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impossible-to-sing-along-to-accurately songs throughout the years
  • 2016: "Guns and Ships," Hamilton
  • 2017: "Preparations," Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812

A pair of black-capped donacobius call to affirm their territory. Top bird nerd fact for the day- this type of singing is known as an antiphonal duet - a behaviour few birds are capable of where two individuals or groups sing alternately at speed with great precision! Unfortunately I wasn’t recording sound! Filmed in the southern Pantanal, Brazil, on assignment for @stevewinterphoto, @natgeo and @natgeowild. Follow Steve and I (@bertiegregory) for news on our jaguar film coming soon!

QN Evolution Concert Twitter Round Up/Report


This is a really long post so I put it under the cut! I haven’t put everything I could onto this post but if there’s things you want to read up on you can read more about the live with #カルライレポ2017 on twitter!

Also no DVD/BD announcement yet

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Aries: Minpyo-B.I.G

Taurus: Feeldog-Bigstar

Gemini: Sangmin-Cross Gene

Cancer:  Seunghwan-Romeo

Leo: Simba-JJCC

Virgo: Baram-Bigstar

Libra: Jungha-Beatwin

Scorpio: Z-Uk - Bigflo

Sagittarius: Moos-Madtown

Capricorn: Sancheong-JJCC

Aquarius: Sejun-Speed

Pisces: Buffy-Madtown

Sing || Conor Maynard

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Word Count: 1k+ 

Summary: After never hearing you sing before, the boys are shocked when the opportunity finally presents himself.

Dedicated too: Moana. That movie is life, that movie is life.

Your boyfriend was an amazing singer; that was a give. He’d sold out concerts, climbed the UK charts within hours of releasing a song and won several awards. You’d always been so fucking proud of him, for achieving his dream and staying humble whilst doing so. His fans were loyal, and the few you’d met were lovely. He was living the dream, and the new friends he’d made on the way through were now insanely important to him.

No longer did people only get to hear him sing, now they got too see him be the stomach achingly funny person he was. From his alter ego characters to the stupid things he did whenever the opportunity presented itself.

When his brother first moved from Brighton to London, he immediately insisted that they rent an apartment together; and even ended up with a tree size human living with them too. Thankfully, your apartment was nearby and so you spent the majority of your free time at their place. You weren’t a youtuber, nor were you a singer, but you did run a highly successful blog and guest star in quite a few of the boys’ videos. Other than the occasional hater, everyone seemed to quite like you - mostly due to the fact that whenever you were around, Conor was alot louder and more outspoken. Not that he wasn’t before, you just seemed to bring a larger percentage of that side out of him.

You and Jack got along like a house on fire. You could turn virtually any subject into a listen worthy conversation and often conducted research for his videos and your blog together. When Conor left to go on tour for two months, you spent that time either with Jack and Josh or at home, binge writing to keep your mind occupied. When he returned, you hugged him and woods let go, later on telling him that you were never letting him leave you for more than two weeks again.

After a long day of filming followed by a quiet stroll around Hyde Park, you and the boys were snuggled under your duvets on the sofa and were eating ice cream straight from the pot as Moana played on the TV. You’d never actually seen the movie, but you’d listened to the soundtrack on repeat for days and by now the fact that you’d never actually watched the movie was ridiculous.

So far it was amazing, and your eyes were attached to the TV screen - when you were like this, the boys knew never to bring you out of your trance, the last time they’d done that all hell had broken loose. All because Jack wanted to know if you had any more ice cream.

When the familiar tune of the song you adored began to play, you leant forward in anticipation and sang along subconsciously, having already had multiple jamming sessions to this song hen you were in the shower. It didn’t even occur to you at the time that you’d never actually sung infront of any of them before - but that was the last thing on your mind as the song ended and the movie progressed.

With an hour, the movie was over and you were stunned, leaning against your boyfriend with your eyes wide and your breathing shallow. “Holy fuck, that was beautiful.”

“Yeah, the movie was fine, but you?” Josh exclaims, looking over at you with wide eyes. “Since when can you sing?”

Your heart speeds up and you frown, laughing in confusion and looking between all of the boys who were staring at you with their eyebrows raised. “What the hell are you weirdos talking about?”

“Somehow you knew the entire bloody soundtrack!” Jack says, disbelief written across his face as he looks over at his brother and shakes his head slightly. “Did you know she could sing?”

Conor scoffs and looks down at your red cheeks with an annoyed frown. “No. And now I think about it, I’ve literally never heard you sing until then.”

You wince slightly and look down at your hands. “Sorry. But honestly, I’m not very good. I’m a shower singer and that’s it.”

Conor scoffs and wraps his arms around you, pulling you into him tightly and rolling his eyes at your statement. “Oh please, you hit those high notes like a fucking professional.” He exhales in shock and rests his head on her arm with a loud sigh. “Babe, we could have a number one single by now, you understand that, right?”

Rolling your eyes, you push him away and climb out of the duvet and onto your feet, collecting up the empty pots and metal spoons that’d been placed onto the coffee table at some point throughout the movie. You walk into the kitchen and can’t help but giggle to yourself at the mere thought of being ‘good’ at singing. That was Conor’s job, you only excelled in writing and that was that.

Though when you logged onto snapchat later that day and watched Jack’s story, your heart dropped. He’d managed to record you singing along to the movie, along with the shocked faces of your boyfriend and Josh, all you wanted to do was cry in embarrassment. Thousands of people had probably seen you singing already, and you had absolutely no idea.

You dared to log onto your twitter account a few minutes later, and came across a tweet from your boyfriend which simply read ‘apparently my girlfriend is a better singer, cook, writer and artist than me. go figure.’

You can’t help but smile and like it, before checking your mentions and pursing your lips when you noticed that quite a few of your friends had reblogged the video (that Jack had conveniently posted on literally every social media site), and had expressed their shock. Your large following had also stumbled across the video, and the hashtag #(Y/N)cansing was trending number seven worldwide.

You cheeks flush and you like a few more tweets and even reply to a few before placing your phone down and walking into the kitchen, wrapping your arms around your boyfriends waist and pressing your lips to his back silently. “Have you started writing our number one hit yet?” Her tone was laced with amusement, and he turns around and looks down at her with an eye roll, brushing their lips together and smirking against them.

 “So, these lips can do more than one breathtaking thing, huh?”

“You’re such a man whore.”

“Don’t try to deny loving it.”

fave Jeb things that I can think of off the top of my head in honor of his birthday:

  • frequently called “the gayest of the gay” by his contemporaries
  • bought 48 lbs of butter for $200
  • climbed a tree full of hornets to knock down their nest when he was 9
  • let a lady fall off a ladder bc he was supposed to be holding it but got distracted by the woman’s sister
  • spent hours watching prairie dogs. just watching them. boy did that wild son of a gun love his prairie dogs
  • wrote a poem about his beard
  • had two dogs named Nip and Tuck
  • “I would like to be with you Dearest this dreary winter’s night, Do you think of your old stove these cold nights?”
  • “It is nearly 12 at night, so hoping that at this moment you are dreaming of Hubbie I will close… Here are Kisses for you sleeping, While at you I am peeping. xxx xx xxx x xx Kisses Dearest–your own–Stuart.” 
  • fell ill at West Point and was most upset over the fact that he lost his appetite and couldn’t eat all the food he paid for
  • in love w/ a Prussian (who isn’t)
  • cuddled with Stonewall Jackson (!!!)
  • loved his thigh high boots
  • didn’t get any Valentines one year at West Point and proceeded to write the most dramatic letter about being friend-zoned
  • had a pet raccoon
  • called one of his officers “honey bun” even as he was dying
  • almost killed himself by riding through a town at breakneck speed, singing at the top of his lungs and banging on a drum he had captured from the yankees
  • “a mad freak of fun”



Taurus: Shin-Cross Gene

Gemini: J-Hoon: B.I.G

Cancer:  Yuhwan-Speed

Leo: Simba-JJCC

Virgo: Sunhyeok-Beatwin

Libra: Cory-24k

Scorpio:  Moos-Madtown

Sagittarius:  P-Goon: Topp Dogg

Capricorn: Jungkyun-Bigflo

Aquarius:  Seunghwan-Romeo

Pisces:  Feeldog-Bigstar
How Dan Stevens Learned To Sing For 'Beauty and the Beast'
British actor Dan Stevens has shown impressive range over the past few years, playing everything from an English lawyer in Downtown Abbey to a Terminator-style American killer in The Guest to whoev…

“I’ve done bits of singing for jobs, but nothing like this,” the actor told EW on the film’s U.K. set in the summer of 2015. “I sang very very badly in an episode of Downton. I did sort-of musicals at school, university. But, no, professionally I haven’t done too much. This is another level, really.”

The Beast doesn’t have his own number in the original 1991 animated classic. But for the live-action version, composer Alan Menken and lyricist Tim Rice have collaborated on a new song for Stevens’ character, called “For Evermore.”

“The Beast didn’t sing in the animated version but he did sing in the stage show version,” said Stevens, referring to the number, “If I Can’t Love Her.” “That song was all about ‘How am I going to fall in love with her?’ and our song is more about ‘I’ve fallen in love with her, and now she’s buggered off, woe is me. It’s a big, romantic, soaring number.”

So, how did Stevens get his vocal cords in fighting shape?

“I’ve been working quite closely with a brilliant woman from the Royal Academy of Music, [singing coach] Ann-Marie Speed, who’s just fantastic,” Stevens said. “Like a lot of the things I’ve been doing over the last few years, [it’s about] acquiring new skills, or challenging myself to do something I’ve never done before — in this case, challenging myself to do several things I’ve never done before. But it’s really good fun. It’s certainly interesting!”

The actor also received assists from Menken himself. “He’s been great fun to work with,” said Stevens. “He’s like a sort of hyperactive mole, or something. He absolutely blasts melodies left, right, and center. Just going to the recording studio with someone like him is an experience. Who knows, I might end up singing again. I quite enjoy it!”

Slytherin x Hufflepuff Relationships

Just some quick little things about sly x puff interactions and relationships. Feel free to reblog and add your own! Headcanons or from your own friends or whatever.

-Going from quiet time to loud bouts of sing alongs at high speeds.
-Cuddling and little touches
-Total nerds. Often dragging each other around convention centers or forcing each other to watch favorite TV shows.
-“hey, asshole!” “Don’t be such an asshole.” “God, you’re such an asshole -Tea
-Small tokens of affection. Notes or presents.
-Did I mention sarcasm?
-Late nights and sleep overs
-“you’re such a fucking nerd
-Sharing favorite books/music/movies
-Teaching the other something that it turns out they’re really bad at. But it’s okay because it’s fun anyway.
-Blanket forts. Pillow forts. Blanket nests. Cuddle puddles.
-“This is the best day!” “What kind of dog was it?”
-Loyalty. Undying, unerring loyalty.
-Casual contact and touch.
-are they dating?? Are they not dating?? The world may never know.
-“I hate you.” “Aw, you’re so sweet, I love you too, mwah~!”

Suicide isn't painless

Hand holding razor sharp
Playing vein’s strings
Ain’t no harp
No music sings
Speeding train step onto track
Should be swift
No coming back
But your life is a gift
Knotted & noosed rope
From tree branch sways
Really can’t cope
There is another way
Chemical cocktail
Death never a celebration
You can prevail
Survive your desperation

Suicide isn’t painless
If you’re hurting, feeling worthless,
think your problems can’t be solved
Believe me
You’re not worthless
And all problems can be solved
So please
Reach out
Talk to someone
There are people who
Will listen
Will care
There are people out there
Waiting to help
Talk to them

Talk isn’t cheap
Talking is priceless
Your life is priceless

  • Keith: Rolling around at the speed of sound!!!
  • Lance: * walks in *
  • Keith: Ummm... I can expl-.....
  • Lance: Got places to go..

Headcanon: Tracer began racing sportscars professionally after Overwatch was disbanded. She did this under an alias of course, and tried to maintain a low profile to keep Talon off her tail. Still, “T.Racer” serves as an inspiration for female racing enthusiast, and has a sizeable fan following online.

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