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Maybe it’s a sign of weakness when I don’t know what to say.
Maybe I just wouldn’t know what to do with my strength anyway.
Have we become a habit?  Do we distort the facts?
Now there’s no looking forward. Now there’s no turning back.

Dreams on Fire

Characters: Reader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester (brief)
Word Count: 3,660
Warnings: There’s some angst. Lots of alcohol use. General shenanigans.
A/N: I wrote this for my 800 follower song prompt challenge. My dear, sweet @pinknerdpanda requested the song “Burning House” by Cam. (Linked for your viewing and listening pleasure) It’s a little different than what I’ve written before and I really loved writing it. This song is hauntingly beautiful, and this just popped into my head.

Beta’d by my wonderful waterbear, @trexrambling: “A perfect, raw, beautiful ache in my chest.” Thank you for your support and lovely direction, love.

And @pinknerdpanda (yes, she beta’d her own request. I have no chill and couldn’t wait to share it with her lol) : “I’m just….I can’t…..this is….evdbendbdnnd.” Sorry I have no self control, but thank you for giving it a once over. And thank you for such a wonderful request.

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Orange and red flames. Black smoke, swirling in choking tendrils. Unbelievable heat caressing my skin. Stinging eyes, burning and blurry.

I know he’s here. He’s always here, and I always arrive thirty seconds too late. Maybe this time will be different.

A long form, lean legs and strong arms melting into the floor. Chestnut hair, burnt ends curling gently around the smooth shell of his ear.

I’m too late. I can’t leave, regardless of the options. I lay beside him and pull him close. I close my eyes and, just like always, the two of us go up in smoke.

I jerk awake and feel the sweat running down my back, cooling quickly in the chill November air. For the third night in a row, I have watched him die. Usually, the dreams change; he’s in a car, passenger seat with the window down, glimpses of what looks like a fortress, a blue eyed man that constantly looks concerned, and a broken hearted one with eyes the color of moss in a sun dappled meadow. Until recently, when the same nightmare began plaguing me over and over again.

I swing my legs over the edge of the bed as I drag a shaky hand over my face, palming my sweat damp hair out of my eyes. I blindly reach out for the bottle I keep next to my bed only to find it empty and useless.

Of course.

I stumble from my bed to the kitchenette, and groan as the bright light from the fridge hits my eyes. Empty. I go through the cabinets to find the same nothingness staring back at me. I start to wonder how long I’ve been on my liquid diet, then realize I probably didn’t want to know judging by the amount of bottles strewn around my studio apartment.

I shrug on my jacket and grab my keys; it’s time for a milk run.

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The Forgotten Cover™️

2 people seem to remember this but honestly there’s so much to talk about?

- The shots of daehyun standing awkwardly in front of empty seats, flipping between smiling and looking 0.2 seconds away from crying

- The fact that he has a mic in these shots but never actually sings

- The shaky cam oH THE SHAKY CAM

-  TERF bangs

- The studio instrumental awkwardly cutting to Daehyun’s live vocals

- The dramatic colour transition to tilted shots of dae’s timbs

- The other singer not being named or included in the opening scenes

- Cuts? Every? 2? Seconds?

BTOB as Tinder Dates scenario


• Not really there to look for someone to sleep around with
• Like honestly he’s such a hopeless romantic
• He would probably look for a serious date there
• If you ever match with him he would really take things slow
• And will try to get to know you as genuinely as possible
• Seriously, he’ll be part of those 1% decent male population on Tinder


• Sweet talker lmao
• A lowkey fuckboy
• The type to ask for your phone number on the first 5 minutes of chatting
• Asks you to Facetime with him
• Because he know damn well how good he looks
• Calls you sweetie and baby a lot
• “Seriously babe, you’re one, if not the most, beautiful girl I’ve matched with on there”


• Cheesy pick-up lines as ice breaker
• Honestly will bombard you with knock knock jokes for few hours
• Then you end up talking about human existence and wonders of life at 3 in the morning
• Will be very clingy and jealous if he sees you’re active few minutes ago but not hitting him up
• I’m quite confident he’ll smooth talk you into meeting up with him
• “Promise, we’ll just chill nothing else” my ass
• Duh we all know you both end up doing something else than just chilling


• Will have a photo of him with a cat for his display photo
• Mysterious and can be very hard to read
• Like one minute he talks about art and vinyl records
• Then cracks an R18 joke the next?
• “Wanna cam? I’ll sing you to sleep.”
• But probably you both just end up doing some nasty things on video call
• He’d ask you to meet up with him to an art gallery nearby


• Forgets he even had the app installed
• Will have Pennie on all of his display photos
• That’s probably the reason why you swiped right, tbh
• “Yo, not to sound pervy or anything, but do you want to hang out with me tomorrow?”
• Could be true. He could just really want someone to go out with.
• Would let you meet Pennie but only if you agree to go out with him for a couple more dates


• If I’m going to be 100% honest, I’d say he would be a highkey fuckboy
• Honestly would have “Netflix and chill?” on his bio
• You swipe right anyway because he’s cute?
• “You’re the only girl I talk to on here, swear” LMAO A BIG LIE
• Both of you end up keeping in touch and he’d probably overstay his welcome a lot
• “I’ll drop by your place tonight. I’ll bring food!”
• Ends up sleeping over at your house anyway
• Do you like me like me or do you just want to sleep around???


• His conservative ass would probably set the location of his profile to somewhere very limited
• Like somebody just 800 meters away
• “I just want someone who can have lunch with me, are you free rn?”
• You tell him how he can get kidnapped with meeting people so easily like that
• “But you’re not a psycho, are you??”
• Very needy but charming so you say yes to him anyway
• Would get so used to your presence and becomes dependent but he’s so irresistible so you don’t mind
• “I’m hungry!! Please meet me now!!!! Ditch your other Tinder dates for me kkk~”

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Can you please do dating a clingy/cuddly morgana pendragon would include ( male reader) or it can be gender neutral

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Dating a Clingy/Cuddly Morgana Pendragon Would Include:

  • Morgana will not leave your side until her clingy/cuddly spell is over
  • She usually gets clingy at least once or twice a month
  • Constant reminders of your love for each other
  • PDA
  • SO many kisses and hugs
  • Hand holding
  • Kisses all over
  • No one will try to separate the two of you. Not even Uther or Arthur
  • BUT if they do try to split the two of you up they receive a vicious glare from Morgana
  • Dragging you to her bed or couch to cuddle there
  • Her sitting on your lap
  • She’ll ask you to read to her or tell her stories
  • Maybe even singing to her