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elegantwitchpheonix  asked:

Can you please write a Percabeth fanfictio for me? Annabeth is of course beautiful. Percy gets jealous, ending with a hot make out scene!

  • Annabeth giggled at something her partner, Jason, said as they worked on their project for history.
  • Percy, was watching them from afar, working on his history project with his partner, Grover. It already sucked that their teacher didn’t put them together to work on the project. But Jason was pretty handsome and smart like her.
  • She could like him more than himself. And Annabeth was beautiful and perfect.
  • “Dude, you need to stop staring at Annabeth. You being overprotective isn’t cute. It’s kind of creepy.” Grover told him. “Jason is a nice guy.”
  • “Jason is the second smartest guy in school. They’re probably having a stimulating conversation about the project. And I bet she thinks his intelligence is a big turn on.”
  • Grover sighed. “You need to calm down before you do something stupid. Annabeth wouldn’t like it.”
  • Percy took a deep breath, trying to calm down and focus on the project. Every time he heard a giggle from Annabeth, his head popped up and looked over at their table.
  • “Thanks Jason. I’ll see you tomorrow?” Annabeth asked as they closed up their books.
  • “Yeah.” Jason smiled as he got up.
  • Percy closed up his books and went over to her. He wrapped his arm protectively around her waist and kissed her.
  • Annabeth happily kissed back but broke away. She turned to Jason. “Same time?”
  • “Yeah.”  Jason smiled a bit awkwardly before leaving.
  • Annabeth looked at Percy. “You know I know you were staring at me and Jason.”
  • “I was just-”
  • “You don’t have to worry about Jason. He’s dating my friend Piper.” She told him.
  • “It doesn’t seem like it. He looked like he was flirting with you.”
  • “You need to relax.” She told him. “How did your project go? Hey Grover.”
  • Grover smiled as he started to pack up. “Hey. We got most of it done. But he kept getting distracted.”
  • Annabeth looked at Percy. Her hands on her hips, giving him a slight glare. Percy could help but think she looked extremely hot.
  • “You know you’re extremely hot when you’re mad.” Percy smiled.
  • “Jackson, you can’t be jealous of every guy that talks to me.” She told him. “Jason is a friend. You’re not jealous when I talk or hang out with Grover.”
  • Percy looked at Grover before looking back at her. “Cause I know Grover. He’s my best friend.”
  • “You can’t be jealous at all.” She told him. “Promise?”
  • He sighed. “Promise.”
  • Annabeth leaned up and kissed him. Percy eagerly kissed back, wanting to since she got mad at him. His hands went around her waist, keeping her close and enjoying every single second.
  • “Perce, we’re in the library. There’s too much PDA here.” Grover said, awkwardly.
  • Percy pulled away after a minute, smiling. He collected his things before taking her hand and leaving.