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The 25 Days of Shit Slytherins Say: #1
  • Christmas is so close I can almost smell the mistletoe I'm not going to be kissed under.
I Saw Mommy Kissin’ Santa Claus

Bucky Barnes x Single Mother Reader

Plot: When your son finds out the truth about Santa, you’re worried the magic of Christmas has been ruined. Bucky takes it in his hands to amend this.

Warnings: CHRISTMAS FLUFFF so sweet it’ll make your teeth rot, Children are assholes, but Buck is a doll💕, language (because it’s me, obviously), I guess like .2 seconds of angst? pietro x reader that you’ll miss if you blink

A/N: This really got away from me. I hope it makes up for the heart-wrenching angst from yesterday lol Dad!Bucky is the best Bucky and StepDad!Bucky makes my heart melt!  Piet is Pietro’s kid (obviously) cuz Reader apparently has got it bad for blue-eyed bad boys (I blame you, @sergeantjamesbarnes107th )  If you don’t like Pietro, just pretend it isn’t him lol (GIFS are not mine, they’re never mine lol)

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“Children are assholes.” You announce as you walk into the compound common room, cradling your little boy in your arms.  When you’re greeted by looks of pure confusion, you elaborate.  “Who the hell tells a six-year-old that Santa isn’t real?  Just who is that evil?”  You hiss as you feel Piet slump against your shoulder, a tale-tell sign that all his wailing has worn him out.  When his breathing evened out, you hand Wada her sleeping nephew.  You set up a makeshift bed for him on the couch before setting him against the pillows and blankets.  “Carl.  Carl Evans is that evil.”  You grunt.

“Y/N? You’ve lost me.  Who is Carl Evans?”  Steve asks after pausing the movie everyone had been watching before you had been paged by the daycare downstairs.

“Some ten-year-old twerp who thought it would be a good idea to tell my angel that Santa isn’t real.  He’s been crying for the better part of an hour.”  You sighed, brushing some hair out of your boy’s face.  “Christmas is always hard enough as it is, he’s the only kid in the daycare who doesn’t have two parents.  I’ve been doing this alone since his father died, but now it’s been completely ruined.”

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This is my (very very very overdue) gift for the lovely and amazing @longstoryshortikilledhim as part of the @verymerrykylux​ gift exchange. Thank you so much for your patience with me! They asked for a scene from one of their fics, and I picked this beautiful scene from chapter 2 of their a m a z i n g fic, Psychomania. I highly recommend this fic if you haven’t already read it. It’s a beautifully written piece, and I can only hope I managed to do it justice. 

When you start crying on Christmas Eve....

Because you haven’t spent Christmas with anyone/family since 2012. Here I’m making mashed potatoes for my coworkers because I picked up a shift tonight because I don’t want to be alone tonight. So I turn on some Christmas music and it triggers my sobbing. So here I am peeling potatoes crying to “I’ll be home for Christmas”.

Being an adult is hard.

The Killers Cover ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’, ‘Don’t Waste Your Wishes’ Title of Christmas Compilation

Given that it is already Friday in New Zealand, The Killers latest, and perhaps last, (RED) Christmas Single and new Christmas compilation album are now available.

Contrary to some reports and speculation, ‘Don’t Waste Your Wishes’ is the title of The Killers’ Christmas compilation album while ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ appears to be the final Christmas single.

Presumably, ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ is a cover of the 1943 Bing Crosby classic and appears to be available for purchase separately from the compilation.

You can listen to a snippet of Brandon Flowers’ spoken intro on ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ by previewing the track on iTunes New Zealand.

The Killers Have Raised Over $1 Million for (RED)

According to a press release issued by (RED) today, The Killers have now raised over $1 million USD for the fight against HIV/ AIDS since beginning their (RED) Christmas Single tradition in 2006.

You can read the entire press release here.

Since 2006, The Killers have donated 11 tracks to (RED), and are the only band to have donated a Christmas track every year for the last decade. With the release of the new album, “Don’t Waste Your Wishes”, The Killers’ will have raised more than $1 million for the Global Fund – the recipient of all (RED) monies - since the release of their first (RED) single.