singingmist started following you

singingmist started following you

Dusky turned her head. She had felt the presence of another fae, though very different from her. To put it in perspective for humans, it was like meeting someone from another country. She wasn’t even sure if they were the same type, either. “Yo.” She greeted, waving at her.

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Have started following you.

“Well, well, well…”  The forest spirit crouched down onto all fours, eyeing the group of humans suspiciously as they neared her forest.  A few strands of pure white hair fell over her face as she peeked at them.

“My name is Aisling.”  Her voice lilted, whimsical and soft.  A pale arm motioned towards the crowded wood about them, green shrubs and flowers and trees twisting every which way.  "And I don’t like trespassers in my forest.“