Aliens don’t like being flipped off part 5

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Aliens don’t like being flipped off part 4

Featuring @abi_t_xeno @hughes8624
At @mcmexpo
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IKEA Battles Cosplay Clutter In Singaporean ‘Bedroom Stories’ Campaign 

By Betty Felon

As a cosplayer who currently resides in a rather cozy secret lair (aka a small apartment in Boston), one of my continuous obstacles is being able to neatly organize all of my clothing, collectibles, and costumes in a confined space, while still maintaining enough space for sewing and prop-building. Ever since I started cosplaying, I’ve always been envious of the spacious secret headquarters and hideouts of the characters that I was emulating, especially the heroes who had the space to display all of their previous incarnations of their costumes and their entire artillery of weapons and gadgets. Since most of us will probably never be able to own our own Batcave (let alone, Wayne Manor), organization is the best weapon for storing your alter-egos and preventing the chaotic mess of fabric and Worbla in your limited work space.

In an installment of IKEA Singapore’s series of “IKEA Bedroom Stories” commercials, Frank (civil servant by day, cosplayer by night) describes his room as an “organized mess” of costumes, craft supplies, and action figures. Like many cosplayers, Frank struggles to keep his limited space tidy and orderly while working on costumes and props, which often results in an inevitable chaos of fabric and scattered costume pieces (an issue that I am all too familiar with during convention season).

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OH MY GOSH AWESOME DAY AT COSFEST I JUST WOW SO MUCH FEELS IT HURTS REALLY BAD AND MY LEGS ARE ACHING OMFG. But aww man i swear it was amazing and just wow and the cosplays were amazing and although it was really crowded and stuff but it was pretty awesome i love looking at cosplays omfg and thank you all for letting me take pictures of yall such cuties ok yall omfg. And and Reika was so gorgeous like HELLA FAB FAB. And and there was this really cute Kagami OMFG IN A SUIT JESUS DAYUM. ((PHOTO IS NOT MINE I RIPPED IT OFF FACEBOOK SORRY UHH CREDITS TO GOOD SIR WHO TOOK IT i was too shy to ask for a picture eww i’m so gross HAHAHAH)) BUT DAYUM HE WAS SO CUTE LIKE??? And i got a video of him playing a lil’ bit of basketball with his friend and then i was all aww when he laughed and then i was just hanging around the area checking him out with my friend HOW DISGRACEFUL HAH WE’RE DISGUSTING HAH BUT SERIOUSLY. Ok maybe cos he was the only Kagami there and i have a Kagami complex. AND he was wearin dayum suit. AND DAYUM HE WAS TALL AND yes i thought that he cosplayed Kagami really well and I NEED TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE WHO ARE YOU YOUNG MAN WE NEED TO TALK. HAHAHAH and i tried to secretly snap shots of him but they turned out blur af cos im a pussy and i stood too far away and i’m so lame GDI HAHAHAHAHA EWW I’M SO GROSS OKOKOKIOKI OK OK. And and there was this person cosplaying Aomine and i had this painful urge to drag them to each other just to take a picture the lengths i’d go to for my babes i just love Aokaga so much i kiss the grass. HAHAHA but it was pretty fun didnt buy merch cos too expensive but ahwell. I wanna go tomorrow but idk maybe i will meh. ((STILL LOOKING FOR THAT KAGAMI SIGNAL BOOST PFFT I’M A DISGRACE TO HUMANITY))