This is the creativity crustacean


He alone controls all of an artist’s creative energy, motivation, and gumption. He determines when you work and what you do. He lives in the mind of artists- any artist- writer, painter, dancer, actor, singer, poets. You’ll know when he’s giving you inspiration because he offers you the pen.

He tries his best but he’s very small( and he sleeps a lot) so he can only offer you this help at odd times when he has the energy.

But fear not! He has been lifting. And he’s hoping to help you find your muse this year.


this 18 year old boy became everyone’s fan favorite in Croatia after his audition for The Voice (Hrvatska) because he started off his audition nervous, insecure and shaky, but then when he let go, he did so much justice to Bishop Brigg’s River and did an awesome job and showed off his cool side and amazing voice, especially in the second half

now all the youngins are falling for him