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Sith lord singing voices

vader: Anakin was always a little tone-deaf, but hearing him hum to himself always made Padme smile. During her pregnancy, he’d come up with silly, nonsensical lullabies of his own.

Vader doesn’t sing anymore.

maul: Though he does not see the point or joy in singing, he would have a beautiful voice if he did. Maul’s voice could be both soothing and powerful. Could definitely pull off screamo.

savage: He never had a reason to sing, and his pitch accuracy is even worse than Vader’s. Still, little Feral and Maul would quickly fall asleep to the quiet nursery rhymes he sang to them, mostly because of his deep voice.

dooku: When he was a Jedi, Dooku took pride in his ability as a professional singer. His powerful, booming vocal chords were the envy of all the knights. He prefers such formal performances as opposed to just singing to oneself.

asajj: Not the most refined voice in the world, but if she actually gave a shit she would be a lovely singer in a tavern. Crooning out ballads, seducing the crowd to her whims… it was something to consider.

kylo: Also has a lovely, clear voice. He loved to sing, and nowadays finds himself reciting songs that Uncle Luke taught him—despite him trying not to.

sidious: the unholy screams of the damned

teen choice awards

requested: “can you do one where shawn meets y/n backstage or something and shes like shy but interesting at first and occasionally he gets her to sing, she sings a whintey houston-ish song you know a big ballad and he’s blown away and wants to make her famous.”

also requested: “hi bb I love your writings!! Could you please write something where y/n is a famous singer and meets Shawn at the Teen Choice Awards and they hit it off/flirt/exchange numbers? Probably kinda weird but I would love it!!!! xoxo” authors note: i thought i would sorta combine these two and i hope y'all don’t mind. also, this imagine is rather long and it takes a bit of time to get to the point so i apologize. i was just trying to figure everything out and make sure it all made sense. idek.

“Please work.” You mumbled to yourself while messing around with the lens on you camera. For some reason it wouldn’t click right whenever you tried to put it on, and you were terrified at the fact that it could be broken. You worked as a photographer and tonight your job was to take pictures of the celebrities who performed at the Teen Choice Awards. You’ve been photographing moments for as long as you can remember but you’ve never had this big of an opportunity until now. You had already met several celebrities backstage and you were in awe at how humble some of them were, and also how rude some of them were. Everyone was different and it was interesting to see.

“Are you okay?” You heard a voice say and you quickly looked up, taking your glasses off and resting them on your head. You really only needed glasses to see things up close, but whenever you were talking to someone or doing anything else, you didn’t need them, and sometimes they’d give you a headache. Before you could respond, the voice spoke up again.

“Oh cool, what kind of camera is that?” It took you a minute to realize, but once you blinked hard a few times, you finally noticed that Shawn Mendes was talking to you. The Shawn Mendes from Vine, the kid you had a huge crush on when you first discovered him in Magcon.

“Canon 5d mark iii.” You said shyly trying hard to hide your flustered cheeks and pounding heart.

“Cool. My friend is a photographer and he’s actually here taking some pics. I assume that’s what you’re doing too? Oh sorry, I totally forgot to even introduce myself, I’m Shawn.” He smiled wide and stuck out his hand. You awkwardly put down your camera on the nearest table and stood up to shake his hand before saying, “I’m Y/N.”

“So is everything okay? I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but it sounded like you were having some trouble.” Shawn said politely. He was just as sweet as his fanbase always said he was.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine. I was just having trouble putting my lens on. But it’s okay.” You said laughing a little, trying to make things more casual. You always laughed whenever you got nervous. After a few extra minutes of small talk with Shawn, he eventually had to go on stage to perform and you had to be out there too, taking pictures. You got some good shots of several different celebrities so you were proud of yourself. As the evening went on, it got later and you got tired. Your photography instructor told you take however many pictures you wanted, and she didn’t give you any time frames, so you figured you would give yourself a small break, and sit backstage on one of the couches and listen to Ariana Grande’s performance. She sang her powerful song Dangerous Woman which you loved. Ariana’s voice was strong and beautiful and you always wished you could sing something like that. After you sang along to Ariana’s performance, you decided to sing the song again but by yourself since it seemed that no one was around to hear your mediocre singing voice.

“Makessss me feel like a dangerous wommannn.” You flipped through snapchat stories on your phone as you belted out the rest of her song. You sang the last line, and your heart jumped out of your chest when all of a sudden you heard someone clapping. You almost dropped your phone.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. But that was incredible Y/N!” It was Shawn. Shawn Mendes was talking to you again. You sat there wide eyed, with bright red cheeks feeling a bit embarrassed about the fact that he just heard you sing, but you also felt slightly confused about the fact that he said it was incredible. You never thought your voice was really any good. You sang in choirs before, and you sing in the shower and in the car, but you always looked at singing as a hobby. You wished for it to be something more, but that never seemed realistic to you.

“Uh, thank you!” You said with a small smile, and putting your phone in your back pocket.

“That voice of yours deserves to be on the radio or something, seriously. How long have you been singing?” Shawn walked over, and sat down next to you on the couch.

“I don’t know, for as long as I can remember?” You laughed shyly, and looked at him, still wondering why he even thought you sounded good. Was he messing with you? Were you being pranked?

“You shouldn’t be sitting on a couch backstage, you should be performing, on stage.” Shawn was sitting rather close to you, and his voice was soft. He sounded genuine. You were in shock. Shawn Mendes, someone you thought had the voice of an angel, was saying that you had a good voice. And you didn’t know what to say, so you just looked down and smiled, trying to remain as humble as possible.

Two years later

You played with the cord of the microphone as you tried to keep a straight face, while being interviewed backstage at the Teen Choice Awards. “You’ve gotten quite popular so quickly, do you ever miss when you weren’t famous?” The woman said to you with a smile on her face.

“Of course, but I love this job. I’m grateful either way.” You said simply. After a few more questions, you finally finished the interview. You sat backstage while people reapplied makeup, and you chatted with whoever else was getting their makeup done. Several people congratulated you on your new album that was just released, and you thanked them. Your life has drastically changed after your old friend Shawn Mendes had convinced you to post a over on YouTube. After you did, he shouted you out, causing you to gain thousands of followers and soon enough you were signed. But that was two years ago. You and Shawn talked as friends for maybe 6 months and then stopped. You don’t know why but it just happened. Both of your lives were busy, so you didn’t really let it bother you. Just as you were thinking of someone you haven’t spoken to for so long, Shawn walked into the room backstage. You pretended not to notice by looking at yourself in the mirror, fixing any mistakes your makeup artists made. You weren’t a makeup expert but sometimes your makeup artist didn’t know what looked good on you.

“Y/N?” You heard him. Shawn. You saw him now too. You saw him behind you in the reflection of the mirror and you quickly turned around.

“Shawn!” You said kindly giving him an awkward hug.

“It’s been so long. How are you? Congrats on your album by the way.” He scratched the back of his neck as he spoke.

“Thank you! And I’m great, how are you?”

You remembered very well when you met Shawn two years ago, at this exact place. It was crazy how you went from taking pictures of celebrities, to actually becoming a celebrity and now you watched people take pictures of you. You and Shawn talked for about 20 minutes or so. The awards show was technically over and you were supposed to be attending an afterparty but instead you were here talking with Shawn. You both caught up on each other’s lives and eventually you exchanged numbers. You had his number from two years ago, but apparently it was changed.

“I’m sorry for not talking to you for so long. I’m glad we caught up though, and I’d love to take this conversation further sometime, somewhere else.” Shawn’s cheeks were a pretty pink and it made you smile. Was he asking you on a date?

“Like.. Where?” You teased him and laughed, titling your head.

“You ever been to that coffee shop downtown?”

“I haven’t actually.” And so Shawn and you skipped the afterparty and went on a simple date to the coffee shop, and talked for the rest of the night.

Momma Rosita Pt. 2

This is based on @igottab-bbc idea of Johnny calling Rosita Mom, but with my own spin on it. Enjoy!


He’d been staying with Rosita and her family for at least a month now since his dad went to jail and Rosita had decided to have Johnny stay with her and the rest of her family, and they have been nothing, but nice and accepting. It wasn’t as bad as one would seem, when Johnny first moved in he was woken up by at least ten of the piglets, Rosita had scolded them and apologized, but Johnny said it was fine and now it’s part of his morning routine. The kids would usually with call him Johnny, or big brother, or a combination of the two, it warmed his heart and made him smile. Norman greeted him with a smile and a pat on the back, at First he was worried that Norman didn’t like him, but Rosita explained that he’s never been the most vocal animal, that did calm his nerves. Rosita’s the same at rehearsals as she as at home, she makes sure everyone’s doing ok and is taking care of them. She reminds Johnny when to go to bed, eating, and made sure he checked in with her before he goes out and tells her where he’s going exactly, just in case. Johnny’s never felt more at home before.

That day Johnny had been planning on going out to hang out with Meena, she was going to show him how to make muffins, he asked her if she could help him make them so he could give them to Rosita and the family to show his appreciation. After the wake up call from the piglets, he got ready in the bathroom real quick, got changed and headed downstairs, a few of the kids were already downstairs eating their cereal sleepily, but happily waiting for the others to come down, as he passed by he said good morning, in response the kids hummed, their mouths filled with their breakfast. Johnny smiles and reaches for an apple and taking a big bite out of it, he chewed happily as he leaned against the counter, waiting for Rosita to come down, so he could tell her his plans for later that evening. She doesn’t usually come downstairs until all the kids are, that’s to make sure everyone’s done getting ready before breakfast. Johnny watches as the kids start to come down the stairs in single file, signaling Rositas appearance after the last piglet, walking right behind the last one, and Norman trailing behind her.

“Good morning my darlings.” Rosita greets as she reaches the last step.

“Morning mommy!” They all tell back, then go back to laughing and talking to each other.

Rosita smiles and Norman kisses her cheek as he heads off I the other direction to gather his things for work.

“Good morning Johnny.” Rosita smiles at him and turns to the sink and turns on the radio so the only noise she hears isn’t just the kids and their chaos.

“Mornin’ Mum.” Johnny’s about to take the last bite of his apple, but stops hearing the words he just said, his eyes widen.

Rosita stops short, wondering if she’s heard him right, a confused look on her face she turns to look at him, and he looks just as shocked as she is.

“I’m sorry.” He says immediately under Rositas stare, he quickly throws his Apple away. “It was an accident.”

“No, sweetie, I don’t mi-” Rosita begins quickly as to ease his nerves, but Johnny is already speed walking out of the house.

“Won’t ‘appen again!” He yells as he gets to the the door.

“It’s,” Johnny slams the door shut, “okay.” Rosita finishes to herself staring at the door with a blank face

Norman comes walking into the room with his briefcase in hand. “Did I just hear the door slam?” He asks

“Yeah,” Rosita says still looking at the door, “Johnny just left.”

“Oh,” Norman looks at the door than at Rosita, reading her blank expression, “what happened?” He asks another question.

This time Rosita slowly turns her head towards her husband, the faintest smile on her lips. “He called me mom.”

“Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.” Johnny berated himself as he hit the wheel multiple times as he drove towards Meena’s house desperately needing to leave.
He’s hoping that she wouldn’t mind him coming in earlier than expected, he parks on the otherside of the street and walks across to her house. He knocks three times and waits, he hears different voices conversing as they get closer to the door. The door swings open.

“I told you I’ll get the door, you worry too much!” The elephant says to the rest of the household behind him and turns around. Johnny freezes up, Meena’s grandfather, according to Meena, has always been kind of a hard head and pushy, so the nervousness of seeing the oldest elephant whenever he comes over is through the roof. When he turns around he looks down and see’s Johnny standing there, his face becomes bored and annoyed. “Oh, it’s you. Meena,” he starts to walk away, “it’s the Gorilla.” He calls out.

“Grandpa, be nice.” Meena scolds as he walks past her, when he’s out of sight Johnny relaxes, Meena turns towards Johnny and smiles. “Hey Johnny, I didn’t think you were coming over until later?” Meena asks.

“I, I um have to talk to you about something that happened.” He says nervously, looking up at Meena.

“Oh yeah, of course.” She says letting him in and closes the door behind him.

Meena had offered talking in her room, but feeling her grandfather burn holes into the back of his head after the question was asked, Johnny decided it was safer to just stay in the downstairs area instead. He followed Meena to the kitchen and watched as she began to bring out different mixing bowls and mixers, along with the ingredients needed for blueberry muffins.

“So,” Meena starts as she turns around to look at Johnny, who seems to be slumping a bit on the counter, “what did you want to talk about.”

“Well,” Johnny brings his hand to his neck, “I kind of called Rosita ‘Mum’ today.”

“Oh,” Meena stops, “and, what did she say.”

“I didn’t catch her response, I just got out of ‘here as fast as I could, I was so embarrassed.” Johnny groans out and covered his face with his hands.

“So you left, and you didn’t tell her where you were going?” Meena asks a little shocked.

“Oh, shit,” Johnny whispers to himself, “I didn’t.”

Meena looks at Johnny with a bit of disappointment, but looks back at everything in front of her and decides that he’s had a confusing enough day, that he didn’t need her scolding today.

“Come here and help.” She says over her shoulder to the gorilla, he looks at her for a moment before walking over, happy for the distraction.

Rosita has been mulling over what happened all day as she did her usual routine, although nothing was much of a distraction. Mom, a name she had gotten so used to, yet it still confused her to hear it. Maybe it was because it came from someone else’s mouth rather than her kids. She had a blank face on for most of the day while taking care of chores, except for the times for when she’d look at the clock and see what time it was, wondering and worrying even Johnny would be back. Soon the kids came home from school, they had dinner, then Norman came home, and it was getting late.

Meena sat on her bed watching Johnny pace around her room, Meena had finally convinced him that talking up stairs was a better idea due to her family wanting to be in her business all the time, but as Johnny followed her up he did happen to catch her grandfather’s death glare, which did not settle his nerves.

“Why don’t you just go talk to her? I think that’s the easiest solution.” Meena suggests, her eyes following Johnny.

“I don’t know, I just feel so awkward about it, why did i ‘ave to call ‘er mum in the first place.” Johnny sits down I. Meena’s desk chair and leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands.

“Well, maybe because you think of her like that.” Johnny looks up confused, Meena continues. “Rositas been taking care of you and has been doing her ‘mom’ duty. This may sound personal, but did you know your mom?” Meena winces a bit at her question.

Johnny thinks a moment. “No, I’ve never met her.”

“Then Rositas taking place for her in your head, because of everything she’s done for you, make sense.” Meena states looking at Johnny waiting for his response.

“Yeah,” Johnny thinks back to all Rositas kindness, “yeah it does.” He smiles, but then checks his watch and almost jumps out his seat at seeing the time. “Oh shit, I’m late.” Johnny begins to grab his jacket and containers of muffins. “I’ll see ya later.” Johnny rushes out her bedroom door, before she could respond.

“See you-” Meena’s caught of by Johnny running back in and kissing her on the cheek.

“Thanks for everything.” Johnny smiles then rushes back out.

Meena sits there wide eyed and touches her cheek. “No problem.” She says to herself as she hears the door to the outside close and Johnny drive off.

It’s 11 o’clock, and Rosita sits at the kitchen table in her pajamas with a cup of coffee, that has gone cold sometime ago, in between her hands, she stares at her reflection, does she always look this tired.
Norman had told her that she should go to sleep and get some rest, he was a kid after all, who knows how long he’d be gone. Rosita refused though, what if he came home but lost his Keys or was hurt, she couldn’t just sleep thinking of that. Rosita nearly jumps when she hears a car pull into the driveway, she gets up immediately checking out the window to see it’s Johnny’s car. Not sure on what to do she just stands in the entry way waiting for Johnny to enter. She hears the keys jingle and the door opens slowly and lightly, she supposed as to not wake up anyone. Johnnys head pops in with the rest of his body as he turns to close the door trying to make it as quiet as possible with one hand, the other holds two containers, Rosita watches not making a sound. When Johnny turns around he nearly yelps, but jumps a bit at seeing Rosita standing there.

“Uh, hi,” he whispers, Rosita doesn’t say anything her arms crossed, “I made you guys blueberry muffins.” Johnny smiles a bit extending the containers out, he pulls them back in when she doesn’t respond.

“What time is it Johnny.” Rosita states more than asks.

“It’s eleven-”

“Eleven o’clock,” Rosita interrupts, “and I did not once get a call from you, nor any information as to where you were.” Her tone becoming strict, Johnny gulps. “For all I know you could’ve been lying face down in a ditch somewhere!” She whisper yells flinging her hands up in frustration. “You didn’t bring your phone with you, so when I tried calling you, your laundry was ringing! I need to be able to reach you, what if you get stuck somewhere and you need my help. Oh, that’s it,”Rosita stops short. “You’re grounded.” She says with a final tone.

“Grounded?” Johnny asks confused.

“Oh yeah buddy, 2 weeks, no 3.” Rosita points. “And just don’t think because you brought muffins you’re off the hook, no, you’re only allowed to go to practice and home, that and,” she’s cut off.

Johnny got to his knees and hugs Rosita, she’s not quite sure what to do, surprised by the sudden hug, Rosita stands there.

“Thank you for everything, you’ve been the best and only mum I’ve ever ‘ad.” Johnny squeeze sea her tighter.

Rosita begins to tear a bit, she hugs him back just as tightly. “I’m just glad that you’re happy.” She says.

“Am I not grounded anymore?” He asks, Rosita laughs a little bit.

“Not a chance.” Rosita smiles.

“Thought so.” Johnny whispers

“No problem.” She whispers back.

So I’m performing a concert tonight with astronaut Dr. Roberta Bondar, the first Canadian woman in space, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of her space flight. This piece, which features her poetry and space photography, has a simulated rocket launch in the middle of it and it makes me cry because I love space so much and it’s so damn awesome. It’s my headcanon that Kathryn Janeway has an old recording of it saved on her PADD. Probably Jim Kirk, too.

anonymous asked:

This is kinda random and I have no idea how these work and if you're still taking requests for these but like Hot summer day with the rfa maybe please??? (W/ V and Saeran???)

how bout a hot winter day for us floridians amiright ladies


  • “Yoosung lets do something fun today”
  • “its too hot to go outside”
  • complains about how hot it is every 6 seconds even though he refuses to even leave the house
  • strips down to his underwear and lays on the ground
  • “Yoosung lets-”
  • “uuuuuuggggghhhnnnnngggggg its to hhhooooottttt”
  • tries to fit himself in the refrigerator
  • but besides that mostly immobile
  • doesnt even wanna play games
  • just wants to lay on the ground in his underwear and die
  • MC probably just joins him because there is no moving that boy today
  • calls every single person in the rfa to see if they’ll bring him a popsicle
  • “Yoosung, youre an idiot”
  • “please dont hang up no-”
  • “so, is Zen bringing us popsicles?”
  • “no….” :(


  • spontaneous beach day!!
  • he wakes up and steps outside to go on a morning run and decides instead that its the perfect day to go to the beach!!
  • he walks back in
  • “oh, Zen, that was a short run”
  • he runs over and scoops MC up in a hug
  • “hey, what do you think about going to the beach today?”
  • “i think thats a great idea!”
  • they quickly throw on cute beach clothes, grab some towels, and head out!
  • listen to music during the hour-ish drive
  • slpashy playing in the water :3
  • Zen gets freckles after being in the sun all day!
  • long walks on the beach, partially giving MC a piggy back ride and running around
  • seafood lunch on the pier 
  • frozen lemonades!!
  • stay until night time so they can both lay on the beach under the stars


  • doesnt want to go outside but still wants to Beat The Heat™
  • her and MC make frozen treats together!!!
  • they compile a list of sweets they want to make then run out and get the ingredients!
  • they try to make real fruit popsicles and fail miserably the first time
  • but they second time they come out super cute and delicious!
  • eat copious amounts of watermelon
  • put on music while they play around in the kitchen, its probably the sound track of a musical
  • picture Jaehee and MC listening to hamilton while they munch on watermelon, oh, those cuties
  • Jaehee makes a kick ass banana smoothie
  • they attempt an ice cream cake
  • its a flop but still tastes good!!


  • if you thought for a second that Jumin doesnt have a pool or at least access to a pool, you thought wrong
  • theres probably a bar near the pool that serves drinks
  • poolside Piña coladas with Jumin Han
  •  when MC gets in the pool he joins and he’s like yay so cool and peaceful
  • and then MC splashes him
  • and he really thinks its the most adorable, most sweetest thing that has ever happened
  • he splashes back!!
  • he is so happy to be splashing around in the pool!
  • and all the nearby employees are like ??? IS THIS EVEN JUMIN??


  • but little does MC know, Seven was waiting for them to come home
  • he’s wearing a bandanna tied around his head
  • he SRINGS OUT of his hiding place and sprays MC with water while they hurry to grab some balloons and pelt him
  • its like a two hour war
  • MC calls Yoosung in to help them ambush Seven
  • Seven tries Zen, who surprisingly agrees and comes over with his own water gun
  • are these four adults or four middle schoolers?
  • yes


  • turns his thermostat to like 40 degrees F
  • fans all on full blast
  • the only time he ever walks around in his underwear
  • he has so many errands to run…
  • but its so hot…
  • orders take out because he refuses to turn on the oven/stove to cook
  • usually all of his curtains are open to let in as much sunlight as possible
  • close everything up and keep the sun the heck away from him
  • probably sits on the floor with MC and plays board games to pass the time
  • really embarrassed by his lack of clothing
  • adorable


  • ice CREAM
  • he doesnt like going out because he wants to wear a long sleeve shirt to cover up his tattoo
  • so he makes Seven go to his favorite ice cream shop 6 times in one day
  • “oh, and get some for MC, too! whatever they want!”
  • changes his order each time 
  • grumpy until he gets ice cream
  • sets up like 10 fans around the house and just sits in front of them
  • stands in front of the fridge while its open for an elongated period of time
  • doesnt move unless its to let Seven back in
  • doesnt let Seven back in unless he has ice cream


Utaite Quotes Round 5

Itou Kashitarou: To be honest, I’ve never done a love confession!
un:c : Okay then!!! Let’s practice!!! First, commit hara-kiri! (suicide by disembowlment)

Pokota: I’m Pokota♪
Kogeinu: I’m Kogeinu ♪
And the two combined…
a crossbred mutt ♪
Kogeinu: Wait… when did we mate…

KK: My concentration when I turn the tap in microscopical degrees to set the perfect water temperature is second to no one.

Soraru: Today is my birthday! I’m turning 21.
Soraru: Aaah I’m so sorry… I was lying… I have over a hundred congratulating mentions….

KK: I dreamt of getting superpowers and jumping from one roof to another and singing musical-ish songs. Good morning.

Soraru: The COF is fighting amongst themselves…! They’re on the brink of falling apart….!

Itou Kashitarou: After the live, I got a lot of hand written letters, so I’ll read them before I go to bed!
Itou Kashitarou: Oh
Itou Kashitarou: They’re all for Amatsuki
Itou Kashitarou: So this is how it is!! Everyone likes Amatsuki better than me!! Okay!!!

Mafumafu: I’m working as Amatsuki kun eats steak I’m working as Amatsuki kun eats steak I’m working as Amatsuki kun eats steak I’m working as Amatsuki kun eats steak I’m working as Amatsuki kun eats steak

Rib: The river after it rains is pretty smelly, what a shame
Soraru: Rib is also sm…. nothing…

Glutamine: There’s a hole in my wallet…. shock

Mafumafu: What do you wanna eat?
Mafumafu: Hmm-, I want this parfait!
Mafumafu: Isn’t that to big?
Mafumafu: Let’s eat half each ♡
Mafumafu: Okay, okay, Uh, don’t stick to me so much.

Fan: Die
Gero: I’m telling the police!!!!!!!

Soraru: I guess to an elementary school kid 25 year olds would be ojisans
Kogeinu: Shut up

Gero: Pikachu sama is god

Itou Kashitarou: No, wait, I need underwear!
Soraru: I don’t think you need them, right?
Itou Kashitarou: S, Soraru san, you can’t reveal your secret hobby here!

Soraru: I forgot my keys so now I’m climbing up the walls, but I’ve been working out and I think I got faster.

S!N: I paid 500K to Rairu for him to say “S!N is a good person” on air.
Rairu: Thanks for the money

Kony on Valentines day: I want money and power and beauty more than chocolate!

Soraru: I got tricked by Rib and walked the other way starting from Shinjuku station, dammit

Kony: The incoded video that amatsuki sent over was titled “Stop it! Please don’t kill Kony!!!”
(Upload comment of Please don’t kill the love song)

Fan: Do you have a girlfriend?
un:c: I have lots of girlfriends! In my computer.

Soraru: It seems like Last Note has announced that they are a two-person unit, so Soraru is actually a three person unit.
halyosy: Actually I am a four person unit too (Ha Ru Yo Shi in japanese), Ru kun from Halyosy and Ru kun from Soraru and Ru kun from Glutamine(Gu Ru Ta Min in japanese) are all the same Ru kun.

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since you ship mikuxluka what do think luka reacts when miku sings her diva-ish songs (ie: world is mine,sweet devil,kocchi muite baby

I’m glad you ask because I think about these kinds of things a lot!

I like to think that Luka is amused by these types of songs. Like she just kind of shakes her head in a “Oh, Miku” kind of way. She knows that it’s a performance so she’s not too bothered by it and probably finds it a little endearing if not somewhat humorous.

I think her favorite part is the fact that Miku is incredibly easy to fluster, at least if you’re Luka. She probably gets a lot of enjoyment teasing her and causing her to lose focus and break character. She’s not allowed to sit in on Miku’s music video recording sessions anymore.


This is a snippet and NOT the full song.

So @kairei-chan came to the store I was working at earlier to pass me some greed pair stuff and I sorta played the new SERVAMP songs (in the store) for her. We then talked about them (her thoughts about them can be found HERE) and then she suggested I should post a short clip of Tsubaki’s song because enka. It was almost hilarious because Kairei said she could picture Tsubaki singing it with tears gleaming in his eyes and moving his hands about in a dramatic way with Sakuya in the background throwing sakura petals or something LOL (I can’t remember the exact words Kairei used oops) XD

So here’s a short extract of Tsubaki singing an enka-ish song! We don’t get to hear Tattsun sing this genre that often too, don’t we? ww He’s amazing haha.

justwhatevermark  asked:

3, 9, 11, 33, 38!

3. 3 Fears - failure, being forgotten, fire!!

9. Tattoos and piercings I have/want - i have an anchor tattoo on my wrist. i just have my ears pierced lol. I want a cherry blossom tattoo, i haven’t decided the placement tho. I want 

11. Can I sing/play an instrument - yeah, i can sing okay-ish. i’m a soprano 2 but my heart wishes i was soprano 1 lmao

33. YouTubers I watch - if it’s not kpop, it’s makeup… i love ssssamanthaa and kathleenlights!

38. Other than tumblr, what do I do in my free time - hmm, i love graphic design so i’m often times designing invitations and stuff. i genuinely love to shop, it’s so bad lmao. i love to play with makeup, i may not be particularly good at it but oh well. i also love watching movies/tv. i can marathon a show like it’s not lol.