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CAN WE TALK ABOUT SOMETHING FOR A MINUTE PLEASE! So we get a Louis going home without Eleanor and BOTH of them (Eleanor and Louis) having the time of their life. Then we get breakup rumors and we get a Louis extremely happy on stage joking around with ALL of the boys.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it’s not all a complete coincidence!

Louis is happy!!!!!

Transformations loved this make up by hpiekema. Striking, daring, extreme; this studio shot was taken using one big soft box. Bold colors, a bit of pastel bangles with a hint of bondage, and we love the dark eyes and in your face brush. Yep, OK, there’s a strong sense of melodrama but…. … Yaeah!


K Pop Singapore festival, Sony’s launch of Sony One channel featuring Korean TV dramas……. the Korean influence over Asian pop culture continues unabated. So its only to be expected that Korean cosmetic companies are making inroads in so many Asian countries including Singapore, and in emerging segments such as mens make up and skin care.

One such line of makeup and skin care products, Holika Holika (meaning  “Beauty-holic”), owned by cosmetic giant Emprani, recently started selling its products in Singapore, after already launching in Thailand, at one of Orchard Road’s long standing shrines for shoppers, Wisma Atria. In Korea  Holika Holika is most popular amongst teens and youths, and is endorsed by sensational Korean boy band CN Blue. Ooooh, so cute!

About 60 different product lines from Holika Holika’s range of skin care and cosmetic products will be available, and aimed at the youth market they’ll be priced pretty reasonably. The store is located at B1-64, Wisma Atria Shopping Centre (435 Orchard Road).