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Thank you Mars

Hey, so Jenna from Mitjo Fanblog said we should thank you, @smokeplanet so I thought, yeah she’s right. I don’t have a long list, but there is one thing that I really thank you about. Jenna already said it all, but the thing I’m most thankful about is that… You update in multiple pages instead of individually in Tapastic xD seriously. You’re actually one of the few authors/artists who update in multiple pages. In comic strips! Not pages, but strips! You don’t actually leave us hanging and that is so awesome and kind of you and I hope you’ll keep it this way~ Thank you!!

Best web technologies and tools for 2015

Web has certainly come a long way in last few years. We have technologies and tools that have changed the way we develop web apps. As the technology keeps evolving, we will see more improvements in the coming year. In this article I am going to list some of the best web technologies and tools that are going to make an impact in 2015 and coming days.

ECMAScript 6

ES6 is the future of JavaScript and is going to bring many new features. The good news is that the feature set of ES6 is already frozen and browsers have already started implementing the features. Tools like Traceur already allow you to write code in ES6 and then transpile it to ES5 so that it works in Today’s browsers. Furthermore frameworks like AngularJS and Ember are going to target ES6 in future releases. Given its feature set and popularity I think ES6 is definitely going to revolutionise JavaScript development.

AngularJS 2.0

Google’s AngularJS is one of the popular frameworks for developing Single Page Apps. The good news is thatAngularJS 2.0 is under development and this time it’s more powerful, better and faster. As Durandal, another popular SPA framework, is converging into AngularJS the combo is definitely going to make an impact. AngularJS 2.0 is also going to target ECMAScript 6 which means your JavaScript code is going to be future proof.

I don’t do these ever, but I am incredibly bored and ravag3d tagged me.

Nickname: Cloud, M,

Date of Birth: August 26th, 1997

Star Sign: Virgo

Gender: Male - but pronouns don’t matter, use whatever.

Height: 6′1″

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Fav Color: Green

Time: 23:25

Average Time Slept: probably 4 hours or so

Last thing googled: Oauth2 implicit flow w/ single-page-app refreshing access tokens (if anyone with tech knowledge knows how to answer this please let me know because its been killing me all day)

Fav Fictional Character: Sirius, or Arthur Dent (HG2TG)

Fav Book: The Foundation, or HG2TG

Fav Band: Green Day // System Of A Down

Dream trip: Berlins tech district.

Dream Job: CEO of a corporation.

Wearing Right Now: Shirtless so just skinny jeans