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He must love you very much,’ Gavril said once I had my footing.
I couldn’t look at him. ‘What makes you say that?’ Gavril sighed. “I’ve known Maxon since he was a child. He’s never stood up to his father like that.

I turned to see America and Maxon in the garden. He had his arms tucked behind him, and she was walking backwards, hands moving in the air as if she was telling him a story. She made a point, exaggerating it with gestures, and Maxon bent forward, laughing and squinting his eyes. It seemed as if he was holding his hands behind him because, if he didn’t hold himself back, he’d scoop her up then and there.
—  The Favorite Keira Cass

- These are for you. A late Christmas present. - He held up the envelope, thick with folded papers.

- I can’t believe I’m actually giving this to you, and you have to wait to look at them until I’m not here, but… it’s for you to keep. This is a little less embarrassing. Sorry the wrapping is so bad.

“I was absolutely floored the first time I finally, truly saw her… As if it weren’t enough that she was willing to stand up to me and clearly unafraid to be herself, she was dazzlingly beautiful. Underneath thick lashes were eyes blue as ice, something cool to balance out the flames in her hair. Her cheeks were smooth and slightly blushed from crying. And her lips, soft and pink, slightly parted as she studied our hands.” - Maxon Schreave

Ebba Zingmark as America Schreave (neé Singer)

Erik is America!!!

Okay guys hear me out. 

I was rereading The Heir for the 20th time and check this out:

“No. You’re trying to be a good friend. To him, to me. It’s no big deal.”

[Erik] tucked his hands behind his back. “Well, I am, you know?”


He sighed, seeming embarrassed. “Your friend. If you need one.”

It was such a simple offer, yet generous in a million ways. “I couldn’t imagine having a better one.”

Ring a bell? No? Okay let’s rewind to The Prince novella:

“If you let me stay …” [America] sighed. “All right, well, look at you. You’re the prince. You’re busy all day, what with running the country and all, and you’re supposed to narrow thirty-five, well, thirty-four girls, down to one? That’s a lot to ask, don’t you think?”

While it sounded like a joke, the truth was she cut to the core of my anxieties with absolute clarity. I nodded at her words.

“Wouldn’t it be much better for you if you had someone on the inside? Someone to help? Like, you know, a friend?”

“A friend?”

“Yes. Let me stay, and I”ll help you. I’ll be your friend. You don’t have to worry about pursuing me. You already know that I don’t have feelings for you. But you can talk to me anytime you like, and I’ll try and help. You said last night that you were looking for a confidante. Well, until you find one for good, I could be that person. If you want.”

If I want … That wasn’t an option, it seemed, but at least I could help this girl. And maybe enjoy her company a little bit longer. Of course, Father would be livid if he knew I using one of the girls for such a purpose … which made me like it much, much more.

“I’ve met nearly every woman in this room, and I can’t think of one who would make a better friend. I’d be glad to have you stay.”

See it now? Both Erik and America start out as “just friends” with Eadlyn and Maxon. They don’t have a hidden agenda and they both understand the royals in a way they’ve never been understood before. 

Erik is to Eadlyn what America was to Maxon and we all know how that turned out. This ship is going to sail y’all. Watch! 

P.S. partylikeawordstar I see what you’re doing and I love it!

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Eadlyn and Kile - a music playlist by celestenewssome

Blank Space - Taylor Swift

Lover In Me - Selena Gomez

You’re Mine - Lea Michele

Wanna Be Your Baby - Zara Larsson

Daydreamin’ - Ariana Grande

We’re Dancing - Bridgit Mendler

I’d Lie - Taylor Swift

Can’t Hold Back - Zara Larsson

Lovin’ It - Ariana Grande

I’m Only Me When I’m With You - Taylor Swift

I Promise You - Selena Gomez

We Were Friends - Ellie Goulding

Soooo, i made this playlist because i thought it would be nice having some ideas about the “relationship” between Eadlyn and Kile.
Let me know what you think, i’m very curious!

  • Gavril: who do you think is the most attractive lady?
  • Kaden: *very quickly* not Josie
  • Ahren: hey guys
  • Kaden: lol its not Josie
  • Eadlyn: what are you guys talking about?
  • Kaden: *shouts in eadlyns face* NOT JOSIE
  • Josie: *walks in*
  • Kaden: ITS NOT YOU
  • Kaden: *struts off*
  • Josie: wut