single and totes cool with it

so, like single dad!gabe getting called to the principal’s office because trouble maker kids can’t stay out of the fire, and he’s all ready to hash it out with mrs. whatsherface only to find out that she retired (probably because of your children, gabe) and is replaced mr. ‘angry and gorgeous’ morrison and gabe has no idea what to do because: on one hand he wants his kids to fucking behave, holy shit, why do you do this? everything i do is for you but on the other hand he wants the excuse to see this man as much as possible.

and his two wonderful kids jesse and sombra figure it out pretty fast that dad has the hots for principal and start work together to bring them together, because all-in-all dad being happy is pretty high priority and principal morrison isn’t that bad of a dude, and they are fairly he has a crush to because sometimes he calls in gabe for the smallest reasons when he could just assign a detention.

sombra and jesse’s plan doesn’t work exactly like they thought, but in the end gabe and jack get together and they are a beautiful family, and the kids are still fucking troublemakers, and everything is perfect and nothing hurts.

ugh. fuck. someone send help, i am stuck in OW shipping hell. please. someone. help me. 

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placeholderaccount  asked:

I just want a de-aged fic where Cas and Dean are reverted back into toddlers via ~magic~ and Cas is still the same age mentally because his angelic awareness isn't connected to his vessel's brain, but Dean has the mind of his 3-year-old self and Sam has to tote them everywhere like an awkward single dad and Cas keeps weirding out strangers because he has the vocabulary of a grown man instead of a child and Dean has a little kid-crush on Cas and brings him gifts, like cool rocks he found... ;___;


this makes me intensely happy

HEMA trendsetters and other persons of interest

As a follow-up to my visual guide to historical fencers, and inspired by one or two recent posts about HEMA stereotypes, I thought I could highlight some other interesting outliers or trendsetters within the historical fencing community.

I’ll let you decide which of them may be pioneers, generations ahead of the rest of us, obsolete, atypical, interesting to look at or just plain freaky.

Out of respect and in order to protect their privacy, I’ve cleverly used censor bars.

Das Dreamboat

No one pulls off the middle-aged man in a colourful long-sleeve tight compression t-shirt with mismatching knee-length stripy socks with the aplomb of this particularly renown individual. Perhaps for very good reasons. Small wonder he has so many devout followers. The way his sword gently yet firmly binds, forever seeking openings. Oh my.

The Lobster People

Not much is known about these Lobster Peoples, other than the fact that they really really like leather armour. One can only surmise that there’s some measure of role playing and theatrical combat involved in whatever it is that they do. They are certainly living the dream. Particularly if it’s a dream that involves hard leather and butter sauce.

Poofy Pants to the Rescue!

Thank goodness for these folks! Trying to put the ‘Historical’ and ‘Happy’ into HEMA, you know? Because who doesn’t love MC Hammer or clowns? Hitler, that’s who!! And polyester is just so damn versatile! It’s what Joachim Meyer himself would wear if he were with us today. Respek!

Los Conquistadores

By constitutional law every single Spanish historical fencer must sport a dark & handsome goatee, much like Robert de Niro in The Mission or the bad guys in that Cate Blanchett movie where she and some pirates save England, or that other one with Aragorn in a big floppy hat whispering a lot in Mexican. This might mean that the Spaniards are the evil Spocks of HEMA, I’m not sure.

The King Arthurs

I miss these guys. I haven’t seen them for a while so I think they have their own things now. The Historical Medieval Armour Bashing Chivalrous Combat League of Nations or something. It’s totes cool. So historical. Much medieval. Very tournament. Many armours. Wow.

The Anachronistic Dandies

These well-groomed gentlemen are forever in the pursuit of fencing excellence and aesthetic elegance. They insist on good manners and refinement as the key to social influence and community building. Don’t be fooled by the blousy shirts and polite demeanour - violence is readily available upon request. They can be often found in meadows, harkening back on the glorious days of times past.

The Stormtrooper

Also referred to as ‘DIY Robocops’, ‘Road Warrior rejects’, ‘the Plastic Fantastics’ etc depending on who you ask. Laugh all you want, but when the inevitable collapse of civilisation is upon us, you’ll want some of these hard-shell guys around you during the global panic and mass riots.

The Sports Bra Cartwheeling Princess

Who in their right mind could possibly object to this trend? Yoga pants, no puncture resistant gear and actively trying to hit each other with pointy weapons? Well isn’t that just splendid. Fanfuckingtastic. What could ever possibly go wrong? We should all only train like this forever and ever and ever. OK, so I know some of you argue that they just wave their swords at each other relatively harmlessly, but still, giggity!

The Epic Freedom Beard

The lumberjack/hipster/civil war re-enactor/rugged/outdoorsy/manly-man thick spectacular beard look is having a great resurgence, particularly now that our masculinity is apparently under serious threat (!). It also tells the world that aside from having a white penis, your fencing mask is terribly itchy and uncomfortable and massively overheated, and THAT’S the way you like it, because fuck you that’s why.

The Nappy Brigade

Much like it’s impossible to take a bad picture of Barney Stinson, it’s physically impossible to take (or find!) a good picture of any of these diaper-folks in their crotch straps and (often) jeans. Something about the white balance and the light conditions in fencing halls affects the exposure or whatever, so the outcome is always strangely awkward, like they need a toilet break or something. On the other hand, their fencing is quite probably remarkable.

This is just a bit of satire, so some hyperbole may have been used for effect. Try not to get upset if you belong to one of these tribes. Please do remain calm and put the torches and pitchforks back down. You all look and fence great - yes yes, even you.

R: phew. finally all the designs for the items are finished.
Q: Wah, thank you for your hard work!! so I’m guessing those will also have that DOGMA kind of mood? ( ˃̶᷇ ‧̫ ˂̶᷆ )
R: there’ll be like song lyrics on the motifs and logos.
Q: looking forward to it (^o^)/ how many will there be this time?
R: UN has about 20 items. for DUE they’ll all be changed again.
Q: thank you of all your hard work! I’m really curious about the hat, what color is it? ヽ(´▽`)ノ
R: it’s broad-brimmed and black.
Q: R-San. hello, thanks for the great job. so, there will be a hat then. since my head is kinda small I’d like to know the size. how much will the size of the hat be? (。-_-。)
R: I don’t know what a normal hat size is but small people can adjust it from the inside.
Q: will there be iPhone cases again this time (。・ω・。)?
R: there will. we have iphone5S, 6 and 6plus sizes.
Q: are the pants the skinny type??(*´ー`*人*´ー`*)
R: they’re skinny and have holes near the knees.
Q: will there be mail-order again this time?
R: of course!
Q: what kinds of T-shirts will there be!?☆
and what colors!?☆
R: 3 kinds. though one will be FC limited.
Q: do you have bears and stuff again this time?
R: we do.
Q: what is it that always inspires you for the motifs? (´・ω・`)
R: Hmmmm. this time it was a lot of inspiration from the album.
Q: will there be accessories? and please let us know the colors (^^)
R: if everything goes smoothly as it is, there will be 3. a necklace, a chain bracelet and earrings.
Q: are the cases hard? or the notebook type?
R: the one for the 6plus is hard. 5/5s and 6 are a new notebook/memo-pad kinda type.
Q: will there be a wallet and pass case again this time? I couldn’t get them before so I really want them.
R: we don’t have them this time.
Q: will there be a tote bag or a boston bag?
R: there’ll be a tote bag. and this one I totally recommend.
Q: will there be things like a pamphlet or a photo book??
R: there won’t be a tour pamphlet. the DOGMA limited edition comes with a photo book so you might wanna check that out!
Q: could you please make sure that it won’t be all sold out again.  
R: it should be fine, since it’s a tour, don’t you think?
Q: R-San, hello! will the main color of the T-shirts be black this time again?
R: Well, it’s monotone.
Q: R-San, thank you so much for your effort. I heard that last time you forgot to produce mirrors. will there be any mirrors this time? (*´v`)
R: yes, there will.
Q: if there is a bottom and a hat, it seems like it will be a whole outfit (from head to toe)! will the designs be ok if we combine them?
R: yeh, of course.
Q: any pouches and stuff this time?
R: yup.
Q: I’m actually hoping for a T-Shirt with the tour schedule on the back, so will there be something like hat this time😶?
R: the FC limited T-Shirt is one of those. kinda like a typical tour shirt.
Q: will you upload pictures again of the members wearing the goods (><)?
R: if we have the time! but there’ll also be a LOOKBOOK so please refer to that(¤␣◉)
Q: I have a feeling those pants won’t fit me (lol) I would really like to know the size in detail (:_;)
R: well, if you told me your size I’d be able to answer you. but I think it should be fine!
Q: what’s the size of the earrings? the usual 18 gauge?
R: it’s a normal earring pin size.
Q: what do you mean by a new notebook type…? does it open on the right…? or does it open vertically?!
R: it’s a two-leaf/double-door kind.
Q: what size does it (the tote bag) come in? my tote bag from the RAD mook book is so worn out, so I really want a new one soon
R: it’s not that sort of eco friendly shopping bag but a usual tote bag.
Q: will there be a clutch bag?
R: yes. this time we aimed at a reasonable price and firmness.
Q: that’s gotta be the first time there won’t be any pamphlet, right?? ( ˊଳˋ) I haven’t missed a single one since the JUDGEMENT DAY( ˇω゚) (photo)
R: yeh, might be a first.
Q: is the pouch cool? or more of a cute design?
R: it’s cute but it does have an evil feel to it.
Q: around May you said something about VM and that something’s would be different, so when will you know?
R: right now we’re still in the stage of producing the items so please wait just a little longer.
Q: is the design of the earrings for girls?
R: it actually has a unisex feel.
Q: thank you for your hard work. so the hat will be wide-brimmed, but is it about the size of the hat Uruha was wearing in fadeless?
R: well, that one was an actress hat, wasn’t it? (*apparently that style for hats is called that, at least in Japan)


Well, it’s hellatus now, and to break up the heartbreak and monotony, I’ve decided to do a giveaway!!!!!!! (BOTH SUPERNATURAL AND GAME OF THRONES ARE GOING AWAY OH NO WHAT AM I GONNA DO???)

NOTE: This post must get at least 10 notes or I’ll delete it in shame

What are the prizes?

—> Choose a tote bag (any size and design!!) from this store! It’s one of my personal favorites, and there is a wide variety of designs to choose from! It doesn’t have to be Supernatural/Game of Thrones/etc. related!

—> Pick anything you want from this store! (It has to be $15 or less though, what do I look like, some kind of rich person??)

—> Your choice of any single Funko pop doll! (as long as I can actually get it, and it’s not some kind of special edition and/or it’s not more expensive than the ~$10 ones)

—> One of these cool bullet necklaces from this store!! (I won’t order it until the winner has been selected so you can choose a custom engraving if you so choose!!)

How it’s Going to Work

—> There are going to be TWO winners!

—> FIRST place gets their choice of three of the above prizes

—> SECOND place gets the prize not selected by the first place winner

[[If that wasn’t very clear, here’s an example: the first place winner is selected and they choose the tote bag, the pop doll, and the bullet necklace; this means that the second place winner gets the $15 prize from the Geek Studio etsy store. This applies to any combination of prizes!]]

How to Win

—> Firstly, you must be following me (I WILL be checking so don’t pull any shenanigans)

—> No giveaway blogs!

—> You must have a shipping address in the continental US! (International shipping is just too expensive, sorry!!) 

—>You must reblog this post (you can like it if you want to, I suppose, but I won’t enter your name in the drawing if you don’t reblog!)

—> The first place winner will be selected from my top followers, provided that said winner has reblogged this post; that means that if you reblog the shit out of all of my other posts and you’re in my top followers, you have a really good chance of winning (don’t just spam this post though ok, I’ll disqualify you for that shit)

—> The second place winner will simply be chosen with a random number generator

When does it end?

The contest will end at midnight MST on the last Sunday of the GoT season, or June 15th, 2014 because that is the true moment that this hellatus will begin fml


Message me!

EDIT: you can reblog this post as much as you want! That will increase the chances for you to win the second place prize! However, it won’t really increase your chances of wining first place unless you spam this post a whole lot, which I already mentioned that you shouldn’t do

diggingearlygraves  asked:

do you take ideas? I just want a de-aged fic where Cas and Dean are reverted back into toddlers and Cas is still the same age mentally because his angelic awareness isn’t connected to his vessel’s brain, but Dean has the mind of his 3-year-old self and Sam has to tote them everywhere like an awkward single dad and Cas keeps weirding out strangers because he has the vocabulary of a grown man instead of a child and Dean has a little kid-crush on Cas and brings him gifts, like cool rocks he found.

Lmao, that is hilarious. :’) Added!