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How the signs walk.

Aries: swears by the golden rules of walking that their mother taught them: stomach in, chest out! back straight!

Taurus: sometimes you can’t figure out if they are dancing or walking, the hand movement is some intense stuff. Jaywalks on the regular.

Gemini: runway walk in slow motion, while the wind flies in their hair.

Cancer: when they walk they don’t look left, they don’t right, just look straight, shades on, headphones on.

Leo: *pretends there is a book on their head while walking* clear the way folks, the world is my runway.

Virgo: walks like they are the president of a nation, wants to emulate power in their walk.

Libra: believes in smelling the roses and stopping to enjoy their surroundings while walking.

Scorpio: their “walking” is what the rest of the world calls jogging

Sagittarius: has a bounce to their walk, energetic walk almost like a living nike advert.

Capricorn: likes to walk fast, but you can never hear them, can be a very good spy because of this, also can scare people because of this lol.

Aquarius: *wonders why people walk instead of skip* in an ideal world if everyone skipped, we would all be so much happier.

Pisces: tendency to walk into things, walks a little slow because of that

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  • Venus/sun: Embodies the love principle, vivacious, charismatic and striking love
  • Venus/moon: Internalizes the love principle, empathetic and protective love
  • Venus/mercury: Sings and speaks the love principle, cerebral and sparkling love
  • Venus/mars: Fights for the love principle, adrenaline-powered and exciting love
  • Venus/Jupiter: Expands the love principle, adventurous, heightened and jubilant love
  • Venus/Saturn: Elevates and Respects the love principle, loyal, golden and dignified love
  • Venus/Uranus: Innovates the love principle, electrifying, and universal love
  • Venus/Neptune: Transcends the love principle, compassionate, psychic and divine love
  • Venus/Pluto: Abuses or Reforms and Ascends the love principle, consuming and fervent love
The signs at art galleries

Aries: their hilarious commentary of the paintings is literally making everyone die of laughter and raising a few eyebrows.

Taurus: is here at the art gallery because a friend dragged them here. They either like the art or they hate it, there is no in between.

Gemini: is the one who knew about the artist and followed them on insta when they only had 1000 followers, *feels like a proud parent that the artist became big and is now in this famous gallery*

Cancer: turns the gallery into a their personal photoshoot space, takes so many pictures because they are excited. no one minds though, everyone thinks they are cute.

Leo: *is the only one who actually would pay 100k for a painting* “THIS IS PERFECTION, I WANT IT”

Virgo: the one who is dragging their friends to the gallery

Libra: gets inspired by the art they saw and channels the inspiration into creating a masterpiece, whether it be art, music, writing or cultivating new ideas.

Scorpio: goes home and researches the artist if they like them and within 10 hours they are an official expert on the artist and are planning their next trip to another exhibit by the aforesaid artist.

Sagittarius: “this is so different” (inner sagittarius- I don’t really get it but its cool still like I like that I dont get it you know, the painting intrigues me..anyway i’m posting to insta to show off my artsy side)

Capricorn: “oh my…” (inner capricorn- so the dude literally painted a red circle and its $100,000…… LMFAOO this is a joke right????)

Aquarius: watches the online video tour of the gallery because they can’t be bothered to wait for 2 hours in line to get in.

Pisces: Has visited the art gallery 3 times because they loved it and also the cafe in the gallery has amazing hot chocolate but thats not the point :p. The first time they went alone, the second with their friends and the third time they went was on a date. Is still fascinated each time.

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when we are navigating venus and the seventh house, our senses are filled with delight, cordial stimulation, and feelings of pleasure. it is here we can contemplate the beauty of a flower, the soft delicate masterpiece of a woman, the stunning portraits painted in the cosmos. these are vivid conceptions that already exist with the notes our own venus sings. if you are seduced by someone and astonished by their presence, it means they exhibit the sort of qualities you wish to integrate into your life. the first house is the self. the seventh house is the shadow. it triggers us to react to certain qualities in people. through the seventh house we can become more self aware because certain qualities inside are activated and elevated through consciousness. the great lake could only comprehend the sheer beauty of narcissus through the beauty that it already held inside.


Are you KIDDING ME the whole game show was just a cover for persuading Minako that life is worth living

The Ballads Cycle

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Demanding, ardent like a newborn star, Aries Venus is the wonderful waterfall of light that bathes and cleanses the earth after the night horrors have been defeated. Hardly a follower of anyone, she sings only for the winners and for the braves.

She is quite affectionate, but what makes the Taurus Venus such a beautiful thing is her steady, soothing voice that lures and cures any restlessness of a troubled spirit. A love of pleasure lies at the base of her soul, whether if intended for herself or for someone else.

It’s all about the rapid, tumultuous sing-song like voice of a thrilling mind. Gemini Venus knows an endless repertory of hymns about love, peace and joy. However, she prefers by far those about intriguing, amusing games of Life and The Dead. 

Cancer Venus is a highly sensitive creature. She puts a significant importance on rituals and the objects of her greatest love. She is not shy to show her dewy eyes in front of the world; she’s a courageous goddess of gentleness and moons, vehemently fending the fortress with her lullaby.

With grandeur and extravagance, Leo Venus touches the highest notes like an opera queen. She parades on a golden podium, almost touching with her fingertips the mesmeric rays of the sun. She is the one who spreads generosity and compassion with the warmest smile ever seen in the galaxy. 

Modest, fair and honorable, Virgo Venus holds the song of perfection in her lungs. She is a loyal healer, and loves to see others bloom at the hearing of her uniform cadence. Even if the light at the end of the tunnel still seems faraway, her voice will lastly carry you to the escape.

Her courteous and harmonic intonations tend to delude and enchant those who don’t know how to rightly admire them, but Libra Venus is, nonetheless, a majestic sight. Her mannerism is one of the finest, a strong, charming armor that she wears with pride, for the sake of pleasure and beauty.

Not one to be betrayed, Scorpio Venus is an enigmatic, intense figure. She has a powerful voice that can make whole crowds turn at once; to hear, to be mesmerized. She doesn’t make a great use of it, but when she does, it is simultaneously the last thing you would want to hear, but eternally. 

Sagittarius Venus appears only in the mist of change; she travels and wanders from the beginning to the end, again and again. She has the tonality of a philosopher- spiritual, bright, burning with curiosity and love to share with any kind soul that would join her in the journey.

Harsh, but profound. Clear like glass, but careful and lovingly polished like a marble statue. There is something incredibly solemn about the voice of the Capricorn Venus. She is what the heavenly song of justice and sorrow would sound like; marvellous, unperturbed.

From her throne of clouds and infinite blue, Aquarius Venus sings with an electric grace the aria of the sky. She likes to be at once free, removed from the clingy warmth of the earth, but also connected with the veins of light and air that cross its crevices.

She whispers, unselfish, with a trace of a smile played across her lips, verses of peaceful, dreamy ballads. There is no sadness or loneliness that Pisces Venus can’t cure, to take away with her angelic voice. Choirs of light rise behind her hallowed head, welcoming you back. Back to the start.

Well, that was a total eclipse! And it was pretty amazing. The air cooled noticeably, the cicadas started singing, we could see Venus. All around the horizons looked like sunset, and the sun’s corona overhead. It was so cool! We only got, like, a minute of totality but it was awesome. Note, this photo is from a bit before total.

I’d seen an almost-total eclipse back in, I think, ‘93. It was an annular eclipse–the moon wasn’t big enough to cover the sun entirely. The shadows from that were amazing. It never got as dark as the total, though, this one was pretty incredible.

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which placements do you think would predict why a person is good at singing I know I saw a post like that before I just cant remember.

there is also a lot of different placements for the different types of music or voices as well, but this usually indicates a good singing voice!
  • venus, mercury, or moon in taurus or libra
  • taurus, gemini, virgo, libra, moon, mercury, or venus in the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, or 10th house
  • venus dominance
  • planets in 2nd house
  • venus conjunct midheaven

↳ trigger warning: mental disorders


Yay, it’s Double B’s turn. I advise you to read this only if you don’t mind changing your opinion on a few things about him since I’ll explain some stuff that are different from what he portrays. Well. When we open his natal chart without the birth time, this is what happens:

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to be a good singer, would someone's venus most likely be in the 2nd or 7th house?

the 2nd house associates with the voice, so does the 3rd house… like neptune in the 3rd could have a hypnotic voice, uranus in the 2nd a bit nasally ive noticed.. moon in the 3rd and venus in the 3rd have a nice singing voice… venus in the 2nd could have a good talent for singing, mars in the 2nd is energized by the voice so just squealing and being loud, pluto in the 3rd ive noticed have a very formidable, forbearing voice like dont mess with them lol went off track then 

Amandla Stenberg

Amandla is a nonbinary African-American and Danish-American activist, actor and singer. Amandla is known for their acting prowess in films and performances such as, Colombiana (2011),  The Hunger Games (2012),  Sleepy Hollow (2013), As You Are (2016), and Beyoncé: Lemonade (2016).

Amandla Stenberg was born on October 23, 1998 in Los Angeles, California to parents Karen Brailsford and Tom Stenberg. Amandla’s name means power and strength in Zulu and Xhosa. At the age of four, Amandla made their public debut when they were featured in a Disney catalog and went on to star in numerous commercials for brands including McDonald’s and Walmart.

Amandla made a transition into film in 2010 when they began filming the action-thriller Colombiana (2011). Since then they have demonstrated an innate ability to capture the hearts of viewers worldwide. For their role as Rue in The Hunger Games (2012), Amandla was nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture. Amandla is also a talented musician and can play the violin, drums and guitar. In 2013 Amandla began performing violin and singing at venues across Los Angeles. Later the same year, they dropped their self titled EP.

Amandla Stenberg is a voice for young, Black, and LGBT millennials. Amandla is passionate about fair and diverse representation evidenced by their viral video “Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows” which unpacked the baggage of cultural appropriation. Amandla was invited to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Foundation to participate in the dedication ceremony where they paid tribute to the four young girls who were killed in the tragic Birmingham church bombing. Amandla is one of the most brilliant and outspoken actors of their generation. They take a multimedia approach to activism using film, social media, and music to bring more diversity in media, to build safer spaces, and to create more political agency for all people.

Dazed Magazine called Amandla Stenberg “one of the most incendiary voices of [their] generation.” Time Magazine named Amandla one of the 30 Most Influential Teens of 2015 and again in 2016. They have been interviewed by Solange Knowles for Teen Vogue and have been deemed an “icon of change” by ELLE UK. Oprah Winfrey recognized Amandla’s work and invited them to talk about authenticity in activism for Super Soul Sunday. Amandla is also the recipient of the BET Awards’ Young Stars Award. They have also been named Feminist Celebrity of the Year by the Ms. Foundation for Women. Amandla is a youth ambassador for No Kid Hungry and supports the Ubuntu Education Fund.


Today I attended my 5th Coheed show and I gotta say it was the best one yet. They played my favorite album and I got to sing every word of that album with my COTF family. I gotta say that Coheed and Cambria shows bring me some of the most joy in the world. You feel an emotional connection with everyone in the venue. You sing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs with hundreds are strangers. Plus you end up making some really great friends at Coheed shows. I wouldn’t trade my COTF family for anything.


[170830] DなSHOW Vol. 1 in Sendai - VENUS

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