The surprise cake and the singing candle

Who on earth knows that apparently the candle-flower (or flower-candle? Nvm.) will open up and create a blast of fire (see the middle part)??? Kudos to the chinese (well, apparently the candle is made and bought from China - info from the cafe manager).

Seriously I never see this kind of candle until today. And was too shocked so I missed the chance to take pic..T_T.

Somehow, the mudpie was kinda overlooked due to this awesome candle which CAN’T STOP SINGING THAT HAPPY BIRTHDAY TUNE! (It’s kinda loud enough to make the customer sit on the next table looking around for the source of the music).

If I have a nightmare later with “Happy Birthday” as the soundtrack, I know this candle is the ultimate culprit! =P

So, if you want this kind of candle for your birthday celebration, can visit this cafe called Blue Mountain Cafe @ 313 Somerset (and ask the staff, obviously not stated in the menu) or..go to China to buy it yourself. LOL.