singaporebtwball: day 2

@polyamshipweek Day 2: MFM. I only have 1 question to the tag, HOW DID NO ONE DO KARIVARRY (Kara x Barry x Oliver) FOR THIS DAY?!?! HAVE KARIVARRY HEADCANONS

  • Oliver will CONSTANTLY challenge Kara to weight lifting competitions, even though he is aware he will lose. His excuse is he likes to challenge himself and these are the best ways to do so
    • Along these lines, Kara will Constantly challenge Barry to races but looses every time, even when Barry does take it slow
  • Alex and J’onn were both super confused to why Kara was going to Earth 1 so often. J’onn ended up reading her mind to discover that she had two boyfriends over there, then eventually went over himself and gave them both the shovel talk
    • Oliver kept a stone face, all while Barry wouldn’t shut up about J’onn being a FREAKING MARTIAN?! 
  • Oliver HATES thanksgiving or any holidays revolving food because it takes a week to make enough to feed these bottomless pits he calls significant others
  • Date nights typically consist of them attempting to go out to dinner, Barry or Oliver being called out to fix something, Kara helping out, then all three crashing in the living room with pizza and pot stickers for Kara.
  • Kara loves to lay dramatically across Barry and Oliver’s laps when the two are sitting next to each other. Neither one complain and just accept their fate.
  • If Oliver ever does become sick, Barry and Kara take turns on nurse duty, while the other is out protecting Oliver’s city so he will actually STAY IN BED DAMMIT
    • The one time Barry ACTUALLY got Sick, Oliver was on full time nurse duty because Kara had an easier time keeping up with Meta’s
  • Oliver CANNOT Sleep between Barry and Kara, simply for the fact that they both A) are actual space heaters and B) will legit sleep right on top of Oliver if given the chance.
  • Kara and Barry will easily be found in the living room doing a simple dance routine (most commonly swing) and singing along to some song on the radio or from a musical. Oliver just plays along, casually filling in as a dance partner for one of them
    • Oliver still isn’t over the fact that Barry lied about not being able to dance
  • These three had a one time double date with Wally Jesse and Thea, and that basically ended in disaster when All 3 speedster + Kara managed to get drunk in the alien Bar and the Queen siblings had to find a way to drag their drunk significant other’s through a breach back to their earth. 
Day 2 - Purring

Something was rumbling in her ear. 

Marinette woke slowly, the soft rumble reeling her out of a pleasant dream and the unmistakable vibration of her pillow steadily grounding her in reality. But even when she blinked open her eyes it still took a moment to place the sound. At first she thought it was her phone. 

But then she remembered what had been happening before she fell asleep.

Root beer floats on the balcony. Video games until well past two in the morning. Giggling at a comic book on her bed until no, that was definitely the last thing she remembered. As if in response to this, she became aware of a glossy page plastered to her cheek. Sitting up, she peeled the comic book off and tossed it aside, afraid to look behind her at the other side of her bed. Because if he’d simply left, then what was that suspiciously purr-like sound? Man, they’d fallen asleep on accident again, hadn’t they?

In the darkness Marinette peeked over her shoulder at him, then immediately sqeaked in terror when she saw his bare arm and wrenched her pillow up to press it over her eyes. 

He isn’t transformed. Oh my god, he detransformed in his sleep! 

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