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Choi+Shine Architects, “The Urchins,”

2017 iLight Marina Bay Festival, Singapore.

The Urchins were created in response to the festivals theme of biomimicry and sustainability.

The Urchins are composed of 20 white hand crocheted segmented panels, which are joined to a series of metal ribs at ground level at the site, and later fastened to a top and bottom ring once suspended. Each Urchin is about 56 feet (17m), and weighs about 220 pounds (100 kg).

[Radiosub] DGS #23

The legendary episode of DGS vs Durians

This is a legendary episode back in 2007 where the DGS combo tries durian for the first time! I added one more portion before that part, just cos I love hearing seiyuus speaking in dialects xD Even though OnoD kinda failed a little in that aspect here lol

Anyway, I found it hilarious that they had such a reaction to durians, cos where I come from, durians are pretty commonplace. It’s not my favorite fruit, but I can eat it just fine. This is unrelated but from a certain Anigera episode (I can’t rmb which) Sugita mentioned he ate durians while he was in Singapore, or some SEA country I can’t remember and he said it was delicious. He also mentioned the durians in Japan are kinda different…so idk, maybe the durians in Japan stinks more? xD

Also managed to get permission to use this wonderful fanart by natane@pixiv (the second pic in the video) >< If anyone in Tumblr space wish to share their work please let me know~ |3 

Happy 20th anniversary for Red/Green and announcement for Sun/Moon <3

hazelgrace123-blog  asked:

I remember one of you mods posted that one of ya'll live in the SEA region, I think? What country, if you don't mind me asking? I'm actually from the SEA region too! Philippines!! ^_^

Omg, I wasn’t the one who posted that but I’m in SEA too! Philippines as well! :) We actually have a few mods all in SEA. uwu

- Mod Lex

SEA here too! Malaysian!

-Mod Skye

SEA Singapore!

- Mod Mal’Damba

anonymous asked:

as a Singaporean who has friends who have worked at the SEA Aquarium I can only wish that there were whale sharks there but the aquarium does have this tank called the Open Ocean that's huge and incredible and mesmerising and if you're ever coming to Singapore I'd be happy to show you around. ~says the person on anon, leaving absolutely no trace of how they'd contact kareena should she ever come to singapore~

Hi anon, I’ve just spent a good few minute digging through info/photos/videos on the Singapore SEA Aquarium and the Open Ocean tank. That looks like an amazing place. I hope your friends enjoyed working there (as much as work is ever fun).

If I ever come to Singapore I’ll mention it on here in the hope you send me an off-anon ask - thank you! I want to now, I need a good trip.