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Anyone thinking Blackpink, especially Lisa aren’t well liked should watch the recent University concerts, especially the fan cams. People sing along with the girls loudly, and the crowd reactions to Lisa are strong and loud. People rap along with her, they cheer for her. She is domestically loved in Korea. The girls are very loved 💕 International fans should stop saying what Koreans will love! If you don’t live there, how could you know?

its 03:07 and I should be asleep, so here’s a pic from Chile

juhaniotsoberg  asked:

Hi Rythian, I was just wondering if there was any reason why you didn't participate in the 'externals' karaoke at all :-) I tuned into last night's stream mainly to see you and was honestly a bit disappointed to not see your cute face on cam singing like last! Totally ignore this if you've answered elsewhere and I'm just a dumb who didn't know, or if you're not comfortable for whatever reason! (also I hope you have lovely holidays and a fantastic 2017!!)

I didn’t feel comfortable going on camera this year, so sadly no rap. Maybe next year!


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