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Swiggity swooty, lookit’ dat looty.

Turns out to get some cool swag when you ship a game at Ubisoft, also featuring the Sobek T-shirt I designed. It’s an in-joke but anyone who’s seen the Faiyum gameplay during E3 might hazard a guess where it’s from.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins coming out October 27th!!


Myungsoo giving advice to a fan during the Singapore fanmeet today. Her question was related to how to stay positive / think of positive things:

…Maybe you would think like it will never happen, (but) possibly it might turn out to be a positive one, maybe people around you will definitely help you to become positive minded, so please never give up and do it always…

Cr. SSYM Photography


I Love you Shilla DF! and I NEED ALL of these standees! I wanna put them all around my house to annoy my husband and sons…lol!

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