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The hypocrisy that is the “better than you” mentality within the gaming community and conventions

Apparently, otome gamers are the new lepers of the gaming community? The hypocrisy is amazing and I’m calling you out, conventions.

I find it interesting that the whole point of a convention is come together with people of similar interests to bond over fictional media. "Except you, otome gamers. We are better that you bottom feeders.“ Wow, way to be the people who made fun of gamers in general for so many years.


And if your con allows HENTAI panels, but not ONE otome panel, you are a hypocrite and no better than the people who bullied you in HS.

I’m sure there are people in the otome community who have concerning habits when it comes to their gaming, that is every gaming community! Remember the South Korean couple who neglected their baby in order to play Prius Online and he died? Guess you should cancel all panels about MMOs.

They want a SINGLE panel to discuss the genre of otome. Not a specific game. THE GENRE. But, I guess everyone is better than us.

Remember that, not too long ago, just saying you played games was grounds to be ridiculed.

Enjoy your hypocrisy and your high horse.

anonymous asked:

Like even in the recent update we know things aren't 100% ok, apparently someone made a homophobic shower joke, but we don't see that or the fall out from that or how that affected Jack at that moment or even learn which teammate said that an how Jack now has to approach working on a team with someone who made a homophobic joke to him. Why can't we have that and the cute family skate moment

I’d been expecting months ago that we’d see a token homophobe and we got a token homophobe! But I’d expected there’d be at least, like, a single panel discussing the existence of that, but no.

Why soil a perfectly happy queer romance with discussions of potential real-life situations that queer people face on a daily basis? We can’t have people thinking their problems won’t be solved if only they convince their partners to come out of the closet! Out of the closet = happy, okay? That’s the law.

Instead, this comic should have a hundred more panels of dissing a closeted character, because it’s much much rewarding that way! Because this five foot something dude’s physical game is so extra he practically took out a six foot something beefcake guy omg. In! A Contact! Sport! Let’s throw him across the ice!1!!