singapore merlion

@_amatsuki_: シンガポールに5頭いる内の最大のマーライオン!目からビームが出ます

@_amatsuki_: This is the biggest Merlion out of the 5 in Singapore! There are beams shooting out of its eyes

@_amatsuki_: 許可もなく盗撮していくぅRT @kashitaro_ito: ホテルに戻って参りましたが、シンガポールを裏も表も堪能した気がします…!! 写真は大マーライオン、右下のあまつきくんで大きさが比べられるでしょうか??

@_amatsuki_: You snuck a photo without my permissionn RT @kashitaro_ito: We’ve returned to our hotel, but I feel that we are becoming more and more familiar with Singapore…!! In the photo is the big Merlion, and in the bottom right corner is Amatsuki-kun to act as a measurement, now you’ll be able to see how big the Merlion is??

@kashitaro_ito: 僕らの関係は、そういんじゃないやん?はしやん。

@kashitaro_ito: That’s our kind out relationship isn’t it? Hashiyan.

(t/n: the running joke about eeyan, hashiyan that kashitaro created. he’s still not tired of it)

@_amatsuki_: 撮った時は 「あぁ、うん。まぁこんなんだよね」みたいなテンションだった癖におい!

@_amatsuki_: Even though when you were taking it you were like “Ah, hmm. yeah it’s like that” Oi! 

@kashitaro_ito: まぁ、ライオン、って感じだよね…?

@kashitaro_ito: Well, it’s just a lion…? (t/n: maa, lion. pun on merlion explained below)

@_amatsuki_: Yeah hurry up and sleep

@kashitaro_ito: ヒィ!!

@kashitaro_ito: hii!! 

Soraru’s reply

@soraruru: おもってたよりでかい!

@soraruru: It’s bigger than I expected!

@kashitaro_ito: そう、これは大きいマーライオンです!!中くらいのやつの感動は、まぁ、ライオン…?くらいですからね!!

@kashitaro_ito: Yup, this is the big Merlion!! The kind of feeling I get from the moderate-sized Merlions are like Maa, Raion!!  (t/n: means “well, lion” in a indifferent way and is meant to pun on the pronunciation of Merlion in Japanese, which is Maaraion)

Ally, this is for you


Near where I live, there’s a restaurant called Merlion and out front is a fountain of a lion-headed fish. Not knowing anything about Singapore, I always thought this was a local anomaly and I never made the connection between the statue and the fact that this restaurant serves Singaporean cuisine. For years, I would pass by and think, ah yes, there’s that interesting statue. Isn’t it looking cute today? What a nice carved fishtail it has! Then one day you posted about the fame of the merlion in Singapore and I finally put the pieces together.

Now, every time I pass by that restaurant, I think of you.

I don’t know about you, but I believe in an interconnectedness of all things. The universe is a system, and it evolves together as one whole. Science tells us this, and I believe it to be true. Of course, we’re so deeply embedded, both in the system itself and in the experience of ourselves as individuals, that it’s hard for us sometimes to see that we are related to all things and that there is a bigger picture in which our tiny lives make sense. It’s so easy to lose that sense of connectedness, to come to think we’re alone and uncared for in a harsh world. To combat this way of thinking, I try to pay attention to all the little things that remind me of connections that I maybe don’t understand but of which I am nevertheless a part. Such as, for example, a fountain with a statue, reminding me of a person across the world and my distant but real connection to a human that is beautiful simply in the fact of existing. Whose presence in my life is real, even if it’s not immediately or physically there. How does a connection like this happen? I don’t understand how I, in particular, came to think of you, specifically, or why this exact thing would happen. But it did, and it’s something. Isn’t it something? You and I, somehow, part of something whose meaning we can’t fully understand as tiny individual beings but which, by noticing the connection between us, becomes perceptible.

I don’t know, I think it’s beautiful.

When I saw you’re having a brain-mind-focus-confusion thing (which, by the way, I totally get. Not the specifics of your situation but the general experience where your brain just isn’t working the way you want it to and you don’t understand and it’s frustrating because you just want to fix it and be able to do better. Yeah, I get that), I wanted to write something to you. Even though I’m not active on tumblr, I check your page frequently because of this connection that I formed somehow sometime to your art, your content, your being. It may sound weird and I may be taking this too far, but I thought, as much as this connection has an effect on me, it could have an effect on you, too, if only you were aware of it. This is like, a fourth dimension of the third law of motion. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; for every perception of connection there is an equal and opposite participation in connectedness. I don’t know about this –I’m not a physicist, this is a metaphor, there will be no equations to follow up this bizarre assertion. However, I do know: sometimes, complex systems work in ways we can’t comprehend from within the system. This doesn’t mean they aren’t comprehensible, even if to us it seems like they couldn’t possibly be (also, consider your brain as a system whose functioning you can’t fully comprehend from within the system. It’s doing something, and it makes sense, probably, but not in a way you can understand in this moment. This seems relevant to your situation). A butterfly flaps its wings, or a person writes a note to a stranger across the world. This might cause a hurricane but also, possibly, a perception of unexpected beauty. I hope you feel that, I hope you can perceive something wondrous and awesome, I hope you participate in something meaningful.

Also, yes. I am probably insane, but I promise it’s benign. Don’t worry that there’s some freak of nature out there thinking so much about you –it’s only ever good things.


Things that lead to speculation that Pokemon Sun/Moon is set in Singapore! I haven’t seen a post compiling these so I’m doing it (sorry if this has been done before)

Some notes on the captions, also there’s the fact that they added Chinese Traditional and Simplified to the list of languages and that’s one of Singapore’s main languages.