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[Radiosub] DGS #23

The legendary episode of DGS vs Durians

This is a legendary episode back in 2007 where the DGS combo tries durian for the first time! I added one more portion before that part, just cos I love hearing seiyuus speaking in dialects xD Even though OnoD kinda failed a little in that aspect here lol

Anyway, I found it hilarious that they had such a reaction to durians, cos where I come from, durians are pretty commonplace. It’s not my favorite fruit, but I can eat it just fine. This is unrelated but from a certain Anigera episode (I can’t rmb which) Sugita mentioned he ate durians while he was in Singapore, or some SEA country I can’t remember and he said it was delicious. He also mentioned the durians in Japan are kinda different…so idk, maybe the durians in Japan stinks more? xD

Also managed to get permission to use this wonderful fanart by natane@pixiv (the second pic in the video) >< If anyone in Tumblr space wish to share their work please let me know~ |3 

Happy 20th anniversary for Red/Green and announcement for Sun/Moon <3

@kashitaro_ito: 8時間スタジオにこもったのは久しぶりだ…! 太陽はもう今日は帰ってしまった(笑)! でもずっと音楽やってたわけじゃなくて、1時間くらいお互いの体のサイズをこのヒモで測ってました。 イトヲカシって、なにやってんだろ…。 

@kashitaro_ito: It’s been awhile since we’ve been holed up in the studio for 8 hours straight…! The sun has already gone home for the day (laughs)! But we didn’t just focus on music the whole time, for an hour or so we used this string to measure each other’s three sizes… What on earth is Itowokashi doing….

(t/n: it’s a kind of string called nidzukuri himo, which is used mainly for packaging. in Singapore (and maybe other SEA regions?) it’s more commonly known as raffia string (^: )

@kashitaro_ito: ちなみに僕のサイズは上から、 82、67、88です。 グラビアアイドル目指そう。

@kashitaro_ito: By the way, starting from my chest, my three sizes are 82, 67 and 88. Let’s aim to be a gravure idol. 

(t/n: all measurements in cm by the way ALSO he’s so skinny boy pls)

@kashitaro_ito: グラビアアイドルと格闘家のユニットになるのかな?

@kashitaro_ito: I wonder if we can become a gravure idol-cum-martial artist unit?