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F̟̖̦̣̐͋ͨ͂ͫC̅̇̌͋̍͏̞͍̤̥Ȕ̲̟̦̤͔̦̜͗ͭͬ͋̕K̸̳I̟͉ͤ̈́ͩ͗̇̇͡G̶̙̮̹͉̙͖̼̋͗ͨN̟̻͉̼̄ͭ̓ ͎̻̜̎ͧ͂̒ͮ͑ͤḤ͖͋͞U̴͑̌̋Mͦ̃͛ͬ̓͂̑Ạ̩̮̽͟N̡̺̳͍ ̫̜͇͆̒ͦ́ͦ̔P͖̣̈͆̅̋͛Ủ̻̖̗̦͚̹ͥ̆̀͂͛̉N͚͛͒̿̄̇͠Š͎̰̥͎͎͑̽͂̈́͊


hope you dont mind if i stretch for a bit

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A Day in the Life

“Stop squirmin’, Sol…” Muttering to the grub, Eridan wrapped his arm around his little treasure and scratched the other’s back absently, carrying him around the kitchen like a purse. “All right, wwhat for lunch…” Rummaging around in the cabinets yielded six cans of tuna, half a gallon of expired milk, three loaves of bread, and more Nutella jars than he cared to count. “Sandwiches it is!” After setting Sollux down, (who made an odd noise with his tongue, spitting a little on the counter) Eridan set a hand on the grub to make sure he didn’t roll off the counter top and rooted around for the materials.

“All right, you wwanna help?” He asked Sol, nuzzling his head. Sollux chirped. Pulling out a few pieces of bread, Eridan spread a little nutella unto the slice. Sollux leaned forward and licked it, sticking out his tongue again. “Hey, that’s mine!” Laughing, Eridan set another piece of bread on top of the other and grabbed a bottle from the fridge (noting he needed to go shopping soon- they needed more food for him…) 

When he set Sol down, the grub wiggled over to him and started rubbing against his arm. Eridan let him crawl up into the crook of his elbow. He tapped the bottle against his wrist, letting a drop or two fall out, to make sure it was a safe temperature before letting Sollux suck on it. Eridan didn’t notice the soft smile ghost across his face when Sollux snuggled into his chest and chirped before falling asleep.


“Scree!” Turning, Eridan tried to muffle the sound of Sollux shrieking from the other room by sinking into the sopor, but to no avail. It still echoed around him, just sounding more warbly.

“Sol, wwhy can’t you just sleep at night like a normal troll…” Eridan muttered, turning the other way- and accidentally hitting his horns on the  side of the recuperacoon. “Ow!” Rubbing them carefully, he hissed for a moment in pain. “I swwear, sometimes you’re more trouble than you’re wworth…”

“Screee!” Reaching for the edge of the recuperacoon, Eridan debated whether it’d be worth trying to calm Sollux down. He’d probably start yelling again anyways…

“Scree!” It might help for a little bit. Hauling himself out and rubbing his eyes, (decked out in a violet tank top and yellow boxers that said ‘can’t touch this’) Eridan trudged over to Sollux’s crib. The grub was rolling around, shrieking his head off- he was tangled in his blanket, and floating a few feet in the air. 

“Wwhoah Sol, how did you-” Reaching for his grub, Eridan’s eyes widened at the slight shock but managed to pull the blanket off. “Gotta wwarn me!” Sollux’s eyes were still sparking, and he hiccuped, burrowing into his mama’s arms. 

“Scree…” Rubbing Sollux’s back, Eridan settled down on the couch, cooing gently at the other. 

“There there… I’m here…” Sollux eventually ended up drifting off to sleep, and when the first light of the dawn trickled in through the halfway closed blinds it found Eridan curled around his grub smiling happily.

hehe wwoww im pretty sure both these thins have actually happened at least once

more or less

pretty fuckin spot-on wwith the details i must say

ya evven remembered my nutella vvice

wwell done and thanks