After allowing the “Ed Sheeran ruined Game of Thrones” debacle cooled for a moment. Bustle actually had a rather invoking insight that Sheeran’s appearance was well needed and intended. For instance, since Arya was hanging and taking a breather with the Lannister soldiers, Sheeran’s character for a moment gave us a glimpse of the Lannister soldiers that have died at the hands of others. This shows us Arya’s possible thought process after the opening scene was literally a massacre. This, in turn, gave Arya a moment to reflect on the soldiers Arya had killed, namely giving each background character a sudden story and purpose.


Who was Best Dressed on the #BETAwards Red Carpet?

  • Cardi B
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  • Ryan Destiny 
  • Kat Graham
  • Justine Skye
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  • Issa Rae