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“I had a syringe put to my neck by a drug dealer in Dublin when I was about 16. 
I was buying hash in the wrong part of town — well, the right part of town for what I wanted, I suppose — and I hadn’t 
got my wits about me that day. I got jumped on, thrown into this f*cking rubbish chute with a big metal door, which immediately closed behind me and left just a crack of light coming through. And then 
a syringe was pressed to my throat, 
filled with what could have just been 
ketchup, but I wasn’t going to ask for 
the lab results. I’ll never forget that. That was very scary.” — Colin Farrell 

To everyone saying shit like “Omg it’s no big deal it’s just a gif who cares if it’s reposted”. Go make me a gif set right now. Go make me a gif with fading and moving text with stroke, 256 colors, 0% lossy, 100% dither, while keeping it under 2 MB. Oh and don’t forget to check the frame delay because it could be 0.03 or 0.04 or any number of others depending on the source material. And do that 6 times for a single gifset. Go do that, and when you’re done I’ll steal and repost it.