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guys, guess what

yesterday i uploaded both BATB soundtracks to my computer—the 1991 one and the 2017 one. which would all be fine except itunes got fucked up somehow and LOBBED THEM BOTH TOGETHER. so now i have dan stevens singing about his lonely tower and then 10 seconds later fuckin Vintage Jerry Orbach™ is singing like 30 years too late about his pudding flambe

and i know there’s some smart ass out there who’s gonna be like ‘how is this a problem??’ WELL LET ME TELL YOU IT IS A PROBLEM, BUDDY, MY GUY. because now i’ve got fuckin crack fic on the brain where the two BATB universes collide and meet their counterparts. and like listen:

  • 2017 beast is fucking MORTIFIED that 1991 beast CANNOT FUCKING READ like do you even lift, bro
  • 1991 lumiere is mildly impressed that 2017 lumiere has the strength of mind to be so loyal to plumette. he definitely ships plumiere
  • 1991 cogsworth is relieved there is no lumiere/cogsworth kiss in 2017 like there was in 1991. 2017 cogsworth is upset there is no lumiere/cogsworth kiss in 2017 when there was one in 1991
  • the two belles get along pretty well though 2017 Belle has Questions™ about why 1991 belle doesn’t do more
  • the two mrs. potts are besties
  • the gastons just fucking MAUL each other. ‘i’m the biggest!! no I’M the biggest!!’
  • they’re comparing chest hair
  • 2017 lefou can’t even give the time of day to 1991 lefou. #savage
  • 2017 plumette is fucking upset that 1991 babette got to keep, like….a human face. ‘and i’m over here as a fuckin PEACOCK like w t f,’
  • now all the servants are comparing the merits of ‘days in the sun’ vs. ‘human again’ and taking notes

send HELP

Amethyst singing “tower of mistakes” for like a minute only for her feelings never to get addressed ever again is probably the best representation to how Amethyst gets treated in the show.

According to “reformed”, despite Amethyst and Pearl reconciling in “on the run” she still feels like she’s lesser to Pearl, but literally when the episode ends, that’s the end of it. When we find out Amethyst feels lesser to Steven and overall worthless during the Jasper return story arc, for one, Garnet and Pearl don’t know anything about it, haven’t even confronted or consoled her at all despite Garnet having future vision and knowing Amethyst’s past history with self worth issues. When they find out about smoky quartz’s self depreciating jokes in “know your fusion” nothing comes from it. Steven was the only one there for her and luckily for Steven, his problems gets resolved, or at least addressed, later on in “mindful education” and “lion 4”, but I ask what help did Amethyst get? Nothing. Amethyst clearly doesn’t know how to get help herself and needs others to do so for her, not only has this problem never been even addressed, but no one tries to help her and the only help they do give is temporary. I truly believe the best thing the writers can do for Amethyst is to give weight to her problems and allow her to grow as a character who can fix their own problems.

for your own peace of mind, maybe dont pay too close attention to the lyrics of some christmas songs.

this is the christmas card im sending out. steve didnt know what text i was gonna put behind it when he drew the picture.

(You can get this on redbubble!)

and it turns out that clint, who has been humming christmas carols for weeks now, doesnt actually know any of the real lyrics, and has just been making them up as he goes along. this is his latest masterpiece:

Winter Soldier’s Gunnin’ You Down (To the tune of Santa Claus is Coming to Town)

You better watch out, you better not cry

You’ll probably bleed out, I’m tellin’ you why

Winter Soldier’s gunnin’ you down

He’s got a hit list, he’s starting a fight

He’s clenching his fist, it’s shiny and bright

Winter Soldier’s gunnin’ you down!

He sees you when you’re sleeping

He knows when you’re awake

His aim is really fucking good and he’s gonna assassinate

You better watch out, you better not cry

You’ll probably bleed out, I’m tellin’ you why

Winter Soldier’s gunnin’ you down

He’s yanking out wheels and firing guns

If you were smart you’d probably run

Winter Soldier’s gunning you down!

Winter Soldier’s gunning you down!

They Can’t Take That Away From Me (Steve Rogers x reader)

Request: Hi there can you please make a fluffy Steve x Reader based on the song “They Cant Take That Away From Me” by Jose James❤️❤️

“Woo!  Get in there, Cap!”

Steve turned and shot a mischievous yet warning glance over his shoulder to Sam, who was sitting with an equally inebriated Clint on one side and a sober yet eager to make trouble Bucky at his other.  The three men only continued to cheer their friend on, warning or none, but no matter how eager they were for him to claim his moment, none of them could compare to the look of unabashed excitement in Tony’s eyes as he held out your hand to Steve. He had been trying to set the two of you up since your first day working for him at Stark Industries, and he wouldn’t believe that his intuition was wrong.  It took moving your work to the Avengers tower and then reassigning you as Steve’s assistant to get his plan into action, and now that he was seeing his genius idea reach its pinnacle, of course all because of him, he was almost as proud as if he were your own father.

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Tom’s mobile beeped. It was a sign that a new video was uploaded by (Y/N). He was on a break while the crew was preparing the set for his upcoming scene. He took his mobile and looked at the video. There she was, the funny cute colleague. She was in her personal caravan, wearing big glasses on her nose and saying: “Being classy makes me gassy, haha, yes." 

The man started to laugh out loud, not holding it back. Robert was the nearest person to him and he had to know why was he laughing that much. "Hey man, what’s with you?” When Tom showed him the video, he understood. “You two are having this war for over two weeks." 

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There's a reason 12th's regeneration bothers me.

The Twelfth Doctor has not had a good time. He spent Series 8 wondering if he’s a good man and eventually has to leave Clara when Missy lied to him about Gallifrey, then Series 9 had him unable to prevent the creation of the Daleks, saving a poor girl’s life but leading to be immortal and hate him for it, which lead to the death of Clara Oswald AND WAS CAUSED BY HIS OWN PEOPLE AT THAT TOO, and now Series 10 will lead to him arguably regenerating alone in a snowy location, with nobody with him. 

Even when he found happiness with being with River for those years on the Singing Towers, he NEVER. FUCKING. WINS. 


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The moment when you realise that Moffat did it... he made River Song be lineal with Doctor, staying at his side in a night of 24 years, together, without departing from the other, like old married couples do...

…and you will not see any bit of it

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Love Potion #9

Happy (day after) Valentine’s Day!  This is a collaborative story written by @ bixisarusher, @flslp87 @hellomommanerd @snowbellewells and @whimscallyenchantedrose.  A big thanks to @duathadun for making the above graphic!

Summary:  When Cupid puts a love potion in Storybrooke’s water supply on Valentine’s Day, all kinds of chaos ensues.  Can the heroes find a way to reverse the spell and bring peace back to their overly loving community?


Valentine’s Day dawned crisp and clear, the sun shining down on the snow that had blanketed Storybrooke overnight, making it sparkle like tiny diamonds.  Emma woke slowly, enjoying the warmth of her bed and the security of Killian’s arms around her.  

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‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ by Bonnie Tyler is a Charoix song.

Once upon a time I was falling in love, but now I’m only falling apart.

There’s nothing I can do. A total eclipse of the heart.