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Leave The News To Me (Part 2)

The news was already blasting through your phone. Simon had been pictured leaving your place. Excellent. The rumours of you two getting back together had already begun and you were concerned as to how he’d take everything. Especially since now, he was getting all of the twitter mentions about it too.
In all honesty, a part of you was worried that this would affect him.
As you headed to your offices for a meeting of the day, you were blasted by paparazzi in front of you.
“(Y/n), (y/n) is it true that you’re back with Simon?” They question in chorus.
“What is going on with the two of you?”
However, as usual, they eventually settle down and you can genuinely answer their questions.
“Explain to us what’s happening with Simon” One of them asks, all of them holding microphones to you.
“He came round just to have a chat, I’m still friends with the other guys so we’re still in the same circles. Nothing more” You comment.
“And how do you feel about him now?”
“Simon will always be a part of my life. And I still have complete respect for everything him and the guys are doing. They’re amazing people” You smile politely.
“So there’s no hard feelings about how you two left things?”
“Of course not,” You lie, “These things just happen in relationships”
You nod and are soon led inside by one of the security members of the offices. It was for Simon’s safety that you lied. The reason why you cared? It annoyed you. After the way he treated you, his protection should be the last thing on your mind. And yet, you still told yourself that you should help him. You still respected him for sure and the more and more you thought about it, the more you realised that there would forever be a part of you that loved him too. Always.
“Simon get off me” You chuckle as he lifts you up in the lounge and tickles your sides.
“Babe I’m not letting you go until you admit how fucking incredible this is!” He laughs, holding your sides securely.
“I know it is” You squeal and he sets you down.
“You’re number 1 in the charts (y/n). Number one!” He exclaims, “That’s insane”
You smile at him and still feel a blush on your cheeks. You always did because he complimented you so much and you could never get used to it.
“So are you gonna forget all about me now you’re a big singer?” He asks, slinging his arms loosely around your waist.
“Hmm I’ll think about it. I mean I have a lot more options now you know?” You joke, hooking your arms around his neck.
“I’m honestly so proud of you babygirl” He mumbles, “but if you fucking leave me to become a WAG or some shit…” he jokingly begins.
“Hmmm can’t see it happening” You grin, pushing up onto the tips of your toes, “I love you. Always”
“Ughhh you two are so sickeningly sweet” JJ scoffs as he jogs downstairs.
Simon rolls his eyes and presses his lips longingly to yours. And in that moment, you couldn’t imagine anyone better to celebrate your success with. Not a famous singer or a footballer or an A-list celebrity could match what you had right here. Simon Minter. The guy that got far too passionate about a game of FIFA and yelled at the ref when there would never be a response. Simon Minter. Always…
~~~Real Time~~~
“(Y/n)” Your assistant calls, snapping you from your daze, “Is everything okay?”
“Ummm” You start, “I actually realised there’s something really important I have to do. Can I take a raincheck?”
“Sure” She nods, “I’ll let you know”
“Thank you so much” You smile, grabbing your jacket and heading outside to where a car was already waiting for you, “Can you take me-” You stop before the address of the new house Simon lived in fell from your lips.
Within minutes, you’ve arrived and you suddenly feel increasingly nervous. Though, even more adrenaline seemed to be pumping through your veins. You had to release what you had been thinking.
“Hey (y/n), what are-” Josh begins as he opens the door, “Are you here to see Simon?”
“Is he in?” You ask hopefully.
“Yeah he’s upstairs but are you sure about this?”
“I just need to talk to him” You respond.
“(Y/n)” Josh sighs, “Are you sure you’re thinking straight? Simon’s one of my best friends but he really hurt you”
“Josh please” You reply, “I know what I’m doing”
Josh nods and steps aside to let you up the spiral stairs to where Simon’s room was.
You knock on the door and he yells, ‘Come in’.
“What the fuck are you knocking for?” Simon laughs, turning round and clearly expecting to see one of the guys, “(y/n). Shit sorry, I thought it was Jide or something” He chuckles awkwardly, “What are you doing here?”
“I hate you” You state simply.
“Look (y/n), I get it now okay. I know I hurt you” He sighs.
“Because ever since you came round the other day I’ve felt instantly different. You had to be cute didn’t you? You had to be all sweet and remind me of how good we were together and tell me you loved me” You sigh, pacing the floor, “You couldn’t have just carried on being a dick. Because that’s what you were when we broke up. You had to turn around and be… Simon”
Simon simply sits there with a delicate smile spread on his lips.
“What are you smiling at?” You question, stopping to look at him.
“Just reminded me of that time you got reallyy passionate about that Nandos order” He chuckles.
“That could’ve killed me!” You exclaim, “I specifically asked for no nuts!”
He laughs and when you see him, you cant help but laugh too.
“Okay maybe I exaggerated a bit” You chuckle, “See this is my problem. You can say the smallest thing and it makes me forget about what you did”
“What I did was the worst mistake of my life. What I did 6 months ago. And yes I’ve counted the days because I hoped that each day would make me feel a little bit better. And then I saw a photo of you smiling or on stage and it hit me right back to being that absolute dick that was ‘afraid of commitment’.“ Simon explains.
“I don’t want this to get repetitive Simon. Coming to each others houses just to complain about how we feel” You shake your head.
“So what do you suggest?” He asks, clearly expecting to hear you say this is the last you’d see of each other.
“Do you remember when we went to the first book tour that I was with you for?” You ask him, “I stood behind the camera helping everyone through and someone asked you whether you loved me. And you looked at me and smiled and said ‘I can’t imagine loving anyone else’.”
“That hasn’t changed (y/n). I still feel exactly the same. And if you let me, I’ll spend every day of my life proving that even considering splitting up with you is the worst thing I could’ve ever done" His voice cracks once again and he stands up from his chair to look in your eyes and see the same reaction.
“You’re a prick.” You chuckle, “You know I never cry”
“You and me both” He smiles and wraps his arms around you.
Simon pulls away slightly and looks down at you, cupping your cheek in his hand before softly pressing his lips to yours.
“I know this will take time” He mumbles, “But there’s nothing past, present or future I’ll ever put in front of you (y/n)”
“Definitely looks like you just wanted to talk” Josh calls as he walks past.
“Shut up Josh” Simon rolls his eyes, resting his forehead against yours.
“Wait, what?!” Jide exclaims, “Simon’s got his babygirl back?”
“Looks like you’re being replaced Jide” Vik laughs as he walks upstairs before being chased by JJ.
You were happy to be home.

After Kali, everything is the same, but not at all at the same time.


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Azealia Banks and Interscope part ways at last
Bradley Norman, Avid Sound Staff Writer

Azealia Banks has finally parted ways with her label, Interscope/Polydor.

The bad-mouthed spitfire has, however, made it very clear that she’s happy about being dropped and, considering the tumultuous relationship Banks had with her label, we can’t blame her.

The “ATM Jam” singer took to Twitter to express her excitement.

Banks also retweeted a slew of fan support and admiration, which she made known she believes every woman deserves, regarding her decision.

Interscope has yet to publish a statement or remove Banks from their website’s official artist roster. However, the “212” singer has expressed her desire to part from her label for months now and it’s likely that influenced the decision.

About a month ago we excitedly reported that Banks had registered two new tracks with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and was also teasing a new music video via Twitter. Now, however, it’s likely these two tracks, as well as anything recorded for her constantly delayed debut studio album, Broke With Expensive Taste, will ever see the light of day.

It should be noted that in an interview with Gigwise, the brutal raptress stated that she had been hiding quality tracks from her label.

“I haven’t been releasing anything that could potentially be phenomenal,” she said. “I haven’t been doing anything good because I don’t want these people to want me. It’s like a relationship with an ex-boyfriend, where you kind of do things to make him go away.”

There’s still hope… if you’re naïve enough. This isn’t the first time we’ve been duped by the empty-promise slinging singer-songwriter.

(Photo courtesy of Jatnna Nunez)