singer: laura marling

  • laura marling: 25 years, nothing to show for it
  • me: laura you've released 6 studio albums
  • laura: nothing of any weight
  • me: not to mention singles and eps and whatever, touring regularly, scoring shakespeare plays
  • laura: 25 more, will I never learn from it?
  • me: laura you do a lot stop it
  • laura: never learn from my mistakes
  • me: *holds face* SHUT UP YOU'RE PERFECT
  • Alas I Cannot Swim: You're an adorable young woman that reblogs pictures of flowers and sunshine and has a vegan blog on the side.
  • I Speak Because I Can: You brood while listening to this in a dark corner of your room, pretending Marcus Mumford isn't singing backing vocals on every song.
  • A Creature I Don't Know: You constantly soul search, but maturely and cooly.
  • Once I Was An Eagle: You only listen to albums with an 82 or above on Metacritic
  • Short Movie: You are or will be someone's queer aunt
  • Semper Femina: Harold you're lesbians

Laura played a new song tonight! She also played a different new song (or maybe a cover) during the afternoon rehearsal.


Darkness Descends 2017 Version?  Yes, thanks.