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😔 request • in which jealousy happens because jungkook is spending time with another idol & things take a dark turn 💔 

 (i may continue this in another set of texts… we’ll see 😅) 

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Me: its just- so interesting to note that throughout ALL of Act 1 that anytime the whole tight knit family is singing or harmonizing, Whizzer is the only one to deviate and hit a Sharp or have his voice noticably stand out. From the first time everyone sings ‘His name is Mendel’ he holds out a belt/flat no one else does- its just so accurate to his character. He is, in every sense of the phrase, the Odd Man Out. He’s the one who was the outsider, the one who initially 'caused’ this whole epidemic (of course this was really Marvin,) and it shows the whole 'he wasnt a part of the Tight Knit Family yet. He sings the parts no one else does, hitting notes or sharps or flats and it STANDS OUT. He is meant to be noticed, meant to be seen as an outlier. In 'I never Wanted to Love You’ you clearly hear his voice, its how much he stands out and is different and is so important! Hes that character! The one Marvin left his Family for! The one who turned his whole world upside down! And his voice emulates that! Then, in Act 2, that leaves. There’s no song in which he outwardly has a Sharp or Flat or Belt no one else has. This is his 'Full Transition’ into the Tight Knit Family. He’s a part of it now, harmonously a part of the unit and it’s so important to note the change, from Loud and Brash and Hurt in Act 1 to Happy and Whole and Him™ in Act 2. I dont know, I’m just glad Whizzer finally got to have what he deserved. A Tight Knit Family.

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Hello sweetie, how BTS would react if they were brushing there teeth in the morning and there GF back-hug them and rubbing there stomach sleeply? This so much fluff for my heartue 😭💜


When you wrap Namjoon’s waist with your arms, he starts to smile cutely, his adorable dimples appearing on his cheeks. You gently caresses his stomach and sigh with content. His morning’ smell is the sweetest, the most comforting scent in the world. He just got out of bed, his soft skin still warm. Namjoon passes his arm on your shoulders so that he can hugs you tight but drops his toothbrush. It falls on your breasts, leaves a big disgusting white stain on your top but you manage to catch it before it falls on the ground. Without saying a word, you look at the stain on your breasts and when you raise your eyes to look at Namjoon, you can’t help but laugh at his embarrassed face. You kiss his cheek to make him smile again.


You hug Tae from behind and own a cute little moan of satisfaction from his mouth as well as a cute sleepy little smile. You put your hands on his belly and move them up gradually. Tae smiles tenderly, his eyes almost closed under the soft caresses of your hands. He brings your hand on his toothbrush and you start brushing his teeth, laughing, awkwardly shaking his head as he tries not to burst out laughing. From time to time, he tries to guide you but you don’t understand what he says, and anyway you laugh too much to be focused. The toothpaste drips from his chin and when Taehyung looks in the mirror he bursts out laughing, smearing toothpaste all over it.


You enter the bathroom and come to press yourself against Jin, your head bumping against his back as you pass your arms around him. With a little laugh, he places his hand on your forearm to caress it gently. You always struggle to emerge in the morning and there’s nothing like your awesome boyfriend’s back to hide behind and doze for a few more minutes. You stroke his belly while he makes you swing from one foot to the other, as if to rock you, a smile of pure serenity on his plumped lips.


Hoseok is barely awake. The pace at which he brushes his teeth is particularly slow and his body slightly swing from front to back. With a tender smile, you cling to his back and pass your arms around his waist. As you gently caress his belly and kiss him just behind his lovely ears, you gradually see him fall asleep for good, hand hardly holding his toothbrush as he clings to your arms. You laugh and sing his name, but that only makes him smile stupidly in his sleep.


When he feels your arms around his waist, Yoongi groans with contentment. He sighs under the soft caresses of your hands on his belly and closes his eyes when you kiss his neck. His mouth still full of toothpaste, he grumbles : « I can’t focus if you do cute things like that… », but you don’t seem to listen to him. You keep kissing his neck, quivering under the warmth of his pale skin. Yoongi stares at you, with hearts in his eyes and a gummy smile on his lips.


Jimin lets out a cute little laugh as you press yourself against him, your mouth laying kisses on his back. He gently caresses your forearms, humming the air of “Serendipity” as he finishes brushing his teeth. He leans to spit into the sink and you take the opportunity to bump into his peachy butt, hands on his hips. He startles and lets out a silly laugh, looking at you with an shocked face : « Babe ! What the fuck ?! » He can’t help but giggles when he sees you dying from laughter.


You get closer to your boyfriend and gently pass your arms around his waist to hug him tight. He immediately relaxes his body, enjoying the warmth of your body against his back. As you stroke his belly, he lightly starts to swing, still brushing his teeth while looking at your hands. He grabs one of them and slowly slides it into his pajama’s pants. JungShook, you lean toward him and throw him a judgmental look. He sneers, shrugging his shoulders as if he did nothing wrong.



Namjoon stands in front of you with his hands in his pocket. He seems confident, his plumped lips stretched in a little smile. This challenge amuses him but he already knows how it’s gonna end. He looks at you and waits for you to be completely ready. Then, he leans towards your mouth and lightly brushes your lips with his. After a few pecks, Namjoon begins to play with your mouth, his delicious lips tasting yours. He literally takes you to another world just by kissing you and you try hard to keep your hands on your lower back. Namjoon is slow, his tongue sensually brushing your lips, asking for more access. You give it to him without even thinking how hard it’s gonna be for you to resist him. He’s just too good. He knows exactly how to move his tongue, his lips, he knows exactly how to breath with you, and he knows exactly what drives you crazy. It’s just a fucking game, why is your body so tense ? As Namjoon bites your tongue, you arch your back and struggle not to moan. You’d never thought it will be that hard to keep your hands still. The heat grows between your thighs with every licks of his tongue against yours. The way he looks down at you when you catch your breath just before kissing you again… The way he manages to act impatient and yet teases the fuck out of you… It’s too much. You can’t do it anymore and grabs his shirt, pulling him closer to you. Namjoon smiles against your mouth and immediately grabs your ass with one hand, his other hand on your neck. The kiss gets naughtier than ever and you’re literally craving his touch. Namjoon pushes you against his bed and stares at you while he undo his belt, a cocky smile on his mouth.


He’s excited about this challenge and can’t stop giggling. You stand in front of him and ask him to stop fooling around if he really wants you to do it. Taehyung puts his hands in the back of his head and smiles playfully. He’s ready to play. You put your hands behind your back and kiss him gently. Tae’s tongue quickly finds yours & it became hard to focus. You know your boyfriend is in his « Naughty mode » and it’s gonna be difficult for you to resist. But you can’t lose against him, no way. You bite his lips and pulls it while you stare at Taehyung. He hisses, his hands moving from his head to the air, opening and closing in vain. He begins to swing his body from one foot to the other but you follow his lead and get even more sensual. Tae sighs against your mouth but quickly changes his method : with a playful smile, he begins to leave wet kisses along your jawline, his mouth ending on the crook of your neck. You bite your lips, quietly cursing at him. Taehyung chuckles and kisses your neck before biting it. He sucks your sensitive skin and leaves his mark, then do it again, and again. It kills you every time and you don’t know how you’re still standing, your hands still on your back. However, Taehyung gets lost in it, forgetting the game as his hands slides on your waist to get you closer to his body. He’s licking your ear and biting your lobe, making you moan as you grind against him. Useless to say Tae couldn’t care less about his defeat.


Gosh, this movie sucks. It’s been only 24 minutes and you’re already bored. You look at Jin to see if he’s into it but it seems like he’s not enjoying it at all. You can’t help but laugh at his annoyed face. « What ? » He gently pushes your leg with his knee and you straighten up to face him. « Do you want to play a game ? » Jin raises his eyebrows and whine « Why so sudden ? What about the movie ? » You get closer to him as you reply « What ? Do you really want to see the rest of this stupid movie ? » Jin takes a look at the tv screen and pouts « Ani, this is pure garbage. What’s your game, honey ? » You explain the challenge to him and, as you expected, Jin starts to giggles. It takes you quite a long time to get him into it but when you give him a naughty glance, Jin finally calms down and smirks, waiting for you to kiss him. His hands behind his back, Jin kisses are slow, soft and sweet. But then, he decides to spice it up and starts to tease you. His plumped lips against yours, his hot sighs, his skilled tongue, his impatient way to show you he wants more… You forget everything and get totally turned on. You begin to slowly suck his tongue, moaning quietly without realizing it. Jin whine, his fingers clenching on his knees as he tries hard not to touch you. You press yourself against him, hands almost on his shoulders, growing the kiss hotter and hotter. Jin can’t take it anymore and grabs your waist, pulling you on his lap as your hands slide on his hair. « You lost » you giggle against his mouth before rolling your eyes behind your eyelids as Jin begins to fervently kiss your neck.


You’re watching Hobi stretching before his dance session. Leaned on the floor, head on your hands, you press your thighs together. You don’t know why, but you’ve been thinking about fucking him all damn day. Is it because of the way his forehead is showing today ? Or because of his tiny ripped black pants that show how tempting his thighs are ? Maybe it’s the way he’s staring at you when you’re not looking, his beautiful eyes undressing you without even hiding it… It doesn’t matter. You’re horny anyway. You smile and sing his name before your straighten up to get closer to him. Hoseok smirks, already knowing you got something naughty in mind. You ask him if he wants to play and Hobi nods his head toward the camera « You know I’m recording, right ? » You look at the camera and whisper as you get closer to his face « I don’t mind. » Hoseok chuckles and puts his hands on his pocket, looking confident as fuck. Yes, you know you’re gonna loose, but it’s gonna be fun at least. You put your hands behind your back and lean to kiss him gently. Hobi immediately takes control of the kiss and, his smirk still on his lips, begin to devours you slowly, his body getting closer and closer to yours. The warmth of his body against yours and the way he makes it swing with the music drives you crazy. Hoseok bites your lips and sucks on it before biting it again, then kisses you deeply, his tongue caressing yours and making you moan. It’s way too much for you to handle. You loose by jumping on his arms, your legs around his waist and your arms circling his neck. Hobi grabs your ass and whispers as you both stop kissing to catch your breath « We should turn the camera off… »


Yoongi stands in front of you, his resting bitch face on. You had to beg him to do this challenge so you don’t want to fuck it up by complaining. You get closer and, after putting your hands behind your back, you begin to kiss him softly. Yoongi lets you kiss him without really responding to it, but it’s kinda hot. This kid is a real punk. You smile and bite his lower lip, looking at him playfully. Yoongi snorts and gets a little closer to you, his lips brushing yours. Then, he leans his head on the side and deepen the kiss, his tongue sliding on your lower lip to ask for access. You press yourself against him, his hot breath against your mouth giving you shivers all over your body. As you get really into the kiss, you gasp when Yoongi pushes you against the mattress. He goes on top of you, grinding his crotch between your thighs as his hands firmly goes down from your neck to your core. His mouth against yours, he smirks « Oops… Too bad, I lost… »


You’re on Jimin’s lap, kissing his cheeks while he giggles softly. « Do you want to play a game ? » Jimin smiles and asks you what game you wanna play. You explain it to him and smile when he nods, his eyes already darkening. He leans on his arms behind him and watches you put your hands behind your back. He bites his lips, waiting for you to make the first move. You lean towards him and kiss him teasingly, already eager to devour his plumped lips. You deepen the kiss, the sounds of your mouths and tongues filling the room. It turns you on so much… The sweet sound of his tongue stroking yours, the way his breath gets jerky when you suck his lower lip… Park Jimin is driving you crazy. As you bite his lip, you begin to grind on him without realizing it. You’re just too lost in the kiss, your fingers clenching on your wrists as the kiss grow sloppier. Jimin begins to moan and straighten up, struggling not to put his hands on you. As the kiss transforms into a hot make-out session, you’re getting desperate to touch him. The moment you’re about give up, Jimin looses by slipping his hands on your thighs to finally grip your ass, moving up to your waist. He’s so rough, his hands firmly grabbing you to pull you closer to his body. You moan against his mouth and let him touch you everywhere.


You’re alone in the dorm and it’s the last challenge of the night. You don’t know how it gradually went from innocent and funny challenges to the one you’re about to play, but you can’t loose, no matter what. This little fart won too many times tonight and it’s time to shut his pretty mouth for good. Jungkook stands in front of you, his hands resting on his sides. He still got his stupid smirk on his face and stares at you, wanting to annoy you a little more before the game starts. You get closer to him and put your hands behind your back, your eyes glued on his. Jungkook takes the final step towards you and kisses you. One peck, two pecks, and in a blink of a eye his tongue is driving you crazy. You stand on the tip of your feet and begin to kiss his ear. Jungkook hisses as your tongue works on his earlobe, one of his weak spot. You slightly bite it and moan against his ear, knowing exactly how much it turns him on. When you think you’re gonna win, Jungkook strikes back. He pushes you against the wall without touching you, making you gasp when your back hits the wall. Jungkook puts his hands on the wall, just above your shoulders, and starts to grind on you, kissing you feverishly. You moan against his mouth, his hard member against your core making you hornier than before. You clench your fingers on the wall behind you, struggling against your need to touch him, but Jungkook’s moans against your mouth are enough for you to give up. You grab his shoulders and let him lift you up to bring you to his bedroom.

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Listen at the end of the day nothing Antis say abt rdj will ever hit hard for me ever bc we all know that there’s a good 97% chance that their own fave has met and been inspired/encouraged/complimented by him at some point and therefore loves him just as much as I do so like. Stay pressed u guys. Ur own fave would legit just shoot u a dirty look and call u an idiot if u tried to talk shit abt rdj 2 them. It’s official. Go home

it wasn’t so bad

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Fandom: Spider-Man: Homecoming // Soulmate AU

Warning(s)?: I don’t know why I made the reader so annoyed XD Sorry!

Word Count: 2538. This is long… just like my High School classes.

A/N: I have five other requests in my inbox, but I just decided to do this really quick because I thought this was a really cute idea!

Also, I don’t know who’s idea this is! If this is yours, please tell me and I will give you full credit!!

Plot: Soulmate AU where the first sentence your soulmate says to you is written on your skin until the day you meet.

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“Another one to mark down.” A gentle, yet annoyed, sigh escaped your lips as you placed the ink against the marked paper, slashing it down as you disgustingly observed the overly ecstatic couple.

Just moments ago the two didn’t even know the other one existed, but miraculously they said what was plastered on their wrist and now they were full on making out… right in front of the whole room filled with students trying to eat their lunch in peace.

Squirming uncomfortably, you instead focused on something else more interested. The ink developed in your skin.

Focusing on the neat lettering, you lightly brushed your fingers against your smooth skin that captivated the small little phrase that haunted your thoughts ever since you found about it when you were a child.

Those seven words “do you have a thing for superheroes?” burned in your mind throughout your childhood as you desperately tried to find the person you were destined to spend you whole life with; but no such luck.

Let’s just say there were way to many snakes/fakes that wanted to be part of the popular group of kids.

“Still nothing?” Liz’s voice rang through your ears as she stood across from you, a bright smile smeared on her face as she overlooked your displeased expression that was still glaring at that small little catchphrase planted on your skin.

Laughing slightly at your concentration on the words overcoming your life, she sat down across from you and observed your eyes which were scanning the words for the millionth time today.

“You seriously need to stop staring at thing.” Leaning up a tad bit, Liz grabbed a carrot from your tray of food and popped it in her mouth, her smile still plastered on her face.

“But it’s more entertaining than my life.” Glancing up at the overexcited female, you decided to focus your undivided attention on he but that didn’t last long as your eyes placed their rightful position on your ink stained skin. 

“See,” she motioned her second carrot at your wrist and your eyes that were currently glued to each other. “You can’t even keep your eyes off it for a second.” Popping the carrot in her mouth, she leaned against the table and observed your now defeated expression dancing over your face.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Your voice was quiet and low as you pulled your sleeve all the way up, grabbing it in your hand before you focused your attention on the intrigued female.

“Yeah, sure.” Sarcasm rolled off her smiling mouth as she grabbed a strawberry from your tray that you paid no attention to.

“How about you?” Placing your elbows on the table, you put your head in your hands and cocked your head to the side, trying to push the conversation away from you as much as possible.

“What about me?” Focused on the strawberry, she took a small bite out of it and then focused her attention on you who had a light smile on your face.

Since your love life wasn’t going to well, might as well talk about her own.

“You know, the whole thing about Flash~.” Lightly singing his name, Liz was caught off guard as she couldn’t help but choke on the strawberry in her mouth, her face a pigmented red in embarrassment as she lightly chocked on the fruit.

Small little glances were pulled to the two of you, but it didn’t last long as they continued on with their boring conversations, but that didn’t matter compared to the glare your best friend was giving you.

Complete frustration developed in her eyes as she continued to cough, her fist lightly pounding her chest as she tried to breath normally once again.

“We-We agreed that we wouldn’t talk about that again.” Regaining her voice, she slowly cleared her throat before she erupted into a series of coughs, her eyes watering from the pressure which caused you to loosely conceal your laughter.

“It’s not funny.” Her voice crocked lightly due to the lack of air, but it was also stern and serious as she overlooked your bright red face trying to overcome the urge of bursting into laughter.

Just the mere sound of Flash’s name caused Liz to cringe internally and externally; even when the two were destined to be together.

Yup, you guessed it. The ‘queen’ of the school paired up with the ‘joker’ of the school – it was like a match made in Heaven.

“Y/N,” a gentle glare was shot towards your direction, but you continued to snicker at her denial towards the confident male. “Please, don’t start this again.” Sincerity filled her voice as she gave you a pleading look, hoping you wouldn’t bring up the horrid memory again.

What memory you may ask? Well, let’s just say it wasn’t entirely pleasant.

Pretty much Flash accidentally did something inappropriate to Liz and Liz, being the person she is, figured it was intentional so she completely ignored him which caused tension between the two.

And here we are now: Liz trying to avoid Peter so she didn’t smile at his awkward, yet hilarious jokes.

“Okay, okay.” Slightly avoiding her pleading expression, you awkwardly died down in your snicker and wiped away the tears that managed to fall from your ear ducts. 

You couldn’t help it, her reaction to you talking about Flash Thompson was hilarious and you wouldn’t change it for the world.

“I’m sorry.” Snickering lowly once again, your eyes glanced up at the disappointed female as she turned away from you, her arms crossed over her chest in a pouty manner as she waited for a sincere apology.

“Come on, lighten up a little bit.” Leaning forward, you tried to nudge her in the shoulder but she quickly pulled her shoulder back to avoid the contact between the two of you.

Groaning at her immaturity, you aggravatingly spoke a soft “You’re seriously mad at me?” whilst raising an eyebrow at the disappointed female.

Seeing no reaction from her, you slowly pulled your hand away and sat down in a heap, a rolling of your eyes seen across the table before you crossed your arms across your chest, mimicking Liz’s actions she displayed to you.

“You know I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you.” Your tone softened as you cocked your head to the side, your orbs piercing through her face as you tried to decipher what was going through her mind.

After a minute of just flat out staring and silence, you finally piped up a groan as you leaned your head against the wall of the cafeteria, your E/C clearly full of discomfort from the awkward silence between the two of you.

“Fine, be mad at me.” You shook your head and closed your journal in front of you, standing up before you placed your books in your backpack. 

“But just so you know,” you leaned close to her with an intimidating look in your eyes, before you glanced over her confused expression. “I’m not afraid to tell Flash where you are.” A smirk appeared on your lips as you watched her eyes expand at the ‘threat’ given to her.

Before she could strangle you where you stood, you turned around and ran out of the cafeteria with a skip in your step and a victorious smile on your face which caused everyone to look at you confusingly.

Especially two sophomores staring at both you and Liz from across the room.

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