singapore notes


2nd May 2016 // Day 26/100

Studied with a bunch of friends today! Although we got kicked out of coffeebean (smh, it wasnt even peak period or a weekend), I’m glad we studied at the grass area as it was much more comfortable aND WELCOMING. 😾Malay paper 1, 3 and Social Studies tomorrow. Wish me the best of luck😬


Geography! These are the notes I made before mid-years, and they were quite helpful because I got an A, yay, but I do wish I hadn’t done them at the last minute because I know I’m capable of scoring higher than 28/40 (I really just barely scraped up an A, I even got 3/8 for my essay question) if I study hard enough.
Gotta work on my time management ⏰

d-4 myes // chinese paper on friday ugh I rly dislike hcl bc my vocab is v weak (my language arts too 😭)!!! it’s honestly super pressurizing for me to do well bc my class has many China scholars who are just too good?? ft my ugly chinese notes HAHA my chinese teacher said my handwriting is rly messy but i was annoyed when I wrote these since its chinese 😂 sorry im a lil incoherent rn bc I just came back from McDonald’s where I studied from 7-4 and it was FREEZING COLD.

What’s In My Bag: School Edition

I’ll be starting poly soon so I guess it’s appropriate to make this post now :3

  • Anello Bag (Navy/White) - Got this classic sized one online (with a sale and discount coupons ;3) and honestly this bag is 💯 💯 💯  Mainly because it doesn’t look fat BUT can hold a shit ton of stuff so 👍🏻
  • Lined Notebook - For notes since I can’t write straight on blank paper
  • Blank Notebook - random doodles.
  • Emergency Kit - Plasters (a whole variety), Panadol, gastric pills, comb, hair ties, bobby pins, hand cream
  • Umbrella - Singapore’s weather is unpredictable and if it rains I don’t want to be stranded or soaked
  • Water Bottle - Hydration is a must
  • Body Mist - No horrible body odour 👋🏻
  • Sweets - I’ll fall asleep or run low on sugar some days without it
  • Phone + Wallet + Earpiece - MUST HAVES

Side note: I carry my Macbook separately in a laptop case and occasionally might bring along a book :) + I bought sketchbooks post orientation