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My All Time Favourite Songs

1. BoA -Meri Kuri 

2. BoA - Every Heart

3. BoA - Winter Love

4. BoA - Brand New Beat

5. DBSK - Mirotic

6. DBSK - Share the World

7. DBSK - Why did I fall in love with you

8. DBSK - Balloons

9. DBSK - Forever Love

10. DBSK - Lovin’ you

11. DBSK - My destiny

12. DBSK - Love in the Ice

13. DBSK - Bolero

14. DBSK - Asu wa kuru kara

15. DBSK - Begin

16. DBSK - Clap!

17. DBSK - Darkness Eyes

18. DBSK - Heart, Mind and Soul

19. DBSK - Kiss Shita Mama Sayonara

20. DBSK - My little princess

21. DBSK ft BoA - Oh Holy Night

22. DBSK - Picture of You

23. DBSK - Proud

24. DBSK - Taxi

25. DBSK - Toki Wo Tomete

26. DBSK - Tonight

27. DBSK - Wasuranaide

28. DBSK - Whatever they Say

29. Jaejoong - Footstep

30. Jaejoong - Insa

31. Jaejoong - It’s only my world

32. XIA (xiah junsu) - Rainy Night

33. Xiah & Key - Xiahtic

34. Xiah Junsu - Intoxication

35. Xiah ft Jang ri In - Timeless

36. Anyband - TPL + Promise You

37. XIA - Flower

38. Utada HIkaru - First Love

39. Utada Hikaru - Sakura

40. CCS - Ashita e no Melody

41. CCS - Ki Ni Naru Aitsu

42. CCS - Yoru no Uta

43. CCS - Yasashisa no Tane

44. Spyair - Imagination

45. Sukima Switch - Ah yeah!

46. Spyair - I’m a believer

47. Burnout Syndromes - Fly High

48. Burnout Syndromes - Hikari Are

49. Kanon Wakeshima - Still Doll

50. Abingdon Boy School - Howling

51. Abingdon Boy School - Innocent Sorrow

52. SuG - Love Scream Party

53. Kamichama Karin -  Ankoku Tengoku

54. Tokyo Mew Mew - My sweet heart

55. Miyuki Kanbe - Taiyou no Rakuen

56. Taemin -Sayonara Hitori

57. Taemin - Tiger

58. Dean Fujioka - History Maker

59. Sailor Moon - Moonlight densetsu

60. Pigstar - Kimi=Hana

61. Screen Mode - Lovest

62. Shuuhei Kita -  Sekai no Hate ni Kimi ga Itemo.

63. Ishida Youko - Open your mind

64.  Shunichi Miyamoto - True Light

65. SHINee - An ode to you

66. SHINee - An encore

67. SHINee - Can’t leave

68. SHINee - Farewell my love

69. SHINee - Love Pain

70. SHINee - Password

71. TTS - Baby Steps

72. SNSD - Complete

73. SNSD - Dear Mom

74. SNSD - Divine

75. SNSD - Way to go

76. Super Junior - It’s you

77. Onew - Rainy Blue

78. F(x) - Airplane

79. F(x) - Dracula

80. F(x) - Paper Heart

81. EXO - Sing for you

82. Taemin - Ace

83. Taemin - Soldier

84. Jonghyun - Skeleton Flower

These songs are the ones I will always come back to, specially DBSK’s old songs, they just make me really emotional and make me think about my days as a cassie ^-^

I might have forgotten some songs but there are some songs I just can’t remember the title or singer of

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My first bias: Minho 

Your current bias and why: Jonghyun because he’s such a cutie pie and I fell in love with his voice omg 

Favorite song: Tell Me What To Do or Woof Woof 

Favorite MV: Married To The Music 

OTP: anything shippable XD 

Member you think has the best smile: Jonghyun (probably biased) 

Favorite choreography: Sherlock 

Favorite era: Tell Me What To Do 

Do you own any merchandise: Yes, I have a bookmark XD 

Have you seen them live: No :( i would die tho probably 

Favorite voice/singer: Jonghyun 

Favorite dancer: Taemin 


- Name: Kang Chani / Kang Chan Hee
- Blood type: A
- Family members: Father, mother, younger sibling
- Birthday: 2000.01.17 / Capricorn

- Almamater:

     Koom Namoo Kindergarten (Dream Tree Kindergarten)
     Dunwon Elementary School
     Sanghyeon Middle School
     SOPA School of Performing Arts Seoul (currently attending)

- Personality: Thoughtful, serious but goofy
- Habit: Spacing out
- Hobby: Listening to songs, watching movies / dancing
- Wanted to become a singer because of SHINee Taemin

- Favorite food: Chicken, steamed eggs, kimchi stew
- Good at making Jjapaghetti
- Favorite sport: Football
- Favorite movie: Action movies
- Favorite nickname: Chani / Cani
- Fashion style: Comfortable clothes
- Collecting photos
- These days he likes to practice singing, acting & rapping,
      watch choreography videos
- Wants to appear on SBS ‘Running Man’
- Motto: “Let’s work hard till the end”
- Close to ASTRO members, Hwiyoung (rapper)
- Wants to get close to actor Ha Jung Woo
- Ideal Type: Someone who is pretty and nice
- Question for fans:
     You’ll forever stay with SF9, right?

(Rough translations by soobuin)

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SHINee 🎆(another question, sorry if it's a bit indiscreet, where are you from ?)

I’m from Lithuania 😂 I really wonder how many people know moreover have even heard about my country 😂

  • My first bias: Minho
  • Your current bias and why: Minho, how can you seriously not love that giant 😂
  • Favourite song: View
  • Favourite MV: As of now I will go with “1 of 1″, I love the outfits 👌
  • Member you think has the best smile: Onew~
  • Favourite choreography: Everybody
  • Favourite era: View 
  • Do you own any merchandise: Nope
  • Have you seen them live: Nope 😢
  • Favourite voice/singer: Jonghyun
  • Favourite dancer: Taemin

Ahhhh Shineeeeeeeeeeee!! I love them so much!! 💖

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Put any kpop group in my ask and I’ll answer your questions~

My Top Five: (Male) Golden Maknae’s

What are the qualifications of a Golden Maknae?

Now- I know what you’re thinking- a golden maknae means that they are a triple threat; Singing, Dancing, Rapping/Variety, being the tallest…ect… But we all know it goes a little deeper than that- 

Golden Maknae’s Must: 

  1. Give off a believable allusion of the sexy concept 
  2. Have the leader wrapped around their finger 
  3. Actually be a dork… 

1.Seungri - BigBang 

  • Singer/Dancer/Actor
  • Variety Star (Korea + Japan) 
  • Speaks: Korean, Japanese and English 
  • Successful solo career 
  • Gets to hang out with BigBang… 

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Sexy Concept ;)

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Has the Leader wrapped around their finger 

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I was kidding about the sexy concept… 

2.Changmin - TVXQ!

  • Singer/Dancer/Actor/Rapper 
  • One of the most notable Idol stars in all Korea 
  • Extremely Sassy 

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Sexy and tall <3 

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3. Taemin - SHINee 

  • Singer/Dancer 
  • Successful Solo Career 
  • Look at as on of the best dancers in Korean- if not the world- 

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Are you even real? 

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I don’t even ship these two… 

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I can’t even explain this… 

4. P.O - Block B 

  • Singer/Dancer/Rapper 
  • One of the most notable voices in Kpop 
  • Comes from an extremely successful family 
  • Lead Rapper in Block B sub group Bastarz

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Oh these two… 

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5. Jungkook - BTS 

  • Singer/Dancer/Rapper 
  • Lyricist 
  • Specializes in confusing the Noonas… 

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Slayy maknae slayyy

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Kookie Monster <3 

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Stay strong maknae- stay strong- 

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can you make a list of songs that jonghyun has covered?

yes, of course! i’ll be honest: i may end up missing a few because he did a lot of covers during shinee’s earlier years (especially between 2008 - 2010), but! hopefully i get most of them!

× 080605: because of you - with onew (ne-yo cover)
× 080609: incomplete (sisqo cover)
× 080625: so sick - with onew (ne-yo cover)
× 080717: clean up (chungso cover)
× 080729: did we really love? - with onew (brown eyed soul cover)
× 081005: 나비야 (butterfly) (ha dong kyun cover)
× 080926: 잊을래 (i’ll forget) - with onew (soulstar cover)
× 081015: a year gone by (wheesung cover)
× 081030: like a man - with onew (fly to the sky cover)
× 081109: holding onto the end of the night (solid cover)
× 081109: one more time even if you hate me (vibe cover)
× 081211: hug (tvxq cover)
× 090605: tragedy - with onew (soulstar cover)
× 090609: you’re my lady (jungyeop cover) [note: he covered this again in july of 2009.]
× 090610: baby baby (4men cover)
× 090611: first time (jungyeop cover)
× 090611: baby baby (4men cover) [note: he also covered this briefly in november of the same year, and again in november of 2011.]
× 090629: sexy love - with jessica jung (ne-yo cover)
× 090719: honey (jyp cover)
× 091026: seven years of love (yoo yong suk cover)
× 091110: come back to me (se7en cover)
× 091122: 귀로 (one’s way back) (naul cover)
× 091230: beat it - with kim tae woo (michael jackson cover)
× 091231: gone (*nsync cover) + 거짓말 (g.o.d. cover) [note: the first is solo. the second is with 2pm’s minjun, k.will and kim tae woo.]
× 100126: tears
× 100227: snow flower (park hyo shin cover)
× 100708: you’re cool (kim mi hee cover)
× 100728: 왜 벌써가 (be my brownie) (dynamic duo cover)
× 100818: 잊지말기로 해 (let’s not forget) (kim hyun chil / jang pil soon cover)
× 100821: sea of love (fly to the sky cover)
× 100826: i’m in love ( cover)
× 100826: stand by (boa cover)
× 100826: pabo (brown eyed soul cover)
× 100826: it’s over (jungyeop cover)
× 101005: with me - with wheesung (wheesung cover lol)
× 101020: i am waiting (brown eyed soul cover) [note: he also covered this two months earlier in august.]
× 101020: 죽일놈 (guilty) - with minho and taemin (dynamic duo cover)
× 101226: girls (wheesung cover)
× 110827: 첫인상 (first impression) (lee ki chan cover)
× 111124: 僕は君に戀をする (boku wa kimi ni koi wo suru) (ken hirai cover)
× 120509: driver’s high (l'arc~en~ceil cover)
× 120818: internet war - with taemin (seo taiji cover)
× 130313: 씨스루 (see through) (primary / zion.t cover)
× 130313: 오늘은 가지마 (don’t go today) (im se jun cover)
× 130328: as long as you love me (justin bieber cover)
130328: fine thank you and you? (10cm cover)
× 140405: gloomy letter (verbal jint cover) [note: he also covered this back in december of 2010.]
× 150127: black or white (michael jackson cover)
× 150127: 우울시계 (a gloomy clock) (iu cover)
× 150305: this woman’s work (maxwell cover) [note: this was actually the second time that he covered this. the first time was in september of 2011.]
× 150906: sugar (maroon 5 cover)
× 151117: 사랑해, 이 말 밖엔… (rich cover)

× he’s covered brown eyed souls’ jungyeop’s “nothing better” many, many, many times. his first performance of it was here. after this, he performed it on: 091111, 091212, 100818, 101005 (with the original singer, wheesung and taemin), 101020, and during shinee’s london showcase in november of 2011.
× he’s also covered wheesung’s “insomnia” a few times. the first time he performed it on 1000 song challenge in july of 2009. he then performed it on: 090716, 100826 and with wheesung on 101005.

along with all of these, there’s also the songs that he covered on immortal song 2! lonely night (boohwal cover). 백만송이 장미 (a million roses) (shim soo bong cover), 귀로 (one’s way back) (naul cover), and 왼손잡이 (left-handed) (panic cover).

annnnnnd, lastly: as a lot of us are aware already, he covered all of the songs that he composed / wrote and gave to other artists last year both for his solo concerts and the busking concerts just before those. these included: red candle (son dam bi cover), playboy (exo cover), no more (lim kim cover) and 우울시계 (a gloomy clock) (iu cover). he also allowed his guests during the first run of his concerts to request songs for him to sing which ended up including (and we didn’t get all of the audio uploadings for each, this is just a few that we were lucky enough to): the tadpole song, the three little bears song (lol), the sailor moon theme, a new cover of incomplete (sisqo), just (crush / zion.t cover), 바람이분다 (the wind blows) (lee so ra cover), 괴도 (danger) (taemin cover), 도도해 (dodo) (zion.t cover), nothing better (jungyeop cover), 넌 감동이었어 (you touched my heart) (sung si kyung cover) and heart attack (aoa cover). i’d also suggest that you check out any episode of 1000 song challenge that jonghyun participated because i probably missed a few covers from those!

In today’s Mask Singer, one of the panel said that he thinks the other singer is Taemin, and Jimin was like “EEEYYYYYYY, taemin is a better dancer than that.” And after a while, Jimin was like… “WAIT, WHAT IF THIS SINGER IS A SUNBAE!??!?!” coz he felt bad about his comment about dancing and he was cutely worrying the whole time. And the other panelists were teasing him like “I think it’s a sunbae, it’s your sunbae!” hahaha!

Turns out, it was a sunbae. It’s Thunder who was part of MBLAQ :)))))))) 

(interview) taemin for ‘grazia’ august 2015 2nd issue

grazia: you’ve done a lot of interviews in the past. are there any question’s you’re sick of?
taemin: not really.. ah, ideal type?

grazia: good i didn’t want to know
taemin: ah, there’s another one. me in 10 years time?

grazia: you must have heard that question because you debuted at such a young age and your image was strong. did your surrounding people treat you like a kid?
taemin: my surrounding people know me well, so they didn’t, but sometimes people that don’t know me too well. i guess it’s a good thing, but it gets tickly haha.

grazia: the full album title song ‘view’ had a different feel to the other spledid performance songs. what are your preferences?
taemin: each song has it’s own charm, so taking turns in song choice seems to be a good idea. if i have to choose, i’m more on the performance song because i’m more confident with that area.

grazia: it has been a year since your solo album was released. is it different being in a group again?
taemin: yes. ah, i’m in shinee! being a pleasure to meet the other members. the solo promotions have become memories now. it made me nervous having to do everything by myself. but both group and solo are charming.

grazia: it’s your eighth year since debut. has your personal music taste changed?
taemin: i think it has. lately, there hasn’t been songs that are touching. rather than specific styles i used to like songs that had a good melody. nowadays, i like songs that have a message or has good lyrics.

grazia: are there songs you’ve been listening to often lately?
taemin: not really, demo songs? haha. as i listen to demo songs, i think about what type of music i should do. i have been looking at old videos too.

grazia: you have sang a self composed song before at a concert. do you still compose songs?
taemin: if i have the chance, i would like to, so i’ve been trying. i think it’s too early to put in a self composed song in an album. after learning more, i want to discuss with the company about what sort of music i want to do.

grazia: i’ve heard that you went through a lot of process with the company for this album
taemin: yes, we sort of make it together. 'view’ was a song we picked and i think the company is slowly allowing our opinions and we talk about that often

grazia: did you guys pick the title song of the repackage album 'married to the music’?
taemin: yes we did a vote. it was four to one.

grazia: oh, i won’t ask who that person was
taemin: haha it was me, to be honest. it’s a great song, but i had the greed of finding a better song.

grazia: are there any worries about the production of your next solo album?
taemin: there are no plans yet of my next solo album, but i’m slowly preparing myself. if 'danger’ is the base of my solo album i want to show something much upgraded. so, i have been thinking of concepts and musical color.

grazia: are there any special moments of your career?
taemin: there are about 3. firstly, when i debuted, when i made my solo debut it felt like a replay of all my heard work and effort. once lee sooman told me to record a song as homework and not long after my solo album came out. thirdly, when shinee performed at tokyo dome, there i felt the number of fans increasing ever since we debuted in japan. from a very small hall to arena, i was just as touched as the long time it took us to stand on the tokyo dome stage

grazia: hall tour must have been different, there aren’t many situations like that here where you stand on a small stage.
taemin: the audience was very close and that was a little bit hard, we were able to show our artist side and as i saw the fans faces i took it as feedback. and performing there was one of our steps to devloping.

grazia: you seem to be one of developed icon when looking back at your debut video. you had the position of a devloping kid and angel.
taemin: ah, that is false information! i don’t have the position of an angel (laughs). i’ll just believe the developed person. angel is too hard for me, haha.

grazia: you have sang a self composed song before at a concert. do you still compose songs?
taemin: if i have the chance, i would like to so i’ve been trying. i think it’s too early to put in a self composed song in an album. after learning more, i want to discuss with the company about what sort of music i want to do.

grazia: okay for now, haha. your solo parts in shinee’s songs have gotten longer, so the team color seems to be a different feel. there must be burdening parts as well.
taemin: i do get burdened when people’s expectations get higher, but rather than devloping, it’s more about my color, making my identity. i want people to be like 'ah, this is taemin.’

grazia: what is your color?
taemin: i am still in the process of finding that, but i hope it doesn’t clash with someone elses.

grazia: that’s very hard.
taemin: yes, but with the expectation of the image of being the youngest or if people say 'idol’ the common thoughts people have i want people who are really into music to know.

grazia: you’ve tried acting a few times. do you want to do it again more seriously?
taemin: i do have the thought of wanting to act again, but not right now. as being an artist is my main job, i would like to completely settle my position there before i do anything else.

grazia: you seem to have a firm position.
taemin: as shinee, yes. but as taemin, i need to try harder.

grazia: are you the type to try whatever you want to do?
taemin: yes, i like new things.

grazia: what’s something you want to do for a long time? apart from singing and dancing?
taemin: hmm, i don’t think there is anyhting. it’s always singing and dancing.

grazia: what’s something you want more of?
taemin: time.

grazia: that’s the hardest.
taemin: i debuted at a very young age, but i wish i debuted when i was even younger, so that i have more time.

grazia: does that mean you wish to have more time to promote and be a singer?
taemin: not necessarily, i want to have more time preparing. i want to be more systematic, but i can’t have a break for too long. it’s not easy taking that on and devloping at the same time. sometimes, i wish i went back to the past with skills i have now, so that i can be even better.

grazia: when is a time where you feel most peaceful?
taemin: when i’m preparing for an album in the practice room. as they say, you never know what the results are going to be, i find that peaceful.

grazia: ah, i learned from twitter trend that if you say lee taemin three times your wish comes true.
taemin: fans have been saying that. haha, it’s somehow burdening. rather than doing it seriously, they enjoy it, so i like it too.

grazia: have you tried it?
taemin: i haven’t tried it yet, but i will do it soon, haha.

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Taemin and Ian Eastwood

1. Taemin watched this video and got interested in Ian Eastwood, discussing with the company to work with him for the choreography. 

2. Taemin and Ian are the same age. Taemin said because they were the same age, he was able to connect with Ian more easily. 

3. Apparently, Ian didn’t expect Taemin to dance so well, expecting a singer not a performer/dancer/singer who Taemin is. So he was constantly surprised Taemin could imitate the  moves so quickly and so well. 

4. Taemin is listening to slow music these days and he recommended Tori Kelly’s Paper Heart for listeners. 

5. Taemin at first thought the dancing style of Ian to be weird. However, when you do it right, it’s great and very urban. 

- Jonghyun’s Blue Night