The 12 Most Annoying Things Single People Do On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, which means one thing: almost everyone you know who is single is in full-on whining mode. I bet you thought I was going to say chocolate or candy or hearts, right? No. Since the dawn of social media began, Valentine’s Day has morphed from a holiday about love and presents to a holiday where single people spend as much time as possible complaining to anyone who will listen. And I’m really getting bored of hearing it.


Ville Valo Body Portrait

This drawing was so much fun.  Drawing all his tattoos was a bit of a challenge but I enjoyed every second of it.  Well, except his sleeve tattoo lol. There is a speed drawing video available to view to my patrons at Patreon. The hi-res drawing without the watermark available in a few weeks.