The Songs of the Singing Nomads

“Don’t fall in love with a traveling girl, she’ll leave you broke and broken-hearted…”

“Two lovers forbidden from one another

A war divides their people

And a mountain divides them apart.

Built a path to be together….




…and dieeeeeeeeeeeeee”

“OH! Don’t let the cave-in get you down

Don’t let the falling rocks turn your smile into a frown

When the tunnel’s as dark as that’s when you need a clown! Hey!

Don’t let the cave-in get you down, Sokka!”

“Even if you’re lost you can’t lose the love because it’s in your heart..oh, oh, oh..”

“The badger-moles coming towards me

Come on, guys, help me out!

The big bad badger-moles

who opened the tunnels

hate the wolf-bats

but love the sounds!”

So Many Tunnels!

I think if the Chong and the nomads were in Korra, they’d be having a frickin’ field day with that secret tunnel song.

Seriously, all the tunnels in Korra:

(shut up, I’m counting this one!)

(Yes, I’m counting this one, and the several adjacent ones leading to various other places besides the prison, as a secret tunnel, too!)

So I was going to make this elaborate post a few weeks ago but I got very distracted by a reblog that pointed out what something said on Pottermore. But if we forget that for right now…

I’ve had a headcanon for years that there is a small group of hippie werewolves living in the Forbidden Forest. Like as cliche hippie as you can get. Think of the singing nomad group from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I originally thought of this headcanon years ago when I was originally going to write an entire series about the Marauders at Hogwarts.

The Marauders are exploring the Forbidden Forest one day in their third year when they stumble across a group of hippies. So they hang out with them for a few hours and Remus notices that all of their eyes are amber. And he asks and they admit that they’re werewolves. The reason that they lead such a peaceful, pacifist, lifestyle is so that they will be calm and in control when they transform.

Also I totally imagine Remus going through a phase where he’s like, “Yes, I’m going to abandon my worldly possessions and live out here in the Forbidden Forest surf my brothers and sisters.”

And the Marauders are just like, “……Alright?”

Seriously take a few moments to think about Hippie!Remus. It’s glorious.

But even when that phase passes, I imagine that Remus still occasionally visits to get advice or to just be around people who understand what it’s like to have lycanthropy.

(Also, I wrote an unpublished story years ago where a boy in Hogsmeade was bitten and Remus essentially takes him under his wing and the Marauders protect the child from the violent societal backlash and in the end, the hippies pretty much adopt him. Maybe I should rewrite/post that story. Hmmm…but I digress!)

I guess I just love the idea that during a time when Voldemort was recruiting werewolves and society thought that all werewolves were cold-blooded killers, there’s a group of werewolves out there who are so calm and pacified that they wouldn’t even hurt a plant.