singapore update


Harry onstage in Singapore (11/03/15)

Liam-centric videos from Singapore (thank you flyonthewall (youtube)):

1. Clouds
2. Steal My Girl
3. Little Black Dress
4. Where Do Broken Hearts Go
5. Midnight Memories
6. Kiss You
7. Stockholm Syndrome
8. Ready to Run
9. Strong
10. Better than Words
11. Don’t Forget Where You Belong
12. Little Things
13. Harry’s speech (the boys sing happy birthday)
14. Night Changes
15. Alive
16. Diana
17. One Thing
18. What Makes You Beautiful
19. Through The Dark
20. Girl Almighty
21. Story Of My Life
22. You & I
23. Little White Lies
24. Best Song Ever


Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie wishes Singapore a Happy 51st National Day!

Singapore update
So the past few days I’ve done everything from visiting little India and Chinatown to burning my face off from some noodles at the wet market, from chillin by the pool to trekking up a ridiculous amount of stairs on what was one of the most difficult hikes I’ve even had the misfortune of taking, from watching old Disney movies to playing Monopoly card games. It has been crazy awesome and I BETTER be in shape by the end of this trip or I’m asking for a refund. An energy refund. Cause I’m spending exorbitant amount of energy over here and I better see some results by the time I leave. At least for sure I’ll be internationally minded since I’ve done so many culturey things like visiting Buddist and Hindu temples. So I guess it’ll all work out :)
Singapore update over and out.