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Not really anastasia, but here’s a lovely video of Derek Klena singing a re-worded ‘Part Of Your World’ as Dmitry at 54 Below’s The Broadway Prince Party 

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CONSIDER THIS: Mermaid Princess Weiss, sneaking onto the beach of the nearby city, singing "Part Of Your World" from "The Little Mermaid." She surfaces and sits on a rock at the end, "When's it my turn? Wouldn't I love, love to explore that shore up above? Out of the sea/ Wish I could be / Part of that world..." and then Human Seashell Collector Ruby finally tells her she can hang out with her if she likes.


#1046. (Modern AU) Watching The Little Mermaid had Skull Kid convinced for a week straight that Marin was a mermaid, and he kept trying to get Link to kiss her so she wouldn’t have to go back to the ocean.
BTS Reaction | When you like singing Disney songs

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I sing along to Disney songs and musicals all the time too. My neighbours probably hate me for it.

Jin: As soon as Jin heard you singing along to A Whole New World from Aladdin while you were helping him cook he’d join in singing the chorus with you, singing Aladdin’s parts  (or probably Jasmine’s tbh).

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Yoongi: He might not really express it like the other members would, but Yoongi would think it’s pretty cute. He’d just stand by the door listening to you singing Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid until the song was over, then he’d joke about how you still liked Disney songs and how passionate you were about singing the song (but he’d still think it was adorable).

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Hobi: Hoseok would just really enjoy hearing you sing, whether it was good or not. He’d end up joining in and singing along very loudly to Let It Go from Frozen with you while you watched it. The neighbours would eventually come over halfway through the film and ask the two of you to be a little quieter.

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Namjoon: Namjoon would be watching television when he could hear you singing Reflection from Mulan in the shower. He’d put the TV on mute so that he could listen to you sing. He might joke about it after you came out of the shower but he’d generally find it adorable how much you still enjoyed Disney songs.

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Jimin: Like Jin, when Jimin heard you singing Once Upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty he’d start singing along with you. He’d join in halfway through the first verse and eventually start dancing with you in the kitchen like they did in the film, because let’s be honest, Jimin is an actual living Disney prince.

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Taehyung: When Tae saw you intensely singing and dancing along to I’ll Make a Man out of You from Mulan, he’d immediately jump in and join in with you. You’d both end up singing and dancing around your home, not really caring how silly you looked.

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Jungkook: Jungkook would get in from practice to see you singing along to I See the Light from Tangled with all your heart. He’s quite shy so he’d probably just stand in the doorway for a moment while he listened to you sing, but when Eugene’s part came on he’d start singing too, and you’d sing the duet at the end of the song together.

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Supercorp mermaid AU! Where Kara is the last mermaid after her mother’s failed spell killed all the others, and Lena is a princess who isn’t recognized for her brilliance, due to her parents preferring her brother Prince Lex.

This idea has no relation to my desire to hear Melissa Benoist sing part of your world

whatever you do, under NO circumstance should you picture little Erik quietly singing Part of Your World to himself alone in an attic somewhere before crying himself to sleep bc now that you’ve thought about it you’re gonna go cry yourself to sleep too sorry

Todrick singing Part of Your World from Little Mermaid and sounding amazing while Taylor plays the music completely from memory on the piano and does so totally perfectly ….. suffice to say that Swiftgiving was amazing this year in rhode island and we have been blessed with video this year is gonna end on a positive note i just feel it. 


Yesterday I recorded my Italian cover of “ Part of Your World ” from “ The Little Mermaid ”!
Check it out if you want! Comments and advices are very welcome!


Sara Bareilles - Part of Your World from “The Little Mermaid”

Fairy tail headcanons

Gajeel’s favorite movie is the iron giant.
He secretly wonders how the giant would taste.
He also thinks Bender from Futurama is the greatest.

Erza’s favorite type of books (sides the racy and erotic type) is Greek and Roman mythology. She loves heroes like Hercules, Achilles and Perseus. But her favorite myth is the one of Hades and Persephone.

Natsu’s favorite Pokemon starters are of course the fire types. But he loves cyndaquil the best.

Juvia loves swimming and singing part of your world.

Gray sings let it go when he feels down about ur and Ultear. Juvia’s seen it before and she LOVED IT!

Lucy favorite by time is tea parties with the Michelle doll. It makes her feel like they’re in the past again.

Wendy loves baking with Erza. When she sees Erza upset she bakes her anything strawberry and Erza even shares with her.

Jellal actually purchased an Erza plush when he was Siegrain. When he broke out of prison, he purchased another and still kisses it good night. Everyone in crime sorceire teases the hell out of him for it.

Romeo actually had a crush on Wendy when he was six. Now that he’s the older one, he thinks about how she might feel.

When she was with the council Levy was the only one who was able to keep Gajeel docile. The rune knights secretly shipped them.

That’s about it. Tell me if you like it.

Okay, I need a White Rose Lesbian Mermaids AU, here’s some ideas:
  • Weiss is the heiress of one of the biggest undersea folk corporations, basically royalty because of how much money, power, and influence Jacques has, and how many actual members of government he has in his back pocket because of it
  • Ruby is either a human living in the nearby city, or some other landbound mythological creature like a werewolf, who loves going down to the beach to collect sea shells
  • The same beach that Weiss frequently goes up to, sitting on a rock, singing about how much her life sucks and how badly she wants to see what it’s like above ground, away from the grips of her father and the strict, restrictive, and secretive culture of the undersea folk
  • One night, the two of them meet just after Weiss is finished singing the last parts of “Part Of Your World,” and Ruby, being the compassionate soul that she is, offers to help Weiss
  • Ruby builds her a makeshift wheelchair and using long dresses, hide the fact that Weiss really only has a tail underneath that skirt, though she does eventually upgrade it to allow her to use her tail to operate a pedal-system, so she can get around easily
  • The two of them spend a lot of time just hanging out, enjoying things like ice cream, movies, and talking a walk in the dog park–though not the cat park again because they’re all VERY attracted to Weiss, since she smells just like the fish market if you’ve got super sensitive noses
  • They also spend a lot of time in the water, Weiss introducing Ruby to all the wonders under the sea, and also teaching her how to surf so they can ride waves together and she can paddle out off shore and safely talk with Weiss
  • And these two steadily fall in love as they realize they really, really like each other’s company and oh wow, Ruby looks really cute with her hair all wet, and Weiss laughing is like the most magical noise, ever, because she actually snorts when she laughs and the explosion of bubbles when she’s underwater is fun

Optional ideas include :

  • Yang being incredibly oblivious to Weiss being a Mermaid, Blake absolutely knowing right from the start but refusing to say for whatever reason (probably because she’s too busy getting hungry just from being around her and sometimes drooling because “FISH”)
  • Winter being a member of the undersea folk spy/secret police force, and doing everything she can to cover up her sister’s illegal dallying with land dwellers BECAUSE HOLY SHIT SHE FINALLY HAS A BEST FRIEND (though she still does freak out when Weiss tells her she wants to be girlfriends)
  • Jacques actually secretly breaking ALL THE RULES and consorting with landbound corporations to steadily overtake the seas and protected areas, exchanging minerals and valuable resources from the sea in exchange for protection and unfair competitive advantages, and Ruby and Weiss trying to bust his ass as they can both notice the strangely coincidental moves at the same time
terrible, horrible, no good, very bad

Today is Mod Rach’s birthday, so here’s her present; have some Percabeth everyone! Read it here on AO3.

When Annabeth opened the door to their apartment, she expected a lot more noise than the sound of the radiator running. Man, did they have to get that thing fixed, it sounded like the Minotaur with a head cold.

Percy wasn’t exactly a quiet housemate. He was always up and doing something, whether it was sitting on the couch and playing video games or singing “Part of Your World” at the top of his lungs as he cooked dinner. The quiet in the apartment was eerie. Annabeth let her bag fall off her shoulder to the floor and kicked off her shoes before entering.

She checked all the usual places that Percy might’ve left a note: the refrigerator, the XBox 360, under a fancy paperweight they had gotten in Greece. Nada.

There weren’t any signs of Percy in the living room or kitchenette, which left the bedroom and the bathroom. Percy was the kind of person to fall asleep while taking a bath, though luckily he couldn’t accidentally drown from it. Annabeth wouldn’t worry yet.

She found him in the bedroom. At the sight of him, she got worried.

Percy was curled up on himself in a fetal position, one arm covering his head. His body was a small bump in a mountain of blankets piled on top. For a split second, Annabeth was more than a little impressed that Percy managed to construct a blanket fort of such size…but a fort like this would mean…

“Percy? Are you feeling alright?” Annabeth asked softly. The lump that was her boyfriend moved a bit as Percy curled up tighter at the sound of her voice.

“Percy, please, talk to me.” Annabeth tried again. She walked to the bed and sat down, placing one hand on Percy’s shoulders. “Please tell me what’s wrong.”

“Don’t feel good.” Percy said, almost inaudibly.

That could’ve meant a number of things when it came to Percy. She checked the back of Percy’s neck for a fever but didn’t find one. Goose bumps rose to the surface of Percy’s skin, and he pulled away a little. “Cold,” He muttered.

“Sorry,” Annabeth said, pulling her hand away. She rubbed her hands together to get some blood flowing to them. “This isn’t sick-not feeling good, this is PTSD-not feeling good.”

It wasn’t phrased as a question, but Percy nodded anyways. “Today is a bad day.” He said from under his blankets.

He squirmed under the covers for a second to shift and look at Annabeth. She took in the sight of his red-rimmed eyes, unshaven face and the frown tugging the corners of his mouth down. He looked so small and so upset, Annabeth felt the overbearing need to hold him and never let go.

She thought back to their time in Tartarus (she’d like to say she’d forgotten about it, but she can’t and probably never will) when Percy was giving his all to keep her safe. Of course, she wasn’t exactly a damsel in distress but everything he did, he did it to make sure she was safe. She’d done a fair share of saving his ass, of course, but maybe it was time to start a new tab.

Percy had taken his PTSD diagnosis with a sardonic chuckle and an offhand comment of, “We can add it to the list of things that fuck up my life. A triple threat.”

But later that night, with a panic attack so severe Annabeth had had to call Sally to talk Percy out of it, they both realized that maybe this was bigger than the both of them.

Being a half-blood is dangerous. Most of the time it gets you killed in painful, nasty ways. Other times, it causes things that are even worse.

“Do you know what triggered it?” Annabeth asked. They had a list going of Percy’s triggers. The list wasn’t huge so far, but the stuff that was on it was common enough that they sometimes had trouble learning to adjust around them.

“Burned myself making some fucking eggs. All of a sudden I was back at the River Phlegethon.” Percy said, bitterly. “I fucking hate this. I want to get better.”

“You will,” Annabeth said, “You will. Probably not right away, and it might never go away but one day you’ll get to a point where you have more good days than bad ones and you don’t feel so controlled by this. You’re not your diagnosis, Seaweed Brain.”

“For a pep talk that made me feel even shittier.” Percy said, covering his face with a blanket.


“Can’t help that I’m better at impromptu speeches than you are.” Percy said, poking his head back out of the covers. There was a small smile on his face, showing the barest hint of Percy’s usual grin. The knot in Annabeth’s stomach lessened a little.

Percy raised the mountain of blankets up enough to make room for Annabeth to slide in, “Cuddle with me?”

Annabeth leaned down to kiss her boyfriend’s forehead, “Yeah, ok.”

She shucked off her t-shirt and jeans because Percy had a vendetta against cuddling in bed with clothes on. Down to her underwear, she slid in and slotted herself against Percy. He was down to his boxers, his Flounder ones that he’d been given a Christmas before as a gag gift but quickly became his favorite pair.

They settled so Percy could put his face between her breasts and wrap his arms around her middle. It was Percy’s favorite thing to do when they cuddled and Annabeth didn’t mind, even if his stubble was kind of scratchy. She could kiss the top of his head like this and massage the back of his neck, which made him breathe out, long and slow.

The tension in his muscles gave out as he relaxed into her. For the moment, the crashing tide inside of Percy had calmed down to a gentle roll of waves on the shore.

“I love you,” Percy mumbled into her chest.

“Me or my boobs?” Annabeth laughed. She felt Percy smile against her before he said, “Mm, both.”

“We all love you too.” Annabeth said. Percy laughed, quietly with a small shake of his shoulders. He pulled her closer to him. She threw one of her legs over his side.

They fell asleep like that, hopelessly tangled and hopelessly in love, but a little less hopeless in how they would figure everything out.