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I grew up thinking that in order to live a happy life, I had to get good grades and go to a prestigious university and get a highly paid job. But as I grew older I began to realise that in order to life a happy life, I had to choose it for myself and not live a life that others expect of me, whether it be your parents, teachers or friends. This is your life.

I made a decision that I didn’t want to be successful and live in a big house with fancy cars in the drive. So, I packed my bags and got out of this little town that had suffocated me for the last 18 years and drank coffee in small shops in Germany, chased the Horizon in Australia, woke up with a mountain view in Singapore. How beautiful is it to know that your feet have walked the grounds of many different countries and your skin has felt the air of many busy cities.

Please darling, do not get lost in society’s belief that you are only successful if you have a well paid job, like I once had. As humans, we are going to die, that is one thing we are guaranteed in life. What will you care about the most while lying on your death bed, your fancy cars, big house? Or the stories and experience you have encountered on the journey of this beautiful thing called life?

So there’s one thing I ask of you: please travel. Whether you’re 21 or 49. It is never too early nor too late so see the beautiful world.

—  i-wonder-lust 
PSA on posting of Aqours’ First Live and illegal material

Recently I have noticed that there are a few GIFs and pictures of Aqours’ First Live(1L) floating around Tumblr. 

I have to stress that posting of 1L GIFs and pictures other than those from the official sources is not recommended and could be illegal.

There are several reasons why this is so. Firstly video footage of Aqours’ First Live is illegal. It infringes on their copyright (which is strictly regulated in Japan). Those footage can range from small phone recordings by audiences from Live Viewings or the actual venue, to Satellite Rips from the Live Viewing theaters. They are then either distributed via private or public means, or sold as exclusive videos. In the case of 1L, they were sold on Baidu and later distributed by the person who bought it. 

As of now,any videos of 1L will be considered illegal at this point of time as the official blu-ray has not been released. 

You might ask: So why can’t we post them on social media such as Tumblr? Copyright doesn’t directly affect me why should I care?


Infringement of copyright will not be taken lightly. Overseas Live Viewings and events may be withdrawn due to inappropriate behavior. There have been similar situations from other fandom and franchises. Illegal footage of movies were uploaded, and license rights for distribution was withdrawn. Don’t let it happen to Aqours too. 

One prime example was the amount of security that was at the Live Viewing in Singapore. There were 4 or 5 of the staff stationed in the theater to monitor the audience, and anyone who was suspected of image capturing was immediately removed from the Live Viewing. 

We cannot control what you do in private. If you want to watch them to relive the moments, no one can stop you. However posting them onto social media and other public platforms will raise attention.

Even if you do not care about Live Viewings or Events (and in some cases there is 0 chance of it happening anyway), do think of the others in the community. There are people who bring you scans of your favorite idols on the day of release, there are people who provide the latest news, there are many who provide other contents such as GIFs and pictures. 

Regardless, do not let a moment of fame ruin any future chances. If you spot any 1L GIFs or unofficial pictures be sure to drop a friendly message and ask them to remove it. If they still intent on posting more, do report them using the Tumblr reporting system.

Since Nagoya Live is happening in a few days, This applies to 2nd Live too. Please observe the same for 2L.