isak hums occasionally in response to something even says. soon, he places two plates of scrambled eggs in front of the both of them and swings backwards into a chair.

the cleaning job is a little iffy; even resists the urge to scrape off a dark flake with his thumbnail, solely because isak is looking at him with a mouth full of food and the corners of his eyes scrunching up ever so slightly.

even kisses the tip of his nose just to see him blush and roll his eyes before he starts eating his breakfast.

isak’s trying - they both are - and that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?

he thinks it is.

I hate when people try to call Finn out for not being “courageous” because at times he showed what appeared to be cowardice.

Like, courage is not defined by having a lack of fear you fucking fools. He stepped up to the plate. EVERY SINGLE TIME he was called to do so, despite how afraid he was. That’s the very definition of courage.

I am sick to death of roommates (mine, and all roommates generally) and so I’ve been lowkey looking for 1 bedroom apartments—not actively looking, because my current lease isn’t up until August 1, but just occasionally browsing craigslist.

but today I went and saw the perfect 1 bd/1ba. It’s a little small, but the location is absolutely ideal, and there’s a gym in the basement, and it’s gorgeous. I’ve already asked the current tenant for the application.

HOWEVER. All the communal stuff (pots, pans, kitchen table, furnishings) in my current apartment? mine. I manage all the bills. I talk to the super. So somehow I have to tell my current roommates that in early June I’m out of here and I’m going to leave them with a single skillet and some plates.

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*clears throat* because I ship Klance but I'm also a sucker for single dad Shiro... HC about how Shiro would be on Keith and Lance's first date??

Well nonny I actually don’t have any set pairings for this AU at all. But I’m happy to indulge any ships and talk about them, because they’re all so cute except anything I don’t feel comfortable with. Lance and Keith are fecking adorable, so please enjoy (pls ignore mistakes, it’s late where I am):


              “Hey Shiro!”




              “Mr. Shirogane, sir?”

              “Oh, hello Lance. What can I do for you?” Lance almost wanted to smash his face into the front to the Shirogane household, however he’d didn’t particularly like the headache that was sure to follow. Besides, that probably wasn’t the best first impression for tonight’s date. Yeah, how awkward would it be to try to explain to your date that you couldn’t go out with them because you gave yourself a concussion because their dad is being annoying.

              Instead, Lance plastered on the biggest and brightest smile aimed at Shiro and stood taller. He puffed out his chest and pushed the flowers in between himself and Lance.

              “I’m here to pick up Keith. Remember, we have a date?” Lance said softly while Shiro leaned against the doorframe to his house. There wasn’t any anger or malice on Shiro, but rather a big smile on his face. However, after 17 years Lance knew there was more hidden behind that smile than anyone could imagine. Lance knew that was a smile that meant Shiro was plotting.

              And a plotting Shiro was never good.

              “Oh? Did Keith forget to mention to you that he was busy?” Shiro continued to smile without budging an inch from the doorway. Now, Lance was a pretty tall guy. But Shiro was taller and muscular. Basically be was built like a freaking way and blocked all of Lance’s view into the house.

              Lance had heard this before when others had tried to date Keith.

              Of course Keith had only actually been interested in a teeny handful, but the ones he was interested in got the same treatment as Lance now. Intimidating dad. Lance had actually been a part of the intimidating team before he suddenly decided that he appreciated Keith as more than just a friend. Now, being on the receiving end of such treatment, Lance couldn’t help but admire their tactics.

              It was a wonder any boys or girls asked Keith out with Shiro.

              “You know Keith isn’t a flower person, right?”

              “Dude, can’t you let me be romantic for once in my life? I know you’re the Big Bad Dad, but I am one smooth senior.

              “Dad, move out of the way.” Lance almost sighed with relief when Shiro was suddenly shoved aside. Out came Keith. The beautiful, wonderful and smoking hot Keith with his mullet (even if the boy was beautiful, Lance still thought the mullet was a mistake) and crop top shirt and jacket. If Shiro wasn’t standing within a foot of Lance’s most previous jewels he probably would have been drooling by now. Keith was even wearing his hair up. In a ponytail.

              “So, where are you taking my little Star?” Shiro couldn’t help but ask as he gave Keith a gentle pat and his smile softened. Lance beamed at Keith who smiled softly before eyeing the bouquet of flowers with distaste.

              “Did you actually get flowers? That’s cheesy and gross. Bees are attracted to flowers.” Keith bluntly said and Lance couldn’t help but wince. You’d think after 13 years he would be used to this. He didn’t miss the snicker and smirk sent from Shiro and he immediately sent a glare his way. Shiro held his hands up in amusement, only to be surprised when Lance suddenly thrust the bouquet in his face.

              “They were actually for Shiro, so proves how much you know!” Lance said while Shiro took the flowers, still confused and shocked. “I happen to know how much you hate flowers. So, are you ready to go?” He smiled brightly at Keith who blinked.

              “That was weird. Okay.” Keith shrugged, still confused but then again there was a lot that Lance did which confused him.

              “Ah, forget something?” Shiro called over their shoulders when Keith and Lance began to walk away. Lance groaned while Keith frowned.

              “Um, no? I got my phone, keys, wallet and money.” Keith admitted while Shiro grinned. He then tapped the side of his cheek and instantly both Keith and Lance knew what he wanted. Keith rolled his eyes.

              “Dad, that’s embarrassing. Stop it.” He groaned and shoved his face in his hands. Quickly he began to walk away while Lance attempted to hide his laughter (he was actually failing). Keith snatched Lance’s arm and practically dragged him away from where Shiro was still standing, now pouting.

              “Nine o’clock!”

              “Ten!” Keith shouted back to his father, earning a laugh from Lance. However, Lance quickly shut up when one of Keith’s pointy elbows jammed into his side.

              This date better be fan-fucking-tastic if he was going to hurt this much.


              Lance couldn’t even believe his eyes. He was pretty sure that he was either hallucinating or something was very wrong here. He had actually been enjoying his date to the pier carnival so far. Keith wasn’t entirely awkward and even let him hold his hand for a while, without pulling away. He’d gotten to hear that cute little snort that Keith made when he laughed a little too hard at some stupid joke Lance told (he couldn’t even remember what the joke was because all he could remember was Keith’s tiny snort). He’d even gotten an ice cream cone with Keith.

              However, it felt as if his entire night was ruined.

              All because of one Takashi Shirogane.

              Who was standing right in front of him (just when he was about to make a move on Keith, mind you) with a big, big smile and a bag of groceries in his hand.

              “Oh Keith, Lance? What a coincidence to see you both here.” Lance growled at the oblivious expression on Keith’s face while Shiro continued to smile. Deep down he knew that Shiro was just trying to look out for his only child, his little boy, but right now he was in some serious bad blood with Lance. Shiro was ruining Lance’s plan to woo Keith.

              “Dad? Didn’t you know? Lance was taking me to the pier tonight?” Of course Keith didn’t realize Shiro’s devious little plan. His father was a cunning man and knew Keith’s most adorable fault. Lance cursed at the other man’s genius.

              “It must have slipped my mind.” Shiro’s smile widened and somehow he managed to direct his attention directly at Lance, who shivered while glaring at the same time.

              “Well now you know. Okay, great to see Mr. Dad-Man but Keith and I were just about to get something to eat. I hear there’s some great funnel cakes.” Lance said while simultaneously wrapping an arm around Keith’s shoulder and dragging him away from Shiro. Shiro frowned at the sly interaction and narrowed his eyes at Lance when he turned Keith away from Shiro. Lance couldn’t help but shiver at the look, knowing what the nice man was capable of.

              “Don’t forget, no shellfish!”

              “Yes sir!” Lance merely waved Shiro off and Keith didn’t even bother to turn around once causing Shiro to scowl. Damn this kid was good. I should know.


              Lance didn’t even bother trying to hide his dissatisfaction by this point. Unlike most parents, Shiro hadn’t given up after his first “encounter” with Lance and Keith. While Shiro never actually spoke to or came face to face with either of the teens, there were several coincidentally instances that caused Lance to just know it was Shiro’s fault.

              Someone had accidentally bumped Lance from behind, right as he was about to sling an arm over Keith’s shoulder to make a move when they were eating. Causing Lance to face plant into his dinner.

              Keith laughed, for like, an hour.

              Another time, someone happened to be hogging up shooting station, where Lance wanted to impress Keith with his skills and win him a toy. Said person was so good and winning so much, that the poor worker ran out of prizes to give away.

              Shiro was a pretty good sharpshooter.

              Another time, someone had rammed into Lance’s bumper car at full speed and nearly knocked him over the side of a wall.

              Keith told him he should have been wearing his seatbelt.

              Honestly, he was at his wits end and Keith seemed oblivious to it all. All he wanted was for the perfect date tonight where he and Keith could get to know each other on a more personal level. And maybe he and Keith could hold hands under the stars and maybe Keith would give him a small kiss on the lips, telling him how romantic this night was. Then maybe he could ask Keith out on a second date and soon they would be boyfriends with stupid matching shirts and terrible pick-up lines.

              It had taken so much to get Keith to even agree to this date.

              “Hey, Keith, uh would you wanna, uh, go out with me sometime?”

              Keith had blinked at Lance like he was crazy, causing Lance to sweat. “But Lance, it’s raining outside. I’m not sure you really want to go out today?”

              “Ah, no I – I mean go out with me.” Lance tried to emphasize but the owlish expression on Keith’s face was enough to let him know that he didn’t understand.

              “But I am with you right now. I guess if you really want to go outside, we can?”

              “NO! I mean, god dammit Keith. Would you like to go out, on a romantic date, with me, on Saturday? To get to know each other on a personal level and determine if we could possibly be capable of being boyfriends?” Lance finally yelled causing Keith’s eyes to widen.

              “You want to be romantic? With me?”


              “With me?”


              “And go on a date?”


              “On Saturday?”

              “Holy Quiznak, yes Keith! I like you! I want to date you!” Lance groaned, cheeks pink with embarrassment. He squeaked at the light blush on Keith’s own face and could only smile when Keith avoided his gaze in order to answer.

              With one last ounce of determination, Lance snatched up Keith’s hand, ignoring his protest and bolted away from the last spot he saw Shiro. He kept sprinting with the wind in his hair and Keith’s nervous laughter at his side until he was sure that Shiro couldn’t find them.


              Shiro was disappointed.

              Or he was impressed.

              He wasn’t too sure yet.

              Lance was by far the best choices out of all the candidates of potential partners for Keith. At least he knew Lance’s background and grudgingly, he had to admit that Lance was an excellent kid. Maybe easily distracted and hyper but after 13 years, Shiro knew that Lance would never actually try to hurt Keith.

              And that’s what worried Shiro the most.

              Keith and Lance could work out.

              It wasn’t the most terrifying combinations and Shiro had 17 years of preparing himself for this moment. It wasn’t like he was sending his son off to war and never going to see him again. He was just letting Keith go on a date! Why was this so difficult?

              Shiro wondered if this was how all parents felt about potential partners for their kids.

              Lance and Keith could actually make it in the long run and Shiro could see that. Even if Keith and Lance didn’t know it yet. Those two thick-headed boy probably wouldn’t figure it out for at least another five years or so. At least that meant Shiro had a little more time to prepare. He wasn’t sure what he was preparing for right now though.

              Shiro knew it was a bit childish to have followed Keith and Lance on their…date and he knew for a fact that Keith was aware that he was there the whole time, and he knew that Lance knew (and he was wrong if he didn’t admit that he had enjoyed that). But to be fair, he couldn’t help himself. Shiro had been paranoid even before entering the military and afterwards, then adopting Keith had only made it worse.

              Shiro’s thoughts were interrupted at the sound of soft voices coming from the front yard. Shiro would never admit that it took all of his self-control, not to jump and wrench the door open.  Instead he calmly sat at the table, drinking his hot chocolate (with mini marshmallows, mind you) when Keith and Lance came in. Though, he practically spat the drink out when Lance came in soaking wet.

              “What happened?” For a moment, all of Shiro’s protectiveness was gone and he was fussing over the teen he had watched grow up alongside his son. Lance shivered with a deep frown on his face but was grateful for Shiro’s kindness. While Shiro helped Lance out his jacket, Keith was already returning with several towels.

              “Lance decided to show me one of his infamous dance moves and he accidentally fell off the pier.” Keith sighed as he rubbed a towel over Lance’s head. He ignored Lance’s mumbled protests until there was a loud burst of laughter next to them. Keith and Lance both jumped to see Shiro hunched over, hands on his knees and laughing as hard as he could.

              “Hey, don’t laugh.” Lance whined pathetically and pressed his face into the towel. He was horrified when even Keith laughed quietly, but at least he was rubbing his back.

              “I’m sorry, really. Let’s warm you up.” Shiro managed after laughing non-stop for at least five minutes. He had to pause every now and again when a new round of laughter stopped him. “But I just realized, you’re perfect Lance.”

              “F-For what?” Lance shivered, only to snuggle against Keith’s side when he wrapped him in another towel. Shiro watched with softer eyes and a gentle smile as Keith and Lance shared a shy look with one another. He could already see the warmth and the love in both of them for one another even if neither of them realized it yet.

              It would take some time.

              “For Keith.” Shiro smiled and immediately both Keith and Lance blushed heavily. He grinned at their expressions and turned away to put Lance’s clothes in the wash, pretending that he didn’t notice when Lance and Keith reached out to hold hands.

As it turns out matching your foot taller older brother plate for plate every single meal may not of been the most thought out plan. Especially when your pants aren’t fitting and you’re really starting to get a bit thick around the middle.

wings // peter parker

request from anon: hi! i was wondering if u can do an imagine where Nat & Tony knows that Peter likes the reader who is also Nat’s goddaughter and they make them bond by buying them both chicken wings 🤣 also the reader is like a mini version of Nat 🤗

word count: about 2k

a/n: whoa things got so busy!!! haven’t been active in like a week but i’ll see if i can write more this weekend!! school is kinda killing me but i’m doin my best <3 also this is an au where nat and tony would be on better terms. hope you guys like this adorable request (and i hope i wrote it well for whoever requested) uneditedddd <3333



“He’s not even trying to hide it. What a kid.” Tony mutters as he watches. It’s a sad sight, really. You and Peter are in the weight room, but there isn’t very much lifting going on. He’s leaned against the wall, hitting on you in a way only a fifteen year old boy can: incredibly unsubtle and awkward in manner. And although you’re flattered, you simply cannot take a hint and have no idea what he’s getting at.

“What’s worse is that she’s completely clueless,” Natasha says back. “I thought I taught her better than this. Is this really my legacy?” She takes a disappointed sip of coffee. You and Peter are so lost in your own world that you hardly notice Tony and Natasha ogling. They’re sitting outside of the room by the breakfast bar, but the walls are both thin and made of glass.

You get into position to deadlift a weight, your focus unswayed. You just hope Peter just won’t start talking and distract you. You’d rather not deal with another injury right now. As you slowly lift it from the ground, Peter is silent, watching you. Thank God.

As soon as you finish, he gushes, “Wow, Y/N, that was so cool! You’re really, really good at that. You’re so good at everything.”

You turn to look at him, serious as ever. “Thanks, Peter. But my form really needs work. If I keep stiff legging, it won’t go well with my back. And I need to be lifting heavier, two-fifty pounds sucks.” At one point, you start talking to yourself more than you’re talking to him, but he nods along anyway.

“You look pretty tired, you should refuel,” he says, eagerly offering you some of his protein shake.

You politely shake your head. “Let me guess, that’s one of Stark’s protein shakes.”

“Uh…yeah. Why does it matter?” He asks, confused.

“It’s full of crap. For a genius that is excellent with technology, he cannot, for the life of him, figure out the culinary art. Nat’s are way better.”

“What? No, hers taste like soggy cardboard! How can you even take a sip without gagging?” Peter exclaims.

“That ‘cardboard’ is made of vitamins. And important nutrients. Why drink a protein shake when there isn’t even any protein in it?”

Both Natasha and Tony look extremely offended at this. Later on, you take a few sips of water and use a towel to wipe the sweat from your forehead. “Are you hungry? I’m hungry. Want to get, like, pancakes?” Peter asks, nervously playing with the hem of his muscle tee.

“Sorry. I already ate. Deadlifting on an empty stomach kills me. And I can’t have pancakes if I’m not on a cheat day.” Yes, you’re craving pancakes terribly right now. But if there’s one thing Nat taught you well, it was self-control.

“Oh.” His faces falls slightly.

“I have practice with Cap in an hour, so I’d better get going. See you later?” You give him a rare smile. Upon seeing you smile, he’s immediately back to grinning. It’s admittedly pretty cute.

Tony sets his head in his hands. “You realize we have to do something, right?” His voice is muffled by his hands.

Natasha glances over, eyebrows raised quizzically. “Like what? We can’t just rule this one a lost cause?”

“No. You want two heartbroken, sad teens on the team? I sure don’t.”

She sips the last of her coffee, tossing the cup into the trash. “I think you secretly care about Parker too much to let him go through his life unsheltered, but okay,” she mumbled.

“And you don’t overprotect Y/N?” Tony rolled his eyes.

“Tony, she’s my goddaughter.”

“And Peter’s my…intern…kind of.”

“See?” Natasha gave him a look. He gave her a look back.

“So? You’re not related to her, and I’m not related to him. There’s hardly a difference. Anyway, we need a plan.” Tony changed the subject quickly.

“A plan, right.”

A few hours later, Natasha and Tony carefully set up a sort of ‘trap’. As you walked past Peter in the living room to go meet with Clint to do some archery, he’d say hi. And that’s where they’d ambush you.

At around five, you enter the living room as expected, walking past Peter. He glances up immediately. “Hi, Y/N!” As soon as he says it, the doors instantly slam shut and lock themselves. Peter instantly flips out of his seat and you both stand back to back in fighting stances.

But instead of facing a threat of any kind, you hear a voice above you. “Hi kids,” Tony greets.

You both relax and side eye each other. “Did he just call us ‘kids’? He never does that, why is he doing that?” Peter asks, a little freaked out. You can only shrug.

“We’re going out today,” Tony begins, ignoring Peter’s comments.

“We are?” You ask without restraint. There’s a short period of silence, and you can just imagine Tony fuming.

“Yes,” he says, clearly through gritted teeth. “It’ll be a family dinner. Me, Natasha, and you kids.”

“He’s doing it again!” Peter whisper shouts to you.

You cross your arms. “What kind of family dinner is it without the whole team? And it’s kind of weird, because it implies a brother-sister bond between me and Peter.” Peter does not look enthused at this idea.

“Okay, you know what? If it matters so much to you, punk, then it’s not a family dinner. It’s just a dinner.” Tony can’t stand you sometimes, but you’re okay with that. You know that he does care, deep down. Very, very deep down.

“Why are we getting dinner -” You start to question, but Peter cuts you off.

“Sweet, where are we going?” Peter asks, sitting back down on the couch.

“Y/N, it wouldn’t kill you to be more like him sometimes,” Tony mumbles, but then there’s an audible slapping sound. “Fine. Fine! Y/N’s fantastic just the way she is.” The sarcasm drips from his tone.

“Thanks, Stark.” You can’t help but grin, taking a seat beside Peter.

“Yeah…don’t call me that.”

“Okay, Stark.”

He sighs. “Anyway. We’re going to get buffalo wings.” You instantly open your mouth, but he gets there before you do. “Yes, Y/N, I’m getting there. Natasha wanted to try this place that serves fake meat. Their wings are supposed to be good.”

“Hm. Okay. Can you open the doors now? I’m late, and I know Clint won’t care, but I have a schedule,” you stand up again.

The doors slide open. “See you for dinner, Y/N,” Peter waves as you start leaving.

“Yeah, you too.”

Hours later, everyone is dressed and ready. Neither Natasha nor Tony was able to get you to wear anything other than a sweater and jeans. But it turns out to be okay, because Peter comes out in a similar outfit. Jeans and his school sweatshirt, simple.

“They’re both dressed like they’re going to a family dinner,” Natasha leans over, lowly talking to Tony.

“Uh…that’s kind of what I told them to get ready for.”

“Great going, Stark.”

By the time you get to the restaurant, you and Peter are hungry. Before either of you can even take your seats, Tony and Natasha fill up one side of the booth. You give Peter a polite smile and step aside to let him in first. He grins back and slides in. You take your seat next to him.

You don’t know how to feel about eating fake meat. The last time you did, you got food poisoning and couldn’t train for almost a week. You’d rather not have that happen again, but this place seems okay to you so far. The only reason you’re really here is because it’s clear that Nat wanted you to come. But there’s something strange about it all, especially with Tony and Nat. Taking you and Peter out, getting dinner…it all feels a little off to you. As though you’re missing something. You can’t shake it off.

After what feels like an eternity, the wings finally arrive. You quickly grab a plate and load it up with food. When you look at Peter, you see him doing the same thing and can’t help but grin a little. He laughs in response, pushing up his sleeves to start eating. You stare for a few seconds. Have his forearms always been so…muscled? When he glances at you, you quickly look away.

You think you might be blushing. Come on, Y/N, have a little control, you chastise yourself in your head. You pick up a wing and take a bite, not knowing what to expect. Oh god, this is the best thing you’ve ever had in awhile. You suddenly understand where Peter is coming from when he says Nat’s shakes taste terrible. It’s a beautiful combination of tender tofu, tangy barbeque sauce, and mouth-burning hot sauce. You thought you hated barbeque sauce!

You eye Tony as he gingerly picks up the single wing on his plate, skeptical. He glances up at you, and you nod enthusiastically to encourage him. Slowly, he leans into the tofu wing, like he’s going to kiss it. It’s a strange sight, really. He eventually takes a bite. As soon as he does, he looks a little dead inside. He slowly closes his eyes, drawing his eyebrows together. “Why, God? Why?”

Upon seeing this, you burst into laughter, your face slowly reddening from laughing so hard. You don’t outwardly express much emotion around anyone but Nat, but Tony’s done it for you. Gasping for air, you try to explain what happened to Peter only to end up giggling again.

Then you see everyone staring at you, and you quickly dial it down. Were you being too much? You purse your lips, taking another bite of your wing as you try to hide your face with your hair.

Peter’s lips are parted as he watches you. Breathily, he says, “Could you do that again?” His hands shake a little as he takes another bite. You turn to look at him, eyes widened slightly.

“Natasha and I are going to go get real dinner. Have fun, kids,” Tony quickly stands, turning to give Natasha a look. She nods slightly, getting up. You look at her, not knowing where to stay or join them.

Nat’s lips curve into a small smile and she winks before turning away with Tony. You stare after her and then turn to look at Peter. Why are you so nervous? Are your hands supposed to be sweating? You can’t focus on anything else, and you don’t know why. On the exterior, you appear normal, except for the fact that you’re shamelessly staring at him. He catches you and his cheeks turn the unnatural red color of the sauce covering the wings.

It’s almost as though the rest of the world doesn’t exist anymore. It’s just you and Peter, in this booth, a few feet away from each other. Everything is muffled in comparison. Were just too busy all the time to notice how much he genuinely adored you? You catch his shy gaze and find yourself leaning in against your own will. Your heart pounds faster than it does when you do your high-intensity cardio.

He tilts his head to the side to meet your lips, but it never happens. As your lips brush his, your phone starts ringing. You open your eyes and look at him. He shakes his head and smiles. “Take it. It’s okay.” You smile apologetically back at him and pick up.

“Cap, I was kind of…in the middle of something. Yeah. Later. Bye.” You finally turn back to Peter, cheeks rosy. Slowly, you reach out to take his hand. He accepts yours gratefully and interlaces his fingers with you, barbeque sauce and all.


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luna208  asked:

Hi i was wondering if you could make what dating D.O from exo would be like but like in a list form as well make it long?Thanks sooo much I really appreciate it!

Kyungsoo mankes me so soft I love him so much 

Originally posted by daenso

The start would be so sweet

• he’d be afraid to kiss you at first b/c he’s scared you wouldn’t want to

•even though he truly knew all you wanted for his mouth to attack yours

•lots of secret handholding

•under the blanket when the boys were around

•when people were he wouldn’t look at you, just gently take your hand

•if he didnt see it happen did it really?

•simple dates that would include

•leaning over the table to talk to one another 

•putting bites of food on each others plates

•a single flower at the start of the date (Maybe he felt flowers were a burden since like where do you put them?

•He’d always pick you up

•always come to your place

•not because he didnt want the other boys around you though

•he loves when you make them laugh cause it means they like you

•he just wants to be able to hold your hand and kiss you when ever he wanted to

•as the relationship went further

•lots of laying on one another.

•your head on his thigh or his body across yours so you could scratch his back

•he’d never scratch yours tough, just not his thing. 

•If you pouted he would though

•making out would be HEAVY

•his hands would hold you in place

•he’d push into you so your faces were practically molded together

•he’d also always try to get you to straddle his lap

•the first time you have sex he’d be slow

•lots of kisses all over your body 

•he doesn’t talk much

•just low, barley audible moans

•until he’s about to cum though

•then you can definitely tell he’s enjoying himself

•won’t flip you over unless you ask

•he likes being able to press his forehead to yours and flipping you over just makes him feel like he’s using you

•he has the biggest heart and is always thinking about you

•wether you realize it or not

•you’d slowly become his entire life



Disclaimer:  Gordon Ramsay as represented in this fic is a representation of the exaggerated character he portrays on reality television, and is by no means meant to be Gordon Ramsay himself.

Gif source:  Gordon

Imagine being a server in Hell’s Kitchen and Gordon finds out that it’s your dream to become a chef but you’ve never had formal training because you can’t afford it, so he gives you private lessons.

——— Request for anon ———

“We set the egg beautifully on top of the scallop, giving a more sophisticated presentation,” Gordon finishes his dish, slipping the egg into place using a single finger. Spinning the plate towards you, he glances up, “See?”

“It’s beautiful,” you agree, mouth already watering at simply the vision of the dish. You still couldn’t believe you were standing in Gordon Ramsay’s own kitchen, getting a private lesson in cooking from him. You’d watched for so long as a server for Hell’s Kitchen, holding onto your dream of becoming a chef, but the reality was that formal training was far too pricey for you at the moment. You could never express how grateful you were that, upon finding out about your situation, Gordon had decided to help you out.

Gordon straightens up, throwing his towel over his shoulder and crossing his arms, “Alright, now, it’s your turn. Just as I showed you.”


Name: Wanna try that again?
Pairing: Crowley x reader
Summary: Crowley comes back after season 12 finale, and the reader is very upset about it.

“Ah, it is good to be back,” you are startled, as you are cutting your dinner late in the evening. A single plate, as you are trying to adjust to the absence of your… not your King.

“What… Wh-what?” you quickly turn around, just to see Crowley leaning against the wall, smiling at you. “Crowley?”

“Not dead!” Crowley grins, as you drop the knife and make a few unsure steps towards him.

“You… A year?” he shrugs his shoulders. You know you don’t have to check if it is really him - no one else knew of this apartment. Or that you were dating. “You were alive for the whole year?” he nods. “And you didn’t bother to show up or tell me?” Crowley shakes his head, not really looking sorry. “Bastard,” the fury curls up in your chest, like a hurt animal, then explodes. You are thrilled that you are not crying, to be honest. You did cry for months, so now you couldn’t cry even if you wanted to. You know where the demon knife is. And where the angel blade is hidden. Yet you choose the fastest way of showing your anger - a quick step forward and a slap in the face. He head doesn’t even twitch, but, as you prepare to hit him again, Crowley catches your hand in the air. Not saying anything, he looks at you, as you try to break free, until Crowley simply pushes you against the wall. “Let go of me.”

“So that you can hit me again?” he grins. “Not gonna happen, love.”

“Let go!” you twist your hand, but he applies a bit more force and leans in, catching your second hand before you manage to hit him.

“Wanna try that again, sweetheart?” his voice is low, too low for your own good. You freeze, motionless in the face of the obvious danger. “I was followed, you stupid hunter. You wouldn’t want me bringing some bad things over here, would you?” you slowly shake your head, suddenly ashamed of your irrational behavior - after all, he has always done everything possible to keep you alive. “Now, that is better,” he lets go of one of your hands, still pinning another one against the wall. Crowley slowly raises one hand to your face, tracing your jawline with his fingers, then following the curve of your lips with his thumb. His fingers are just as soft as they were before - strong, but soft. Crowley gives you the over-possessive smile you have gotten used to. “That’s my girl. Oh, I missed you.”

“I hate you so much,” you whisper, as Crowley lets go of your other hand and strokes your hair.

“I know, girl. But you also know I was right to avoid you,” you nod slowly, as he smiles apologetically. “And you slap well, sunshine. Now… may I come home, Y?N?” you don’t say anything, and Crowley is ready to make a step back. “You can stay here, Y/N. Just remember that you can always come to me. I did not change just because I had to take time off and ensure your absolute safety.”

“Crowley?” he looks you in the eye. “If you disappear again, I will stab you,” you promise quietly, and he grins widely. “I am serious.”

“I know you are.”

Thinking Out Loud- Part 8 -Carlisle x OC

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Pairing: Carlisle x OC / Bella x Edward

Please, note that I am French, so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Thank you so much for all your kind messages! It’s very encouraging!

Words: Over 6 thousands ^^’

I really hope you’ll like it!

Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think!


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Jimin - In the life of husband!Jimin

Masu: Okay, this was meant to be a oneshot or drabble but I got carried away and decided this to be a series! Yay me?

Y/n and Jimin are a married couple of high statuses. Here are some of the sweet parts of this playful couple’s life- and how they got together.

[ Drabble | Fluff | Married!AU | Playful!Jimin ] One | Two

Words: 1,182

Originally posted by nochuie

His eyes fluttered open. The scent of his wife drifted upon his nose immediately. He blinked a few times, the ceiling decorating his view. It had been exactly 31 days since he wore a faithful ring on his finger. He remembered so, for every night, before his eyes come to a close, he always thought of the times that had passed.

His hands reached out to the left of him, grabbing the empty sheets. What he was searching for was not there. He moved his head to his left. It was empty, like a disappointing box.

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