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Summary of every song in Hamilton
  • Alexander Hamilton:hey this dude had like a fucked up childhood and he writes a whole fucking lot
  • Aaron Burr, Sir:yo alex burr doesn't really like you WAKE UP (oh and rapping friends yay)
  • My Shot:ham is smol but mighty
  • The Story of Tonight:friends who sing together die together
  • The Schuyler Sisters:AND PEGGY
  • Farmer Refuted:does anyone really know anything about this song?????
  • You'll Be Back:george is an anger
  • Right Hand Man:other george is also an anger
  • A Winter's Ball:the song where the front row gets eye-banged by lmm
  • Satisfied:wedding regrets and hella rapping
  • The Story of Tonight - Reprise:burr: fashionably late and horny
  • Wait For It:oh no i now have feelings for burr
  • Stay Alive:valley forge: a very nice and not gross summary
  • Ten Duel Commandments:grown men fighting (and laurens trying to impress ham)
  • Meet Me Inside:"uh oh mom found out we were fighting and now im grounded"
  • That Would Be Enough:v sweet song about love
  • Guns and Ships:nobody but daveed can do this shit
  • History Has Its Eyes On You:g-wash has also fucked up once or twice in his life
  • Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down):GOTTA START A NEW NATION GOTTA MEET MY SON
  • What Comes Next?:george is taking the breakup horribly
  • Dear Theodosia:fatherly feels
  • Non-Stop:lez go
  • What'd I Miss:hey this thomas guy is pretty cool
  • Cabinet Battle #1:hey this thomas guy is kinda a dick
  • Take A Break:just fucking take a vacation ham, jesus christ
  • Say No To This:you shouldve gone on that vacation ham...
  • The Room Where It Happens:burr is v salty
  • Schuyler Defeated:burr is still salty but now a senator
  • Cabinet Battle #2:"daddy's calling"
  • Washington On Your Side:hatred really brings people together
  • One Last Time:say bye bye to g-wash kids
  • I Know Him:f you john adams. love, george ❤️
  • The Adams Administration:nobody really likes ham anymore :/
  • We Know:"i wasnt spending the governments money illegally, i was just paying a man so that i could cheat on my wife with his wife"
  • Hurricane:hes gonna do something stupid, isnt he
  • Th Reynolds Pamphlet:DAMN
  • Burn:eliza, bby, you dont deserve this
  • Blow Us All Away:fuck george eaker
  • Stay Alive - Reprise:*loud sobbing*
  • It's Quiet Uptown:*louder sobbing*
  • The Election of 1800:"can we get back to politics" "please" "yo"
  • Your Obedient Servent:burr is salty again
  • Best of Wives and Best of Women:?????????
  • The World Was Wide Enough:goodbye ham
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story:eliza is the best

For some reason I really REALLY want wynonna and nicole to sing karaoke together like drunk wynonna drags her up there and puts some super cheesy song on like timber and nicole’s like OK whatever (lowkey showing off for waverly did I say lowkey I meant highkey) and wynonnas singing the kesha part and then nicole comes in with the pitbull rap bit and absolutely NAILS it and everyone’s like :O


hey frens! so i’m going to give this a go, it might completely flop but i’d love to possibly meet some more people with the same interests as me! 

if you love dan and phil and also love twenty one pilots, you should consider joining this group chat! there’s no big commitment or anything, it’s just a casual place where you can talk to frens :)

~ what we’ll do!! ~

- freak out about dan, phil and twenty one pilots
- share music recommendations and pretty much sing songs together!
- make new frens :D
- have a judgement free place to vent and talk about life
- have fun!!

~ le rules ~

- must be following me!!
- fill in this quick survey :)
- please reblog this post!! (only reblogs are counted!)
- you must have at least a basic knowledge of phan and tøp! it’s ok if you’re a new fan, or you don’t know all the songs from no phun intended for example, but it’ll help everyone if we’re all on relatively the same page!

if this gets less than like 10 notes, pls forget it ever happened :P i honestly don’t know how to do this, i just want to make new frens and this is my first attempt!

at this point the plan is to have a skype group chat, maybe with skype calls in the future (i’m so awkward tho so idk :P) 

there’s no closing date for applications (this sounds like a job opportunity now lmao) so just keep sending ‘em in!! :D i’ll probably choose like 5 or 6 ppl when i think the time is right!

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-the boys fight over who gets to give Hana piggy back rides so Hana ends up having to put together a schedule even though she thinks it’s the most ridiculous thing she’s ever done
-Joshualina and Hana start Makeup Night and insist on practicing makeup techniques on Paul and Josh, who love it and look forward to it like every week
-they’ll all camp out in the boys’ dorm and watch scary movies together, and the boys get way more scared than Hana and demand that she sing lullabies and read bedtime stories to them (and also comforting hugs and kisses) to “calm their spooks”
-they’ll unironically watch Little Einsteins together and sing the theme song at the top of their lungs. (Jon and Jared always yell at them to shut the hell up but they never do)
-the boys like to play this game where they compete to see who can give Hana the first kiss of the day. They keep a scoreboard in the club room. Josh is winning by a margin of three
-they’ll have mini “fights” over who loves the others more and it always escalates into grandiose declarations of love and devotion
-sometimes they go legit camping in the mountains and make a whole bunch of s'mores and feed them to each other and it always results in chocolate and marshmallows everywhere so they have to go swimming in the nearby lake to get rid of all the messiness, but of course this just results in more shenanigans and splashing fights and lake-y smooches

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hello will you be willing to make my day by linking me to a song where oikawa's and suga's seiyuus sing together?

hooooo anon you have no idea how much time i’ve spent a month ago digging through nico nico to find oisuga duets when all i could read/recognize was frickin hiragana and, like, 50 kanji

i’m very sorry but so far i haven’t been able to find a song like that! however, there is this cover of shinkai city underground i found on youtube where a bunch of utaites sing as the setter squad and oisuga sing, like 2 parts together and it’s just them? idk does that count??? aaaa i wish i could find more.

Who’s whom are you? (seventeen)


1.) Choose a Seventeen member and select the role they’d play in your life.

2.) [Not mandatory] Tell why you chose each member for that specific title.

3.) Tag people! People you follow and/or people who follow you!

Omg thank you @seokmnin for tagging me ^^ I’m looking forward to this so much ahhh

1. Son (Somebody basically a mini you or someone who you’d spoil, protect, etc.):  Oh seungkwan my baby boy I’ll come visit you and cook your favourite meals and sing trot songs together 

2. Older Brother (Someone who’s like your older sibling or who you wish was your older sibling):  S.COUPS OK??? like from the start I’ve always seen him as an older brother who is a bit too clingy and over-protective and no seungcheol you don’t have to beat him up and you can’t, anyways stop sulking please ur embarrassing me

3. Younger Brother: Dino my baby brother who needs to be protected <3

4. Best/Childhood friend (Someone like your real BFF or who you’d love to be friends with): THE8 MINGHAO YES YES YES YES YES idk i just feel like since we’re both chinese, it’d be easier for us to communicate, and also, this scrawny but good looking kid I’ll take good care of him and never fall in love with him

5. Secret Admirer (Someone who’d be attracted to you): Joshua poor poor jisoo bb I shall never requite you. mmmmm idk I’ve always liked the idea of Joshua being attracted to me hehe he’s so awkward haha but I was debating putting jisoo for both best friend and secret admirer and for the8 to be more of a i-tease-him-and-hold-his-hand-to-make-him-flustered-and-jump-him-but-take-care-of-him kinda friend (like an older brotherly-like sister to him I guess)

6. Upperclassmen/Role model (Someone you learn from or who you look up to): Wonwoo give me all your wisdom I’ll listen to you forever and we can have study and mutual-understanding conversation sessions - I’m determined

7. Underclassmen/Follower (Someone under your wing or who looks up to you): oh god i don’t know…dino, the8, vernon?? I can teach that boy so many things

8. Husband/Soulmate (Someone you love, is best for you, or is your bias):  Jeonghannie~~ *plants a kiss on his cheek* I love you bb no no don’t work late, here lemme tuck you in…are you saying I can’t tuck you in just because you’re my boyfriend?!? You’re embarrassing. You’re the embarrassing one. I can make my own breakfast thank you very much… and so on ahhh

9. Rival/Frenemy (Someone you dislike or least like): Ohhhh woozi I’m so…. I have no regrets. All of this is true.

10. Ex/Affair (Someone you once loved or someone you’d cheat on your #8 with): WHY WOULD I WHY WOULD I mingyu… we dated before, right? I’m sorry bb but I’m not the one for you… Jeonghannie will get mad - I gotta go-

11. Neighbor (Someone who you’d like to live next to): Jun hehe ^^ I’ve been waiting for this - let’s go to the convenience store together for ice cream and you can warn me about mingyu/jeonghan

12. Son-in-Law (Someone you’d love your son or daughter to bring home): Dokyeom hehe he’s just so… his image fits what a typical handsome korean guy looked like to me even before I started liking kpop. Also, eye smile

13 FINALLY. Coworker (Someone you’d work well with): Hoshi haha he’d be fun to mess around with and have beers with after work. Look, hosh, I know he’s a complete dick and she shouldn’t have fallen for him- yes, yes, I understand - yes, especially since they work in the same company… yes I understand completely, here, drink up

nd i’m tagging: (oh god this was so fun please please spread the fun!!) @hannie-jars @seulgeez @dirty-jamjam17 @17vernsol @smolgyu @hwashua @icydays @woshuahong 

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To the anon worried about tatinof don't be! I went to the Nashville show and it was so incredible! Everyone is so sweet and just happy to be there! I made some super nice friends in line for the merch table and got talking to them while we were waiting! And when you go to sit down they have a playlist that Dan made that plays and everyone sings together and it's so amazing! Everyone really feels like a family! It's such a great experience! I hope anyone going fully enjoys themselves! Xx


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Regarding 'When I grow up' the part where Miss Honey and Matilda are singing together makes me think of Remus and Neville. Like, the rest all fits marauder's era, but having that bit be trio era makes it more sad to me.

Originally posted by centralperksource

((OOC Well. Let’s just throw all the feelings at Katie. That’s fine. I’m not crying or anything))


Ooh Ahh Encore at Jungang University

00:34 - 00: 39 Nayeon playing with Jungyeon’s hair
(Just watch through to see them sing Ooh Ahh together)
00:59 - 1:08 Jungyeon acting cute to Nayeon

Source: The Studio/Spinel

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A lot of people on here want to date you. Then there's me who just wants to be your friend. We could watch movies together, eat pizza, sing together, basically anything! Butttttt I'm a lot younger than you! 😪 If only I was born a couple years older!

I’m convinced it’s like the same 3 people on anon because I rarely have people come off anon lol. I’ll just adopt you as a little sibling - problem solved. 

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How in love were you with Seungkwan and Eunji's karaoke duet? <3

Originally posted by coupd

I died and went to heaven okay I almost cried (okay maybe I did ) it was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard  I would marry the audio of them singing together i lov e s o m u c h I was like Seungkwan! My baby boo! You got this okay don’t be nervous bby omg he did well for being absolutely terrified in the beginning lmao (and Eunji my goddess, my angel  I’m so heart eyes)

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A little something ephemeral to start the week ✏ Very often, the magic I so admire in the traditional work of my art heroes evades me (every day I make art, I cannot properly express what a revelation it is to find the medium your heart, head and hand can sing with together! Digital painting and me, are like carrots and peas!)…. but graphite was my first love. And sometimes now, if the planets align, it whispers sweetly and I get a little pinch and a glimpse of the magic that started it all …. ✏💕 #graphite #drawing #art #illustration #sketch #moleskine #ballerina #ballet #girl #fairy #popfemme #melmacklin


Osomatsu: “Eh? Today is my birthday?! That means it’s the other guys’ birthdays also, but since I’m the oldest, you can just celebrate mine.”
Karamatsu: “I thank you, Karamatsu Girls! Now, brothers, why don’t we sing the birthday song together?”
Choromatsu: “I am nothing but grateful that you want to celebrate the birthdays of virgin NEETs like us.”
Ichimatsu: “…What’s so great about a birthday?”
Jyushimatsu: “Thank you base-stealing king! A birthday present? I wanna be drafted!”
Todomatsu: “I’m so happy that you’re all celebrating for me. I’m the happiest in the world! ♥”


me before: i don’t really care if Elsa gets a girlfriend or not

fb comments: why can’t Elsa be in love with HERSELF?? not every character has to be gay!! it’s a KIDS movie and my child™ shouldn’t have to think about orientations!!! it’ll confuse the youth!!!? do disney movies have to be politically correct too now??!!

me now: giving Elsa a girlfriend is the best fucking idea i’ve ever heard and i’ll buy 40 tickets to see 2 hours Elsa and her fire-power girlfriend running around Arendelle together singing amazing lesbian duets