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[LIST] BTS' Hobbies

• Play the Saxphone
• Take pictures
• Art
• Play Video Games
• Sing
• Hanging out with friends
• Watch Movies
• Freestyle (he didn’t say what kind of Freestyle)
• Eating a lot deliciously
• Make hobbies

• Take pictures
• Looking for speakers
• Reading Ikea catalogs
• Play Basketball
• Write new songs
• Listen to Music
• Lie down

• Eat
• Cook
• Collect Mario Bros stuff
• Play Video Games (mostly nintendo games)
• Read Mangas
• Look at the mirror

• Play Video Games
• Draw
• Excersice
• Sing
• Dance
• Play Guitar
• Watch Movies and animations
• Read webtoons/comics
• Take pictures

• Read
• Listen to Music
• Write songs/poetry
• Wandering around
• Surfing the Internet
• Buy clothes
• Tour Korea

• Dance
• Play Video Games
• Listen to Music
• Draw
• Getting beat up

• Collect Figurines/Shoes
• Dance
• Eyeshopping
• Listen to Music
• Interior Design

An amazing little owl ^U^ ! I had to animate it !!

Well you know who will be my first Pokémon ^^

In french their names are :

Litten - Flamiaou ~ Flam from flamme = Fire - Miaou = meow in french ^^

Rowlet - Brindibou ~ Brindi from brindille = Twig - Hibou means owl ^^

Popplio - Otaquin ~ Ota from Otarie = Sea lion =)  Taquin = Teasing ^^

I love the meanings of the Pokémon names =) 

mzyraj  asked:

I've seen you reblogging Jon/Dany stuff and I'm curious how likely you think that level of love/romance would be in the coming canon. Even putting aside whatever state Jon is going to be in post-resurrection, I'm not sure their past relationships suggest that each would be the other's type for instant attraction, and I don't know if they'd have time to develop much of a relationship what with the oncoming winter apocalypse. Or is it just a ship people like the idea of but don't expect?

Oh no, I don’t think the all-American, crewcut, boy-next-door Jon Snow we’ve seen in AGOT - ADWD is Dany’s type for instant attraction at all! 

Dany’s the type who likes rockstars with wild hair, and the power and danger of a big ol’ Harley-Davidson between her legs. She’s looking for a maverick fighter pilot from Top Gun to ride one of her dragons.  She wants a rebel with a cause, not a lost, grieving boy. I don’t think the Jon Snow we know is the type of guy Dany’s looking for!

But Jon Snow died. ;)

In the words of the King, “The person you put up there ain’t the person that comes back. It might look like that person, but it ain’t that person” (Pet Semetary). “Resurrection… ah, there’s a word (that you should put right the fuck out of your mind and you know it).”

GRRM has said that “Death is hard.” It changes a person. Look at the Lightning Lord. Look at Lady Stoneheart. They remember, but they’re not the same people anymore. I think Jon Snow, after spending some time in Ghost, is going to come back wilder. More reckless, more dangerous, more … rockstar. So I think Dany will find Jon very attractive. 

(from Jesus Christ Superstar

(Will TWOW please come out soon, because my ASOIAF / pop culture analogies are getting wilder and wilder.) 

So anyways, you can’t just “put aside” Dragonriding Rockstar Jesus Jon Snow and his Resurrection, or his Freefolk Groupies on the tv show, or his tv manbun when considering the potential for Jon/Dany. The resurrection – and the change it will bring – is a big reason why I think Jon/Dany has potential.

So how likely do I think there will be love/romance between Jon/Dany in canon? I’m certain of it. I think Jon and Dany will grow very close as they fight together to save the world, and I think that’s a beautiful thing. I’ll wager money on Jon/Dany falling in love in the books before the end of ADOS; any takers? First come, first served

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BTS Reacts - Walking In On You Singing/Rapping

Jungkook: As you’re standing atop the counters by the windows, dusting the blinds with a feather duster, you mime Jungkook’s routine in We Are Bulletproof, singing and dancing with the same zest he demonstrates in the music video, occasionally whipping your feather duster around to point into the imaginary camera in the distance. Little do you know that Kook has actually been hiding in the house the past hour. He wants to know what you do in your spare time whenever he’s not around, and now, he has his answer. He can’t help but be somewhat embarrassed and proud for you at the same time. Kook enjoys watching you hop around from window to window like an energizer bunny, and has to restrain himself from grabbing you and just kissing the life out of you. He really wants to join you, he really does - but he doesn’t want to interrupt, so he passes the rest of the song by, by mouthing the lyrics along with you. He waits for you to finish the whole song before he finally surprises you by applauding wholeheartedly.

“Jjang! My sweetheart has so many hidden talents!”

Taehyung: Intense hip thrusts occur while you simultaneously try to fluff the pillows raised in your hands; soon after, you slide into Tae’s verse in Silver Spoon, alternating the lean on both sides of your shoulders according to the choreography. Taehyung sits silently in the living room when his ears suddenly pick up muffled singing from the bedroom. Is that you? He suppresses his laughter before pressing his ear against the door. He very discreetly slides it open, peering in with his head stuck through the opening as he catches you singing and dancing on the mattress. When he sees your animated, boisterous body moving around to the beat, his own body starts to wiggle comically. He hops onto the bed and shimmies up to you with a mischievous look on his face; he’s happy he has someone who can consort to his spirited ways. When he sees you this hyped, it makes him drunk love and appreciation for his quirky, whimsical partner. Every day spent with you is never a dull moment.

“Turn up! Let’s perform together, jagi - you do my verses well, so I’ll sing Jungkook’s parts!”

Namjoon: Do you, do you, do you, do you - do what the fuck you want. Namjoon walks in on you as you’re rapping the lyrics to his solo playing in the background, while mopping the ceramic tiles in the kitchen. He’s seen you slip into the groove of a song once in awhile, but you usually stop pretty quickly since you tend to slip on your words - you always seize up whenever you have people watching you sing or rap. When he notices that you are performing one of his hardest tracks flawlessly, for the very first time, his body indulges in the flow of your rapping, bopping to your rhythm; he is bursting at the seams with extreme pride. He gets a little flustered by how good you’ve gotten, practicing on your own. In his mind, though, there’s nothing sexier than you spitting out his spiteful lyrics ever so intensely - something about it seems so dominant to him, that he sort of gets turned on by the sight of you when you rap. When you come to the end of the song, he snaps out of his infatuation, voicing his opinion.

“Aish! As soon as you learn how to write your own lyrics, we’re putting out a mix-tape, okay?”

Seokjin: Jin hears the sweet melody of House of Cards just out the back of the house, past the glass sliding doors. He’s just come home from practice, and wonders if that talented voice is, in fact, you. He has a hard time believing it at first, since he doesn’t hear your singing voice often. However, when he finds you harmonizing to the track on your phone with all that you have, all while hanging fresh laundry - he is instantly bewitched by your sterling charms. Jin freezes on the spot as he watches you encircle the white sheets around you, fading in and out of view as you spun to the melody of the ballad. The vocalist of Bangtan is injected with awe, as if he’s a starstruck fan - to be fair, he’s always been a fan of you. When he finally catches up to you moving in and out of the hung-up laundry, his strong arms lock on to your knees, lifting you off the ground. This is something he could only envision coming right out of a romantic TV drama, and as cheesy as it is, he’s gratified he even has the chance to experience something like that with you.

“Ah, jagiya, your voice is so angelic - are you trying to woo me? Because it’s working!”

Hoseok: His keys jingle as he opens the lock on the door, walking in on you breaking down to Cypher PT 4, mid-way of his verse in the track. The blatantly turbulent volume of the song’s backing track, primed with the loud drone of the vacuum cleaner creates a scene of chaos, to the point that you don’t hear Hoseok walk in at all. He flashes a lighthearted smile, letting out a carefree laugh. He enjoys the air of confidence at which you are carrying yourself while you dish out the animosity in the cypher; your arms are waving to the downbeat. He knows how supportive you are when it comes to his career, and getting to watch your encouragement in the flesh just makes his whole year. Hoseok loves your radiant personality, and he doesn’t want your fiery showmanship to end there. He hurriedly drops all the bags he shoulders, running over to your side to ease you into the cypher’s chorus. He picks up the remote control for the television off the coffee table, screaming enthusiastically into it:

“Never fear, Hope is here! I love, I love, I love, I love myself!”

Yoongi: Yoongi opens the door to his home, with Jimin tailing behind him. You and the rapper have been living with each other for awhile, but it came as a surprise to both of them when they’re suddenly able to distinctly hear you running your mouth off to Never Mind. The two artists exchange cheeky glances before they tiptoe into the bathroom, finding you bent over the toilet bowl with a brush in hand. Min Yoongi whips out his phone, tapping and holding the red ‘record’ button on the screen. Did he want to embarrass you? Sure - but he mostly wants to show the world and his friends that this silly human being right here belongs to him. He listens closely to the pacing in your enunciation, the strategic timing of your breaths; Yoongi is taken aback by how thoroughly you’ve studied his laborious craft. He can’t keep the jubilant grin from surfacing on his lips, and Jimin notices his complete adoration for you as Yoongi whispers boastful comments about you in his ear. Once you are finished, they both startle you by clapping wildly.

“Yah, you really outdid yourself - but you’re gonna have to try harder than that to surpass me!”

Jimin: It’s been a long day, all Park Jimin wants to do is crash on the couch and doze off. As he enters his home, your faint voice calls to him like a siren’s song - he quickly picks up on the lyrics to Save Me, as they pour out of your lips like honey. The clatter of dishes in the sink and the sounds of rushing water don’t bother him; his fatigue wastes away when he sees you standing peacefully in the kitchen while you follow the melody of his lines in the song. He’s never gotten to hear your relaxing voice before. It pacifies his exhaustion. Jimin creeps up to you from behind, slipping his hands around your waist, and you smile knowingly. He rests his chin on your shoulder, kissing the nook of your neck. He really, really, liked hearing you sing. This newly discovered little detail about you drives him crazy, and all he can think of right now is to curl up in bed with you, to hug and smooch you to death (possibly most likely even more than that). Before you can say anything, he curtly interrupts you; his cheeks become flushed as he requests one thing of you:

“Jagiya, I really love the sound of you singing. I think you should do it more - for me.”

You’re very welcome, hun! I hope you didn’t mind, I just chose random songs that the reader would sing. Please enjoy this react; thank you for requesting! <3



In this video the girls dye their hair, we went out for Alix’s birthday and a few drinks with friends so here’s the footage beforehand. WARNING cute animals are shown in the above video, be prepared your heart may feel things and you may feel the need to say “aww”. Now get watching and enjoy! xx

Yana and her hilarious typo

Yana is known for making typos everytime she posts something on twitter, but this time it hit a new level😂:

Today’s the release date of Kuroshitsuji vol.24! On the cover you’ll see Violet who can sing and dance. If you buy the comic book at Animate, it’ll come with an original illustration card. The 110th anniversary special chapter is also included! Please enjoy. -Toboso.

I proofread the text before posting it on twitter, yet somehow I still manage to make typos… [If it were indeed the 110th aniversary,] it’d be quite a long-run series, wouldn’t it. Anyway, I edited my profile…. -Toboso

Official twitter account of Yana Toboso. Toboso and her staff will post various information about her works as well as random talk fully loaded with typos.

Okay but Giselle is probably one of the most terrifyingly powerful princesses in Disney history, she literally has the equivalent of Scarlet Witch’s power and can distort reality around herself, like holy shit, does it just end at making large swarms of people sing and dance at her whim and calling and controlling animals, or is it boundless? I mean some of the other princesses’ do similar stuff, but she does it in “reality”

yes-virtualcollectorpeace  asked:

Hi!Ship?I'm infj, demigirl aquarius,pan(ro) demisexual,5'3 and will fuck you up if needed. I'm the mum/sister-friend for most of my friends.I love beaches, snow, animals, drawing, singing, dancing, romance-y type things and I also like sparring occasionally, and adventuring a lot.I hate spiders, needles, and jerks, mainly.I will throw flirt lines at you if you r chill w/ it. I'm an total adrenaline junkie, but I also have severe social anxiety, and PTSD( from a sexual assault, sadly), (part 1/2)

I’d match you with Undertale Sans.

He knows everyone, so he’ll make you feel welcome in any social situation, he’s always down for an adventure (and let’s face it, he’s going to be doing something crazy/off-the-wall during said adventure to make you laugh), and if you want to spar… well, you’re not going to be able to land a hit on him, but he’ll dodge all day long.

Flirty lines, puns, and bad humor is definitely right up his alley; he’ll throw all of that right back at you with a chuckle and a wink.  Papyrus is going to want to leave the house whenever you guys get started.  Sans stays up most nights, so he’ll be awake at all hours if you can’t sleep and want to talk, and he completely understands your PTSD.   He’s perceptive enough to know when to back off and when to take the cuddles further.  

And if you can successfully teach Papyrus to bake, he’ll be forever in your debt.

*Matches are closed.

Scholar #2- Vivian Gortesh

Name: Vivian Gortesh

Gender: Female

Nationality: British by blood - born Australian - USA citizenship 

Orientation: Bisexual & Polyamorous 

Department: Performing Arts - Theatre (She’s part of a sibling act with her twin brother)

Likes: Animals, singing+dancing, books, and fruit. 

Dislikes: sour food, sour people, unfair ticket and admission prices for broadway, and the convention that a monogamous relationship is the only option. 

Personality: She is the reincarnated soul of a classic hollywood movie star. She is graceful, polite, and holds herself to a strict moral code when in public (don’t pry, don’t stare, keep your opinions to yourself if it is not useful to share them etc). However when it comes to love and relationships she’s very modern. 

Coming from a house of three parents she was exposed early on to healthy examples of 3 or more partner relationships. The fact that she also is polyamorous like her parents is a coincidence but it helped her to avoid years of confusion or shame.

She and her brother compliment one another very well, but disagree on inconsequential things like cats vs dogs, sweet and sour, and what they should try for their next act (but that last one is usually resolved in the end.) 

Crush: Claire and to a lesser extent Alistair. She met Alistair first when she was comforting her friend Lillie after she was majorly scolded by Tadashi. Alistair came to ask if she was okay, and they ended up hanging out for that lunch period and Vivian has been smitten with him ever since. She believes her crush on him may be just an infatuation but is yet to see.

She gets to know Claire a little because they both spend time in the library a lot during free periods. Whilst Claire is decidedly distant at times, she understands a need for personal space and respects her wishes. She always goes out of her way to do nice things for her, like sharing food or bringing up books or topics she feels Claire might like. 

Hello everyone 😀, my name is Kat. I an from Mexico City. I’m 19 years old. And it will be lovely to have you as my new friend. So… i’m going to try to introduce me. I am such a daydreamer person. I love to talk about space, astronomy, astrology, antropology, random things… literally anything hahahaha. Travel, flowers, animals, cultures. I love to dance, sing, act. It will be great if you teach me about your country and culture and allow me to talk about mine. I love to write. Watch pictures about beautiful places. Learning new languages. I like exercise. I am studying at the Medicine School. My dream is to be volunteer in anywhere that i have a chance. I love any expresion of art. My favourite Netflix series are Vampire Diaries and Sherlock. I am a really kind and funny person. And if you need someone who listen to you, count on me. My tumblr is: loquequisieraquedijeras Messenger: @kdulloa Lots of love.

Yesterday I went to the theatre and I saw “Sing” with a friend of mine. 

I really enjoyed it. The movie reminded me of Zootopia: both films have similarities but it’s also true that they are different. The main point is that Zootopia is “a world built by animals for animals” while SIng is more a human world with animals instead. 

All those cute and fluffy animals are just adorable and illumination entertainment movies have (almost) never disappointed me. 

I was sorry for Buster Moon (aka one of the most cutest koalas in the universe) all the time, I mean I really hated seeing him unhappy because of his theatre. Anyway we get cute animals singing and dancing the entire time so if you’re a fan of walking-talking animated animal movies , watch it!

allyssaoregonjones  asked:

Ship please? I'm a small 5' female whos gayer than John Laurens and the rainbow flag. I'm a band geek, musical theatre nerd, i have an attitude with my family, but with anyone else I'm shyer and more polite than Canada himself. I love nature and animals, dancing, writing singing, acting, doodling, and being lacy lazy while watching conspiracy theories. I have six little siblings and have inherited a "mom side" that comes out when my siblings or childish people are acting up. Thank you bye!

1p Nyo Canada

2p Nyo Prussia

anonymous asked:

Hi! Matchup?I'm infj, demigirl aquarius,pan(ro) asexual,5'3 and will mess you up if needed. I'm the mum/sister-friend for most of my friends.I love beaches, snow, animals, drawing, singing, dancing, romance-y type things, sparring occasionally, and adventuring a lot.I hate spiders, needles, and dishonesty/needless cruelty.I will throw flirt lines at you if you r chill w/ it. I'm an total adrenaline junkie, but I also have severe social anxiety, and PTSD( from a sexual assault, sadly), (part 1/2)

Your matchup is……………Undertale Undyne.

You are both badass, you are the mum-friend, while she is a bit more reckless, she far surpassed the andrenalien-junkie stage, so you sometimes will have to hold her back. But you both complete each other perfectly that way. She has a love of water herself, you both meeting on the beach and bonding over the next weeks, sometimes just hanging out, sometimes sparring, sometimes going hiking or swimming.

She doesn’t mind not cuddling if your not up to it, she likes cuddles, but she doesn’t need them in an relationship. She helps you out with your anxiety and depression, she even tries to research it…which ends with her suplexing a library shelf out of frustration, but she does 

She always looks at you completly done when you make a terrible joke, always groaning when you make dad jokes. “Do you want me to noogie those jokes out of you? You aren’t even a dad, Ngaaaah!” But she secretly likes getting annoyed at your bad jokes.