single forever probably because of my own doing

My first internship was the biggest pile of horseshit.  I have vowed to be against unpaid internships until they’re hopefully obliterated from existence.  I was strung along for FOUR MONTHS with the hopes that I’d get a job in the end. I did the work. The work that further lined his pockets with money that I never saw.  I even won two of the stupid internal “awards” for best work of the week. The guy didn’t hire a single one of us, he just replaced us with other interns.

I probably spent about $5000 of my own money doing this internship, while he earned upwards of $10,000 from my work.

I don’t care how competitive your field is, no one should have to work for free.  No one.  Companies don’t deserve to “test out” people to see if they’re “good enough” for the job, and string them along forever just for free labor.

Also if you had to do an internship, and you think that just because you had to do one, that everyone should, congratulations! You’re making the world a WORSE place!  You’re actually suggesting that other people suffer because you did.

Have a fucking heart.  Unpaid internships are wrong.

It would take like 6 weeks of training to get someone up to speed on most jobs, if they have the degree for it.  Companies SHOULD be able to afford this.  Shave off some CEO’s salary in order to be able to afford to pay your fucking employees, Christ.