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Dating Harry Would Include - 43

Summer time: 

- Him waking up before you because he doesn’t like to stay too late in bed
- Trying your best to not wake up yet even if he opens the curtains and call your name
- But being finally woken when he sings loudly in the shower
- Teasing you about your sleepy head while sitting next to you in bed with just a towel wrapped around his hips
- Playing with your hair to tickle your nose when you try to ignore him and get back to sleep
- Pulling on the sheets to uncovering your body, giving your bum gentle pats before leaving the bedroom
- Coming in the kitchen to find him shirtless, preparing your breakfast “Here comes my sleeping beauty …”
- Answering your “ I hate you …” by a smiling “I love you too!”
- Him teasing you because you don’t dare to use your swimsuit as day outfit
- But taking advantages when you wear it to kiss your exposed skin
- Scolding you when you don’t put sun protector because your skin burns easily
- Rolling his eyes with a half smile when you answer him “ Sorry Daddy …”
- Him insisting to apply with dedication sun protector on your body, smirking when he sees goosebumps on your skin
- Kissing you just behind your ear when he finished
- Long lazy naps in the afternoon because of the heat where he asks you to play with his hair
- Playing with drops of cold water on your face when you try to tan
- Drawing with his wet fingers on your back
- Raising his eyebrows when you ask him to carry you to the pool because it’s too hot to walk
- Putting you on his shoulder to carry you to the pool and throw you in the water
- His giggling when he hear you menacing him with your wet hair all over your face  
- Joining you into the water and blocking you in his arms when you try to beat him
- Staying in the water for long moments, his arms around your waist, kissing each other slowly
- Brushing your nose with his and mocking you about the sunburn you got on your nose
- Kissing carefully your nose tip telling you that it makes you look even more cuter
- Enjoying the freshness of the end of the day while he plays guitar
- Looking at the sky turning dark while snuggling in his arms
- Long night conversations about random topics, listening to you while he plays with your fingers
- Kissing your hair and forehead after you have fallen asleep on his chest and carrying you to bed

soft wolfie headcanons, part 2

I have more to say about this!! his softness can’t be contained in just one post

  • He used to love painting in art class when he was younger and even though he doesn’t do it as a hobby or anything now and he’d never admit he likes it, he’ll jump at any chance he gets to do it (remember evil santa in the Christmas special? My boy likes to paint)
  • Also he has a really nice singing voice!! He had a solo in his school’s choir presentation ffs, you know he can sing. He also gave that up as he grew older because then his dad was an asshole but We Don’t Talk About That, but he still sings sometimes - karaoke bars with Felix, singing in the shower, listening to music in the car, you name it. It reminds him of the times when he was really young and his dad was gone and he and his mum would put on music and dance for a bit
  • His lil red nose in the winter. just. let that sink in
  • He looove love loves watching the first snow fall. He loves the fresh new smell in the air, he loves sitting at the window in his flat or a coffee shop or anywehre he happens to be and quietly watching, waiting for it to start sticking and building up. He likes how new it looks, how full of possibility before it inevitably turns grey and sludgy and stepped on
  • He and Kala are aaaalways holding hands when they’re walking around the city. He just likes it! They both do. Feels good, feels organic
  • Woflie’s also super soft with the rest of the cluster? Like if someone drops by or he shows up in another city (and if no one’s getting murdered or anything) he’s just so nice? Helping Lito cook dinner for Dani and Hernando, lying on the couch with Nomi and Neets watching american TV, talking about favorite action movies with Capheus… he just likes hanging out with the fam

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Could you please please please do a request about how the egos react to the reader singing in the shower? Like they're all out somewhere and they come back but she doesn't realise and she's going for it 😄😄💖💖

-Dark smirks and leans against the door. He enjoys observing what you do when you think he’s not around. He admires your voice and will use it against you later.

-Natemare will grin, bursting into the bathroom and singing along with you, probably causing you to fall over. He’d encourage you to keep singing because he absolutely loves your voice.

-Wilford would grin like an idiot. It wasn’t often he got to hear your beautiful voice in such a manner. He loved it when you were comfortable enough to sing like that.

-Anti would sneak into the lights to listen to you. He’d flicker them a bit when you were done to alert you of his presence and grin as you yelled at him about spying on you.

-Google would pause and tilt his head upon hearing you singing. He would ask you later why you only sang in the shower and not where he could appreciate your voice fully.

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How would Black Hat react to his S/O singing in the shower?

Black Hat + S/O singing in the shower

I’ve been writing him as a bit naughty lately, so I figured I’d make this a bit sweeter for you anon :)

  • You had made a habit of singing in the shower, although you have always been too nervous to sing otherwise.
  • BH, having never heard you sing before was stopped in his tracks upon hearing your voice.
  • He was quite surprised upon finding out just how nice you sounded, it was almost soothing to him.
  • It even made him flustered, and instead of scaring you in the shower like he usually would, he went to sit in his office in shock with a rather perplexed face.
  • You immediately knew something was up once you dried off and seeked him out, and you found him a bit red in the face as you approached.
  • “Why didn’t you ever tell me you could sing so nicely? Why would you keep such a thing from me?”
  • He acted like he was a bit angry with you for never mentioning it, but he was actually trying to cover up the fact that he wanted to hear it again.
  • Ever since then he makes it a routine; casually listening in every now and then to hear your sweet voice, and you know he listens and decide to make it worth while.
  • A bit on the sad side, but hearing you sing like such an angel makes him think just how he managed to get someone so heavenly, when he himself is a demon. 
  • He thinks about that a lot,

Random Headcannons about White Spats - 

- He keeps tiny photos of those he holds close in his coat pocket. When he’s away on business trips, he takes them out and looks at them, he also loves to talk about them and how great they are. 

- He really loves musicals and will often sing along and even dance. He knows tap, foxtrot and swing. Also, he doesn’t sing in the shower. He PERFORMS. He loves Broadway. 

- He is a dad. Maybe not a biological one to anyone, but god- He’d wear sweater vests and polos, He’d love one of those “1# Dad” mugs, he’d make dad jokes, and he unofficially adopts people littler than him- EI, Flug.  

- He squeals with joy sometimes. When he’s happy he skips a bit, he jumps and clinks his heels together. 

I’m happiest when I can hear her singing in the shower, the scent of fresh baked goods in the oven and a spell being worked for happiness and peace for all who enter. I’m happiest in these moments when I realize my life slowly
Becoming what I want it to be. @justakidfromabadan

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concept: it is 2025. the sun shines down on our beautiful home, causing our 3 cats to purr loudly. you are getting ready for your Broadway show that'll take place later that night, and i am watching you lovingly as you put on makeup. i compliment you as i twist the wedding ring around my finger. our 2 dogs come running in the room, tails wagging. everyone is happy. in the distance, we can hear the faint sound of someone singing 90s jams in the shower. it is chase, our wife. all is well - pasc

@skywalkingdixon @emmcfrxst this sounds perfect 

When it gets bad again, it’s not that I have to will myself to get out of bed or shower; it’s nothing like that. I can wake up with the brightest smile, sing in the shower, and then laugh all day long if I want to. It’s this tiny moment that gets me. It’s when I pull into my driveway after school, shut off my car, and sit in silence. My body is numb, my mind is killing me, and I can’t will myself to move an inch. It’s like I’m watching the world pass around me and no one can save me.
The best advice I have ever received is
“Find people who are not ashamed to sing in the shower.”
—  they’ll never be ashamed of you // bluestruckholly
OTP Shower
  • Person A: *in the shower, Singing terribly*
  • Person B: * out side bathroom door recording*
  • ---
  • Person c: *spots B* what are you doing?
  • Person B: SSSHHH! *whispers* blackmail.
Inter-House Couples

Gryffindor/Hufflepuff: Lots of cuddling by the fire. Playful competitions. Singing theatre duets together in the shower. Chilling with messy hair and old pajamas and not caring. Netflix binges. Very fluffy. Share clothes. Lots of little butterfly kisses.

Gryffindor/Ravenclaw: Does lots of things For Science! Movie nights, especially old films. Can talk about any topic for hours on end. Hiking together. Do crosswords together. End up in the hospital wing a lot for trying to invent new spells. Very sassy.

Gryffindor/Slytherin: DAMN. Acts like the perfect couple in public to make everyone jealous, but argue about chicken nuggets when alone. Still perfect though. Matching tattoos. Concert dates. Sneak out of class to hang out in the forest. 

Slytherin/Hufflepuff: Playful FIGHT ME’s. Sending each other memes randomly throughout the day. Cry together. A lot. Fall asleep on each other on the train. Teasing. Sneaking into the kitchen in the middle of the night. Deep, 2am sleepover conversations. Lots of PDA.

Slytherin/Ravenclaw: Holy Power Couple. Matching outfits. Fancy ass dinners at fancy ass places, or Taco Bell. No middle ground. Random fact competitions. Won’t tell each other their Tumblr URLs. Dye their hair crazy colours without telling anyone. Piggy back rides!!

Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff: Reading together. Baking cookies at 2am. Super supportive 24/7. Probably vlog together. Artsy Instagram selfies. Puns. Oh god, the puns. Write poetry/songs for each other. One does the other’s hair while studying. Hand holding is a must.

Wolfstar Imagine

Remus always humming along to songs and cheerily singing despite the fact he can’t sing in the slightest. He does have a knack for piano, though, and also a soft spot for classical music.

Sirius isn’t really much of a singer, even though he’s alway playing music (Queen in particular) and it’s not until one night when the marauders get drunk and attempt karaoke (debatably the YMCA) that they discover he is actually an amazing singer. Sometimes he’ll walk in a room and spontaneously start singing a the top of his lungs.

They both sing in the shower when they think no one’s listening, but have ended up on many occasions with a disgruntled James Potter banging on the door.

(My best friend @moony-bo-boony actually came up with the idea for this, but I thought I’d expand on it)