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Cool things from seeing the Great Comet live (in no particular order)

Also this is based off my personal experience, so it may be different for others!


-walking through the theatre onto the stage
-old Russian war songs like ‘katyusha’ being played over the speakers before the show and during intermission
-the air raid sirens to tell people the show’s starting
-In the opera how Natasha being in 'a state of intoxication’ involves her seeing Andrey being killed by enemy soldiers
-Dolokhov’s boot strap things that go up his legs
-Balaga being so utterly chaotic
-Anatole’s narcissism
-The whole theatre having a blast during the abduction while violently shaking their egg shakers
-the dumplings
-pages of war and peace being flung at you
-Dolokhov spitting all over Anatole’s face during Preparations
-the costume design
-Anatole flirting with audience members
-Anatole holding the 'WOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHH’ in the abduction for like thirty seconds
-Anatole being drunk basically the entire show
-Hélène’s look of terror when the elopement fails
-prince bolkonsky greeting Natasha in his undergarments
-Paul Pinto as the servant during the private and intimate life of the house
-prince bolkonsky hitting his powdered wig and powder flies out
-the opera singers
-Everyone wearing golden bear heads while dancing (I believe during the ball)
-every single one of marya’s entrances
-Dolokhov skipping along the stage while screaming at Anatole
-Hélène and Dolokhov getting touchy feely right in front of Pierre
-Pierre basically just being in His study the entire show
-The whole cast running around the entire theatre, including up in the mezzanine
-did i ever mention anatole
-Denee’s childlike innocence as natasha
-Andrey appearing in Natasha’s memories and she always reaches for him as he runs away
-The strobe lights during the duel
-Pierre standing completely still to let Dolokhov shoot at him
-Pierre hunching over before realizing he wasn’t hit
-The costume/prop design during the duel
-some ensemble members being paired with partners of the same sex while dancing
-Natasha poisoning herself with the super electric part of Pierre and Anatole
-Anatole’s green coat (not purple anymore) during the abduction
-Anatole not letting Natasha leave during the ball and they end up kissing
-The audience needing to pass Anatole’s love letter to natasha
-Sonya taking Natasha’s letter out of her sleeping hand before reading it
-Anatole striking poses when he enters during the opera
-the guy who plays the announcer at the opera/the guy who gives Pierre Marya’s letter is so good
-“what…. whaT…. wHAt…. WHA T?!”
-the moments that rely on audience participation
-people with eggshakers accidentally moving during a quiet song (myself included)
-Natasha and Sonya’s reactions to the opera
-Pierre basically saying “fuck you” to Napoleon

❝ He’ll save us. ❞

Plot: Hoseok is a mafia boss and  you’re suddenly kidnapped by one of his rival/enemy and he tried to save you. 

Pairing: HoseokxReader 

Words count: 2,3k+

Genre: Mafia!Au 

For anon, Hope you like it! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

“See you later.”  

With that phrase you bowed to him and caressed his cheek with your lips, ripping one of those smiles you adored.  

Jung Hoseok struggled to smile since he had had to take over the reins of the father’s criminal empire. Before it was totally different, he was aware of the father’s affairs but it was always far away. He always smiled and you fell in love with that smile every day, but without confessing to him what you felt for fear of being rejected.  

Then the change. Hoseok had gone from being an incredibly solar and positive guy to being a ruthless leader of one of Seoul’s most influential mafia associations. He was the only one with whom Im Jaebum, the most feared boss, had narrowed a strange but functioning alliance.  

And from that day he had stopped smiling.  

It was strange to you to see that change happen, but that didn’t stop you from loving him. You were the daughter of her father’s right arm, you grew up together, that life didn’t scare you anymore.  

At the delicate touch of your mouth, he grazed your forearm, but leave his eyes onto the papers he had in front. You didn’t mind he’s not paying attention at that time, you knew what problems were on the horizon and you didn’t want to bother him too much.  

“I love you” You whispered in his ear, returning to an upright position and with a small nod of the hand you greeted his “bodyguard”. Not that he needed it, but he was still happy to keep a ruthless serial killer close by; for any eventuality. “Bye Yoongi” You added gently moving the hand and the boy didn’t smile, but a little smirk drew on his lips and you giggled because it was the only way he saluted her.  

Without saying more you came out of his office and with tranquillity you found the exit of the great mansion where you lived for three years.  


You turned to the voice that had just called you back, smiling at Jimin who was walking a quick step towards you; “What happened Jimin??”  

“The boss told me to come with you. You know, he’s a little worried. ”  

The idea of having a bodyguard didn’t surprise you, but without arguing you accepted that situation and you would be in the car once he opened the door to you.  

Park Jimin was what Jung Hoseok was no longer. Despite being a member of the mafia as his husband, still hard to believe that you had married your lover a year earlier, Jimin kept a certain sweetness; Both in his lines and in his behaviors. For this was he who was often assigned to your escort; because he was the one with you were more comfortable with.  

“Are you worried, Y/N?”  

“For Hobi..”  

“The boss will not let that idiot of Minjae ruin everything that was built in these years.” He tried to reassure you, but the sense of nausea caused by anxiety didn’t disappear; “Y/N, would you love him more if he wasn’t who he is?”  

“Jimin I grew up with him.. What he’s, doesn’t identify who he is. ”  

Your sincere answer made the raven black haired boy, who sat by your side and drove quietly through the streets of Seoul, smiling. You failed to understand why he smiled so openly and gently, so you turned to him and watched him carefully.  

That was the last thing you remembered before everything became dark.  

~ ~

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Ok so I went to one of those summer camps that take place at colleges and honestly so many things make sense if they had to deal with the fae

Like of course they never let you out of sight of the counselors or put one toe out of an accepted area, you don’t want to attract attention
And the lanyards they made us wear had an iron ring, so no wonder they don’t want you to take your lanyard off
you are never ever allowed out of your hall at night, not even to go to a different part of the building.
They are extra careful at dances, and have guards at every single entrance.
One time I saw a girl filling a cup with salt, when I asked why, she told me it was for protection (no I’m not making this up)
There’s an event they have for most of camp called blammo, and people need to know your name in order to eliminate you, so everyone is paranoid about giving out their names, and a lot of people don’t even use their real name to sign up, so they can misdirect others

Also, there are a lot of traditions, which a lot could be linked to the fae tbh

Basically what I’m saying is someone needs to write a proper story about that one summer where someone who hadn’t heard the stories or didn’t believe them decided it would be a great plan to open a summer camp at EU and things went horribly right and horribly wrong at the same time


For real though this is why I think so many people just have No Idea. There are rules like this all over, and weird occurrences and interactions and people in every school, and unless you look at them through a very specific set of folklore glasses it’s just a Thing you don’t really question. Also yes please I’d also love to see a disaster of a summer camp.

What You Need [Kyle Spencer x Reader]

Request: “I came up with this thing about pre death Kyle having sex with his so and telling her how much he jerks off about her and asking if she touches herself idk man it just hypes me up. So maybe a HC on that?” - Anon

Warnings: SMUT, fem!reader, maybe a little bit off-prompt, masturbation by both people, dirty talk, PROTECTED SEX (FINALLY, GUYS! FINALLY I WROTE SOME CONDOMS IN!), probably more

Word Count: 1.3k

A/N: Couldn’t figure out how to make this a set of headcanons, so I decided to write it as an imagine instead. Hope that doesn’t bother you! & I’m so horrible when it comes to describing/talking about masturbation in general. This turned out pretty… Like, okay-ish, though. 


Kyle never liked skipping classes. He honestly never saw much of a reason for it. You’re going to college for a reason, right? Why not bother to show up? He had worked his ass off in high school for his scholarships, so he definitely wasn’t going to disappoint whoever was paying for his education.

Well, this was one of the rare occasions where he didn’t want to sit through another one of Professor Jackson’s long, boring lectures about lord-knows-what. It was usually something mundane, such as bridges or roofs. He would stand in front of the projector and talk about different types of bridges and their purposes for the entire hour and a half long period, never pausing or taking a single silent second.

Kyle simply didn’t feel like attending that today, and because it was his last class of the day, he decided to head home to the fraternity house. His brothers (well, most of them) would be in class, so he could probably catch a small nap before you or them got home.

You always got home before Ky. This was because your last class was a shorter walk to the house than his. Because of this, you would usually greet him at the door every day. But he knew he would be the one greeting you today. When he stepped inside of the house, it was weird not seeing your big smile in front of the door. Anyway, he sighed, beginning to walk up the stairs, only to stop midway up when he heard a light sound.

He stayed absolutely silent, continuing up the stairs. Upon hearing it for a second time, he was almost certain that it was moaning. Was someone really having sex in his room? If one of the boys was fucking some sorority girl in his bed again… He knew it was Archie. It was always Archie. Well, it was Brian that one time, but still, mostly Archie. He was going to kill him.

Grimacing, Kyle braced himself, unsure of what ungodly sight was going to lay before him as he opened the door. Just as his hand touched the doorknob, a needy moan of his name made him freeze, unable to open that door. His mind rushed with every possibility of what could be happening behind it, but he couldn’t decide on just one of the hundreds of crazy scenarios to side with. Suddenly, his mind jumped to you. Of course it was you. You had to have come home early, and he wasn’t going to accept another thought about it.

Somehow a bit relaxed by the thought, he took a deep breath, reaching over to flip the hallway light off. He opened the door slightly, peeking inside. It was you. He let out the breath, still staying silent as he looked over at you.

You were almost completely naked, laying on Ky’s side of the freshly-made bed, your clothes laid in a neat pile on your pillow. Your hand glistened with a certain shimmer as your body arched in a pleasured angle. The bits of your hair that wasn’t in a ponytail was stuck with sweat to your face, framing the heavenly expression on your face.

It took him a second to process the sight. Within those few moments, you had noticed him standing at the doorway. He had pressed the door open farther, now clearly visible through the white frame. He wasn’t sure how to react. He didn’t know whether to fulfill his urge to strip off all of his clothes and join you, or to run away and never look back.

“Kyle,” You spoke up, not stopping your actions, only slowing the small rubs of your thumb across your clit. “come over here.”

He instinctually moved forward, pressing the door shut and locked behind him. He was numb as he stepped towards you, examining your exact position. He swallowed hard as he waited for your next instruction.

“Take off your clothes.” He was eager to follow your orders, beginning with the jacket on his shoulders. It landed on the floor as he kicked his shoes off, using each of his feet to pull the sock from the other. Soon, he was left with only his boxers on. “Come. Here.” The obedient boy walked to the edge of the bed, standing still.

Noticing his strained boxers, you laugh. “I want you to touch yourself. On the bed, with me.” 

Quietly, he laid on the bed next to you, not quite sure of how to start. Did he just whip it out and go to town, or was he supposed to await further instruction? Kyle was never particularly good at being submissive. The two of you usually had somewhat equal roles when it came to sex, so he never much got the chance to, anyway. 

“Take off your boxers.” You purr. He raises his hips without another thought, sliding the shorts from his body. As he looked at you, he noticed that you looked satisfied with the job he was doing. You began to slick your finger against your wetness again, slipping a single digit into your entrance. Ky whines lightly, resisting the urge to stroke his member. 

He continued to moan and fuss while he watched you, feeling himself somehow near his release. He had never, ever been able to do cum without some sort of contact. “Baby, please? Fuck me.” With a nod, you agree, reaching into the nightstand for a condom. Handing it to him, he rolls it on with ease.

It took only seconds before you were on top of him, guiding his cock into you. You sank down, letting him fill you up. His breath was heavy, deep moans straining against his throat. 

“Kyle?” You ask, easing yourself down all the way. “Do you get off on watching me?” He felt somehow ashamed when you asked him that, but still replied with a small nod. Satisfied with his response, you move your hands to grip the headboard, beginning to rise up. He lets out a throaty moan as you slide back down. “Do you think about me when you touch yourself? Because I know you do. I always know, Kyle.”

“I always think about you.” He whimpers. “I love thinking about your tight pussy sinking onto my cock, just like you’re doing right now. I can’t control myself when you do that. You always feel so good, and I want you so bad.” Another strangled sound escapes him as he tries to continue his sentence. “And I fuck you until you can’t feel your body anymore, until you scream my name so the entire house can hear who makes you feel that way. All of my brothers, shit, know you’re mine.”

Grinning, he thrusts up to meet your hips, knowing that it’ll take you by surprise. “Kyle!” You squeal, laughing lightly. The process repeated for a few more minutes until Kyle couldn’t take it any more. He squirmed in the blissful agony under your body, his beautiful face contorting into one much stranger. You came shortly after, but continued to ride him for the remainder of your rush.

Eventually, you dismounted him, rolling onto the now-messy bed. Kyle slides the condom off, tying it at the base and tossing it in the trash bin next to the bed. He lets out a small groan, rolling over towards you.

“God,” He laughs. “That was amazing.”

“Maybe I should be more dominant sometimes.” You roll over into his open arms with a big grin on your face, knowing that there’s going to be an even-better round two later.


Remember that time that during a single entrance Naito

1. Intimidated one of the Japanese commentators, 2. Fistbumped one of the English commentators, 3. Spat on a third set of commentators, 4. Challenged a tiny, elderly ref to a test of strength, 5. Was adorably friendly with Jay Lethal, 6. Chased the announcer around the ring trying to get a fistbump

Goddamn wild card

This is what happens when people do not listen to me. There has been another murder. Same modus operandi as the first one – front door locked from the inside, murderer broke in through another entrance, single gunshot wound. The victim is a journalist and has frequently visited China for his work.

@pilotjohnwatsonblog, where are you? We need to get to his apartment before Dimmock messes things up, again.

anonymous asked:

I love sasuke and Sakura they've always been my fave characters so I have a question what are your top 3 Sakura moments, top 3 sasuke moments, and top 3 sasusaku moments 😁


3. The moment she moved to protect Sasuke from Gaara with her life:

Because this demonstrated such courage, and it showcased just how far she had come since the Forest of Death. In that instance, she was paralysed with fear in the face of adversity. Now, she looked death straight in the face, only this time, she chose not to move. Sakura was fully aware that she was absolutely powerless to stop Gaara, yet she put her life on the line to protect Sasuke in any way that she could. It was one of those instances in which the person’s body “just moved by itself” because she only had a split second to think as she saw Gaara heading towards Sasuke with a killing intent. This was also the scene that made me 100% certain that Sakura no longer had any form of crush on Sasuke; she loved him, through and through.

2. The moment she awakened the Byakugou Seal during the war and went smashy smashy:

Because how awesome was this scene? She turned the battlefield into her own personal playground, and demonstrated extreme and even frightening levels of strength, much to the shock and awe of everyone in the Allied Shinobi Forces (well, apart from Sasuke of course). It was also during this scene that Hashirama, “The God of Shinobi” himself, all but confirmed that Sakura was well on her way to surpassing her master.

1. The moment she made the single most epic entrance EVER:

Because I’m a fanboy of fierce looks (just refer to this post for evidence of that), and in this scene, Sakura displayed the biggest “Don’t FUCK with my family” look I had seen in recent memory. In Sakura came to save her husband and daughter, and did so by rupturing every internal organ in Shin’s body with one punch, and then proceeded to give that exquisite look. Such badassery! :D


3. The moment he admitted his loss:

Because this was the moment where the Curse of Hatred was effectively eradicated. Sasuke had overcome his hatred, and was finally able to embrace the Will of Fire fully; the main goal of Part 2 had been achieved, and it was really nice to see him genuinely smiling again.

2. The moment he protected Konoha from a meteorite:

Because this moment was the epitome of badassery, and it remains my favourite scene from The Last. There Kakashi and a platoon of other ninja were, at the mercy of this huge meteorite, and in comes Sasuke to destroy it and save all of them while stating his desire to protect the village while Naruto’s not around, thereby cementing his position as one of Konoha’s joint top protectors. He would then disappear as quickly as he appeared… It was just cool man, it was just cool! :D

1. The moment he awakened his Mangekyou Sharingan:

Because this moment… This moment… It was 200 chapters in the making; ever since Sasuke first mentioned the importance of killing your best friend, I knew he’d awaken the Mangekyou at some point or another, it was simply a matter of time. And when he finally did, it was just such an “Oh shit!” moment, not only because of the power boost that it signified, but also because of his words as it happened - he intended to crush Konoha. This was the point at which shit really started to hit the fan, and I was very hyped! ^_^


3. Chapter 181:

Because this was an iconic chapter and arguably one of the most crucial and biggest turning points in the entire series; and its sheer significance was huge. All sorts of different references and throwbacks to this chapter would be made throughout the manga, and would always serve as Sakura’s main incentive for never giving up on Sasuke. Sakura earnestly confessed her love for him, and while sincerely grateful for everything she had done for him, he simply couldn’t deter from his path; he deemed it too late. However, this was enough for Sakura to realise that this wasn’t the only path available to Sasuke. Thus, from this point onward, Sakura would strive to make Sasuke realise that a better future was still within his grasp, regardless of whether he felt as though he had no choice but to walk the Avenger’s path.

2. The forehead poke:

Because this was Sasuke’s ultimate expression of affection, and he used on Sakura of all people. Sasuke had been saved from the darkness and hatred that had been holding his heart captive for so long, and now that he was able to see things with clarity, and embrace the love that was offered to him, the feeling was finally enabled to grow beyond platonic companionship into something more; he was beginning to see Sakura Haruno for who she truly was. It was also a nice touch that Sakura was finally able to look directly into Sasuke’s eyes as he demonstrated his affection for her, because Sakura had asked Sasuke whether or not she still had a place in his heart in 693. Well, this served as a rather elaborate answer to her question :)

1. Their intimacy in Gaiden Chapter 9, with Sarada looking on:

Because when you remember all that Sasuke and Sakura have gone through with each other, and then you see a panel like this, it just evokes so much emotion, because you know that they’ve come such a long way. Whenever I look at this panel, I just think to myself “well done guys, I’m happy for you”. Even though times were difficult, they were working through them together and were fully supportive of one another as husband and wife. It was really nice to see. Furthermore, the fact that this was what assured Sarada that there was indeed genuine love between her parents, made this scene that much better :)

Can Hell be Heaven? (Part 2)

Note: It has been a month but here it is Part 2. You can find Part 1 here . I am working on Part 3 hopefully it won’t take a month.

Synopsis: Oliver has found Felicity but they are not safe. They need to survive and the Island is not the best place to be at the moment.

The relief of having Felicity safe in his arms after all the nightmare of unknowing; almost made him miss it.

The silence. Total silence. A silence that scream in alarm, more than any siren.

Felicity tensed in his arms. She had notice it too. But there’s not even a shred of fear, only the defense system kicking in, in both of them as they stood, half in the light from the clearing, half in the dark from the trees.

The soft echo of the birds had picked up again gaining volume and high pitched alarm. Like a lightning storm coming closer the disturbing noise grew. It took but a moment for Oliver to identify the sound. A helicopter.

Felicity heard it too and in unison they back away into the trees. The sound grows closer and closer. Even if the birds chirp in alarm, the sound of the blades cutting the air and the echo makes it impossible to distinguish anything else.

Whoever it is takes it’s time and approaches the base clearing slowly, searching. Felicity wonders if they are searching for her or for Oliver. Maybe both. As they watch the helicopter hovering over the camp.

Oliver smiles to himself. There’s no trace. Felicity was careful and he couldn’t be more proud of her.

Still, stay still. Felicity repeated over and over as she followed the helicopter strange dance. Her attempts to recognize anyone inside were unsuccessful.

They keep still until the sound fades in the distance and the bird songs are back to normal.

“They are searching for my body.”

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z-0013  asked:

Hello! I hope u r having a good day! If u wanna can u do a headcannons for V where his female s/o is a chocoholic? And for Jumin where his female s/o is really good at drawing and draws all the time? Thanks 💕

Aww, this is lovely. Thank you!!!
There was a painter prompt done here if you’re interested.

-There was one day early into your relationship together that he decided he wanted to buy you some chocolate just because.
-He had seen a really nice assorted chocolate in the store for a fair price and knew he had to get it for you.
-V still remembers how brightly your eyes lit up when he handed you the box of chocolate.
-You immediately opened it and stared in mouth-watering awe at the sweets.
-You set it down and gave V the biggest hug, lots of kisses, and a million thank yous.
-Of course, right after you let go of him, you turned and picked up the box, carefully selecting your first piece and popping it into your mouth. It melted smoothly in your mouth and you sighed in pleasure.
-“They’re delicious, Jihyun,” you talked muffled through a mouthful of chocolate.
-V smiled fondly. “I’m glad to hear that, love.”
-Later that night, as he was straightening up, he found the box that used to have the chocolates inside now empty in the trash.
-How do you eat that much chocolate without getting sick?!
-“L-love, did you finish this off already?”
-Your face turned hot as you saw V gesturing to the empty box.
-“Yeah… I tried to save some for later, I really did! I just… really like chocolate, and those were so good!”
-V chuckled. “I wasn’t upset, don’t worry. You should’ve told me you liked chocolate that much. I would’ve given you some sooner.”
-He gave you a kiss on your forehead. “It’s not very good for you, but as long as you’re not eating it all the time, I could buy you some every now and then.”
-You gasped. “Really?!”
-Your smile was too cute to say no to.

-He wasn’t necessarily snooping around your stuff… okay, he kind of was.
-Jumin came across a sketchbook laying on the coffee table by a few of your other things.
-He was curious. Yes, he felt a bit guilty for invading your privacy, but he was so curious.
-Carefully, he picked up the sketchbook and gently opened the cover.
-Jumin found himself thumbing through all the pages, stopping and admiring every single drawing, even warm-ups or sketches you abandoned.
-There were so many drawings. How has he not caught you drawing before?
-When you came home later that day, he actually asked you about it.
-“_____, you never told me you liked to draw.”
-You were visibly embarrassed and quickly accused him of looking through your private stuff, to which he shrugged and said you probably shouldn’t leave your “private stuff” in plain sight.
-“Do you have any more?”
-You stopped. “…You want to see more?”
-“Yes, of course. You’re extremely talented; I’d say the most talented I’ve seen.”
-Now you’re embarrassed for another reason.
-But, you do show him all of your sketchbooks and art. Trust me, there’s a ton.
-Jumin spends hours looking through every single book. He’s simply entranced at how flawless the drawings are. And you can make these masterpieces with little more than paper and your own creativity?
-He’s so proud of you.
-He’ll still be a nerd and ask if he can hang some on the fridge though lolololololol

Co Workers (Part Eight)

A/N: I’m really excited that you guys like this story so far. It’s my first series and it really means a lot that you all like it.

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: SMUT, talk of mental illness, slight details of an attempted suicide (past story, not a current character) and talk of domestic violence

Word count: 2.2k

Catch up! Co Workers Masterlist

Originally posted by castielimaginesboi

You got dressed and slowly made your way out of the bathroom, Misha already fast asleep in bed. You smiled, thinking about how you were lucky to have him. He was no doubt already your best friend before the two of you made it official, and now he was so much more. You were still sniffling and wiping tears away as you crawled into bed next to him. As you pulled the covers over you, Misha started to stir in his sleep until he found you, and pulled you into lay your head on his chest.

“We’ll talk tomorrow baby, promise.” He mumbled, his sleepy voice one of the most comforting voices you had every heard. “And don’t cry, everything’s going to be fine, I promise.”

You snuggled in even closer to him and fell asleep with his hand in your hair, while listening to his heartbeat.

You woke up early the next morning to the sun shining in your face. You rolled over to see that the bed was empty. You heard the shower running and saw that Misha had left the door open. You quietly undressed in the bedroom and snuck into the shower, Misha was rinsing his hair, so his eyes were closed. You wrapped your arms around him and let the warm water wash down over you.

Mmm, get lonely in there?” He said, his voice still slightly groggy.

“I did.” He finished rinsing his hair, turned around with your arms still wrapped around his warm, wet body and leaned down to kiss you, you smiled and let out a small moan when his hand came down and slapped your ass, the wetness of his hand making the smack sound even louder. You felt his cock hardening against your stomach.

“Let’s finish this in the other room.” Misha reached down to turn the shower off before his lips were crashing back into yours. Neither of you worrying about drying off on your way to the bed.

You pushed him down and jumped onto his lap, straddling him. You leaned down to kiss him while rubbing your wet folds on his erection. He moaned into your mouth, and tried to grab your ass with both hands but you pulled back.

“Nope,” you started, taking his hands and bringing them above his head, “I’m in charge this time.”

He looked up at you with a smile, and you could swear he got even harder.

“Okay baby girl, what do you want me to do?”

You leaned back down to whisper in his ear, “You, just relax,” you started working your way down his neck, leaving a trail of bites and kisses, “and no touching.” You said to him firmly. You continued working your way down his body with your mouth, kissing his chest, your hands running down his torso to teasingly stroke his cock. The lower your mouth got, the more you could feel him struggling to keep his hands to himself. When you finally reached his throbbing erection, you licked up the underside of his shaft slowly, then you quickly took him in your mouth; but only for a second, causing his body to tremble slightly.

“Y/N..” he groaned, you took that as a hint, and you brought your mouth to his head, lightly sucking on the tip, cupping his balls with your hand. The feeling of him squirming under you was making your core ache for him. You took him farther into your mouth slowly, making sure so suck every sweet writhe and tremble from him.

“Y/N, please… let me touch you.” he begged you as you sucked harder. You mumbled a mhmm while his cock was in your mouth, causing his hands to shoot down to your head, taking your hair in both of his hands. You bobbed your head up and down slowly, you wanted to see how much more he could take. His breathing was heavy as you slowly brought your mouth back to working on just his tip, one hand still cupping his balls and the other stroking him every so slightly.

“Ughh, I-I can’t take it anymore baby” he struggled with his words, “please, come back up here.” You listened, but not before you took his length into your mouth one last time, giving him one last hard suck, causing him to pull your hair so that you’d let go of him. He brought you face level with him, his breathing was heavy as you planted a wet kiss on his lips.

“It’s my turn.” he said, low and seductively as he grabbed your hips and flipped you so that you were now laying on your back. He laid over you and looked up and down your naked body.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?” You covered your face with your hands and he scooted closer to you, and pulled them away. “Don’t hide from me, you’re perfect.”

He crashed his lips into yours desperately, he needed you after you teased him like that. As he kissed you his hands began roaming your body. Kneading your breasts and gripping your hips tightly, he was touching you everywhere except for where you needed it the most. His lips left yours so that he could look at you as one of his hands made its way down to cup your soaking sex. He traced a single finger around your entrance before dipping it in quickly and removing his hand completely. He smiled at your reaction, you bit your bottom lip as you let out a frustrated moan, with a small please. Hoping the look you were giving him would be enough for him to stop teasing you. His head dipped down and began leaving open mouth kissed along your torso, stopping to latch onto your breast, swirling your hardened nipple around with his tongue.

“Misha, please…” You begged. He looked up at you with a grin.

“Please what baby?”

“Please fuck me.”

He came back up and kissed you once again, you spread your legs for him so that he could get into position. He placed the head of his cock at your entrance, you bucked your hips up from the contact.

Mmm, you really need it don’t you baby girl?” he asked, teasingly rubbing his head up and down along your folds.

“Yes” you moaned.

He didn’t waste another second before he thrust into you hard. Both of you calling out from the pleasure. He began moving slowly, kissing you, enjoying the moment before he grabbed a pillow and placed it under your lower back. He sat up on his knees while still fully seated inside of you. He held your legs up and began slamming into you. The sound of his hips slapping against you filling the hotel room. You felt your orgasm fastly approaching with every thrust.

“I want you to fill me up baby”  You moaned, you moved a hand down to rub your clit, which sent you and Misha both over the edge.

“Y/N..fuck.” You felt his cock twitch inside you as he coated your walls with his cum, your own orgasm ripping through you. Let out a short scream from the pleasure, not caring who heard. No one had ever made you feel like this. You gripped the sheet on the bed tightly as you both finished. You only gave Misha a few seconds to catch his breath before you playfully pushed him off of you so that he was now laying on his back.

“I see how it is.” he said jokingly, trying to catch his breath as you got up to take a quick shower.

“We have to get ready, you’re taking me out for breakfast.” You poked your head out of the bathroom and winked at him.

“Oh am I?” he asked.

“Mhmm” You hummed as you brushed your teeth. When you hopped in the shower, you heard Misha’s phone ring. He answered it, you heard him talking quietly as you finished washing up. You wrapped a towel around your body and one around your hair and you walked out into the room to get dressed; you noticed Misha had a worried look on his face.

“What is it?” you asked him

“There is a-um, a few photos of us that have been put out.” You heart sank. Great. There was one more thing to deal with on top or Renee and whatever else was going to inevitably happen today.

“Are they of us on the plane?” You asked, he nodded.

“One of them is of us coming out of the bathroom all over each other.” He held up his phone to show you the picture.

“Well that’s not so bad, at least we’re clothed” you shrugged, it could be worse you thought, “what’s the other one.”

Misha was silent as he held up his phone to show you the second picture. It was of him and Renee, at the airport. After you’d left. They were kissing.

Your heart sank even more and you looked from the phone to Misha. Guilt was washing over his face, and your heart felt like it had been snapped in half. You turned around to go through your bag on the chair.

“I should’ve known better.” You said.

“It’s not what it looks like, Y/N.” You rolled your eyes as you slid on a pair of panties and put on your bra.

“Then maybe you would care to explain.” You threw your hands up in the air before putting on your jeans and t-shirt.

“It’s how I got her to leave, I-uh, I let her think we were still together. So I let her kiss me.” You stared at him with your hands on your hips. You didn’t care what kind of mental illness she had or if she couldn’t control he emotions or whatever. Misha needed to let her go.

“Do you still love her?”

“No. Of course not.” He deadpanned.

“But you must still care about her.” You said.

“How could I not babe? I know you still care about Andrew,” Misha stood up to walk towards you, he was right, you knew that you couldn’t just stop caring about people. “you and Andrew just broke up, and-and I’m going to take Renee to a hospital tomorrow, after the convention’s over.”

You crossed your arms and he grabbed onto your hips, pulling you close. You couldn’t look at him yet.

“I think it’s time you tell me what happened with you and her, Mish.” you finally looked up at him, there was sadness in his eyes. Whatever it was that happened was difficult for him.

“Okay. Fine, let’s go get breakfast and I’ll tell you.” you uncrossed your arms and wrapped them around him, leaning your head on his chest. “But then we have to figure out how to deal with this whole picture situation.”

The two of you had went down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast and Misha told you what had happened between him and Renee. That one night when she was arrested, apparently she had attempted suicide once she was released. Misha was there, and had to call 911,  she was admitted into the hospital for a few weeks, where she was later diagnosed with an extreme case of bipolar disorder. Misha let tears fall as he told you how he found her, on the bathroom floor, pills spilled everywhere; her wrists cut open, blood everywhere. Even if he didn’t love her anymore it was still an emotional experience for him. You wouldn’t want to find anyone like that.

Misha went on to tell you that she took her medication for a few months, and everything was fine, great even; but she started wanting to sleep all the time, getting sick, and she blamed it on the meds, he told you how she left for a few weeks, nowhere to be found, and when she came back she was off her medication. Misha said that he had tried to get her to go back to the hospital but since she wasn’t suicidal he couldn’t have her admitted.

Eventually, he got tired of her controlling him again, and things went back to how they used to be. He tried to leave a few more times, but she just somehow had always guilted him into coming back.

You held Misha’s hand as he finished telling you everything. You two were back in the hotel room now, it was almost time for you to go to your photo ops.

“So how do you know it’ll be different this time?” you asked him.

“I got a hold of her family, they’re going to help me get her into a hospital here.” He looked down at his lap, he still looked hurt from it all. “You’re the only one besides Jared and Jensen that knows all of that.”

You leaned over and hugged him, happy that he finally told you, but also sad that he had to go through all of that.  

“I love you” you told him, which brought a smile to his face.

“I love you too,” he kissed you before looking at his watch. “We’ve gotta get down stairs.”

You and Misha were making your way down the hallway, hand in hand, smiling and laughing. You had completely forgotten about the pictures that had been released, it didn’t matter anyhow, the only thing about them that was true was you and Misha. Right as you got to the room where the photo ops were, your phone buzzed in your pocket. You pulled it out of your pocket to see who it was from, not worrying about reading it right now. Your smile fell when you read the name that flashed across the screen. Andrew.

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Good Morning

Summary: You and Yugyeom wake up in the morning, and you don’t want to get out of bed. Yugyeom finds something for you to do.

Genre: Smut

Length: 1170

Requested here

You woke up and felt Yugyeom’s warmth against your back. It was the weekend, which meant that you could sleep in and just enjoy Yugyeom for as long as possible. You kept your eyes shut and snuggled closer to him. It was so warm, and the blankets were nice and fluffy. It was like you were lying in a cloud in heaven with nothing but joy in front of you. You took a few deep breaths, ready to fall back asleep, but you felt Yugyeom stirring behind you.

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“You call TOP daddy by accident (you’re not dating though) and he shows you just how daddy he can be”

Group: Big Bang 

Pairing: T.O.P. X Reader

Type: Smut

Trigger Warnings: None



You were standing in your friend’s kitchen, helping him with dinner. He could sometimes have trouble with cooking, so you often went over and gave him a hand so he didn’t set off the fire alarm. Even though he was in his late twenties, he was still as playful as an 18 year old.

“Y/n-ah? You said you needed soy sauce, right?” He called from where he stood, searching the cupboard.

“Nae! And the fish sauce!” You replied, focusing on not burning the food in the pan.

You felt his presence behind you as he stood holding the ingredients you’d requested, and held your breath. You had always found Seunghyun attractive, but never acted upon it, he was too busy with his group Big Bang to have a girlfriend anyway, 

 “Here you go, hun.” 

 His voice was raspy, and so close to your ear you almost shivered. But instead, you turned to take the bottles from him and gave him a grateful smile, 

“Thanks Seunghyun.” 

 He nodded in return and you spun back around to finish off the dish, but, noticing something was missing, you asked without thinking, 

 “Oh. Could you grab the chicken from the fridge please daddy?” 

 You heard his breath hitch behind you, and whipped around to face him wide-eyed and panicking. You completely had not intended to call him that. Oh no. It just slipped out, much like accidentally calling your teacher mom in school. He stood very still, just staring at you. His dark eyes boring into your own. You didn’t even know what to say, or how to explain yourself, but before you had the chance, 

 “.. Did you just call me daddy?” 

 His brow furrowed slightly and he sunk his teeth into his lower lip, confused. You could only stand there, eyes wide, screaming internally. It took a moment before your voice worked again, 

 “I-I-I didn’t mean to! I-I don’t think of you like my dad or anything, y-you’re a close friend and I'vealwayslikedyou it just slipped out, I’m so sorry!” 

 He watched you closely as you rambled on, his expression changing from one of confusion to that of curiosity. You were still going on about how important your friendship was when he suddenly cut you off with a quirk of his brow, 

 “Y/n-ah.. Could it be… You have a daddy kink?” 

 He was smirking at you like he’d just uncovered your biggest secret. You felt you cheeks flare up even more, and knew you must be the colour of a tomato. You wanted to deny it, but knew it would be a lie if you did, 

 “I..” You sighed, ashamed, and covered your face with your hands, “Yes!” 

 You heard him chuckle lowly, and then felt his fingers wrap around your wrists gently, pulling them down to reveal your bright red face. His eyes seemed even darker now than ever before as he looked down into your own, and you could feel a knot forming in your stomach at the thought of losing him because of something like this. You were thinking of all the possible ways he could leave you when he finally spoke again,

“.. I can be your daddy.”

You froze, eyes wider than ever, lips parted slightly in shock. He bit his lip and watched your reaction closely. Seeming satisfied by your obvious surprise, his lips curled into a smirk, and his grip on your left wrist tightened ever so slightly as he released the right one. 

With a jerk of your captured wrist, he pulled you into his chest. His lips met yours in a heated kiss, and his other hand slipped around your waist with no warning. You gasped into the embrace, eyes wide open, before relaxing into the feeling of his soft lips on yours. He kissed you with an urgency, as though he would never let you go again. And you didn’t want him to. 

Breathless from his kiss, you pulled back, “Then be my daddy..”

He grinned at you and tightened his grip on your wrist once more before practically dragging you into his bedroom. Your back was pressed firmly against the door, closing it hard, and Seunghyun immediately began to kiss you again. His large hands roamed your torso, and he lifted your shirt over head to throw it onto the floor somewhere. The taller man’s lips moved to your neck, kissing, nipping, leaving hickey after hickey. 

“Daddy..” You sighed out, knowing it would turn him on even more, and he bit gently into the skin of your collarbone causing you to let out yet another gasp. He was clearly experienced in this area, and you were glad for it. His shirt came off next, as you nearly tore it from his toned body. Self control had been thrown out the window completely, every sexual thought or feeling you’d ever had for T.O.P was finally being released. He laced a hand into your hair tightly and tugged, 

“Will you be a good girl for Daddy tonight?” His voice was husky, and you felt the tingling between your legs increase dramatically as you nodded obediently. He smiled, a surprisingly gentle sentiment considering the circumstances, before lifting you into his arms and throwing you onto the bed. 

He crawled on top of you, never missing a beat, and pinned your wrists above you with his strong hands. His teeth grazed the shell of your ear and you shivered, the anticipation of what was to come overwhelming your senses. The rest of both your clothes were removed quickly, and his hands made their way down your body toward your throbbing heat.

You sighed out as he pushed a single finger into your entrance, and reached your hand down to stroke his shaft. He moaned softly as he kissed your lips with a roughness that you loved, and bit into your lower lip playfully.

“Are you ready baby girl?” He asked, moving his hips closer to your own, your entrance was aching to be filled with his hardness. You moaned in response, 

“Please, daddy.”

He smirked and removed his finger from you, pressing his warm lips to your neck as he lined himself up with your core. You felt him enter you in one quick, precise thrust, and you gasped for air at the intensity of it. He gave you no time to adjust to his size, thrusting into you with a force that caused you to cry out each time he re-entered your aching centre. 

“Oh my god!” You gasped out, desperately attempting to fill your lungs with the oxygen they required. He moaned into your neck, pounding relentlessly into you as you arched your back and gripped his broad shoulders tightly. 

His thrusts were becoming sloppy and he was losing his rhythm, signalling to you that he was nearing his climax. He bit into your collarbone and you squeaked, his teeth surprising you, but only succeeding in turning you on more and pushing you closer to your own orgasm. 

With only a few more hard thrusts, you were a moaning, writhing mess beneath the beautiful rapper above you. Your climax hit you hard. Harder than you’d ever experienced before, and you buried your face in his neck as your body was racked with wave after wave of pleasure. 

Your orgasm triggered his own, and after a few seconds of your high, he moaned loudly. Kissing you hard, he rode out his climax gripping your entrapped wrists harder than ever. But you didn’t care. The only thing that mattered was the unbelievable pleasure you felt. 

As your orgasms came to their ends, Seunghyun pulled out gently and collapsed beside you onto the soft surface of his bed. He held you in his arms, kissing your neck and whispering sweet nothings into your ear about how good of a girl you’d been for him. You closed your eyes and smiled, 

“You should be my daddy more often.”


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed. ~ Megz

The Death of Jedrek Stoutmantle

The sun was setting on Stormwind City, the afternoon was nothing but nice as the breeze overhead was cool air that kept the three armored figures below rather satisfied. Who and where were these three figures going? To crash a date. The date of someone important to all three of them. Nikki Thorpe, Recke Stoutmantle and Galfouh Diamond-eye.

A sound of a gunshot being fired off echoed throughout the Dwarven District and rippled the sky above, the sound was thunderous and that single noise signalled the entrance of the three people.

Down the steps towards the Ox Pit and Lake is where the three of them headed. What Nikki saw was gruesome but normal for her line of work. A man in fine tailored clothing was laying in a pool of his own blood, Jedrek Stoutmantle. However there were more than just the four of them present. A night elf stood above the body, hidden behind leather armor and a mask, her face was unseen except for her silver eyes and hair. She had finger guns pointed at Jedrek while his date, Lakryss Sparrow, was being dragged away by another masked assailant. The woman was unconscious and propped up against a tree.

Nikki’s attention stayed on the man on the floor. She had stopped her tracks beside a tree stump, Galfouh stood next to her. However, Recke would move forward, standing tall and proud above the body of his dying Cousin he showed no remorse and his gaze was cold and flat. “You should’ve listened to me.”
It was then, that a crystal rolled over to the trio, tossed in by another masked figure, it popped and turned into dust, making the area a magicless zone, causing Jedrek’s illusion on his appearance as well as the Elves own appearance to disappear… Though this meant nothing to Nikki, she could care less. The only thing she wanted, the only reason she was here, was to watch Jedrek die.

Recke leaned down over Jedrek, drawing a dagger from his belt, hushed words were spoken, inaudible to Nikki and everyone else as he pressed the blades sharpest point against Jedrek’s chest, hovering it over where his heart would be.

A moment passed, not a long one before Recke moved his face away from the man. “This is what true power looks like. I doubt you’ll find peace after this.” Recke would tilt his head before speaking again. “A soulstone? Nice trick. But that won’t work either. Goodbye, Jedrek.” Those words would seem to haunt Nikki’s head for a short moment as she watched the dagger being forced into the mans chest, directly stabbing him in the heart in slow motion. A smile, a sadistic smile tugged at her lips though it wouldn’t be seen due to her face being hidden behind a mask.

The elf moved quickly to unbuckle her faceplate, turning away from the group of onlookers as a sickening howl could be heard as well as a cracking noise of her jaw. Nikki only glanced up for a moment to see the sickening sight of the elves Jaw unhinging and ripping apart to allow whatever soul Jedrek had into her being. This however, still would not disturb the woman.

Approaching the body, Nikki placed a hand atop Recke’s arm as he stood straight once more, she did this to steady herself. The man was dead and his soul couldn’t even make it to his soulstone, wherever it was. She’d stare coldly into his lifeless blue eyes before lifting her foot and stomping on the dagger in his chest, as if that would give her any sort of comfort or satisfaction… It would turn out that it didn’t… It only bothered her more that she wasn’t the one to kill Jedrek. “Miss Thorpe.” A woman’s voice came from behind, snapping her head backwards as she noticed the familiar voice. “Tend to Miss Sparrow, take her back to her shoppe and don’t let her leave.” Said Marge Grimwalde. Nikki only nodded her head. “Of course.” She’d take the order from her co-worker and move away from Recke and the body of his fallen cousin.

Heading towards the tree Lakryss was leaned against, a small group had already formed around her. Familiar figures that took part in his murder. “John, pick her up and take her back to her shoppe.” Nikki would order to her armored lover that just happened to be another pawn in the game of chess they had just played. Though it seemed he was already in the middle of picking her up when the order was given. He’d soon fade into the shadows with Lakryss in his arms and Nikki would do the same and follow after. Leaving Recke, Marge and the three other assailants there to do whatever they wished with the body. Though Marge would be the one burning it later…

When Lakryss awoke everyone would just play it off like she never met him. He never existed.

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Netflix and Chill (Part 2) - Castiel x Reader (NSFW)

Part 1.

Summary:  You and Cas are watching a movie. At some point, you get bored, and decide to do something else. 

Words: 2048

Warnings: Fingering, spanking, strip, dom!Cas, rough sex, la petite mort.


A/N: I couldn’t help myself. I just felt that I couldn’t end it so abruptly. So, here is another part for ya’ll.

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