singing somewhere in neverland

Somewhere in Neverland (Pietro x Reader)

This is a birthday one shot for avengers-x-reader ! I hope you had a wonderful birthday, darling!! (I’m sorry if this is wayyy too long lol)
Song: Somewhere in Neverland by All Time Low

“Pietro seriously,” you said to your crazy best friend. “Where are we going?” He had come to your room with a blindfold, fully intent on keeping his plans with you a surprise.

“It would not be a surprise if I told you, no?” he said. You could hear the smirk in his voice.

You sighed. “No… I suppose not.”

“Then we have no problem.” You could feel the cool evening air on your face as you left the building. “Hold on tight, prințesă.” He lifted you up and took off as soon as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

Not a minute later he stopped in front of a place in town. You heard the city traffic and people. Most importantly you heard the music coming from inside the building in front of you. You smiled. “No you didn’t.”

He lead you inside. “Of course I did.”

He lifted your blindfold and the first thing you heard was “SURPRISE!” He had taken you to your favorite karaoke bar. You only saw people you knew, whether it be from childhood to your new family: the Avengers themselves.

Tony came up and hugged you. “Happy birthday kiddo. And don’t worry! We’ve got the place to ourselves.”

You grinned. “How’d you pull that off?”

He tipped his drink to you. “Everyone has their price.”

Pietro was more than happy to let you mingle in the crowd. Wanda nodded at him to hurry up and get everything ready before you realized he was gone. She turned back to you and grinned at whatever you had said.

You were caught up in a bear hug from Thor when Steve hollered, “Alright! Everyone settle down! We’re in a karaoke bar so you know everyone is going to want to sing. I vote we go ahead and get started so we can dig into some cake! Sound good?”

Clint spoke up. “I think Thor should go first, I’ve heard his voice is… heavenly.”

There was laughter and murmurs of agreement and then Nat spoke. “I say Speedy goes first since he’s the one who managed put all this together.”

You smiled at your best friend who suddenly reappeared at your side once again. You hugged him tight and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you so much, Pietro.”

He grinned to hide his light blush. “Anything for you, prințesă.” He sauntered up to the stage. You could see he was slightly nervous, but you were excited. You had never heard him sing before.

A familiar tune hit your ears and you were even more excited. It was your favorite song by All Time Low. When Pietro started singing Somewhere in Neverland he never took his eyes off you, even when he did goofy theatrics on the stage. It was a little skewed with his accent, but he was actually really good. You laughed and you smiled. He walked off the stage and walked right in front of you and got down on his knees, singing the last bit of the song, “Wendy run away with me/ I know I sound crazy/ don’t you see what you do to me/ I wanna be your lost boy, your last chance/ a better reality/ Wendy we can get away/ I promise if you’re with me say the word and we’ll find a way/ I wanna be your lost boy/ your last chance/ your everything better plan/ oh, somewhere in neverland.”

“Y/n,” he whispered. “Will you be mine?”

You wiped the tears from your eyes, grabbed his face, and kissed him with all that you had. “Of course I will.” He looked shocked. “What? You didn’t see that coming?”

I am no stranger to pain. Self inflicted? Maybe not, but still it’s been around me ever since I was a baby. My father is a hard working man, a dedicated man, and a passionate man- that just might be his problem. When my mom was pregnant with me, my father got drunk and hit her.

My mom loves my dad, they’ve been together since high school. When he beat her, she didn’t want to leave him but she didn’t want to be hurt, so she stayed with him under one condition: Hit her again, and she’d sue his ass. When I was six, my parents were fighting. My dad raised his hand to hit my mother, she didn’t flinch though, she just gave him a look to let him know that if his hand came into contact with any part of her body, that would be the final straw.

He brought his hand down anyways, but missed my mom and hit me. My mom was angry… Pissed even. She threatened to leave my father again but he argued that he didn’t break the deal. After that, my mom let them happen, the beatings. They were sparse, only every couple of months, about twice a year. After every one, my dad would come in and tell me how much he loved me and how he was so sorry and he was going to change- he never did.

After my seventeenth birthday, I thought the beatings had stopped. They hadn’t happened in almost a year, but how wrong I was.

“Where the fuck were you, (Y/N)?” My dad bellowed as I walked into my house.

“I was at the library, remember? I told you this morning I was going after school to study for my tests,” I said softly.

“Oh sure! Make it seem like it’s my fault! I doubt you were at the library! A slut like you doesn’t need to study, you can just /blow/ your way through school. You were off with that boyfriend of yours again weren’t you?” My dad screamed at me.

“What? Dad, no-”

“DON’T FUCKING LIE TO ME!” He bellowed. He grabbed my hair and pulled it back. I could smell the alcohol in his breath.

“I’m not lying, Dad. Please, you’re hurting me. I was at the library!” I began to cry a little.

“You little slut,” my fathers hand smacked against me face, “I told you not to lie!”

“I’m not!” I sobbed, “I wasn’t with Zack today, I swear!”

“You know what happenes when you lie to me, (Y/N),” he sneered. He pushed me against the wall and slapped me again. He began slapping until he was sure I would be bruised tomorrow. “Now I will ask you one more time, where were you? With that boy? With other boys? It was probably other boys, you slut. I’m right, aren’t I?”

I slid down the wall in defeat. I knew the more I denied it, the more beatings I would get. “Y-yes,” I choked out.

“Yes, What?”

“I- I was wi-with other boys. I- I am so sorry.”

“Slut!” My dad yelled with a final kick to my stomach. He then walked back into his “study”, leaving me broken. Five minutes later, my mom came rushing with the first aid kit.

“Oh sweetie, I am so sorry. You know how he can get if he drinks too much. You should aggravate him,” my mom said.

“Excuse me? I shouldn’t what? Maybe you should get your head out of your ass and realize how fucked up it is that you condone your husband beating your daughter so you won’t get hurt!”

“(Y/N), I-”

“Save it, I don’t want to hear you claim how much you care for me! If you did, you’d show it. If you did, you’d stop the beatings, but no, you’re too fucking self-centered for me!” I stood up, grabbed my phone, and walked towards the door.

“Honey! Where are you going?” My mom cried after me.

“Anywhere but here!” I screamed, slamming the door behind me. I called the only person I could think of who would take me in right now.


“Z-Zack? Can I, um, can I come over? Maybe stay with you tonight?” I sniffled.

“Oh god… He hit you again, didn’t he?” Zack asked.

“Y-yes,” I cried.

“Of course you can stay here, baby. Do you want me to come and get you?” He asked.

“No, I’m almost at your place anyways,” I said.

“Alright, the front door is open.”

“Okay, thank you, Zack,” I said.

“You’re welcome, I’ll see you soon,” He hung up. I arrived at his house in less than 5 minutes. I knocked and then opened the door. As soon as I was inside the house, I was engulfed into a pair of muscular arms. “Your face! He hit you too hard this time, (Y/N). You’ve got to go to the police! He can’t fucking hurt you like this! I won’t let him. If you don’t go to the police, I will,” Zack was fuming and it scared me.

“Zack why are you yelling at me?” I screamed. I collapsed onto the floor, crying.

“Oh god, no! (Y/N), I’m sorry. I just hate seeing him get away with this,” Zack put his fingers under my chin, I winced from the pain but looked at him none the less, “I love you, okay? I won’t hurt you.” I nodded. Zack kissed my forehead, and brought me to the couch. I buried my head in his neck as he held me.

“Zack? Is everything alright? I heard screaming. Is (Y/N) over? It sounded like- (Y/N) WHAT HAPPENED?” Zack’s mother saw my bruised face and rushed to my side. Zack looked at me as if to ask if he could tell him mom. I nodded slightly. Zack began explaining everything to his mother.

“Oh, (Y/N), I’m so sorry,” she whispered, “but I think you need to go to the cops.”

“I… I’m going to tomorrow. I’m just afraid. I’ll have no where to go if they take both my parents away,” I admitted.

“You’ll have here,” Zack said as he snuggled me close to him. I looked at him like he was crazy.

“He’s right. You can always stay here. I’ll do anything I can for you. You don’t deserve any of this,” his mom said.

I began crying again. “Thank you guys,” I whispered. Zack’s mom said a quick you’re welcome and then left us. I snuggled into Zack and kissed him lightly.

“How about we watch Peter Pan? That always makes you feel better,” he said. I nodded. He started the movie. I ended up falling asleep halfway through. I woke up to the sound of guitar. When I realized it was Zack, I didn’t dare make a sound. He was always so shy when playing Guitar or singing and I wanted to hear him.

“Wendy run away with me, I know I sound crazy don’t you see what you do to me? I wanna be or lost boy, your last chance, Your last chance, a better reality, yeah. Wendy we can get away. I promise if you’re with me, say the word and we’ll find a way. I can be your lost boy, your last chance Your "everything better” plan… Oh, somewhere in Neverland,“ Zack finished singing. I sat up with a slight smile on my face.

"That was beautiful, Zack,” I whispered.

“Holy shit!” He jumped, “You… You heard that?” He asked.

I nodded, “I absolutely loved it!” I smiled.

“Well that’s a relief, it’s for and about you,” he said. I began crying again. I rushed to him and hugged him tightly.

“I love you, Zack.”

“I love you too, (Y/N), so fucking much.”


Hope you liked it! Xxx

“You only love me for my fame” Part 4 - Luke Hemmings

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part 4 pleaaseeee omg it’s so goood. ps. you and your writing make me happy xx

As always! AMAZING!!!! Go for it! Part 4!!!!! It can be HELLAH long I still will be reading it!!!!:p


~Feeeeels~ in dying for your writing, i love you only love me for my fame

Content Warning: Swearing

Author: Julia

Authors Note: This will be the final part to this one shot series, hope you all like it x 

Summary: Luke tries to win back (Y/N)

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

I was sitting on Michael’s couch, playing with the bracelet Luke got me on our first date. It was frayed from wearing it for two and a half years straight. I’ve never taken it off, and didn’t think I ever would until it was broken. It just makes me feel like a part of Luke is always with me, it’s like a safety blanket.

Take it off, he doesn’t want you anymore.

I sighed, doing my best to push the negative thoughts away. I can’t take it off, not yet anyway. Michael had left over an hour ago, surely he’d be back soon right? Would Luke be with him? I thought that being alone for a little bit would be okay, but man was I wrong. 

I got up off the couch, and looked through Mikey’s music selection. Our music taste is pretty similar, so it would be easy to find a good album. I grabbed the first All Time Low album I saw Don’t Panic: It’s Longer Now.

I loaded the disk, and laid on the floor, for whatever reason I always felt more calm relaxing on the floor. Luke often makes fun of me for it, but I know he means well. 

I laid there for three and a half songs before realizing that I wasn’t alone in the room. I sat up quickly, trying to compose myself, seeing my boyfriend standing there. Boyfriend? He is still my boyfriend, right? “Fuck!” I mumbled still startled by the new presence in the room.

He had his signature smile on his face, but it didn’t quite meet his eyes. “How long have you been standing there?” I felt the blush creep onto my cheeks, realizing that I’m in booty shorts that one of Mikey’s girls left here, and a t-shirt. Why are you embarrassed? Luke has seen you in much less!

“Ten minutes maybe?” He chuckled, sitting next to me on the floor. Part of me wanted to run away, but the larger part of me wanted to sit there with him and laugh about this. “So the floor thing still working for you?” It came out as a joke, but the question itself was serious.

“Always.” I shook my head laughing at myself lightly. “So how much of the singing did you hear?” I’d made it part way through Somewhere In Neverland, the fourth song on the album.

“Part way through The Reckless and the Brave.” The first song on the album, my luck.

“Of course you did.” My cheeks had to be bright red at this point, I’ve never been a fan of anyone seeing me sing, especially the boys seeing as they actually can sing.

“It was cute.” Neither of us said anything for a little while, but he finally spoke up. “(Y/N) I’m so sorry, I don’t have any excuse for what I said and did last night. Other than I was jealous and got shitfaced.”

“Do you even know what you said to me?” My voice was harsher than I meant, but I don’t feel all that bad about it.

“I know most of it.” He replied sadly.

“Let me just enlighten you then. I’m sure you already got shit from Michael. But compared to me, he was a cakewalk.” I half expected him to fight back, but he just nodded, and mumbled an okay.

“I got home, walked into our kitchen and saw you laying on the island. Surrounded by beer. Then I asked you what’s wrong and you start yelling at me. Keep in mind we both know how I don’t do well with men yelling at me.” I paused looking at his remorseful face. “Because I was scared you were gong to hurt me, I tried to back up, but you just followed.” He was about to reply, but thought better because he know’s I’m not done yet. I had tears falling from my eyes, and I kept batting them away, trying to stand strong.

“Because I didn’t admit to cheating, because I didn’t, you threw your beer across the room” The fear from last night, was starting to creep it’s way back. “I was finally against the wall, and you looked at me like you hated me. Do you know how hard that was to see? To be so in love with someone and to see them look at you with pure hate. That hurt so bad, Luke. So bad.” Tears were now falling from his eyes at a steady pace, but he wasn’t even bothering to wipe them away. His sad face was killing me, but I still wasn’t done.

“No.” He finally said just above a whisper. 

“Then, and we’re getting to the best part now. You called me a whore, and kicked me out. I laughed because in what fucking world would I cheat on you? You hit the wall behind me, again knowing that scares the shit out of me.” He nodded sadly. “Now here we go Luke. The best part. You had the audacity to say not to me, but right in front of me I knew you were using me for the fame. You actually said that to me.” He reached out to wipe away my tears, but I slapped his hand away, much like he did with mine last night. “No. Do you remember my response?”

“Vaguely. You said that you were there for me for two and a half years. Through not seeing each other for long periods of time. How you were told to,” He paused, biting his lip in what looked like anger “kill yourself.” I choked back another sob. “And girls throwing themselves at me.”

“And my never ending trust, and support. Luke, not for one second have I ever not trusted you, even with all those girls out there so much better than me. I never didn’t trust you. No matter what I knew you were mine, and wouldn’t do that to me. I figured you knew the same.” My sobs were getting to harder to hide, and finally one slipped out. 

He tugged on my wrist lightly, so I moved to his lap, putting my face in the crook of his neck. “I fucked up. I’m so sorry. I wish I knew how to make this better. But I’m willing to do anything to get you to believe me.” He placed a small kiss on my temple. 

My tears were staining his shirt by now, but he hadn’t said anything. “It’s not a matter of believing you Luke. It’s trusting that you don’t actually think those things about me.” I couldn’t bring myself to look at him, I don’t want to keep crying, and if I looked at him, I would keep going with the tears. 

“(Y/N) please look at me,” He begged, I wiped my eyes, and looked up into his beautiful blue eyes. “I love you so much that is physically hurts when I’m not with you. You make me the happiest man in the world, and no matter what you’ve always managed to put a smile on my face. You’re by far the best thing to ever happen to me, I honestly don’t know why I said those things. But they’re so far from the truth.” He leaned in, and left a small sweet kiss on my lips.

“I don’t know, Luke.” I want to trust him so bad, more than anything really. But all I can think about is his harsh words from last night.

“I’m not expecting you to make any decision right now babe. I just want you to know that I’m going to come around everyday to bother you, and show you how much those words from last night aren’t true.” He gave me a sad smile “I refuse to give up on us baby girl.” I nodded along to his words, but was focusing more on the rip in his jeans at his knee. It was going to make the hole even bigger, but I don’t think he’ll mind.

I didn’t say anything, really because what can I say? I felt his fingers start tapping at my skin under the over-sized t-shirt. I smiled at his small movement, he always does this when he’s nervous and I’m around. Always. 

“What?” He asked looking down slightly at my smile. “Do you realize you do that, or is it just absentminded?” He gave me a very confused look, telling me he had no idea what I was talking about. I twisted in his lap slightly, and grabbed his hand, and interlocked our fingers. “That.” I smiled as a look of realization crossed his face.

“Do I do that a lot?” He smiled down at our hands, and gave my fingers a slight squeeze. “Only when you’re nervous.” I couldn’t help but also look down at our hands. They fit together nicely, and his thumb was almost always rubbing small circles on the top of my hand.

I don’t ever want to let go of his hand, it feels so natural, I can’t imagine not being about to hold his rough hand any time I wanted. “Damn it Luke!” I sighed, shaking my head. A look of panic crossed his face, not knowing what I was about to say. “Why did I have to fall so in love with you?” 

His panic quickly subsided before he answered. “It’s only fair, I fell in love with you a long time ago.”

I groaned at his long running joke. “It’s been a year and a half, do you still expect me to believe you thought I was dating Michael?” I laughed, thinking back to our first anniversary when he told me that’s why it took him so long to ask me out. He thought I was dating Mikey.

“I did! Honestly, the day I found out you weren’t dating him, I asked you out.” I’ll give him credit for sticking to the story for so long. “Believe what you what babe, but why do you ask?”

“Because no matter how hard I try, I can’t stay mad at you. It’s not fair. You deserved to be in the doghouse for at least a day or two more.” I could tell he’s trying to hold back a smile. “So?” He raised an eyebrow hopefully. 

“I may be cautious for a while Luke, but I love you damn it.” I kissed him lovingly, running my fingers through his hair, earning a small moan from him.

“Thank you, Princess.” He beamed holding me tightly to his chest. 

“Don’t you dare mess this up, Hemmings.” I joked quietly, leaning my forehead on his.

“I won’t, I promise I won’t!”


Somewhere in Neverland

note: its short but i like it

pairing: luke and y/n

word count: idk tbh


Liking someone is never easy. Movies make it seem like after days, weeks, months of finding that one potential person will come easily and then you’ll have one little argument, realize you miss them, and then live happily ever after. They get the shots of couple having a blast as they fall in love, but they never show how they feel whenever something like this happens.

When you begin to fall in love, you get this feeling inside of your chest. It’s basically a balloon that swells up whenever you see this one person and it just keeps swelling up, making your chest feel tighter and tighter. It keeps getting bigger. As this person speaks, smiles, blinks, breaths you can feel the balloon. You can feel it anywhere and everywhere as this person just exists.

But don’t be fooled. One day, this balloon will grow and grow and grow and then it will pop. And this “popping” is what is called heartbreak. It will feel ten times worse than the feeling of that balloon growing. Along with the popping, come the downfall of everything great in your life.

Soon, your self-esteem will crumble and your mindset on life will change forever. You can’t keep this from happening because heartbreak is inevitable.

So me being silly, ol’ me thought I could escape the popping of this balloon in my chest.

I was sixteen years old when I realized I love the boy that is Luke Hemmings. He was the epitome of what a person would call awkward and dorky. He made terrible jokes—they still made me laugh though, even if I hate to admit it. Luke was always looking good. It could be six in the morning and because of his raspy morning voice, I’d fall deeper and deeper into his spell. He didn’t seem to notice, and I’m glad he hasn’t because imagine being the girl in love with your best friend who only wants to best friends.

It took a whole to realize whether or not I really loved Luke. How could I have known? Feelings like these were always hard to decipher. Was it basic puppy love? Or was it the type of love that was more than just love? I didn’t know.

But on one particular day, when it was raining as hard as it possibly could on the windows of my room, Luke lazily strummed on his guitar. The sound was beautiful and it made me feel at ease along with the pitter patter noises on the window. He began to sing and I smiled.

The familiar sound of “Somewhere in Neverland” started to emit from Luke and his worn down guitar. By the time the song was done, Luke plopped his enormous, lanky body beside me on my twin bed. He was oddly long in height, so it was amusing to watch him curl up in a bed as small as the one we were lying on.

“Do you think we’ll ever run away together? We could like just go. I don’t think anyone would notice. It’s not like we have any other friends,” Luke said, shifting to lie on his back and stare up at the ceiling like I was.

I hummed lowly. “I don’t know. I mean we could do it.”

“So why don’t we run away? Do you not like me, Y/N?” he teased, pinching my cheek slightly.

I paused. It was only for a standard waiting time, but in my head it felt like years. “Oh but Lucas, I like you a lot.” And I was telling the truth, but he only laughed, and surely I did too. But this laugh wasn’t as genuine as the others we shared.

Fast forward a couple years to college where the two of us share an apartment and a bathroom, which is hell. I’m still in love with the nerd and there’s a huge chance that he might feel the same way.

People always tell me Luke has a crush on you! It’s so obvious or something like Wait you and Luke aren’t dating? Well you two definitely should. Also, he’s been telling me of this person who he likes a lot but will never like him back. If that doesn’t scream me and a terrible way of confessing feelings, then I don’t know what does.

If he liked any other person other than me, he would’ve already told me their name. It’s me and I have never been happier.

“Hey, um, can you come to that little place of ours in the woods close to home? I need help with something,” he called me one night. He was visiting family and I was studying for finals, but Luke confessing his love for me would trump any type of homework.

After pulling on a nicer outfit than usual, I left our apartment, blasting music as loud as I possibly could in my car. This was it. It’s finally the time to tell him I love him. The balloon was getting bigger and bigger, but I didn’t mind this high I was feeling.

I parked my car close to the woods and started my walk through the trees and dirt. My heart was beating so fast. My hands were starting to sweat and I could feel my lungs tighten. From the distance, I could see the clearing already and there was a beautiful picnic table of my favorite foods and a nice candle. And then there was Luke who was a mess holding fairy lights.

Squealing, I sprinted towards him, engulfing him into a hug. “Wow, you look hot. Do you have a date?” Like asked, holding me close to him.

“Um, duh,” I cheered, staring at the scenery before me.

“Oh sorry, then I’ll make this quick. Help me
with the lights before Jordan gets here.”

And that my friends is when the balloon decided to pop. It popped and my self-esteem crumbled and my mindset on life changed. “Who?” I said, as calmly as I possibly could.

“The girl I’ve been telling you about.”

“But this is our spot,” I breathed out while I helped him set up the lights that illuminated the dark clearing. “I thought it was just for us two.”

“I know that but remember in year eight when we said we can bring someone here if we think that they’ll be the real deal? Well, I think this might be it,” Luke smiled. The lights were up now, bright and happy and I tried my best to keep myself from crying over the dumb boy that was Luke Hemmings.

“Yeah well, I guess so. I’ll be going now. Wouldn’t wanna be late for my date,” I said, all the while I was holding back the tears and starting to walk away.

Before I could leave just yet, he quickly enveloped me in an embrace and I sorrowfully smiled into his warm body. “I hope you have fun, babe. You deserve it.” He pecked my forehead and pushed me away slightly. “Now go get some.”

Instead of driving to my so called date, I went home to the apartment we shared and cried. I cried a lot.

But I knew it was for the best because I loved him, and another thing about love besides all of the balloons growing and popping, is sacrifice. I’ll always sacrifice my happiness to make sure Luke always had his.

“Neverland” - Michael Clifford (Blurb)

Request:  blurb about bff michael taking y/n to an all time low concert and confessing his feelings for her with their help ? :-)

Request here. :)

Originally posted by hemmingslip

“This is the best birthday present ever”, you cheered, drumming on your knees to the rythm of your favourite song of your favourite band. Michael has given you two concert tickets to All Time Low as a gift, knowing you always wanting to see them live, but not being able to afford it.
“I’m happy to see you happy”, he smiled, checking the side and driving mirror. “Maybe - but just maybe - I can get you backstage. Just like you’ve always dreamed of. And all because I’m a rockstar”, he grinned, you lightly shoved his shoulder.
“A man’s praise in his own mouth stinks, Mikey. And I bet the Germans smell it, too”, you contered, but Mikey stayed silent, letting you enjoy the music. Since he focussed on the traffic, you could behold him unseen. You two have been friends since forever, you knew his deepest secrets, just like he knew yours. He was there for you, when life was rough and when he couldn’t be there for you because he was on tour, he always made sure to sent you the cutest and most awesome stuff from all around the world. When you were sixteen, he sent you a vinyl of a band you haven’t known before, and the record became your second best friend.
And now you were here, on your way to a concert of your second best friends with the only guy you’ve ever trusted. You always knew Michael Gordon Clifford was the one for you, exactly since he dyed his hair for the first time and your crush developed into true love. But since he was always on tour and your best friend, you would stay silent. You would love him from afar, not holding him back from living his dream.
You loved him, and he loved the stage just as much. And if he was happy, you were, too.  
“I know I’m hot, but please stop staring at me”, he suddenly roused you from slumber. “We’re here.”
“Michael Gordon Clifford! You never told me they’d be so nice”, you fancied after meeting the members of All Time Low. “Have you seen Alex’ smile? He’s so cute!”
Michael shrugged his shoulders. “Stop drooling, Y/N. You’re almost flooding the stage”, he mumbled, not looking you in the eye. You tilted your head.
“What’s wrong, Mikey?”, you asked anxiously, hoping you haven’t said anything wrong. This was your night and you wanted to spend it screaming and cheering with your best friend.
“Nothing, I’m okay. Do you want something to drink? I can get you a beer or whatever the lady desires”, he unbent and smirked. This was your Mikey, the funny and clumsy one. The one who couldn’t stay mad at you for a long time because he had to be in a stew over a video game or his hairstylist fucking up his hair color.
“But they’ll start in a minute! And it’s my favourite song! You can’t leave”, you said, but he was already gone. You sighed, standing beside the stage with a VIP ticket around your neck. The beginning was close, and Michael was nowhere to be seen.
The band entered the stage, the fans started screaming. You could understand why Michael loved being on stage. Sharing the own music with somebody else and reaching their heart, has to be one of the most wonderful things on the entire planet. And all those girls that desperately wanted to be his girl or even just his best friend. Michael had all the girls at his feet, why would he choose you? You weren’t special, just a normal girl who loved a rockstar, not differing from the others. You simply knew him better. No more, no less.
“We usually don’t do this, but a very good friend of us asked to help him to get a girl. He said this was her favourite song of ours and we do him the favour. Please, welcome Michael Clifford”, Alex said and your red haired best friend jumped on stage with a guitar in his hands. You couldn’t believe what was happening, you just stared at him.
Michael started singing Somewhere In Neverland, and it was the most beautiful thing you could’ve ever experienced.
Y/N, we can get away. I promise if you’re with me, say the word and we’ll find a way. I can be your lost boy, your last chance. Your ‘everything better’ plan, oh, somewhere in Neverland”, he sang, glancing at you from stage and smiling, when you started crying.
“Y/N”, he started after finishing the song, “will you be my Wendy and fly to Neverland with me?”
And that’s how your happily ever after started. With you being Wendy and him being Peter, two best friends who became lovers over the years. It never mattered how much he loved the stage. There has always been someone he loved more.

Through the thin walls - Michael Clifford Imagine

“Hi so this imagine idea might be weird but I wanted to send it in anyways. So what if one of the boys was in an apartment with somewhat thin walls, and his shower shared a wall with his neighbor’s wall, and they end up singing kind of a duet one day? Sorry if that’s totally lame okay bye.”

Requested: Yes

For: Anon

Smut: No

It was a bright and sunny Saturday morning. You were in a good mood and we’re up early than you normally would.

You did some morning yoga, ate a healthy breakfast and watched some television.

As you were watching you heard a noise coming from the apartment next to yours.

Looks like someone’s moving in. You thought to yourself.

Once you were done watching a re-run of your favourite show you headed down at the lobby and was greeted by your Land Lord.

“Hey Y/N just to let you know you have a new neighbour. It’d be nice if you attend our welcoming party later in the rooftop”

Just then you decided to run back to your apartment and bake some muffins as a welcoming gift to your new neighbour.

You don’t know what kind of muffin he liked so you baked a lot such as blueberry muffin, banana bread muffin, and chocolate chip muffin.

As you were sorting the dishes in the sink you started to think of how you were going to introduce yourself to your neighbour. You didn’t want to look like a fool once you meet your new neighbour.  

When you turned the tap on you heard someone taking a shower and singing to “Somewhere in Neverland” by All Time Low.

You couldn’t help but listen and admire his lovely voice not noticing that you were singing along.

Once he heard your voice he stopped singing. That was your cue to shut up too. “Come on its okay keep singing we can have a duet” He said.

No choice, you ended up singing with him. Once the song was finished he asked if he can come over and you said sure.

In a few minutes you heard your doorbell rang and there stood a handsome man.

Wait is he the one that was singing a while ago? He’s damn handsome.

“Hi my name’s Michael and I just moved in next door. I guess we’re neighbours.”

You welcomed him inside your apartment. “I’m Y/N by the way oh and I made some muffins for you” You headed back to the kitchen and handed him a container filled with muffins. “I didn’t know what kind of muffins you liked so I made three different flavours for you.”  

“Thanks Y/N you’re very kind! But its weird how we started talking cause I was singing in the shower.” He laughed.

“Yeah and we just had a duet.”

“Some day we’re gonna look at this and think that this is one of the weirdest ways to get to know a neighbour”

And he was right someday you ever get close you’ll just laugh at how the both of you met.