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Pay Attention or Pay The Consequence

You were never a very academic student. The only thing you liked about assignments was the fact that you could doodle on them to pass the time. One class that doodling was prohibited was Calculus. Mr. Kim never intimidated you, until now.


You doodled on the edge of your notebook, adding to the growing collage on the once blank paper. Calculus was your least favorite subject. Not to mention you pretty much hated school and all it stood for. The other students gawked at you from afar. How could you dare disobey the most strict teach in the school?! You were a rebel even if you hadn’t realized it yet.

Mr. Kim’s voice was pushed to the back of your mind. His boring tone and the sound of chalk scraping on the chalk board could lull you to sleep. At least you were awake. The bell rang and you thanked any God that would listen. You reached down to grab your bag but a wooden ruler clipped your knuckles.

“What the hell?!” You shouted. The man, the myth, the legend stood there towering over your desk. His eyebrows were drawn together under the thin frame of his glasses. His plump lips turned down into a scowl.

You had to admit, Mr. Kim had it going on.

Mr. Kim snatched your notebook out from under your hand and scanned the multiple drawings. You were a talented artist that was for sure. The look on your Teachers face said otherwise.

“These are not notes on Arithmetic, young lady.” The last student went scurrying out of the room with the slam of a door. Mr. Kim slammed down the notebook on your desk. You jumped slightly and felt fear rush through your veins. Mr. Kim pinched he bridge of his nose. “I’ve gave you countless tries to act on your own initiative Miss Y/n.”

Mr. Kim’s voice echoed throughout the room as he licked the door. Now why couldn’t he have this voice when teaching? The low, husky tone that made your thighs tighten. Mr. Kim circled your desk much like a vulture. His slick black shoes were nearly noiseless on the pristine white floor.

The crack of the ruler wrapped against your hand again. This time you yelped and hugged your wounded hand close. “What gives?” The older man said nothing. He went back to the tall, leather chair and leaned back. With a smooth smirk he rested his chin on his hand.

“Y/n, we need to discuss your punishment. Step forward.” Mr. Kim used his finger to beckon you forward. At first you were frozen solid until the man slapped his hand down on the desk. “My patience is wearing thin.” At that, you slowly stood and flattened down your skirt. The lump in your throat grew stiffer. His stiff and proper hair didn’t even move an inch when his head cocked.

“Yes sir.” Mr. Kim’s eyes darkened a single hue. He held out his long arm and started plucking at the buttons on the sleeve. Without removing his eyes from you, the teacher rolled down each sleeve and allowed his tongue to swipe over his lip.

This wasn’t happening. No, you were just daydreaming in Calculus again. But your feet were already moving. Before you realized it, you were standing between Mr. Kim’s feet. Chin to your chest, nothing could hide the deep blush on your cheeks. The wooden ruler was placed under your chin and pushed upward sharply.

“Eyes on me young lady.” There it was again. The gush between your thighs. You nodded once and Namjoon took away the ruler and sat it on the desk. “Good girl. Now pull down your skirt.” You were awestruck. There was no way this was happening.

“I don’t think-” Namjoon cleared his threat and your blood ran cold.

“What was that?” He teased. You licked your dry lips and reached for the zipper of your skirt. Slowly pulling the zipper down you eventually gained the nerve to remove it completely. You could tell Mr. Kim wasn’t amused. “Panties down too, little girl.”

“What! No!” You shook your head frantically. Mr. Kim shrugged and fixed the frame of his glasses.

“We can stay here all day.” It was weird. This feeling in your stomach. On one hand this was wrong, on the other, it was soooooo right. Who were you to not be a teachers pet? With a huff, you hooked your fingers in the lacy underwear and pulled them down to your knees. “So well behaved. Bend over the desk.”

Your cheeks sat ablaze. With a thick gulp you followed his instructions. Your nails dig into the thick wood and the sound of the chair rolling echoed in the empty room. “You have a Mr. Kim quietly hummed to himself until his large fingers grazed over your ass. A tiny gasp escaped you, but was quickly reprimanded by a slap on the butt. Your knees buckled. Namjoon bit the inside of his cheek to hold back the groan.

"No speaking.” That cold voice was back. Mr. Kim grabbed his ruler and trailed it over each ass cheek. You quietly peered over your shoulder to see your teacher lazily tracing the wood with interest. His eyes randomly shot up and saw you staring. That’s when the first hit came. Your mouth fell in a loud intake of breath. You bit your lip to stay quiet and pressed your forehead to the cold wood. What the hell were you doing? This was like some shitty porno that the boys in your class would watch.

Slutty school girl and hot teacher.

“Good girl. Four more.” The second hit was harder, striking across both ass cheeks. This time the gasp left without permission. Two more strikes followed the first.  “Each time I hear a noise, you earn another strike. We don’t want that do we?” Mr. Kim’s hand cupped your inner thigh, pushing you further on the desk. His small chuckle vibrated your body.

“My, my! These pretty little thighs are already drenched.” Another hit. Mr. Kim soothed the skin with his plump lips, allowing you a second of relaxation. Then came the final hit. It was harder than the rest and you could tell that wasn’t even at it’s full capacity. But you could feel the skin rising in harsh welts. “Y/n, what do you say?”

Your mind went blank and another hit landed on your left ass cheek. “T-thank you sir!” Mr. Kim laughed and rummaged in his drawer. “This is hand lotion. Not exactly for this purpose but it’ll have to do.” The cold sensation on your burning cheeks caused you to squeal. Mr. Kim gently soothed you with a hush and a gentle touch. Who knew that the boring, fucking sexy, Calculus teacher had all of this underneath?

“That was good Ms. Y/n.” His strong hands grasped your waist and tugged you backwards into his lap. You helped in shock but his hand cupped your mouth. “How about we discuss extra credit?”

northern lights; prologue

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Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Romance ( Smut | Angst ) | auras!AU
Summary:  In a world that strives for homologation and demolishes any sign of individualism, Park Jimin is nothing but an outcast since the very early years of his life for he can see people’s auras in shade of colors that tell him so much about their personalities; all it takes is a glimpse of their true colors in the form of colored energy that surrounds them as northern lights in the night sky, to know even their darkest secret. He has learned the hard way that his ability is something it’s better to hide, to deny for he has no desire to be deemed as crazy. He has learned that solitude is a far better place to live in and he’s determined to not let anyone inside his walls. That is until she comes and asks him what her color is. And that’s when he decides pink is his new favorite shade.
Word Count: 2.030 K
AN: this story finds its origin in a dream I had after listening non stop for hours to non stop for hours to “Colors” by Halsey (listen to it, it’s a beautiful song).

Originally posted by lostinbangtan

The sand is warm against his feet, infiltrating between his toes as he puts the whole pressure of his body on them, sighing in relief as the warmth engulfs him whilst his eyes fix on the cerulean expanse in front of him. His knees push against his ribcage as he encircles his legs with his small hands, his chin resting on the bare sun-kissed skin whilst the sea waves fill his ears erasing all the mean voices swirling in his rattled mind.
This is his safe haven, the desolated coast where no one will approach him, disturb him or accuse him of being crazy, an outcast that this world will never be ready to comprehend or accept.
Park Jimin is a peculiar ten-year-old boy whose best friends are shriveled books that won’t ever point a finger at him but, instead, welcome him in the worlds enclosed between the yellowish pages. Books don’t lie, don’t mock and most of all: they don’t have anything secret to reveal behind what’s already there.
He has learned the hard way that solitude is a far better place to live in when you hold in your heart a secret so ludicrous not a single person is ready to believe what you say it’s the utmost truth. Not even the people that claim to be your parents, and therefore supposedly able to love you no matter what abilities you’re born with.
In his ten years of life he has learned that people lie quiet often and expect to get away with it by being exceptionally eloquent with their words. They always doubt someone is going to be able to see right through them, especially when they are under a kid’s gaze. They do not believe, because they fear a reality where someone could spill all their darkest secrets with a simple glimpse in their direction. Deeming him insane is nothing but a convenient approach to dismiss the real matter.
In a society that strives for homologation and demolishes any sign of individualism there’s simply no place for someone like him, for he’s a nuisance, an inconvenience, an error in the perfect structure of what is claimed to be human and mundane.

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Okay, guys.
I’ve got a rant for you.

Can we just take a minute to talk about how heart breaking Huedhaut’s entire story is? I don’t just mean his own route, oh no, I mean in every single route he appears in the Star Crossed Myth world. This navy-haired, kind soul has got me in pieces with every single scene he is in.

And yes, there are spoilers ahead.
You have been warned.

First of all, can you even imagine, for just a moment, the person you loved so deeply sacrifices themselves and leaves you behind? Can you even fathom that kind of pain? Especially for an eternal being, like Huedhaut? And not just that, but killing a part of yourself to save that person’s soul? I can’t even comprehend the agony of watching your lover die and not being able to convince them to live for you.

Just this point is enough to make Huedhaut one of the most tragic characters to ever come out of Voltage Inc.

However, I am not finished yet.

The very reason for this rant is simply the fact that while Heudhaut is the sole reason the goddess is even alive as a human, she is able to choose another God to save and to love.

But here’s the kicker, it’s not just any God she can choose…

She chooses from Huedhaut’s colleagues.

Can you even imagine? Saving the woman you love, and finding out she holds the key to save your own soul, only to be passed over for another man? One of your coworkers, your colleagues, your makeshift friends?

And even when he is passed over, unless you are like myself and had an immediate attraction, in every route…In Every. Single. Route. Hue is her supporter, her secondary protector, her shoulder to cry on, her friend. He never, ever tries to tell her of her past life to sway her to be with him. He keeps it and suffers in silence. This is how I know Huedhaut truly loves the goddess.

And it completely shatters me. Every. Time.

Huedhaut is the only character in any Voltage Inc. game I have played, who I believe truly loves the MC because he is willing to let her make her own choices, even if he knows that choice doesn’t include him. He would gladly step aside to make sure she was happy.

Hue is the most beautiful, kind, wonderful, loyal, selfless character I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

He will forever trump all other Voltage men.


A member of the Istari, demigod guardians recently dispatched to Middle-earth, has just flouted the strict dress code by which ordinary citizens could recognize the do-gooders.

“White is bland, and boring, and inescapably infused with associations of lawful good,” said the wizard Saruman, née Curumo, in a prepared statement. “I refuse to be bound by the strictures of a single hue any longer, and from this day forward you shall refer to me only as *drumroll* Saruman of Many Colors!”

The original parchment was enchanted with an actual drumroll for dramatic effect.

In making this statement, Saruman breaks with a long-held tradition that the leader of this immortal boy-band wears white, the backup vocalists wear gray and/or brown, and the session musicians wear blue. Instead, his trademark white wardrobe has been replaced with glowstick-studded robes that flash different colors as Saruman moves, dizzying audiences.

Sources hypothesize that in-fighting among the group itself might have prompted this surprising move. Other band members include Gandalf the Grey, formerly a Maia of Manwë and Varda; Radagast the Brown, formerly a Maia of Yavanna; and Alatar and Pallando the Variously Blue, formerly Maiar of Oromë. Of these four, only Radagast could be reached for comment; Gandalf is the focus of a current missing persons case, and Alatar and Pallando disappeared in pursuit of groupies several hundred years ago.

“He did what, now?” Radagast said when asked. “Oh, that’s actually pretty smart. Many animals adopt different colors in response to different seasons or environments, you know; it’s a camouflage technique! And I’ve told Curumo many times that his white robes really don’t match that whole black-on-black-on-black aesthetic he has going on at Isengard. I’m so happy he’s finally listening to me!”

Back in Valinor, Aule of the Valar is being investigated, as Saruman is the second of his Maiar to fall from grace. The first was Mairon, now better known as the Sauron whom the Istari were sent to oppose.

“Look, I don’t know,” Aulë said. “These kinds of things just happen around here, sometimes – it’s one of the risks associated with a creative atmosphere. Remember the Dwarves, though? At least that turned out pretty well, right?”

The Vala is referring to his slapdash creation of the Khazad, which Eru Ilúvatar only sanctioned following some serious groveling.

The sign outside Aulë’s forge in Valinor has been reset to “0 Days Since The Last Incident.”

EDIT: thanks to reader @fantasychica37 for the request!!


happiness embodied
by a single hue
positive, soulful
like the black woman
bold, unashamed
like the black woman

the color of flowers
which spend their days
ceaselessly reaching toward the sun
absorbing all of its light
just as the black woman does

we say that we invented the color yellow,
that yellow was made for us
we’re right
we, black women,
radiate that happiness,
we radiate that light

an extension of gold -
the color of our rich skin
and of our large hoops that we hold
dear to the culture
we have developed and built upon,
constantly diminished, appropriated,
and stepped on

yet our faces remain turned in the direction of the sun.

- Riel Felice (@auricbliss)

Here - Shin Hoseok (Wonho) Fluff/Smut

So yeah… Two fanfictions within not even 24 hours…. I need to stop throwing these out so quickly! I experimented with a more romantic writing style so I hope that you guys enjoy. I really love Wonho. Hes so appreciative and lovely AND THOSE EARS. THAT LAUGH. Hes going to make me swerve one day I swear
- J

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We’re on an empty highway.
The sun has exploded into a thousand different hues
red orange pink yellow red orange pink yellow red—
the wind rages chaotically; a thunderstorm is coming.
You don’t slow down the car.
I don’t tell you to do so, either.
Your right hand between my thighs, I arch my back and pray to the sky.
To the stars burning milky-white
To the planets rotating in the same direction they do every day
around and around and around and—
To the Gods who are angry.
Please don’t be angry.

The first splatter of rain hits my face.
You smile, your left hand tightening around the steering wheel.
Foot pressing harder against the race.
You always loved having a roofless car.
I turn on the radio
and sing at the top of my lungs
the song that made me first think of you.
It feels good to be here it feels good to be here it feels good—
You tell me to sing louder.
I try.
I lose my voice.

The rain is pouring now.
Your car is soaked, flooded.
It won’t move.
The sun has set, the sky now a single hue of
midnight blue midnight blue midnight blue—
the wind cracks the windows, the windshields.
Glass explodes
into a thousand pieces a thousand different—
I can’t unbuckle my seatbelt.
Blood is seeping out of your face.
Out of my face.
You don’t care.
Your foot is still on the pedal.

The storm hovers over our heads.
I look at you once more.
You don’t look back.
Your fists pound furiously
against the horn
honk honk honk honk—
Lightning flashes, strikes me into two.
You sit in your broken car,
and weep for it.


anonymous asked:

How do you choose your color pallete? Your colors are cool *^*

Thank you!

tbh there was also another anon that asked for the same thing and being the terrible human being that i am, i forgot to reply until now

first of all, No! i don’t use any color pallete! i pick colors spontaneously! , i find color palletes aren’t really that useful when you’re the kind of person who loves to mix different colors each time .But in return i’ll tell you how i pick my colors! , idk if this considered as a tutorial,i think its more like a friendly artist tip on how i look for darker and lighter color for shading purposes 

Let’s take a look on this qt pie

that is the colors i used for his skin, as you can see as the color gets darker, the hue heads to left, and as it gets lighter the hue heads to left

it goes the same with his hair , you get what i mean here?

now lets have a simple step by step coloring!

there u have a sad little wirt without his hat on

okay now he got his hat back , ok yes look at the color i used there

now lets add the darker shade!, yes you guessed right, the hue goes to left since the red is darker than the red base!

yup its up to you if u wanna check that every single darker color hue are heading to left by using color pick on your own. And yes another friendly artist tip, always decide where the light comes from before you shade, this is very basic and critical , yet there are lots of people who doesn’t give a fuck about this B(

and there you have it! how i pick my colors!, sorry if my English sounds funny though, but i hope you do understand! 

kieranczy  asked:

I've been trying to figure out how to do cel shading and every time I try, it looks too flat, or just.. off. I'm just wondering how you do it, because your shadows work so well in your art!

Ah, first of all, thank you so much for the sweet compliment!  I learned a lot from various art tutorials (specifically this one from @rngrn​ , who does some incredible art) and kind of discovered my own style through trial and error. 

I found a recent picture of mine that demonstrates what I tend to do, so I hope this helps! (I use Paint Tool SAI, but this kind of stuff should work for Photoshop or other art programs too!)

So here’s my workspace!  As you can see, I’ve already drawn up the main art and put both the lineart and the base colors in one folder.

To the left is where you’ll find your options: Make a new layer above the folder, check the “clipping group” button, and then set the layer to multiply.

(I like using warm colors when shading–everything here was done with that single hue on the left, set to multiply, with the pencil tool!)

When it comes specifically to making the shadows work, always try to picture where the light is coming from beforehand. Make sure to pay attention to your creases and undersides of objects.  It’s alright if it doesn’t look flawless the first time, practice makes perfect!

There’s also no shame in looking at other pictures and art for reference–as long as you’re not directly copying anybody’s work, you’re on the right track!

Next, you’re going to make another layer on top of that one, set it to clipping group and multiply again, and use the bucket tool to fill it in with a fitting color (as the pencil tool makes large-scale fill-ins kinda pixelated for some reason).

I used peach in this case–and things are looking a bit more unified now!  This helps the picture and shadows to look a little more dynamic.

Sometimes I add a color or texture overlay to the piece, but sometimes that can dull the picture’s contrast; in this case, I’m just going to add a few luminosity layers.

It may not look like it, but this is about three layers of light, using varying amounts of the blur tool.  Feel free to play around when it comes to color and opacity!

Finally, you’ll want to export your drawing, reopen the new file in your drawing software, and do some final touch-ups with saturation and contrast (the color deepen tool is your friend!)


That’s how I tend to do my shadows and colors.  Hope it helps!

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Relationship Status: single

Favourite Colours: hues of blues and greens, reminds me of the earth.

Lipstick or Chapstick: innisfree canola honey lip balm

Last Song: Beyonce- Andy ft. Tur-G

Last Movie: Pride and Prejudice (2005 with Keira Knightley)

Top three shows: Temperature of Love, Hawaii Five-0, Outlander

Top 3 ships at the moment: Really don’t have any, cause I don’t ship. 

I have to break the….. OH WAIT NO I DON’T… FOR ONCE  i CAN TAG STEPH

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Ghoul-nude-model!Touka and human-artist!Kaneki AU. Whenever kaneki attempts to paint her he barely draws her because hes in awe of her beauty. Touka gets all self-conscious because she's a ghoul and nobody has paid attention to her like he does.

THAT’S BEAUTIFUL, i love it a lot. touka just needs to get by maybe and also to scout out any potential dinners from the variety of people that rotate in and out of classes. after a while she notes a particularly unsteady, obviously novice person always in her sessions and when she asks nishiki if he knows who she’s talking about he’s like, “oh yeah i saw him once? maybe? i was thinking he looked pretty good,” and for no real reason touka quickly tells him, “no, don’t bother. the quarter is almost over, so he’ll probably be leaving soon.”

but she’s wrong.

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Loving Him Was Red

Summary: Jungkook scenario based on “Love the way you lie part. 2”
Members: Jungkook x Reader
Type: Angst
Length: 1009 words.

Triggered Warning: There is the mention of physical abuse. I hope none of you would ever have to go through this. Please notice all the signs of a dangerous relationship and leave right away. And don’t turn back, for your own sake. - Admin Fits

Originally posted by sugapokmybutter

Jungkook loved red. 

He loved how the colour snagged the attention from others, to selfishly keep it for itself. He loved how dynamic the colour was, a single hue that screamed power and greatness. It was the colour of all the iconic symbols, a colour that touched on those that has been immortalised in books and history. It was a colour that represented him and everything that he wanted to be.

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Minimalist Heatwave

Frankly, it’s too hot here for anything other than minimal dressing. Early summer heatwaves in this part of India are traditionally relieved by late afternoon thunderstorms called Kalboishakis, but climate change has put an end to all that. Not even mad dogs and Englishmen would be stupid enough to brave the outdoors between 9am and 5pm. I, however, was foolhardy enough to a couple of days ago, and my reward was a killer migraine. Since then, I’ve decided to stick to venturing out after sundown, much like a vampire. 

I’ve worn this NW3 playsuit on the blog before, although I daresay it fitted better when I bought it. Everything else in this outfit is remixed too. I never used to wear orange but all the tangerines and corals in ss14 have finally brought me around to it. Which is awesome because brown people are born to carry off every single dazzlingly warm hue ever.  


Playsuit: NW3  //  Ear headband: ASOS  // Shoes: M&S via eBay  //  Backpack: Aliexpress (available here


Beauty basics that are anything but boring.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow

- Gel-powder innovation allows for breakthrough blendability.
- Vivid, high-pigment shadows award rich color in 210 shades.
- Make a custom two- or three-shade palette, or stick to a single hue.

Living Proof Instant Texture Mist

- Creates versatile looks, from beachy bedhead to red-carpet ready.
- Instantly adds matte texture without dulling or dirtying.
- Sprays evenly onto dry or damp hair, lasting up to 48 hours.


- Foolproof method of bouncing puff against mesh layer ensures perfect application.
- Compact carries blendable, buildable cream for even application on the go.
- Improves the look of elasticity and firmness, plus corrects skintone.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow™ Pomade

- Creamy waterproof formula adheres to hair and skin.
- Eight smudge-free shades frame eye area with dramatic definition.
- Dual-ended brush does it all: Angled edge distributes evenly and defines; spool blends.


- Mini version of the cult-favorite, edgeless beautyblender® contours and conceals flawlessly.
- Designed for precise, ultra-focused highlighting and camouflaging.
- Tip: Submerge in water, then wring out before applying.

Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser

- Three-phase cleanser evolves from gel to oil to milk in a single use.
- Skin appears brighter thanks to vitamin C, rosehips, and virgin cherry oil.
- Leaves skin with a light, energizing scent.



It roots in the whole darkish lightskin division thing. Apparently it’s cool to attack lighter skinned people because we have it better than you. See, here’s the thing- there’s several problems with that.

Just like none of us could control being black, people can’t control what shade of black they came out. Just as wrong as it is for racists to assume shit about us based on their blackness, your generalization of lightskin is justas bad, just generalization of darker-skinned people is EQUALLY shitty.
I acknowledge that in many cases, due to social construct, developed by a racist power structure, lighter skinned black  people have had social advantages over their darker counterparts. Some examples include during slavery when the lighter slaves were treated somewhat better and were house slaves while darker skinned slaves worked int he fields, in more hardy and grueling positions. Today, however, here’s the thing- whether its me or you, slightly black or skin beautiful and dark as the night (because yes, contrary to what you think lighter skinned black people appreciate y’all’s beauty, we ain’t all coons like y’all like to imply) if we both go into a job interview, and the boss is racist, I got news for you: NEITHER of us is getting hired. Because get this- we are both. fucking. black.
Early literature in slavery culture foresaw and predicted this behavior. Give privilege to more Eurocentric featured slaves and it will create a division. They knew this, they did this on purpose. They had a plan and executed it. And you unknowingly have become part of it. So instead of uniting and building our own strong black community, we will focus on how some of us supposedly have it better. Yeah we got it better in terms of treatment by a white majority. But who would give a fuck bout that if we weren’t even focused on what they thought? What if they weren’t even factor?

Cause here’s the thing: Black brothers and sisters of EVERY. SINGLE. HUE. Are getting murdered by the police. Black people of every. single. color. are experiencing colorism.

Growing up and having this European standard hurts all of us.
As a little lights n girl, being taught that white girls were the prettiest, both obviously and subversively, I was no more able than my beautiful darkskin friends to be that standard. I could never be white, I could never be fully accepted by them, BE them. Then I grew up and I realized that’s not what I should aspire to. I am no more beautiful than a girl with he darkest skin and the highest cheekbones and the fullest lips because being light, part white, whatever, is not the recipe for beauty. Beauty is beauty.

So next time you wanna come for a lightskin girl because of the shit that’s been planted in your head come again. Cause I really don’t wanna have intellectually drag you. I wanna be your friend, your sister, you fellow community member.  Let me.