Sisters with voices! Love this video of JAZMINE SULLIVAN teaching BRANDY how to do upward runs! 🎤🙌🏾💗🍦 #JazmineSullivan #Brandy #Vocals #WWHL #Celebrities #Singers #IceCreamConvos

singing hoe things

inspired by this post! 

-you are always uncomfortable singing with your friends in the car 

-honey laquet 

-singer spray 

-to warm up or not to warm up 

-should have warmed up

-vocal rest days

-‘oh god do i have nods?’

-tea with honey and lemon

-i can sing that???????

-milk is the enemy 

-don’t fucking slide those notes

-a slight cough is hell

-owning too many scarfs



Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard // It’s All Going To Pot (2015)

The Signs Would be Stars in...
  • Aries:Soundcloud
  • Taurus:Romance films
  • Gemini:Tumblr
  • Cancer:Entrepreneurship
  • Leo:YouTube
  • Virgo:Modeling
  • Libra:the Music Industry
  • Scorpio:Facebook
  • Sagittarius:Parodies
  • Capricorn:Korean Dramas
  • Aquarius:Film-making
  • Pisces:Instagram
I think it’s a really outdated thing to think that you have to sell this romantic fantasy that a singer is straight so that girls want to sleep with them. It’s insane. Anyway, Sam [Smith] has proved that you don’t need to be straight to sell records.
—  Olly Alexander of Years & Years (for Attitude Magazine)
Bands for the signs

Aries: Coldplay

Taurus: Led Zeppelin 

Gemini: Maroon 5 

Cancer: Lana Del Rey 

Leo: Pink Floyd 

Virgo: Cat Stevens 

Libra: Ed Sheeran 

Scorpio: Lorde 

Sagittarius: 30 Seconds to Mars

Capricorn: Nine Inch Nails 

Aquarius: Arctic Monkeys 

Pisces: Nirvana