Happy Blackout! ~ 🌑🙋🏿

This year has been full of blessings.

Highlight so far… traveling to DC for Million Woman March & listening to Angela Davis speak at Bus Boys & Poets.


What’s the difference between a girl and a woman?

Dealing. FUCK the BS.

I get out in nature, listen to music, iCreate, iListen, iBreathe, iMeditate, and iRead.

I’m learning to live and love my solitude. People in this world will try to make you feel small… FUCK THEM. Do you. Take care of yourself cause at the end of the day all you got is your peace of mind.

Let’s give ourselves time to grow.

v. queer covers: acoustic covers of your fave songs that, let’s face it, sound better when they’re sung by ladies, about ladies. [listen]

take me to church | girls/girls/boys | i’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you | chocolate | rude | sex | riptide | best song ever | stay with me |all of me | let me love you | like real people do | she is love | la vie en rose

I wrote this song in response to my experience as a trans woman living with religiously devout parents. Hoping it offers solace to anyone else struggling with acceptance in their family.
Thanks for listening if you decide to :)


Dust and doves
You know I wear em on my body
So that You might want me
Crawling back

Burned before
I knew what wrongs were in my mind
I thought I was worthy
I thought I was beautiful

I’m chasing rosaries
Praying that you see me
I’m kissing both your feet
Praying that you see me

Hallows hallows hallows hallows ( x2)

I love myself too much
to give up all of my being for you
I’m smoking my crown
Too high to come down

I’m breaking rosaries under my teeth now they’re turnin blue
I’m kissing both your feet
Praying that you see me

Hallows hallows hallows hallows ( x2)

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Can I be. Can I stand. Can I grow. Can I cry. Can I live. Can I fly. Can I sing. Can I play. Can I laugh. Can I dance. Can I say no. Can I say yes. Can I be sad. Can I feel pain. Can I feel worthy. Can I feel the rain. Can I roll my eyes. Can I kiss you goodbye. Can I read this book. Can I speak my truth. Can I settle down. Can I give myself time. Can I be alone. Can I be cold. Can I be a yes girl. Can I be emotional. Can I be bold. Can I be analytical. Can I be home. Can I be sensitive. Can I write a song. Can I read a poem. Can I be gold. Can I be diamonds. Can I be dirt. Can I be everything. Can I be my sister. Can I be my brother. Can I be my mother. Can I be my father. Can I be a stranger. Can I be a friend. Can I be committed. Can I understand. Can I be a shoulder. Can I be hand. Can I be chaos. Can I withstand. Can I be the calm. Can I climb a mountain. Can I be a storm. Can I fall. Can I be the sun. Can I be me. Can I be an ocean. Can I choose the path of my heart . Can I heal. Can I be persistent. Can I be kind. Can I be I. Can I lose. Can I try. Can I Can I. Can I win. Can I sacrifice. Can I put myself first. Can I listen up. Can I be silent. Can I love. Can I be quiet. Can I can I. Can I be love. Can I be. Can I be nothing.