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"i didnt know you can sing!" ladynoir please !!! thank you so much for writing these. they are very enjoyable

Aww, thanks so much, Nonny! Glad you are enjoying them. <3

“I didn’t know you could sing!” Chat Noir exclaimed gleefully, clapping his hands together. “Sing me something else.”

Ladybug flushed and grabbed her yo-yo. “You weren’t supposed to hear that, Chat.”

He reached out, touching her arm. “Don’t go, please. You don’t have to sing if you don’t want to.”

She bit her bottom lip and nodded. “Okay, I can stay out for a bit longer.”

“Good.” He sat down on the roof ledge, swinging his legs over the side, and patted the space beside him. “Let’s talk for a bit. I feel like I haven’t seen you in weeks.”

“We saw each other two days ago,” she replied but sat down beside him, knocking her heels against the brick wall.

“We fought an akuma together two days ago. I suppose technically, yes, we saw each other but we didn’t get to talk or anything. You had to disappear as soon as the akuma was cleansed.”

“Yeah, that was a close one.”

Chat Noir’s lips twitched. “Just for the record, you do have a lovely singing voice, my Lady.”

“Chat,” she warned.

“It was just a surprise is all. Not that I should be surprised. Everything about you is wonderful.”

“You’re really making me regret staying now.”

Chat Noir grinned and took her hand in his. “This is the part where you say, ‘Thank you, Chat. I am a lovely singer.’”

“Thank you, Chat,” she smiled, rolling her eyes. 

“I am a…” he prodded.

“You’re acting like it was the best thing ever. I’ve just had this song stuck in my head the past few days.”

“Will you sing it for me again?”


“Why not?” he pouted.

Her cheeks went pink. “It’s just…ugh, I’m not singing for you.”

“My Lady, are you embarrassed?”


“Aww, sweet Bugaboo, don’t be shy. It’s just you and me and the night air.” 

“You’ve made it this big thing now. I’m really not that good,” she huffed.

Chat Noir swung his legs back onto the rooftop and stood. “I’m going to go way over there, okay? I’ll even turn my back. Please sing for me.”

She hunched her shoulders, cheeks now a dark red. “Fine, if it will make you drop it.”

He beamed at her and strode across the roof. Ladybug took a deep breath and began to sing again, and Chat Noir closed his eyes, taking it in. Her voice faded into the darkness as she finished and he turned to her, closing the distance between them. “Beautiful, my Lady, absolutely beautiful.”

She looked up at him with big eyes. “Really?”

He nodded and cupped her cheek. “Just like you.”

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10 Flawless Collaborations By SM Artists
If you are part of a big entertainment company like SM Entertainment, it's easy to find the perfect partners for a song; sometimes the artists of the great

9. Henry and Amber – “1-4-3 (I Love You)”

It’s always so adorable to see two friends singing together, and Henry and Amber’s song is something we all needed. Can you imagine the duo partying their hearts out while “1-4-3” is playing in the background?

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it's wild for me to think in the 4-5 years ive been in the fandom, i never got to see 1d live... i mean, most of the time i feel like i have because of twitter concerts & youtube videos! while i'm lucky enough to see Harry in 2018, i hope the boys do a reunion tour. if i got to see those boys ive supported IN PERSON TOGETHER, singing songs that make me so happy... no words. if there's a tour, i will spend all my money on front row 😂 ik this is a random ask but the 7 yrs of 1d has me reminiscing

you’ll get your chance for sure. hold out hope.

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E/R + alcohol?

- If anyone over does it first, it’s Raoul.
- When Raoul is tipsy/drunk he teaches song to Erik from his sailor days.
- Erik is horrified, until he’s drunk off his rocker and they sing together.
- They don’t drink very often outside of wine at meals, but they do set aside time for a good scotch!

Lmao E/R is hard but I try! XOXO

Send me a ship (M/E or R/C preferably) + a topic and I’ll do some headcanons!

non-sexual forms of intimacy ✨

hugging. hand holding. watching tv/movies together. going on dates. sharing drinks. talking. phone calls. skype/facetime calls. sharing personal details. touching noses. deep talks. sharing smiles. laying your head on their shoulder. linking arms. massages. tickling. sharing smiles. playing with hair. tracing designs on backs/arms. handwritten notes. laying your head on their chest to hear their heartbeat. singing/playing instruments together. dancing. sharing food. brushing their hair. feeding each other. drawing/writing on one another. cooking together. reading together. beauty treatments like makeup or face masks or manicures. taking care of them when they’re sick. head-scratches. sleeping next to each other. butterfly kisses. nuzzling. meditating together. sharing stories. bathing together. seeing each other completely comfortable and relaxed. moral support. crying or being emotionally vulnerable with each other. sleepovers. going on trips together. sharing clothes or other personal items. going with them to appointments. making art together. kissing. talking about the future and what you want in life. play games together. respecting boundaries and communicating. complimenting. inside jokes. going out to eat. just accepting and loving that person completely.

Hogwarts' Houses: Relationships

Gryffindor/Gryffindor: quidditch matches, shouts, inside jokes, pranks, detentions, soaking in each other, beaming

Gryffindor/Slytherin: messy eating, smirks, confidence, jealousy, rough make out sessions, howlers, constantly touching

Gryffindor/Hufflepuff: butterbeer, protective, soft skin, crooked smiles, dancing

Gryffindor/Ravenclaw: potions, restricted section, brooms, hand holding, laughter, on and off couple

Slytherin/Slytherin: late nights, whispers, secrets, passion, hickies, whiskey, fingers on lips, loyalty, close

Slytherin/Hufflepuff: road trips, old movies, truth or dare, drawing on hands, easily distracted by each other

Slytherin/Ravenclaw: deep conversations, intelligence, playing with hair, clicking tongues, coffee

Hufflepuff/Hufflepuff: breakfast dates, pecks, natural, board games, warmth

Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw: amortentia, sneezes, always together, singing, giggles

Ravenclaw/Ravenclaw: study dates, comforting silence, having the same interests, ranting in each others laps, eyes closed

haunting things in musicals
  • the build up to and the final “seeaasons oF LOOOOOOVE” in “I’ll Cover You (Reprise)” while jesse l martin fucking belTS
  • the “nATALIE nATALIE nATALIE-"s the company sings along w anatole in "Letters”
  • natasha richardson’s voice in general BUT ESPECIALLY the instrumental leading up to the second “everybody… they love a WINNER” in “Maybe This Time”
  • when gavin creel sings the final “TELL ME WHYY” and the tribe goes “FREEDOM” in “Where Do I Go?”
  • when (any) mimi pitches her voice up while singing “goodbye love- hello, disease” during “Goodbye Love” because?????
  • the entirety of when andrew rannells and christian borle r singing together in “What Would I Do” but really when they do the “one hour moore-/ one hour more-” and then come together for "one hour-one hour- moOOORE
  • when (any) trina sings "they sometimes love but not enough-” and then hits that note on “my hEArt will beat at will, but stiiilll…” in “Trina’s Song”
  • “maybe he’ll come back today, maybe he came already, and he’s sitting in the drawing room… and I simply forgot.”
  • when the entire company softly choruses “tiiiiiiiiiime / will they tell your story?” in “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”
  • claudia’s “paciencia y fEEEEEEEEE” while the americans sing “you better clean this mess / you better learn ingLES" in "Paciencia y Fe” (and really the entire fucking song end my life olga merediz)
  • when (any) wendla reprises “i beliiive” while (any) moritz is singing “another dream / another love you’ll hold” during “Those You’ve Known”
  • i know there’s more im not thinking of right now ADD MORE