singing karkat


Might you be interested in Karkat singing opera?

My Homestuck Headcanons

All the kids and some trolls have braces.

Despite his diability, Mituna is actually a great artist.

A Vantas smiling is the greatest thing you’ll see in a lifetime.

Kankri’s laugh is amazing.

Karkat has a sweet and soothing voice, so he covers it up with his loud and raspy one.

Karkat stares into space when he gets nervous

Kankri has a good taste in music

Amporas have a good taste in musicals/shows

Eridan has loose curls/wavy hair (pfft wwavvy)

Mituna loves singing, and it’s really good.

Karkat sings songs he’s heard from the romcoms he watched when he’s alone. When you get near him, or he sees you, he immediately stops.

Dave is actually the softest boy you’ll ever meet.

John, Dave, and Karkat love singing as a trio together, John being the highest voiced of the three, and Dave being the lowest. Karkat’s in the middle which means he usually gets the chorus/melody.

John gets whiny if he cant find his glasses after 2 minutes.

Trans Dave.

Smolkat and toldave.

Grub skin is extremly thin and is punctured easily, but if you do it correctly, grubs can be really soft and squishy.

Seadweller fins flutter when flushing or aroused

Seadweller fins flare when angry

Gamzee loves playing childish games

Karkat cries like a smol baby after watching feelsy romcoms. But quietly.

Karkat’s hair is easy to care for, so he rarely ever brushes it.

Since john has glasses, he couldn’t see very well for five years of his life, making his skin is hypersensitive.

Karkat didn’t know it at first, but he’s actually left-handed. So is terezi.

All 8 kids and 24 trolls love working together to re-enact Hamilton

Karkat loves being Alexander for all of their plays

Dave is (un)ironically Eliza and sometimes Angelica, whereas Terezi is Eliza or Angelica. (More hamilstuck(?) in the next post i guess)

Tavros has a fiduspawn squad, consisting of John, Tav, Tuna, and Rufioh.

Dave loves hosting sleepovers for the three other kids and karkat, and they usually end up braiding eachother’s hair and roleplaying with the squiddles and other stuffed animals Jade likes to bring.

Gamzee loves eating competitions, especially when the caee is to chug faygo.

Sopor slime pie has a side effect of drowsiness.

Trolls are much stronger than most humans. (Eg: a pinch (from a human) would feel like nothing, wheras being hit in the head with a bucket would be the same as banging your head against a wall)

Sollux used to be outsmarted by biclops dad all the time, so he started feeding him the honey to get away with most things.

Mituna, Vantases, both Dirk and Dave, all have PTSD

Sollux has bipolar disorder, but 60% of the time he just burshes off the problem himself.

Equius was more of a dog person, so Nepeta actually went out of her way to get him a little puppy plushie, and on the same day she gifted him the plush, equius got nepeta a kitten plush.

Kankri isin’t scared easily, but when he is, he screams like mituna (sowwy bab)

Once Dave finally got over his fear of singing in front of Karkat, he took every given opportunity to embarrass the shit out of him.

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okay but let’s talk about species swapped!davekat

troll!Dave would be terrible because he’d invent “mating rituals” and insist that human!Karkat do certain tasks to affirm their relationship or else Dave would act really offended if Karkat refused to do them.

And I mean mostly harmless but ridiculous things, like… doing a silly “mating” dance with a bucket on his head or eating a (deliberately) disgusting meal made by Dave.

And Karkat would end up trying most of them because Dave assured him they are really romantic and of course even human!Karkat is a sucker for sappy romantic things.

Troll!Rose decides to intervene and tell Karkat the truth after the incident in which the human danced around the meteor singing “I’m Karkat Vantas and I am a gullible ass” in trollian for 4 hours.

Davekat Headcanons #3:

- Dave and Karkat hold hands all the time, where ever they go, everyone else finds it very endearing.

- Jade taught Karkat how to garden, and he got really into it. (Dave has even caught him singing to the plants after Jade told him that it helps them grow faster. Sometimes Dave will hide and listen to Karkat sing because he thinks Karkat has a beautiful voice).

- Karkat was cleaning the house/hive one day while Dave was out chilling with Dirk and found Dave’s journal. He only opened to page one, just out of curiosity, and the page was just a bunch of doodles of hearts with his and Dave’s names in them and a (poorly drawn) picture of him and Dave hugging.

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imagine davekat quitely sitting together reading or w/e and karkat catches dave staring at him with a lil lovestruck smile on his face and he gets all defensive like "FUCK YOU STARING AT?!" n' dave just laughs and says "remember the song karkalious"

I’m screaming its funny to imagine if karkalixious was something karkat made when he was like 13 and everyone makes fun of him for it….like terezi shows it to dave and dave loses his fuckig mind and keeps singing it to karkat while karkat is ready to burst into flames at any moment

Things Dave and Karkat Do on the new planet:

-Dave and Karkat obviously have a hive/house together, and a cute flower garden in the backyard, and a porch swing.

-Sometimes Karkat reads one of his books on the porch swing while Dave takes a nap, using Karkat’s lap as a pillow, and sometimes Karkat will absentmindedly run his fingers through Dave’s hair.

-Karkat likes to steal Dave’s shades and wear them around the hive, Dave actually thinks Karkat looks really cute in them, but not as cool as him.

-At the joint diner everyone eats together every night Dave and Karkat always sit next to each other and cuddle while John picks on them for being so lovey.

-Dave learns how to play the guitar so he can sing love songs to Karkat.

-Karkat teaches Dave how to speak in Alternian.

-They go for really long walks through the pretty parts of the woods, and they have their own secret spot where they like to watch the sunset on really clear nights.

-Karkat get’s really good at Mario Cart and kicks Dave’s ass at it every night.

-They have a pile of pillows and blankets on their bed that they sleep in every night because it makes Karkat feel really safe. And when it gets really hot outside they have five fans going to keep from sweating too much in their sleep.

-Dave is actually the clingy one out of the two, he is almost always with Karkat and he always wants to cuddle. He secretly likes to be the little spoon and Karkat thinks its adorable.