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This is probably random, but I miss sheriarty a lot, so... Top five headcanons?

lol but I suck at this? I don’t even think I have a “top 5” so much as just canon compliant thoughts I really like such as “Jim is buried at Sherlock’s grave”, for example, but I’ll try….

1. Jim has an irrational hatred of Switzerland. The cheese, and the lederhosen and embroidery, and The Sound of Music, and the happy little chocolates and pastries, and the snow-capped mountains with their fresh air and waterfalls and shit, it all just freaks him out. So of course Sherlock takes the opportunity to secretly install a Swiss chalet cuckoo clock in every one of Jim’s London flats to scare the hell out of him.

2. Sherlock actually has written a song for Jim, but it’s an impossible composition to play. Any attempt to do so will result in the music sounding like gibberish because it was never meant to have a comprehensible melody meant for everyone’s ears. Jim couldn’t be more touched.

3. Although both of them know how to drive, neither one of them can be in the car with the other because they nitpick everything:

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware you picked up a spare job as a London tour bus driver and decided the speed limit was 50 in a single carriageway.”
“Oh, kind of like how you decided sticking your middle finger out the window when you had to pull over was an acceptable hazard light?”
“But at least I use an indicator, Sherlock. I shouldn’t be surprised coming from someone who took their test in an automatic.”
“And let me guess you were just naturally gifted at driving a stick shift?”
“Oh honey, you better believe it.”

4. Jim is incredibly careful not to take Sherlock out to places where there’s any smoking to insure he’s not triggered or starts to have cravings. Sherlock puts up a big fight about it, of course, because he hasn’t had urges in months, but is secretly grateful for the gesture because now they don’t have to talk about rising anxiety he gets at the prospect of it happening again which he’s sure Jim’s noticed - hence all the trouble he goes through.

5. Sherlock is really surprised to know he has more beauty products than Jim, who he was sure would take up the entire bathroom sink but has some special moisturizer, hair gel, and a bar of soap to his name. Jim jokes that’s because his Irish genes aren’t saturated with thousands of years of guilt to need much more upkeep. Sherlock mumbles something about his genetic height and leprechauns. Jim chases him around the flat with a shaving knife.

Loch Assynt

The A837 skirting Loch Assynt is a varied road ranging from narrow single-track to a wide, flowing single carriageway near Lochinver. Sights to see along the 50 mile stretch are Suilven and Canisp, later on you have Calda House and of course Ardvreck Castle.  This is one the finest stretches of roads in Scotland, up and down with fast corners and great views.  To do this in a road trip I would probably base myself at Inverness, Its about a two hour journey up to the north east of Scotland. Once you’ve had your stop offs for pics and to take in the sights I would suggest you carry on to Durness, there are campsites and a couple of hostels but you would have to book early if staying overnight, alternatively stay the night in Ullapool which has many more places to stay. 

‘Transparent’ trucks with rear-mounted Samsung safety screens set to save overtaking drivers

The days of getting stuck behind slow-moving trucks on single-carriageway roads could be coming to an end with new Samsung technology

Have you ever experienced the frustration of being stuck behind a slow-moving lorry without a good enough view to overtake? Of course you have, but Samsung has come up with a solution.

The Korean technology firm has fitted cameras to the front of its lorries and video screens to the back. That way, any car following can see what’s ahead of the lorry and whether or not it’s safe to overtake.