singing amazing grace

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: It's fucked that actually good authors with actually good books have a hard time getting published but youtubers that have not had an original thought their entire career can write a book and their 12 year old fan base will make it a New York Times best seller
My Name Is Cow

First, there was Cow, brought to us by @poem-for-your-sprog.

Soon, there was Dog (and Cow).

Then, there was Cat (and Cow).

And then Greensleeves got invoked, and I couldn’t help but Do the Thing. =D  Many thanks to @copperbadge for converting it to mp3!

(The crappy quality was all me.  My means of recording myself is an eleven-year-old point-and-shoot camera, and I was singing quietly in a small room so as not to disturb the neighbors at silly hours of the night.  Not terribly conducive to good sound quality.  Here’s hoping it amuses anyway. ^_^)


Once, as a joke, Percy and Annabeth conspired to sing ’Amazing Grace’ every time Jason was nearby and as Jason was getting desperate went to ask for help to Piper and Leo, who looked at each other and they started planning his ’revenge.’

The thing was that during a contest to sing along in the camp, the three of them sang ’Miss Jackson’, pointing out all the time to Annabeth and Percy, and the rest of the camp could not contain their laughter.

Percy and Annabeth looked at them with a look of ’this is not over, just starting’.

signs as web stars

Aries ( Tyler Oakley )

Taurus ( Twaimz )

Gemini ( Danisnotonfire )

Cancer ( Matthew Espinosa )

Leo ( Glozell )

Virgo ( Connor Franta )

Libra ( Grace Helbig )

Scorpio ( Miranda Sings )

Sagittarius ( Ethan and Grayson Dolan )

Capricorn ( Kingsley )

Aquarius ( Amazingphil )

Pisces ( Rudy Mancuso )

( btw these are the corresponding signs to the literal people not an interpretation )

You're Cordially Invited to The Funeral of Cami's Right Hand

To Cami’s Right Hand died tragically and painfully during an exam while writing a 3 page essay on the important of lighting in an art gallery and how to properly display gold earrings (True story)

Cami’s Right Hand didn’t alone but with its best friend at its side; Cami’s Left Hand whom will be heading the funeral ceremony.

All invited will be encouraged to clap rather than sing the tune of Amazing Grace as a sign of respect.

Cami’s Right Hand will be remembered fondly and sorely missed. Goodbye dear friend.

Cami’s Right Hand

*In The Arms Of The Angels plays*

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I don’t know if it has been talked about yet but imagine percy singing The amazing Grace to jason.

I mean: 

 Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now I’m found
Was blind, but now I see
‘Twas grace that taught my heart to fear
And grace my fears relieved
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed
My chains are gone
I’ve been set free
My God, my Savior has ransomed me
And like a flood His mercy rains
Unending love, Amazing grace

Hey, what’s that? Oh, just more character headcanons. Shall they be sad? Shall they be rad? Or maybe just plain old bad?


  • He’s incredibly flexible and after the war signs up for gymnastic lessons
  • Everyone wonders how his flips can be so perfect and his jumps so high (he totally does not manipulate the air or anything)
  • On July 4th the Apollo kids follow him around relentlessly singing Amazing Grace 
  • It’s unnoticeable to most people, but when he’s anxious his lips kind of twitch every so often like one side might quirk up for a split second or they might form a frown that’s quickly erased
  • He does not understand modern slang at all
  • One time him and Percy went to the mall together and he kept hearing people say things like ‘af’ and ‘lit’ and he just stood there with this perplexed face trying to figure out what the words mean as Percy has to drag him from store to store
  • He’s allergic to fleece and has to sleep on a hypoallergenic pillow
  • Piper think’s it’s absolutely hilarious and teases him about his special pillow
  • In the springtime he gets really bad allergies and can barely go near a spot that has grass or flowers anywhere in sight
  • He doesn’t try that hard to form a bond or relationship with Thalia partly because he’s afraid that she’ll abandon him like the rest of his family, but also for the fact that she’s a hunter and he can’t bear the fact he’ll grow old without her
  • Actually doesn’t cry that much, but when he’s upset his face gets stony and he’ll speak to you in this cold unnerving voice that’s going to send shivers up your spine and he’ll get this almost dead look in his eyes


  • She’s really into meaningful tattoos and when she’s of age she gets a sleeve of all the elements of the rest of the seven to remember her times fighting Gaea, the unity the demigods held together, and the reminder that even though something seems impossible it doesn’t mean to stop trying
  • As a baby she had extreme colic resulting in her having a scratchy voice that rasps frequently as she speaks, but disappears when she charm speaks and takes on a slight French accent that sounds as if it’s been dipped in honey
  • During high school she’d often do volunteer face painting for charities and school fundraisers
  • Also during high school she feels really lost and by senior year still doesn’t figure out what she wants to do with her life
  • It kind of puts her in a slump and makes her feel like a failure, but with the support of her friends by her side each step of the way in a few months she’s back on track and researching different career area she’d want to go in
  • She ends up becoming a very famous journalist, known for going to extremes to get a story
  • The job requires a lot of travelling and sometimes disguises, which makes Jason extremely worried for her safety
  • But she handles herself and leaves a situation when she knows it’s too much risk for one story


  • After being blind in Tartarus her vision never fully returns to what it was and a lot of things are very bleary for her to see, resulting in her needing glasses
  • Percy loves to take her glasses and hold them out of her reach while she just simmers in annoyance because just one more inch and she could reach them
  •  She has a mild case of rosacea making her look as if she has a perpetual blush
  • She’s ambidextrous which comes in handy during battles as she can use both hands equally well
  • She’s not super intelligent and does just average in school, she doesn’t graduate as valedictorian though she makes honor roll, but academics aren’t her biggest worry in her life
  • Her hair used to be very thick and golden blonde, but after Tartarus it gets almost brittle thin and so close to white, that the gray streak in her hair is hardly visible at this point
  • Had a hard time making friends in school because she didn’t think the other kids were worthy enough of being her friend, making her seem a bit pretentious
  • Cannot look at an owl without cringing and feeling the need to throw up after her solo quest                                                       

*I’ll post more tomorrow if i get the chance but it’s really late and I have school in the morning 

Just got a call from TEXAS....

Dad is visiting sister in Franklin, he has never been to a church where 80% of the people are singing AMAZING GRACE while simultaneously open carrying 1911’s.

**sniffle** ….so beautiful…..

Supernatural Imagines:

X   Imagine Gadreel hearing you sing “Amazing Grace.”
X   Imagine being Dean’s best friend and introducing him to your boyfriend, Damon Salvatore. They immediately start insulting each other and you have to stop them
X   Imagine playing in the snow with Sam Winchester
X   “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” with Dean Winchester
X   Imagine being Adam’s little sister and trying to hunt down Sam and Dean for what they did to him, but when you finally find them, you don’t know how to fight, so you just end up yelling and crying. They have to comfort you awkwardly.
X   Imagine being Castiel’s younger sister and meeting the Winchesters when you save them from a demon
X   Imagine being Rossi’s granddaughter and a hunter with Sam and Dean, and you run into him when the three of you get arrested for trespassing at a crime scene
X   Imagine Dean getting mad at you for kissing a stranger
X   Imagine Dean and Sam being extremely protective of you
X   Imagine Dean falling in love with you even though you’re a witch
X   Imagine Sam and Dean showing up to get rid of whatever’s haunting you and your family
X   Imagine Sam, Dean, and Cas dropping you off at your first day of college and telling you how great you’re going to be
X   Imagine that you start randomly crying in the backseat of the Impala after a case, and Sam and Dean have no idea what to do


roseaann is amazing. that’s all.

tonight i accidentally stepped on one of the tiny lizards that infest my house in the summer and i injured it fatally but it didn’t die so i ran into my brother’s room but he was playing video games so instead his girlfriend helped me mercy kill it and i put the celtic women singing Amazing Grace on my phone to send it to the great terrarium in the sky and we both screamed when it survived our first three attempts to end its miserable, tortured life and it’s now buried in the backyard in a wad of toilet paper