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Karaoke Night on the Enterprise

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Just a silly little thing that hit me hard on the drive home. I blame the podcast crew. Links to music videos in the text.

It’s Pavel’s idea.

He starts it off with a bang (he’s quite the performer). Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar On Me. 

Sulu - not be outdone - is up next. Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell.

Nyota is shoved to the stage next. She hems and haws for a bit, then selects Adele’s Rolling in the Deep. 

She gets a standing ovation.

Scotty, by this point, is more than a little drunk. Five years in deep space, and none of the senior officers would have predicted him to belt Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time with such gusto.

Pav’s back on the stage now, pulling Hikaru up with him. Mulan’s I’ll Make a Man Out of You. Jim laughs until his sides ache.

Jim’s up next. Dolly Parton’s Jolene. He’s pretty sure that he slayed it, too.

Bones takes a little convincing, but Jim’s finally gotten enough liquor in him that he can be shoved onstage (protesting loudly, of course). He’s a little shy at first, but his voice isn’t too bad, and halfway through the first verse of The Black Keys’ Lonely Boy, he pulls the mic off its stand and stalks toward Jim, winking, teasing, dancing. Jim’s having the time of his life, and Nyota is pretty impressed - who would have thought?

This prompts a duet. Ny pulls Bones back on stage, and they sing Johnny Cash’s Jackson together. 

Jim thinks he’s never been as turned on his life. 

Spock absolutely refuses. 

Scotty and Jim give an encore performance of Britney Spears’ Toxic.

Hikaru goes again - Kenny Chesney’s She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy. Bones laughs until there are tears in his eyes.

Ny joins Hikaru. Their performance of Grease’s You’re the One that I Want leaves Scotty red faced and prompts a wolf whistle from Jim.

Jim and Scotty - Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror

Jim serenades Bones with Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart.

The night ends with Jim finally, finally convincing Bones to duet with him.

Garth Brooks’ Friends in Low Places.

It brings down the house.

Corvo’s mark was burned onto his hand. It cool instantly and numbs the flesh whenever he touches The Mark with lips, fingers, etc. It’s easier for him to pull himself into The Void and each time he enters, The Void leaves his body numb.

Daud’s mark was carved. It bled for days, but he never felt lightheaded. It scabs and chips off, leaving his Mark a beautiful white that shines when it catches the light. 

Vera’s mark was kissed onto the back of her hand, the black-eyed prince dipping down to bestow his gift. Her Mark sings like the bones she collects and crafts. Only she can hear the song it emits and oh, remember when we used to dance? 

Delilah’s mark was painted onto her skin. The Outsider dipped his brush into The Void and smeared stars onto her flesh. No paint can cover the Mark. She often dips her brush into her Mark, as if it’s paint, and add bits of The Void onto canvas.

Far From Any Road
The Handsome Family
Far From Any Road

From the dusty mesa her looming shadow grows

hidden in the branches of the poison creosote.

She twines her spines up slowly towards the boiling sun,

and when I touched her skin, my fingers ran with blood.

Nobody can convince me that Bones didn’t sing this to Jim at some point during the mission (in a deeper register than mine) to the tune of Under the Sea.

The stars always shine much brighter
In another nebula
You always want to take flight, sir
But this time we’ve flown too far
Since space is disease and danger
We’re knocking at Heaven’s door
It’s horrible and much stranger
Where no one has gone before

Way out in space
Way out in space
I would be lying
If I said flying’s
Great for our race
What have they got among the stars?
Someone direct me straight to the bars
No Altair water
Can’t see my daughter
Way out in space

The people on land are happy
Roots and peach trees warm the soul
The people in space ain’t happy
They live in a big fishbowl
And everyone wants to kill us -
We bring science, peace, and love!!
I know that you want to thrill us
But must it be up above?

Way out in space
Way out in space
Let’s not go far, please-
Beyond Antares?
Lord, give us grace!
Transporters scramble up our cells
Fixing you’s my own personal hell
Yes it’s emotion
From this fool notion!
Way out in space

Way out in space
Asking a lot here
My nerves are shot here
Starting to pace
Even your surgeon’s great dismay
Won’t stop your urgin’ me to stay
Think I’ll go mad here
From this triad here
Way out in space

The Romulans roam
The Klingons fall off
The Vulcans just can’t
Though boy do they scoff
The Tellarites ride
Orions deride
Andorians out the door

The Vians might vie
To make us all dead
The Horta exhorts
No Kill I instead
The Tholians weave
Organians deceive
The Gorn is just sworn to war!

Way out in space
Way out in space
Farewell comrades
Stay on this launchpad
Say goodbye, arms race!
Hobgoblin’s being such a pain
Aliens won’t stay out of my brain
Katras won’t rest here
Landru can’t test here
Way out in space
The Prime Directive’s
Pretty subjective
Way out in space

We can’t just flirt now
With Red Alert now
Jim I’m a doctor
Not a helicopter
You know I’ll follow
But this world’s hollow
Way out in space!!!

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rings of fire || stiles stilinski

word count: 4876

warnings: mentions of cheating, angst

request: hiiii i’m such a big fan you’re such an inspiration to me! could i get a request where the reader and stiles are married and have a son and stiles doesn’t really help her and is constantly helping the pack and at work and what not and shows her and her son no attention? the reader confronts him one night when he comes home late and finds out he was cheating, so she leaves and sleeps at lydia’s so then stiles goes and tries to win her and his son back? sorry i it’s complicating i love you so much

author’s note: happy easter (to those who celebrate)! i hope you guys all like this, thank you to @ninja-stiles for helping me with a couple things! 


coming soon

Being a parent wasn’t easy in any sense of the word.

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Podcast List

I am lowkey addicted to podcasts??? And would appreciate any recommendations that relate to any of the following:    

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-True Adventurers: A DnD Podcast (continuing???)

real important mckirk:

  • playing video games and getting competitive to an unnecessary extent. jim wont stop laughing, bones looks like hes about to pop a blood vessel (but hes laughing on the inside. jim is just too contagious)
  • taking care of each other when the other is overworked and exhausted. when theyre both exhausted, they just collapse together and being together is enough to keep their spirits up
  • dancing like damn fools in the kitchen to what most people would call old earth music. jim insists duran duran has no expiration date, and mariah carey invented christmas anyway. it doesnt take much to get bones to sing along, he knows all the songs by heart by now
  • cutting each others hair. they used to bicker that the other messed it up, but now they’ve been doing it for so long it’s practically muscle memory. bones has fallen asleep before because the feeling of jims fingers threading through his hair was so relaxing, but he’s never admitted it
  • making breakfast for each other at every opportunity. real cooking, none of that “damn synthesized cardboard” (leonard mccoy, 2255). jim isn’t the best cook but he does his best, and bones always appreciates it. bones, on the other hand, claims he has won a dozen awards for his homemade pies, and no one doubts him. jim always makes sure to steal the first bite of anything bones makes (usually resulting in a burned tongue. but danger never discouraged jim).

** This is going to be long **

I’ve gotten requests for making one, so here it is! 

The more I make, the more I will add, I’m glad you guys are enjoying them <3

Last Updated: July 9, 2017

- Caught Dancing

- Caught Singing

- Proposed To On A Valentine Date

- Dancing With Him

- Teased

- Catching Him Staring At You

- He Makes Your Uniform

- Jealous

- You Comfort Him

- He Asks You Out

- How He Looks At You

- Tony’s Sister, Steve’s Lover

- Secret Hydra Agent

- Badly Hurt

- Flirt Prank

- Undercover

- Loosen Up

- Your Favorite Movie

- Caught Kissing Bucky

- Wanted & Taken

- True Loves Kiss

- Caught Kissing Bucky (2)

- Glitter Fight

- Body Guard

- Tell Me The Truth

- Undercover

- Alternate Ending

- Good or Bad

- Electricity

- True Love’s Kiss (Sequel)

- He Takes Care Of Your Sickness

- Same Love, Same Guy

- Distracted Yet?

- He Doesn’t Know

- Secret Admirerer

- You Forgot Everything

- You Get Babied

- You Don’t Need Steve, You Needed Bucky

- Somewhere Only We Know

- Jealous Stevie

- Revenge

- Fools Gold

- Prank Gone To Far

- He Never Knew

- Stick To The Script

- Mystery Girl

- You Seduce Him

- They Aren’t Real

- You’re New To The Team, Captain Likes You

- You Two Had A Fight, But You Almost Die

- He Falls For You But Denies His Feelings

- You Belong With Us

- Broken Bones

- Singing In The Library

- You’re A Shy Scientist

- He Tries To Get You To Ask Him Out

- He Admires Your Shyness

- He Cheats On You (1)

- He Saves You

- He’s Unaware About Bucky Being Your Bully

- He Has A Fun Side

- His Favorite Vase!

- The Avengers Teasing Him About His Crush On You

- He’s Jealous Of You

- You Have A Baby

- It’s Okay

- They Found Out

- Him Surprising You

- He Can’t Get Over You

- Alone Time

- You Surprise Him

- Sexy Yelling

- Alcoholic

- You Commit Suicide (Triggering)

- Best Friends or Lovers??

- Awkward Dinner

- Wedding Dance

- Offscreen Romance

- Awkward Breakup

- Dared Kiss

- Shrunken Adventure

- Karaoke Night

- It’s Not Over

- He Begs You To Go Out

- You Two Break Up

- Avoiding The Lover

- Party With Stan

- You Stand Up For Him

- He Finds Out About Your Abusive Ex

- Insecure With Stretch Marks

- Two Coaches In Love

- He Cheats On You (1)

- Working Out With Seb

- He Proposes To You On Set

- He Protects You From Abusive Ex

- Running From Paparazzi

- He’s Kinda Intimidating

- “You’re Not Fat”

- New Father To The Baby

- You’re On Your Period

- Change It All

- Dance Off

- Fighting Isn’t The Answer

- Weirdo

- Perfect Body

- Love At First Sight

- Telling Him You’re Pregnant

- He Comforts You

- You’re Sick

- Nervous Around You

- He Talks About You

- Surfer’s Son

- Getting Married

- Nephew Babysitter

- Big Fight

- Sorry I’m Late

- Just A Bad Dream

- Paired Up

- Meet N Greet

- There’s A Spider!

- Take It Back

- The Flash Was On

- Next Door Lover

- Same Present

- You Stalk Him & He Catches You

- You’re His Captain America

- Surprise Surprise

- He Makes Up A Nickname For You

- He Keeps Breaking Character In Your New Movie

- You Babysit With Him

- You’re His Celebrity Crush

- Oscar Speech Surprise

- He Accidentally Punches You On Set

- Bucky’s Best Friend

- Kissed & Scared

- Too Late

- He Turns On You

- She’s Mine Stevie

- Hey There My Ex

- He Protects You

- You Keep A Secret From Him

- Two Sides

- Mission Ignore Him

- Not The Only Girl

- True Loves Kiss 

- Are We Good?

- Meant To Be

- Electricity

- Are We Friends Or Not?

- True Love’s Kiss (Sequel)

- You Think He’s Annoyed

- New Generation

- You Get Babied

- You Leave Him Presents

- You Don’t Need Steve, You Needed Bucky

- Tony Wants You, But You’re With Bucky

- Brainwashed

- Not Without Bucky

- Home Alone

- Revenge

- Fools Gold

- Delicious Food

- He Doesn’t Need You

- You’re In A Coma

- Confused, But Loved

- Captured & Saved

- You Comfort Him From His Breakdown

- Fell In Love ‘Quickly’

- Revenge Is Sweet, Ain’t It?

- Stalker Bucky

- Be Mine Forever?

- Secret Relationship With Bucky

- Jealous Of Natasha

- Bucky Cheats On You (1)

- Bucky Cheats On You (2)

- I’m Afraid To Hurt You

- You Belong With Us

- Blind To Love, But Now He Sees

- Accidental Shower Scene

- He Beats Up A Guy Who Hit On You

- He’s Annoyed With You & Steve Always Flirting

- You Don’t Know Me

- Bucky’s Birthday

- Steve Tries To Get Bucky To Tell You He Loves You

- You’re My Princess

- Offical Marriage

- You’re Better Than Him

- Electricity

- Annoying But Cute

- He Wants Steve’s Approval For You

- Fear Of Water

- Your Trainer

- Glitter Fight

- Electricity

- Flirting

- True Loves Kiss 

- Glitter Fight

- True Love’s Kiss (Sequel)

- Undercover

- Did You Miss Me?

- True Loves Kiss 

- Glitter Fight

- Married To Natasha

- Electricity

- Are We Friends Or Not?

- True Love’s Kiss (Sequel)

- You Get Babied

- Involved Parent

- Tony Wants You, But You’re With Bucky

- Revenge

- Fools Gold

- Confused, But Loved

- Revenge Is Sweet, Ain’t It?

- You Leave Without A Trace

- Asked Why He Likes You

- He Finds Your Secret Out

- Cuddle Up

- He Wants Starks Approval

- He Lays On Top Of You

- He Gets Beat Up & You Comfort Him

- He Gets Caught Watching Videos With You & Him

- Patched Up

- Focus On The Mission

- You Play Hard To Get

- Enemies But Not

- You Hang Out With Peter Without Tony Knowing

- Ant Man Powers

- Secret Relationship

- Wasted

- Prom Date

- Haunted House 'Date’

- You’re His Partner & You Get Hurt

- He Thinks You’re Cheating

- You Two “Hate” Each Other

- You’re A Werewolf

- He Catches Your Boyfriend Cheating

- You Two Are In Detention And He Can’t Keep His Eyes Off You

- Antgirl

- Revenge Is Sweet

- Dance Partner

- He Wants You, You Want Him?

- He Proposes To You

- He Finds Out You Play Piano

*** = completed series

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