singing flawless so i believe it

How I feel about SVT's new title song...

I actually can’t.

“Dont Wanna Cry” is everything I could have asked for and more it’s literally so fkn perfect.

The vocals were all so so so strong, absolutely stunning and I almost lost it when Vernon started singing… that they had the rappers sing really showcases how multitalented the entire group is.

The choreo was so smooth like the transition from one move to another, from one formation to another was fucking flawless. Every move was powerful but also graceful and so meaningful. Like I don’t understand much Korean but watching the choreo… it was like watching a story unfold before my very eyes. I could almost feel the pain.

The song…

Good lord, the song is breathtaking. The music, the lyrics, the delivery, everything was spot on for me. I had my reservation about a more “ballad-y” song but damn, am I ready to swallow all of them. While it is definitely not as hype and happy as their previous title songs, it’s still not strictly speaking, a ballad. It still has a bit of that upbeat-ness that I’ve come to associate (and love) with Seventeen.

As for the members, I gotta say hip hop team surprised me. I know they could rap verses with power and might, literally spitting fire, but they took a complete turn by singing with such emotion. We’ve all joked by saying that Vernon has the weakest vocals but damn, this boy can sing.

Performance team. Wow. Jun’s part right at the chorus was so beautiful. The moves were smooth with a hard edge to them. The8, Hoshi and Dino equally outdid themselves during the entire song. I found my eyes automatically drawn to them because they just have this thing.

Vocal team. Well fuck. Joshua and Jeonghan improved so much. Undeniably, they are vocally weaker but wow. Joshua’s solo was so perfect. The lowkey falsetto resonated so deep in me. Like I gasped aloud when he started singing. Dk, Seungkwan and Woozi were naturally flawless. The first two introduced us to the chorus impeccably and with such emotion. Jeonghan’s part in the bridge is my favourite part. The falsetto. The emotion. The choreo. When I first heard it in the teaser, I couldn’t even believe it was him. He improved so much since debuting.

Al1 in al1 (heh), this title song has been perfect and I love it to bits. It might even be my new fav song. I hope it gets the recognition it deserves and it only serves to further prove how seventeen have so much potential in that they are not a one trick pony. They never stagnate and constantly find ways to surprise us.

twenty øne piløts lyrics

my favorite lyrics, all for different reasons, just because i felt like it. |-/

addict with a pen: “i’ve been traveling in the deserts of my mind and i haven’t found a drop of life. i haven’t found a drop of you. i haven’t found a drop. I haven’t found a drop of water.”

air catcher: “i think you would beat the moon in a pretty contest.”

anathema: “won’t you go to someone else’s dreams? won’t you go to someone else’s head? haven’t you taken enough from me? won’t you torture someone else’s sleep?”

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14. Favorite Jae quote.

      emo is part of my identity so sorry not sorry i chose a feelsy one
      August 14, 2015; from Jae’s IG account before

I believe that to sing is to bare your soul to those who listen. To me a vocal performance isn’t simply stringing notes and melodies together to make a 3 minute hotpot of riffs and techniques. It’s not about being on pitch or on beat. Getting done with a flawless performance means nothing. Everything is meaningless, unless the words, notes and emotions being emitted are real. The crowd cheers for a great performer but it roars for a singer. We are singers. You guys ready?

Don’t you just love how this quote perfectly embodies DAY6?

Middle School AUs
  • The “we left for summer break and you came back 10x more attractive” au (bonus: oh my god your voice is so hot now)
  • The “I hated you in first grade but now that i’m back in town I can’t believe I didn’t like you” au
  • The “I don’t know you but you’re stealing my part in the school musical with your flawless hair and beautiful singing voice and god damn it” au
  • The “”I heard you play your instrument and now I know you need to be in marching band but for some reason you just won’t join” au
  • The “we were both gone yesterday and now we’re stuck as partners on this science project” au
  • The “so I think we got on the wrong bus this isn’t the road to the museum” au
  • The “you heard me talk to myself about how awful these songs are at this dance and now all we’re doing is making fun of them together” au
  • The “um yeah, sorry, I know we haven’t met but I have to tell you that you are way too tall and you just have to stop” au
  • The “you’ve got the best math grades in the whole school and I seriously need your help” AU
  • The “look, my friend over there realllllllllly likes you” au
  • The “sorry transfer kid but you are not stealing my thunder. not today. not ever” au
  • The “let’s kiss while the chaparones aren’t looking” au
  • The “so I hear you like anime” au
  • The “so you’re my new student council vice president huh?” au
  • The “we’re in all the same classes yet we’ve never spoken” au
  • The “pretend to be my boyfriend/girlfriend so that I don’t have to go on a date with them” au
  • The “who drew all these cats and dicks in my science textbook?” au
  • The “we’re the only two not going on the field trip” au



I’ve been stuck lately so here’s just a quick au ramble until I get back into the swing of things
au!ramble || youtuber!au || not requested || personal

  • as mentioned by youtuber!jihoon, he is a musician and likes to post acoustic arrangements/covers of songs. occasionally, he’ll release a little original piece, usually thirty seconds to a minute long
  • the reason why he became friends with jihoon is because jihoon sometimes finishes his random melodies
  • so his channel started because he would sing at events for his relatives and friends and one of his closest friends thought it would be cool to post recordings of it on youtube. along with some of his old covers that he did in his bedroom
  • of course, since jisoo didn’t know about the channel until months later, his friend would blur out the face so that his identity wouldn’t be known
  • how considerate, jisoo would say, if it wasn’t for the fact that his friend still did it behind his back
  • once the account hit, like, 100 followers, it was finally handed off to jisoo, who reluctantly took over. he learns to love it, though, because it’s so fascinating to be interacting with people from all over the world
  • sometimes he’d take commissions to sing at formal events around the area, but emphasis on formal because someone tried to hire him for their daughter’s 13th backyard birthday party and that wasn’t too fun. the “justin bieber and austin mahone knock off” comment still hurts
  • he arrives late at one of his gigs, a family friend’s wedding reception, and breathlessly rushes in with his guitar and spewing out apologies like the wind. in his haste, he accidentally knocks his guitar case against your carefully pinned updo, causing your hair to spill onto your shoulders
  • he spins around to say sorry, but he’s pushed to the stage and stumbles to the prepared seat, a red blush on his face as he plugs in his guitar and nervously taps the microphone
  • like expected, the mic does the typical boom! sound and he startles himself along with the rest of the guests
  • “so uh I don’t know if you’ll believe me, but I hit some really bad traffic on the way here and even on the way up, I hit that beautiful young person and now their hair is kind of messed up. don’t worry, you still look great!”
  • he clears his throat. he sings, and everyone loves it because his guitar playing is flawless and his voice has such emotion and this is why he’s so popular
  • after his performance, he quickly bows before making his way to you. you can see his words in his eyes before he said them
  • “seriously, it’s ok! my hair isn’t really that important.”
  • “if it helps…you look really nice with it down like that…”
  • haha, wow, is it getting hot in here or is it just him because the bright smile you give him makes his cheeks burn
  • you offer to hang out with him until he finds someone he knows, but you end up talking for such a long time that he’s a little reluctant to part
  • because you mentioned that you wanted to learn guitar so g u e s s who now has a really attractive tutor
  • because it’s a one-on-one session, it takes about four meetings until the two of you can finally look at each other’s face
  • sometimes, when you stay after a little, you watch as he films one of his covers
  • you’re just behind the camera and you tell yourself that the smile that grows on his face once he meets your eyes is for the viewers
  • but yknow they can tell that he’s looking a little past the screen :) so they ask about it and he brushes it off with a quiet just someone I’m teaching
  • after a little while, you get good enough to play several songs and he suggests covering a song
  • together
  • and posting it
  • yes
  • you’re hecka nervous and tap at your guitar as he’s introducing you, flinching once you realize he said your name and nodding awkwardly
  • your fingers are stumbling as you try to keep up with him and he shoots you this supportive grin and wow your hand completely misses the next three chords what a beautiful human being
  • still the viewers love it and ask him if he’s open to more students
  • “no, _____ is just special”
  • in honor of you learning your first song on guitar, he takes you out to dinner

i still can’t believe how taylor sang all too well at the grammys obviously that song is flawless but it was probably so emotionally hard to sing in that kind of environment but taylor knew how much we wanted her to sing it so she did ok hold on i have a tear in my eye

Dance Dance

A Steve Rogers x Reader One-shot 

Sorry it’s a little cheesy, but I wanted to get something up for my first story on here. I wrote it for a friend of mine, who loves these kinds of imagines. I hope you like it! 

Even by a SHIELD agent’s standards, your day had pretty much sucked. First, you stayed up nearly all night trying desperately to finish the paper work your supervising officer had given to you a day before, then your alarm failed to go off this morning, then you nearly blew your entire cover on a mission from being so tired… the list goes on. Finally, the frustration and misery of the day had gotten to be too much. So naturally, you found the best way to cool off: you went to the training room. For some reason, working out had always calmed you down, especially on your worst days. It felt good to be venting your anger out on a punching bag or the shooting range.

Just like you did every time you came here, you plugged your iPod into the speakers and put on [your favorite song]. It had the perfect beat for working out (and of course rocking out). You found yourself all too quickly spending more time feigning playing a guitar and belting out lyrics. Occasionally you’d throw a few punches, but mostly you were enjoying your own personal dance party, alone in a SHIELD training room. Soon you were feeling pretty good.

Unfortunately, that would change, because as it turns out, you weren’t alone. After four minutes of singing at the top of your lungs and performing less-than-perfect, awkwardly jerky dance moves, you realized someone standing in the doorway. His arms were folded and his grey-blue eyes looked amused. He was clearly suppressing a smile.

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