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Ladies and gentlemen, may I present for your viewing pleasure:

Why does this exist?  Well sit down my buddy friend chum pally pals and I’ll tell ya!  I’ve been doing Zootopia voice-dub work over the last few months and thought to myself “I wonder if anyone has thought of pairing The Bloodhound Gangs’ ‘The Bad Touch’ with Zootopia?”  The beautiful image of Nick Wilde singing “you and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals” whirled around like spicy dancing tigers in my mind’s eye, and thus I began piecing together this pet project of mine over the last two weeks!

And with that, my homelike-breadslice dawgs, I leave you with this labor of love; let me know if there are other songs you’d like to see the Zootopia/other movie casts sing for ya!


Mike and Diana doodles 🐭💕🐭

Fight For Me - Heathers

(Wow look at that awkward little bean up there) 

For Tonys with Thomas! I’m super nervous to share my singing online to a bunch of strangers because you know, judgment…. but hey! Stepping out of that comfort zone and trying new and fun things. Thank you so much @thatsthat24 for the opportunity to do this!!! ❤️❤️

Heather Duke

I just realized that Heather Duke doesn’t really have her own song. Heather Chandler has" Candy Store", Heather MacNamara has “Lifeboat.” But the only song Heather Duke sings lead consistently is “Shine A Light (Reprise).” She also sings in “Blue” with Heather Mac and for a few measures of “Candy Store.” Every time Heather Duke sings, it’s with someone else’s words. She is trying so hard to be in the spotlight, but once she gets it, she has to lean on the ideas of the people around her. She has no discernible personality because she is working so hard to reflect everyone else’s.

Batman didn’t jolt when he awoke, and instead remained still as he tried to take stock of the situation. The last thing he remembered was realizing too late that Poison Ivy had filled the vents with sleep poppies.

He really needed to build some kind of automated sensor into his mask, so it could activate when his hands were tied. Literally or metaphorically. He kept meaning to, but it kept getting put on the back burner in favor of more pressing projects.

Sometimes he wondered if his subconscious was deliberately guiding him toward forced naps.

He wasn’t in a research lab. He was in a bed. A comforter had been pulled up over him. He was still in full costume. Someone was singing Duke of Earl, muffled by at least one door.

Slowly, he sat up. He slid out from under the covers until his boots touched the floor. He kept the lights off, and remained silent as he opened the bedroom door, entered the living room. The apartment wasn’t large enough to accommodate a hallway.

Standing between the couch and the dining room table, he had still somehow managed to go unnoticed. She was still singing Duke of Earl. She made it sound like Duke of Oil.

“Harley.” His voice rasped in his throat.

She twirled around in surprise, her eyes wide. She’d changed out of her costume. She might have been wearing a black hoodie dress, or she might have just broken into the closet of a man Batman’s size. The primary source of confusion was the fact that the neckline went about halfway to her navel, in order to show off a bra stitched to look covered in roses. She may have stolen it from Ivy. The fact that it was too small for her supported this idea. The rose print ribbons in her hair matched her choker. If she was wearing shorts, they weren’t obvious beneath the hoodie. The stripes on her thigh-high socks were mismatched.

It was unclear what this outfit was intended to convey. If anything.

“You’re up!” she said, a wide grin of delight, voice as high and nasal as ever. The headache he did not yet have didn’t appreciate it. Her lipstick was a lighter shade of red than usual. She was holding a metal spatula. “Pancakes’ll be done in a minute, Red says it’s important to eat after ya get up if ya don’t wanna be sick. There’s water for ya, too, you’re probably dehydrated.” She pointed with the spatula to a bottle of water on the counter.

“Harley,” he repeated, a tone of warning underneath the rough texture of it. He considered the best way to express the sentiment he wanted conveyed in as few words as possible. “What the fuck.”

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Tell Me a Story - Chapter 3, Delirium

Originally posted by bitch-witch91

After a spell makes Yennefer dangerously ill Geralt spends entire days and nights beside her trying to care for her, a task made even more impossible by the fact that Yennefer is more of a hindrance than a help on her own path to recovery.

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    The room was quiet as Geralt carried Yennefer back over to the bed, setting her down on the soft sheets and wiping the blood from her hand with the wet cloth and bowl of water on the bedside table before throwing the blanket back over her still form and slouching down in the chair holding his head in his hands cursing under his breath. Things had definitely just gotten worse.

    “She’s unconscious again.” Said the Witcher looking up as he heard people shuffling over. “Vivienne, do you know what just happened?”

    “I believe that Lady Yennefer is suffering from delirium, most likely induced by her other symptoms.” She answered quietly, still more than a little taken aback by what had just happened, how quickly things had escalated. “That would explain the abrupt changes in emotions, memory issues and paranoia. Though, I have never seen delirium have such a drastic effect.”

    There was another silence. Geralt rested his head on his knuckles looking over at the Sorceress, now blissfully beautiful, lost inside the labyrinth of his mind as he tried to comprehend all that he’d just witnessed. He’d never seen Yennefer so visibly panicked before, not like she just had been…no, that wasn’t the Yennefer he knew.

    It would be a lie to say that Geralt had never before seen her scared, that he’d never whispered sweet nothings into her ears as he held her in his arms watching the last remnants of a nightmare slowly began to slink back into the shadows, that he’d never witnessed how the clues pointing to Ciri, to her welfare, had made her look so timorous, that he’d missed the dismay in her stance, in the way she wrapped her arms around her and in the way her voice seemed to contain less of its usual unimpeachable conviction as she let slip her wishes to him, to run away, together…for him, it was hard to ignore these few instances of pure vulnerability.

    But the truth was that few other than he and Ciri could ever see this, could ever see beyond the mask she had painted for herself, but Geralt knew that this mask was imperfect and over time he learned how to look between the cracks and to understand what lay behind it, at what she hid from all but a precious few. Even without these small windows, whether Yennefer knew it or not, the mask itself so often reveals much about the artist that they would wish to remain secret. How the sculptor carves a flawless face because he is fearful of his own corrupt morality festering beneath the surface of innocent beauty, how the bard sings of the flirtatious duke and his many victories because he is so afraid of dying alone his life becomes overcrowded with lovers until none can stay beside him, how the Enchantress creates a mask of ice and cold indifference because she cannot bring herself to wear her heart on her sleeve as it still bleeds from the memories of a lifetime ago, memories belonging to another name.

     No. He’d seen Yennefer terrified before, but not like that, not in a way visible to the entire world around her. That fear had been uncontrolled, unrestrained by ingrained insecurities and habits. That hadn’t been Yennefer in her right state of mind.

    “Is there anything we can do?” He asked after a few minutes.

    “I’m afraid not, it should pass once she’s returned to health but until then…” Vivienne hesitated for a moment before gently placing a hand on his shoulder, “…Lady Yennefer might also begin to hallucinate, Geralt… even possibly become violent.”

    “So, I have to stop a delirious Sorceress, who’s paranoid, restless, hyperemotional, potentially aggressive and confused, getting out of bed and using magic, for up to two weeks, or else she could become even more dangerously ill.” Nobody said anything. It sounded even more impossible when said aloud. “Great.”


Creative People doing their thang.

  1. The young Beastie Boys - fighting for their right to party.
  2. Pablo Picasso in his home studio.
  3. Johnny Cash performs at Folsom Prison.
  4. Nikola Tesla in his super cool lab.
  5. Bill Watterson drawing Calvin and Hobbes.
  6. Stanley Kubrick sneaks a photo over Jack Nicholson’s shoulder.
  7. Salvador Dalí paints an abstract portrait of 25-year-old Raquel Welch. Also pictured: Dalí’s zero fucks left to give.
  8. Nat King Cole plays organ.
  9. Ella Fitzgerald sings for Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman (1948).
  10. Tom Waits jumping around - probably euphoric about the badass music he is capable of writing.

*SVTFOE, The Battle for Mewni Bloopers 

Hey, Everyone! Since I saw The Battle for Mewni, I decided to finally work on my blooper post for it! It was so much fun! My friend @agentpfangirl1997 and I came up with some really good ones and one of which a running gag included by me! I’m still doing my little AU on svtfoe being a tv show that everyone is in with Daron as their director, so Hope you like it! And thank you Bianca!

 •Return to Mewni 

 -Angie:“Marco? It’s 3 a.m.“ 

 Marco:(sadly) "Is it?" 

 (Marco turns on the tape recorder and Eric Carmen’s song "All by Myself” plays) 

 🎶All by myself 

 Don’t want to be all by myself anymore 

 All by myself Don’t want to live all by myself anymore🎶 

 (Marco cracks a smile. He covers his face on the table and we hear mumbling. His head springs up laughing hysterically) 

 -(Moon is turning on the wheel to open the magic well springs) 

 Star:“Is that supposed to be all”-(notices it’s not black, but brown goo. She raises an eyebrow) “chocolate-y and thick?" 

 (Janna shows up with a stick and a strawberry stuck through it) 

 Janna:"Sorry” (puts the stick through the well that’s now shooting chocolate) “chocolate fountain was busted" 

 Star:"Uh, Janna, we’re in the middle of shooting and you’re not in the movie”

 Janna:(rotating her stick around the chocolate for the strawberry) “Whatever" 

-Moon:(tearing up) "Toffee and his monsters killed my mother" 

 (Star’s face looks shocked and her mouth opens. She closes up her mouth and tries to hide her laughter) 

 Moon:(sternly) "Really Star?" 

 Star:(laughing) "Sorry" 

 (Take 2) Moon:(tearing up) "Toffee and his monsters kill-" 

 (she’s interrupted by Star laughing again. Moon tilts up her head sternly looking at Star) 

 (Take 3) Moon:(tearing up) "Toffee and his monsters killed my mother”

(Star’s face looks shocked and her mouth opens. Moons mouth cracks a smile and she covers her face trying to hide it. Star points at Moon) 

 Star:“A-ha! Now you’re doin’ it!" 

 (they both laugh) 

Moon the Undaunted 

 -(Young Queen Moon (a.k.a. Star) puts a coin in the vending machine and presses B4. Nothing happens. She pushes the button again. Still, nothing happens. Star groans and presses it once again. Nothing. She glares and grinds her teeth as she repeatedly presses the button rapidly. As she continues to, she shakes her fist angrily. She raises her fists in the air and screams toward the sky. She uses the wand with both hands and holds herself up on the machine with her legs as she smashes the wand against the machine denting it and groaning. The machine moves back and forth slowly with Star scared thinking she’s going to fall. The machine falls on its back with Star screaming. We hear a loud thud. Star holds onto the machine. She looks up and raises herself up dusting off her dress. She innocently puts her arms behind her back and nervously laughs) 

 Star:"I’m not me when I’m hungry" 

 (the machine shoots out the candy bar and she grabs it in the air)

 Star:"Snookers satisfies" 

 (the staff laughs) 

 -Young Queen Moon (Star):(to Toffee) "I want you and your army to leave immediately or”-(her British accent fades back to English) “face the”-(stops when she realizes it) “Oh, um, sorry!” (coughs) “I got this” (squeaky voice) “Or face the”-(back to English) “No, that’s chipmunk" 

 (Toffee sighs) 

 •Book be Gone 

 -(The spellbook blasts Ludo away) 

 Ludo:(air born) "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" 

 (Take 2) (the spellbook blasts Ludo away) 

 Ludo:(air born) "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-”(the harness gets stuck in mid flight dangling Ludo upside down. He waves his arms frantically) “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!" 

 |continuing from Moon the Undaunted| 

 -Young Queen Moon (Star):(French accent) "Bonjour!" 

 Toffee:(unamused) "That’s French" 

 (Star darts her eyes away. Looks at Toffee again) 

 Star:(German accent) "Gutentag!" 

Toffee:(still unamused) "That’s German" 

 (Star thinks for a moment then uses a Japanese accent) "Konichiwa?" 

Toffee:(slightly annoyed) "That’s Japanese!" 

 |returning to Book be Gone| 

 -(Ludo is angrily marching through different landscapes while groaning. The projector screen shows the following: mermaid shore, forest, dessert with skulls, swamp lands, rain (he slips a few times. Then the screen shows the Las Vegas strip with party music. Ludo gets up and looks behind him. He laughs and points back with his thumb) "I wish!" 

 -Ludo:(to the spellbook) "So if you’re not letting me write in you because of something I did or I said, I-I… All right. I’m just going to come right out and say it. I love you, book. I do! I love you!" 

 "Spellbook”:(husky voice) “I love you too Ludo!" 

 Ludo:(his eyes widen and freaks out) "Wha-What!? What!? What!? WHAT!?(points at the book) “The book can talk!?" 

 (The spellbook snickers and Ludo looks behind it and looks annoyed. He points a finger away) 

 Ludo:"Janna, get out of the scene!" 

 (Janna gets up from hiding behind the book and walks off annoyed)

 Ludo:(calling out to her) "You’re not in the movie!" 

 Janna:(off screen) "Yeah, well I should be!" 

 •Marco and the King

 |continuing from Moon the Undaunted again| 

-Young Queen Moon (Star):(Hawaiian accent as sticks her hand out to Toffee for a hand shake) "ALOHA!" 

 (Toffee just stares at her disapprovingly. Star awkwardly puts her hand away and looks down at the ground. Looks back up at Toffee) 

 Star:(Italian accent as she waves her hands about and squatting) "Babadaboopi! Beebeda Boobeda Babeda Babeda!” (grins) 

 (Toffee face palms) 

 |starting to Marco and the King| 

 -King River:“We all-”

 (a guy throws corn at River, but he misses and hits Marco knocking him back. We hear him go “Ow!”) 

 King River:(concerned) “Marco!?" 

 Marco:(off screen painfully) "Polo!" 

 (King Moon laughs) 

 Marco:(off screen) "Help me up!" 

 -(Ludo gestures for his rat army to attack. The rats scatter around squeaking and some cover Ludo. He freaks out) 

 Ludo:(flailing his arms about and running around on the spider) "GET ‘EM OFF ME! GET ‘EM OFF ME! GET 'EM OFF ME! ANIMAL TRAINER, GET 'EM OFF ME!" 

 •Puddle Defender 

 -Moon:"Excuse me. Where is your washroom?" 

Buff Frog:"Uh, washroom?" 

 Moon:"Yes. I’d like to freshen up a bit" 

 Star:"She has to take a sh*t!" 

 (Star and Moon smile embarrassingly as the staff laughs)

 -Katrina:(to Star) "Sometimes you just gotta sneak out to the club and go dancing and make it rain on the hoses" 

(Stars eyes widen in shock) 


 (Katrina giggles) 

 Katrina:(to Marco off screen) "Okay Marco I said it! Can I have my dollar now!”

 (she and the tadpoles laugh) 

Star:(glares at Marco off screen) “Marco!" 

 |continuing from Moon the Undaunted once again| 

-Young Queen Moon (Star):(she has her fingers on her temples and is rubbing them getting into focus as Toffee is slouching impatiently) "Okay, I got this, British, think British, tea, crumpets, cricket, London bridge, Spice Girls” (stops rubbing her temples and spreads out her arms) “Okay let’s do this!” (claps her hands and she and Toffee straighten up) 

 Star:(Australian accent) “Gidday mate! Names Moon from down under, would you like another shrimp on the barbie!?" 

 Toffee:(frustrated) "That’s Australian!" 

Star:(annoyed) "Well its close enough!" 

 (Toffee puts one hand on his hip and the other on his head as he hisses stressfully) 

 •King Ludo 

 -Ruberiot:(playing his lute and singing) 🎶Ohhh, he…Came on bird and spider🎶 

 Fool Duke:(singing) 🎶Uh, shone his grace upon us all🎶 

 Ludo:"I did do that, didn’t I?" 

 Ruberiot:🎶And he brought the rats here to-🎶 (a string on the lute breaks. Ruberiot looks pissed) "Ah sh*t!" 

(the staff laughs. Ruberiot is still pissed) 

 Ruberiot:(to the staff off screen) "It’s not funny!” (slams lute on the ground and storms off)

 |still continuing from Moon the Undaunted| 

 -Young Queen Moon (Star):(she is trying to get in British mode again by mouth exercising) 🎶Me-ma-mo, me-ma-mo, me-ma-mo🎶 (all the while, Toffee is slouched with his eyes stuck rolled up. Star is now making horse noises and cleansing herself with her hands in front of her. She stops to pause and smile) “And we’re doin’ this!” (she and Toffee straighten up again) 

 Star:(Cockney British accent) “'Ello General! 'ave you 'idden me 'atchet!?”

 Toffee:“COCKNEY BRITISH STAR! SERIOUSLY!?” (groans and face palms again while holding up his elbow) 

 Star:(looks to the camera. She smiles and continues with the accent) “'Ello! I’m Nigel Thornberry! Today we’ll be observing the overdramatic lizard!” (grins)

 (Toffee peeks through his fingers to glare at Star) 

|returning to King Ludo| 

 Ludo:(to River) “Do you have any last words?" 

 King River:"People of Mewni! I am not afraid!" 

Ludo:"Blah-blah-blah. Levitato" 

 King River:"And neither should-” (is blasted away in the sky) “Yoooooooouuuuuuuuu!" 

(everyone looks up. Ludo notices something falling) 

 Ludo:(pointing up) "Hey, what’s that?" 

 (King River comes crashing down screaming and Ludo screams seeing it and River crashes onto him. Ludo frantically waves his hands and feet around mumbling) 


- Choir Kids:(singing) 🎶Born to the wild, a gift from above🎶 

🎶A story of triumph, a story of love🎶

 🎶An army of rodents with he at the helm🎶

 🎶He toppled the old king, brought peace to the realm🎶 

(Janna slides in singing along, but louder)

 🎶Handsome and fearless and brilliant and tall🎶

 (The choir kids stop and Janna finishes off the song) 

 Janna:🎶Beloved by Mewmans, he tends to us all🎶 (she takes a bow. Ludo marches in) 

 Ludo:(angrily points away) "Janna, get out of here!" 

 Janna:"Damn it, Ludo I should be in the movie!” (storms off mumbling) 

 -(Star emerges out from the black goo smiling. Waltz of the Flowers by Tchaikovsky’s ballet song plays as she syncretize swims around solo. This goes on for a few minutes) 

 -Toffee:(to Moon deadpanly) “Are you finished?" 

 (Marco punches Toffee (Note:Marco was supposed to aim for his chest where Toffee was wearing a punch through suit), but he misses and punches his collarbone instead. Toffee winces in pain and bends down clutching his shoulder) 

 Marco:(looks around panicking for a moment looks to Toffee) "Oh my gosh! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to-" 

 Toffee:(painfully) "I’m fine!”

 (Moon holds onto Toffee as he’s bent down clutching his shoulder while Buff Frog runs off screen to get help, Ludo crawls over to see what’s goin’ on worrying) 

 Marco:(panicking more) “I’m sorry! Should I get some ice!? You want me to call a doctor!? Again, I am so sorry!" 

 Toffee:(still in pain) "Marco, I told you, I’m-Ah!" (hisses painfully) 

 (Buff Frog comes back with two paramedics. They hover around Toffee)

 Paramedic 1:(gesturing people away) "Back away, back away" 

 (The paramedics take Toffee away) 

 Toffee:(off screen) "Damn it, Marco! Some one get my agent on the phone! Ah!" 

 (everyone looks at Marco with him nervous) 

Marco:(whimpering) "Am I fired?" 

 |final shot from Moon the Undaunted| 

 -Young Queen Moon (Star):(talking to Daron who is off screen) "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get! We have only one film left for the shot and then we’ll continue tomorrow for the rest if I mess up again” (Toffee is typing on his smart phone indifferently as Star continues to talk to Daron) “Okay, okay, I promise, I’ll get this right! Sorry Daron!” (turns to Toffee) “Are you ready?" 

 Toffee:(stops typing, looks up from his smart phone and sighs) "Are you sure about it this time" 

 Star:"Yes, I promise" 

 Toffee:"Alright fine” (puts away his smart phone and crosses his arms)

 Star:“qaqIHneS >sup qaqIHmo’ jIQuch, bIpIv'a" 

 Toffee:(raises an eyebrow) "Since when do you speak Klingon!?" 

 Star:"From the "Star Wars Rebels” studio!“ 

(Toffees had enough) 

 Toffee:"THAT’S IT! I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! (to Star) "You’re not even taking this seriously!" 

 Star:"Hey! I just panicked okay!" 

 Toffee:"And that was your fallback!?" 

 (they argue over each other and hear some things like Star saying, "You’re such a killjoy!” and Toffee saying, “This why you’re known as a studio brat!” and another with Star saying, “You’re lucky you’re still getting paid throughout the whole season!”. The arguing continues and Marco leans in deadpanly facing the camera. He slowly pulls out a clapperboard and raises the clapper, he grins and claps it ending the shot)

I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)"
Ella Fitzgerald
I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)"

Never treats me sweet and gentle

The way he should

I got it bad and that ain’t good

My poor heart is sentimental

not made of wood

I got it bad and that ain’t good

But when the weekend’s over

And Monday rolls around

I end up like I started out

Just cryin’ my lil’ heart out

He don’t love me

Like I love I’m

No, nobody could

I got it bad and that ain’t good

“She believed in dreams, all right, but she also believed in doing something about them. When Prince Charming didn’t come along, she went over to the palace and got him.”

Walt Disney 

For Kim. haberhugs

Sophisticated Lady
Ella Fitzgerald
Sophisticated Lady

Ella Fitzgerald - Sophisticated Lady
Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Duke Ellington Songbook (1957)


They say into your early life romance came
And in this heart of yours burned a flame
A flame that flickered one day and died away

Then with disillusion deep in your eyes
You learned that fools in love soon grow wise
The years have changed you, somehow, I see you now

Smoking, drinking, never thinking of tomorrow, nonchalant
Diamonds shining, dancing, dining with some man in a restaurant
Is that all you really want?

No, sophisticated lady
I know, you miss the love you lost long ago
And when nobody is nigh you cry

Smoking, drinking, never thinking of tomorrow, nonchalant
Diamonds shining, dancing, dining with some man in a restaurant
Is that all you really want?

No, sophisticated lady
I know, you miss the love you lost long ago
And when nobody is nigh you cry


London remembers David Bowie

When London loses one of it’s own we make sure they’re remembered. On the day that Bowie’s death was announced people gathered to celebrate his life.

Londoner’s of every race, creed, age and gender descended on Brixton, his birthplace. The famous Ritzy cinema lit up with the words “David Bowie, Our Brixton Boy, RIP”, it served as the meeting place for many to lay flowers, cards and personal tributes. (Image source: Getty)

As darkness fell an impromptu street party broke out. Thousands of people, some dressed in his famous outfits, started exchanging stories of the thin white duke and singing his greatest hits. 

Londoners did what they do best. Came together, sank a few beers, danced and celebrated Brixton’s finest son on the day the music died. They say that we’re a shy and reserved bunch, but not if David Bowie had any say in the matter.

(Image source: REUTERS/Peter Nicholls)